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CCAC thanks

EDITOR: On May 19, the Camino Community Action Committee sponsored the 9th annual Clean-Up Day for the town of Camino. The CCAC would like to extend appreciation to the following for supporting the clean-up effort: El Dorado Disposal, with special appreciation to Sierra Pacific Industries and Postmaster Matt Franks. The day would not have been […]

Tunnel comments

EDITOR: Great comments written about the animal undercrossing beneath Highway 50. Mostly written with humor they were right on the money (big money). It is another example of why we need a sense of humor to live here. I wish I could draw a cartoon of the critters lined up the night before the grand […]

Supporting the suffering Palestinians

EDITOR: It’s a myth, not true. Excuse me Pastor Carlos, what in the world are you saying? After an interesting conversation with Pastor Carlos about the Palestinian Israeli conflict, I was not surprised by his statement, in which he said, the Arab Israeli conflict has been going on for not hundreds, but thousands of years. For […]

Who is protecting my property rights?

EDITOR: An open letter to El Dorado County Board of Supervisors, El Dorado Planning Commissioners, and Planning Services Director: Please protect the rural characteristics of El Dorado County as your citizens have asked you to. Yes, we understand that economic development is important to sustaining a tax base. But instead of rezoning properties and disrupting […]

Keep the update rolling

EDITOR: The Taxpayers Association of El Dorado County recommends that the Board of Supervisors proceed to release the Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the EIR process on the Land Use Policy Programmatic Update (LUPPU). The Zoning Ordinance update is seven years overdue, and the General Plan update is 3 years overdue. By law the Zoning […]

Vote no on Measure C

EDITOR: Measure C will, “… provide the Board of Supervisors with the authority to allow the procurement of services for less than $10,000.00 without the need for a written contract …” Giving the BOS a blank check up to 10K doesn’t sound like a sound and transparent way to keep track of the monies being […]

National Forest Service

EDITOR: Warning to all users of the Eldorado National Forest: Forest users/lovers you need to pay attention to this. The people that run the Eldorado NFS have decided that our opinion does not matter and they are closing our trails and roads. If you haven’t heard the latest, a judge in the Bay area has […]

Mountain Democrat’s new layout and type

EDITOR: Am I the only one who finds the new type and layout to be less readable than before? While I really do not have a problem with the layout (except that the section headers are too big and a waste of space and ink), I do have a real problem with the new body […]

Sheriff’s rotation of detectives

EDITOR: I do not know the reason our Sheriff has decided to rotate new deputies into detective positions, but rotating staff in and out of specialty positions is good management and strong leadership. The backbone of our Sheriff’s Office is the patrol operations. The more diverse experience and training the patrol officers have, the stronger […]

Dog-a-thon for the visually impaired

EDITOR: What a great day to see so many beautiful dogs. Walkers, vendors, Lions Clubs, Ray Nutting … Thanks to all the sponsors, staff, volunteers, Cub Scouts — sorry if I missed anyone. Looking forward to next year. Very nice, improved playground at Schnell School. LENNY ROBERITZ Shingle Springs

I am a job creator

EDITOR: I am a job creator. I go to the market at least three times a week. That helps store managers, clerks, stockers and truck drivers put food on their tables. I am a job creator. I drive a car that uses gasoline. I stop at a gas station about once a week. This contributes […]

Cruelty to animals

EDITOR: To the heartless person(s) who hit the black-colored cat sometime Sunday morning between Capital and Industrial Ave., right in front of Animal Outreach, and chose to drive on, leaving it in the middle of the road rather than stop and help it, this letter is for you. You knew you hit this cat, it […]

Good luck, Dr. Lehrman

EDITOR: He is one of a kind and there will never be another. The mold has been broken, never to be replaced because frankly, he is irreplaceable. Long before he became a member of Marshall Medical Physician Clinic, he had a very successful private practice. Imagine our families great fortune over 27 years ago when […]


EDITOR: A few years ago I, like so many others, moved to El Dorado Hills because it is a nice community with great schools and homes and shopping. I still feel the same and plan to stay. Unfortunately, the local government seems to be heavily under the unfluence of the “good old boys” with money […]

Vote of No Confidence from firefighters

EDITOR: On May 17, L3556 executed a Vote of No Confidence for Chief Lacher. It passed with 94 percent of our membership. To be clear the Local 3556 Professional Firefighters did not cast this Vote of No Confidence due to concessions being requested of us. The vote was done due to the double standard and […]

Memorial Day remembrance

EDITOR: For many, Memorial Day means picnics, barbeques and outdoor activities. Although traditional observance of Memorial Day has faded over the years, it is important to continue to celebrate the true meaning by remembering all those who sacrificed their lives while serving our nation. This year marks an especially important Memorial Day as we pay […]

Mr. Purdy’s May 11 letter

EDITOR: In response to Mr. Purdy’s letter of May 11, it would appear that he has some selective memory. $16 trillion in debt, more than the previous 200 years of presidents budgets prior to Obama, and we’re better off today? Forty cents of every dollar spent on our budget is borrowed. And we’re better off […]

Deer tunnel used

EDITOR: On May 19 at 8:40 p.m., I was returning home on Highway 50 from Folsom. I spotted a doe on the side of the road — I followed slowly near El Dorado and she went into the tunnel, then came right out. She must not have been informed about the tunnel’s purpose. A road […]

Home broken into

EDITOR: I Am 71 years old and live in Cameron Park. Over the Thanksgiving weekend my dog awoke me to the fact a man was trying to get through my bedroom patio door. The 911 operator was great and took down the man’s description and stayed on the phone until I saw a sheriff come […]

Return the ring

EDITOR: Hi. My name is Trena Worth. Before I left Placerville I had a wedding band with a stone on it. Dear friend who picked me up near the Gold Trail Motor Lodge, whom I told I seemed to be having the worst of luck and I handed it to you; could you please call […]

Veerkamp’s commitment

EDITOR: Supervisor Candidate Brian Veerkamp arrived early and then worked hard at the Camino Cleanup Day on May 19. His commitment to Camino residents showed as he unloaded trucks filled with trash, making Camino an even more beautiful place to live. It was hot and dirty work for Brian and the other dedicated volunteers, but their cheerfulness never flagged. That […]

Sue Taylor’s resume

EDIOTR: There are many candidates running for Supervisor District 3. None of them comes close to having the wide range of experience that Sue Taylor has. I met Sue Taylor two years ago. Her energy is amazing. I have not figured out when she sleeps. Some days she starts with the taxpayers meeting at 7 […]

Turnboo for District 2 Supervisor

EDITOR: I pledge my support and encourage all who live in District 2 to vote for George Turnboo for their next supervisor; he is and has always been an honest man without and special agendas, he is a small business owner for over 38 years at the same location in the town of El Dorado. […]

Steve Valentine for judge

EDITOR: Thank God we still have a choice. It is all about choice in today’s politics. We usually only have two choices …”little and none.” Come June 5, we will have three choices for Superior Court Judge. Your choice should be very easy to choose after reading this article. We have three candidates. Valentine, having served […]

False political advertising

EDITOR: I recently received a Richard Barb campaign flyer in the mail and was both amazed and perturbed to see a picture of him in the cockpit of a C-17 sitting at the controls. While I admire his volunteer work with the Civil Air Patrol, I think publishing a picture that would suggest he is […]

Local candidates

EDITOR: Having just finished reading the Voter Information Pamphlet which accompanied my absentee ballot, I am disappointed by the lack of specificity displayed by the candidates for State Assembly and the Board of Supervisors. Of the 10 supervisor or state assembly candidates who included a statement in the voter’s pamphlet, only three: Marc Boyd, Tim […]

The do as I say, not as I do judge

EDITOR: Any reasonable person has to wonder about judicial candidate Stracener. He continually says one thing and does another. He claims to be a member of the NRA, and Gun Owners of California, both of which are staunch supporters of the 2nd Amendment. Recently he was invited to participate in a “Tea Party” 2nd Amendment shooting […]

Thanking Scott McNeil

EDITOR: I would like to thank Scott McNeil for his attempt to stifle my public descent. One of the most frustrating things about being a property-owning, tax-paying, voting citizen of Cameron Park and going to the board meetings is watching the fiscally unsustainable spending that the CSD perpetuates. Due to Mr. McNeil’s efforts an article appeared […]

Political Advertisements

EDITOR: I am one American who does not let political campaign advertisements drive my decision as to whom to vote for. This is because I know, by their nature, that these advertisements are not fair and balanced and are meant only to perplex and bewilder us voters. Innuendo, half truths and outward falsehoods permeate the […]

Spring cleaning in Pollock Pines

EDITOR: I’m exhausted, sunburned, aching, and exhilarated. An estimated 350 cars came through the sixth Hands Across Pollock annual community clean-up station at the Pollock Pines-Camino Community Center and Knotty Pines Lanes bowling alley parking lot today. Before today’s event, an estimated 300,000 tons of debris had been removed from Pollock Pines thanks to the community […]

Community center is unsustainable

EDITOR: I find it amusing that Mr. McNeil finds Gerald Lillpop “intimidating.” I find Mr. Lillpop about as intimidating as a squeaky punching bag. I also find it amusing that one of the, in my opinion, CSD board stooges, Alan Clarke personally and on the record threatened to physically “throw me out” when I asked […]

Wasting tax dollars on consficating stuffed animals

EDITOR: About your article on the removel of the stuffed animals from the Georgetown hotel. This is the biggest waste of tax dollars I have ever seen. After these have been there for almost 30 years. ( you say 16). and without a warrant. That’s the Department of Fish and Game. for you. These officers […]

School elementary school music

EDITOR: I recently had the pleasure of adjudicating the Union Mine’s High School Band at the “Music In The Parks” Festival. I was amazed with the quality of musicianship and artistry, and in general the outstanding teaching that is required to produce such a high level of student performance. No surprise though, as your local […]

Education held for ransom

EDITOR: California is going down the tubes; they want to cut school money by over $2 billion if we don’t vote for the governor’s tax. If we do vote for it, we will be the nation’s highest taxpayers. This is a real issue; the governor is holding our kids’ education for ransom. This is outrageous. […]

Taxpayer Association urges yes on Measure C

EDITOR: The association supports the proposed change to simplify Section 602 of the County Charter that eliminates requiring all business owners who provide services to the county to sign a written contract for routine services; many who resist doing so in the normally course of their business. Examples: The County had to do a written […]

Pay now or pay later for animal crossings

EDITOR: In some groups, you can get a good laugh by talking about the silliness of helping Bambi and bunnies; “we” know they are everywhere and we understand their needs … or do we? No one laughs at $780,000 spent on a retrofit project on Highway 50 to provide access for animals. The truth is […]

Honor the fallen

EDITOR: After reading the article in your newspaper that the on-going question of the Vietnam Memorial Plaques has been resolved with wonderful results, the only question that remains is who were those sons from El Dorado County? The project spearheaded by Carl Borelli was to honor those sons who were killed in action. From your […]

Stoplight unneeded

EDITOR: For those that have tried to travel down Lotus Road over the last week, I am sure the word “disaster” comes to mind. This is a major thoroughfare in the county, leading to Coloma state park among other areas. We have visitors coming for meteorite hunting, and regular traffic every day. The “detour” chosen asked […]

Vote yes on Measure C

EDITOR: As a former county employee that regularly saw the waste of taxpayer money due to the crazy requirements of Charter Section 602, I implore my fellow citizens to vote yes on Measure C and put your tax dollars to better use. The charter requires that all services bought by the county require a written […]

Goodbye to doctor

EDITOR: What is a doctor? A doctor is someone who is a friend, a minister, a psychologist and someone who heals you, all wrapped up in one. Our memory of a country doctor is a person that is always there for you even after business hours. These kinds of doctors are rare in today’s world and […]

Thieves among us

EDITOR: I am officially ticked off. I have lived in El Dorado County over 40 years, lived on Union Ridge for 12 years and never had a thing stolen. I just moved down the street from where I was, same landlord just bigger home and yard. Now, some low life had the nerve to come […]

Fish and Game confiscation

EDITOR: Where is the outrage? The government enters a private place of business and without a warrant takes private property and the polulace appears too accustomed to such actions to protest. What has happened to basic concepts of liberty and freedom? The State argues that the confiscation of the Georgetown bar’s stuffed wolverine violates the Endangered […]

Response to meltdown

EDITOR: I am writing in response to R.J. Carter’s letter titled The Great Liberal Meltdown on May 4, 2012. Mr. Carter is right to be outraged by our government and disappointed with our president for not delivering on his campaign rhetoric of hope and change. He also expressed disappointment in our last president, and I’d […]

Playing for a state championship

EDITOR: What does it take for the Mountain Democrat to wake up and report the sports news in El Dorado County? The Mother Lode U19 Girls Rugby Team is playing for the State of California Championship this coming Saturday. That’s right, the State Championship. Yet the Mountain Democrat doesn’t devote one inch of space for such […]

Comments about Agenda 21

EDITOR: When I write something about Agenda 21 all I get in the comments from the left is that I don’t know what I am talking about. The GOP is on top of the problem: In 2012 the Republican National Convention (RNC) drafted a resolution opposing Agenda 21, calling it “a comprehensive plan of extreme […]

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