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Equal Access to Justice Act?

EDITOR: We should look at re-doing the government welfare system called the Equal Access to Justice Act which allows a group to sue the Federal Government; if they win they can recoup all of their legal costs. The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) has 22 attorneys out of a staff of 59 that is more […]

Fuel cell fallacy

EDITOR: Nord Whited’s letter to the editor published April 25 regarding fuel cell technology use at AC Transit in the Bay Area espouses the use of solar powered fuel cell technology to power transit buses. It can be presumed that the solar mechanism Mr. Whited discusses to generate hydrogen for a propulsive fuel is solar […]

Granny flats clause

EDITOR: Mr. Ken Calhoon writes very informative and interesting articles titled “Full disclosure” that run each week in the Home Source section of the Mountain Democrat. His April 27 article, “Granny flats and in-law apartments …” left out a very important condition regarding the occupancy and sale of properties developed in the described manner. The State […]

Limit medical profits to 20%

EDITOR: Let me see if I understand Merrill Matthews’s opinion piece correctly: 1. “Obama Care” (I like this phrase because he does) calls for less time for patient protection, right? Lipitor equals $400 for a 30-day supply compared to generic equaling $36 for a 30-day supply. And this is bad? After all, drug companies will […]

Disagree with column

Regarding the My turn column of Wednesday, 4/25: Where in The Affordable Health Care Act does it prevent a patient from paying “…more (for a medication or treatment) if they think a drug or other therapy is a good value for them?” Please show us where we can see this, Mr. Mathews. The post script […]

Cameron Park CSD budget

EDITOR: Someone needs to ask the question to the Cameron Park CSD board: “Do you really care about the financial wellness of the district?” My answer would be, “No.” Shiva Frentzen is the only member of the board who has asked the tough budget questions. She is met with opposition by the other four and the new […]

Bail excessive

EDITOR: There is a strange situation going on right now that I want all taxpayers to be aware of. Perhaps you read the story a couple of weeks ago about an El Dorado County retired sheriff’s deputy accused of stealing $300,000. His name is Don Atkinson. What appears to be strange to me is that […]

Railroad still an important asset

EDITOR: Soon it will be voting time for the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. We legal citizens have the right to vote and can vote for the person he feels is the best qualified to serve. Even though I’m in my 80s, I have attended several of the BOS meetings and have formed my […]

Cruising fire trucks

EDITOR: I’m writing in response to the April 23rd letter to the editor regarding “cruising fire trucks.” The letter implies that driving fire trucks is wasting public money. While the author’s motives may be well intended, they are sadly uninformed. The April 23rd letter cries out for a rebuttal in a dozen ways, but let’s […]

Chain saw massacre

EDITOR: I learned about the proposed “Dog Park” for Hacienda Park on Cameron Park Drive a week ago, and went to the Cameron Park Community Services District Meeting on April 18. It sounded like it would be a workable situation for multi-use of the park. I went to the park to walk our dogs two […]

No tax increases

EDITOR: Once again our liberal leaders at both the federal and state level have no problem totally wasting our hard-earned money while at the same time claiming if we don’t raise taxes schools, police and fire will suffer. At the state level the legislature routinely has 20-minute sessions so they can collect their precious $209 […]

International Guide Dog Day April 25th

EDITOR: Carnival is a young female black labrador puppy being raised by Gina Phillipsen from the El Dorado Second Sight — Paws for the Blind. You may have seen her around town in her green Guide Dog puppy coat. In honor of International Guide Dog Day on April 25, and the 70th Anniversary of Guide Dogs for […]

True love

EDITOR: The definition of “ultimate forgiveness:” Joe Harn endorsing his ex-wife’s divorce lawyer for a judgeship. STEVE TAPSON Placerville

EID’s irrational rate increase

EDITOR: I am writing this letter in disgust of EID’s ability to manipulate things within the facility in order to continue with the ever increasing and unrealistic rate increases. As a single person who lives within the city limits on a relitively small lot, I work seven days a week so I am home long […]

Secret service

EDITOR: I have a way for the goverment to reduce the deficit. Our fearless leaders could make a porno movie and title it “The Secret Service — Uncovered.” ROBERT REILLY Shingle Springs

‘It’s a taxing issue’ response

EDITOR: In Chris Daley’s opinion piece, “It’s s taxing issue for a taxing time,” his numbers are wrong. According to 2010 IRS statistics, compiled by the Tax Foundation, 143 million tax returns were filed. Out of those 143 million returns, 58 million or 41 percent paid no income taxes. The data shows that those who […]

ADA attorney is poisonous

EDITOR: I saw on your tweet (my first time ever) a most horrific letter addressed to Ms. Beth Gains. You would charge me to respond, so this allowing anonymous to abscond the law. Mrs. Gains is trying to assist businesses against the harassment of this disabled attorney looking for ways to collect wages. This attorney, I […]

School woodworking fundraiser a success

EDITOR: ON Monday night, April 16, the Society of Wood Heads Only hosted their eighth annual fundraiser for the school woodworking programs of El Dorado County. The event was very well attended and we so thank the people who showed in support of this cause. I want to thank the merchants, the wineries, and the […]

Saved by Dimaond Springs firefighters

EDITOR: On Wednesday, April 18, I made a huge mistake. After shopping at TJ Max I put my baby in the car and tossed my keys on the front seat while I put the cart away. When I returned to my vehicle I realized I had locked the keys and my baby in the car! […]

What’s with all the cruising fire trucks?

EDITOR: It is probably time to publish the invoices of the local fire stations budgets regarding their cost of fuel. It has become obvious that the fire departments feel a need to have more public exposure to justify their budgets. The question that is most asked is, “Where are they going now?” Every day, evey […]

Critique of candidates

EDITOR: I submit that an overview of the character of candidates for office for the June 5 election is available to most voters just by observing their campaign signs. I don’t mean the number of signs; instead what is important is the location where they have installed their signs. Should it matter to the electorate if an […]

Fuel cell technology

EDITOR: Just in case you hadn’t noticed, on April 13 the San Francisco Bay area transit agency, AC Transit, put out a press release announcing that it had just opened and is now operating a station providing “on-site solar powered hydrogen generation for fueling the agency’s (12) fuel cell buses.” The facility includes a 500 […]

See the signs

EDITOR: I submit that an overview of the character of candidates for office for the June 5 election is available to most voters just by observing their campaign signs. I don’t mean the number of signs; instead what is important is the location where they have installed their signs. Should it matter to the electorate […]

OHV access denied to many

EDITOR: Why is Eldorado National Forest closing roads to OHV’s? How do handicapped people visit the back country if they close the roads to travel? Recently I visited the Eldorado National Forest service Website to see if the forest was open for vehicle travel. Forest travel is generally closed to vehicle travel from Jan. 1 […]


EDITOR: Politicians just cannot seem to focus on the real issues facing Americans. The latest non-issue is Hillary Rosen’s comment that Mrs. Romney never worked a day in her life, obviously meaning she was never employed outside the home at a job for a paycheck. This was immediately challenged by Republicans saying that Mrs. Romney was […]

Stay at home moms

EDITOR: I was a forerunner to the feminist movement. Trouble is, they forgot not all women choose their lifestyles. Many women are single, divorced or must support their family, including seniors. We have kids so out of control because there is no supervision and parents must work their shifts. Now we have this Hilary Rosen, […]

Parking challenge

EDITOR: Parking challenge accepted. Let’s be a “myth buster.” Two members of the city council feel it is a myth that people eat lunch and dash because of the two-hour parking. I invite everyone, including downtown merchants, to drop me a note letting me know how you feel about this. I will go public with […]

Happy with coverage of ADA situation

EDITOR: We sincerely thank the Mountain Democrat for its excellent coverage of the challenges our local, small businesses are having with predatory ADA lawsuits. Because of your reporting, Mayor Mark Acuna received a phone call from the Senior Aide to Senator Feinstein who has been entrusted with researching the devasting effects these lawsuits are having on small business in California. (The […]

Honest people

EDITOR: I am very thankful for the honest people of this world, and my hat goes off to Shannon Bayer of Placerville. On Monday, April 9, I accidentally dropped an envelope containing several hundred dollars of cash in front of Accurate Tax on Broadway. Shannon picked up the envelope and turned it over to the […]

Dredging shot down again

EDITOR: The Center for Biological Diversity decided that Fish and Game’s new dredging rules are not going to fly, so it filed a lawsuit requesting another Environmental Impact Report. What a scam. These people are out to kill our heritage as sure as the sun shines. More than half of them are attorneys — need […]

More info on hospice

EDITOR: Mr. Esposito’s positive column on hospice got me thinking of how much I’ve learned as a hospice volunteer. But Cea Faulkner’s heartbreaking letter (Hospice is about life, too) made me realize how important it is to continue the hospice discussion. As Ms. Faulkner wrote, hospice services are terribly underutilized, but this is because they’re […]

Bel Lange

EDITOR: What happen to Bel Lange, the fish are JUMPIN! LOREN PENDLETON Pleasant Valley


EDITOR: In Mr. Arjil’s response to my Bye-Bye Medicare letter, he notes that Senator Paul proposes to give seniors the best health insurance in the country. Regardless of how Mr Arjil and Senator Paul slice the bologna, it will be Bye-Bye Medicare with those over 65 wandering the participating plans getting limited insurance at extremely high cost. […]

Cameron Park needs to cut its budget

The Cameron Park CSD had a budget workshop last night. Didn’t know? Well, don’t fret. It appears that with only the quick mention of it at last month’s general board meeting, not a whole lot of folks did know. There will certainly be more. Hopefully, the board will see that more notice is given for […]

For divided government

EDITOR: Now that Gov. Romney has effectively won the Republican nomination for president we can focus on the general election in November. Despite what hyper-partisans from both sides say, neither candidate is — or works for — the antichrist. Both are imminently qualified for the job. If our problems could be solved by an individual […]

Hacienda Park to become a Dog Park

EDITOR: Those of us who use Hacienda Park (corner of Hacienda and Cameron Park Drive) were recently invited by way of a posted notice at the park to attend a meeting of the Cameron Park CSD on Thursday, April 12, at 10am. Subject: Yes or No on Dog Park. At the meeting we were very […]

Robertson resigning

EDITOR: Dear family, and friends who voted me into the office of Central Committee District 2, I wanted to let you know I have resigned my position on this commitee. I am pursuing other ways to help candidates of integrity get elected. Thank you so much for your support. BONNY ROBERTSON Placerville

Rates raised everywhere

EDITOR: First, what’s with these utility companies running wild? Without approval by me, PG&E decided to spend money on a smart meter. The existing meter is still on my house. Computers and humans make mistakes. I called them and told them I wanted someone out here to read my meter, nothing different than what had […]

Can’t rely on EID as a public service

EDITOR: When I opened my bill from EID last week, I though this must be their idea of an April Fools’ joke. My previous bill had already indicated an increase of $1.73 in the numbers used to calculate the amount due, despite the fact that it showed no change in the numbers used from that […]

In response to illegal sign article

EDITOR: Friday’s paper ran an article about illegal posting of signs and used a picture of our swim team’s sign in the accompanying photo. Dry Diggins Dolphins swim team is a non-profit organization and we are currently holding registration for our 47th season. We have in the past contacted both the City and County asking if […]

Hospice is about life, too

EDITOR: I am so sorry very sorry for Mr. Esposito’s loss. And I am so grateful that you shared your story. Last Friday I lost the love of my life, Tommy, after four years of battling illness. And, like your mother, Tommy had hospice. Sadly, it was only for the last 7 days of his life. […]

Miwoks? Who are the imposters?

EDITOR: The Mountain Democrat’s coverage of the dispute about who can call themselves Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians is incomplete. Specifically, there is more to say about the current actions of the small Band of Miwoks being sued by the Red Hawk Casino affiliated group claiming trademark protection of the name Shingle Springs Band of […]

Look at the big picture

EDITOR: In Mr. Larry Parker’s letter, dated March 12, “Second Point” discusses the Keystone XL pipeline in terms that it’s likely much of the Gulf Coast products will be exported. Others have made similar points. But this need not be the case. The Gulf Coast refineries would also be in a position to serve the […]

Imagination Theatre’s Camelot

It has been years since I attended an Imagination Theatre production. I was delighted last night with the IT’s production of Camelot. The actors playing Arthur and Guinevere were terrific and as my friend Pat said, we’ve not seen a more earnest Lancelot. He was such fun to watch. While the performance was quite long […]

Thanks to Michael, Kingston and Ambulance No. 26

EDITOR: As I was leaving Marshall Lab on March 28, I realized I was losing my balance and was not going to recover it. Even though I had developed what I had come to refer to it as my duck walk for self preservation, this time it wasn’t working, and I knew I was going […]

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