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Lies in the letters section

EDITOR: I wish that the Mountain Democrat would stop printing letters containing lies and fabrications. In the May 9 issue, your paper ran a letter, “Why I support Taylor,” that stated: “Mr. Veerkamp (candidate for County Supervisor, District 3) supports the controversial $150 habitable structure Fire Protection Fee …” This, and much that followed, is purely […]

Knight is the only choice

EDITOR: Regarding the canidates for District 1 Supervisor, the voters need to pay attention to the canidate who is most qualified. Knight by a long shot is the most qualified and for all those and their Agenda 21 conspiracy, move on and go do something productive already. I don’t know either canidate and whether you […]

Ted Gaines needs to get serious

EDITOR: Conservatives do not feed red meat to Tea Party crowds, as Ted did when he pumped the crowd with the stuffed wolverine confiscation by the Department of Fish and Game. Small-government elected officials don’t relinquish their safe seats to their wives. Honest servants of the electorate don’t describe themselves on the ballot as “Small […]

Supervisor election

EDITOR: I know the “rails and trails” topic is interesting and something anyone can easily form an opinion. But what I want to know from the candidates is how they are going to fix our broken county social welfare programs. Child Protective Services suffers from chronic high employee turnover resulting in huge case loads for […]

Ray gets the job done

EDITOR: I’ve only known Ray Nutting for about nine years.  I wasn’t even in his camp during the initial stages of his last election.  However, I have learned firsthand and consistently that Ray Nutting is a man of his word, a man whose actions are openly in support of his constituency , a man who is […]

Spaghetti feed thanks

EDITOR: The Wilson family wishes to thank everyone who participated in the spaghetti feed benefit at the fire hall in Diamond Springs. Thank you to all those that bought tickets for the dinner and everyone that donated monies. Thank you to all the business owners and families that donated gift certificates, gift baskets and other great […]

Where is it written from the state Health Dept?

EDITOR: At the last GDPUD meeting, the board discussed the mishandling of the 2008 Prop 218 funds. The Cost of Service Report stated that the majority of funds would go to the Greenwood Lake Treatment Plant. We have been paying the rate increase for the last four years, even though plans for the Greenwood Lake […]

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Whole darned forest closed up

EDITOR: I must be the only one with my Forest Service map out following what roads are being closed. I highly reccommend that the people who enjoy these roads do the same because you’re in for a big suprise. It’s not just 42 roads. It’s a hell of alot more. A lot of these roads […]

Marriage is a not a civil rights issue

EDITOR: Well it seems that Obama has turned the corner on his personal struggle. Shortly after Joe Biden dropped the ball Saturday, Obama has come out in favor of gay marriage. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I myself have struggled with the issue for quite some time. I would say that my opinion […]

GDPUD Board of Directors

EDITOR: I am disheartened with the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District behavior at board meetings. In the event you are a public person and speak of any objection to the agenda or non-agenda items the treatment given by the board and the supporters of the general manager is hostile. A gentleman that I do not know […]

Wildlife corridor — who needs it?

EDITOR: Wasting taxpayer money on a corridor for wildlife  — You would think that environmentalists would know by now that the grass isn’t any greener on the other side of the hill. The wildlife don’t really know that there is another side. Wise up, idiots. What the heck are they thinking of? It was already […]

Thanks to Job Shadow Program helpers

EDITOR: El Dorado High School would like to extend an enormous thank you to the many business members of our community who were such gracious hosts and allowed our students to “shadow” them for a day: Missouri Flat Pet Clinic, Sweetie Pie’s, Itzacake Cake Artistry, El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department, El Dorado County Fire Protection […]

Free dinner was fantastic

EDITOR: On March 24 at the Rotary Club’s Bonvoyage Ball we were the lucky winners of a Cellar Dinner for four donated by Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center. We took advantage of this nine-course gourmet dinner a week ago and are still talking about it. It was by far the most impressive dinner any of […]

Gated communities

EDITOR: Living in El Dorado Hills has shown me luxury but it has also shown me censorship. There are many gated communities in EDH that are infuriatingly limiting with their rules. Rules like what color to paint your fences, what plants you can grow, what kind of satellite dishes are allowed, “inside hours,” and not even […]

Privatization: Coming out into the open

EDITOR: In his letter to the editor apparently supporting privatization of public services and assets Steve Ferry asks, “How far are you, Evelyn, willing to cut services and deny the citizens of El Dorado County quality services along with First Responder services so that you can say they are still run by the government?” That […]

Homeowners association

EDITOR: Serrano’s neighborhood is nothing more than a prison. You live by their rules and you have little to no say in what they enforce. The homeowners association creates these rules and enforces them. There is no discussion; the word is “No.” They say they handle things but all they do is bug the residents of […]

Availability of prescription drugs in California

EDITOR: Prescription drugs are circling through our general society too simply. There needs to be more regulations on drugs such as Adderall, Vicodin and Oxycodone. All of these drugs are incredibly easy to get your hands on and are far more dangerous than the drugs focused on today. Although the hardcore drugs will always be […]

Animal Outreach is amazing

EDITOR: It is nothing short of a miracle that our cat “River Kitty” made it through after being severely burned in our house fire. That miracle was made possible because of the amazing care of Animal Outreach, its staff and especially Dr. Szignakowitz gave him. They immediately began emergency care and continued treatment for 30 […]

Thank you, kind people

EDITOR: This letter is to the kind people (men) who were seen on Pleasant Valley Road  on Thursday, May 3, at about 11 a.m. assisting a deer that had been hit by a car. Whether or not you were personally responsible for hitting the doe, I could tell that your kindness and compassion for the […]

Support your local wildlife

EDITOR: For various reasons, people generally like wildlife. They also expect to be able to drive safely on highways and major roads. As people in El Dorado County know, wildlife move around almost everywhere in the county. This means that they will cross roads, often at night when they are hard to see and avoid. How […]

Thanks to ‘Lest We Forget’

EDITOR: On behalf of the Military Family Support Group (MFSG), I would like to say thank you to the “Lest We Forget” organization. It recently made a very generous financial donation to our group. This donation will allow us to continue to support those who give and have given so very much for our freedom. […]

America’s collective memory

EDITOR: I was surprised to hear Mitt Romney ask the question “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” as if expecting most people to say they weren’t. I guess Mr. Romney assumes most Americans have extremely bad memories. He must believe we don’t remember that four years ago the stock markets were […]

Al Hamilton for District 3 Supervisor

EDITOR: As a citizen of El Dorado County for over a half century, and a retired Sheriff of this great county, I have met many wonderful, honest and hardworking people. One of these people I would like to tell you about is Al Hamilton, candidate for district three supervisor. Al has always been eager to […]

Thanks for community volunteers

EDITOR: A message to our community: Acts of generosity and kindness are so important in our world today. We need to lead by example to better and benefit our community. I would like to give a huge thank you to the members of our community that also happen to be members of the Cold Springs, Green […]

Danger at Safeway

EDITOR: I had an experience with the Safeway located off Missouri Flat Road a week ago that your readers should be aware of. I had to go to the Safeway Pharmacy to pick up a prescription for my 10-month-old son. With me was my 10-month-old son and one of my other sons who is 8 […]

Widened spot on Broadway

EDITOR: Thank you, to the guys on the road crew, from the City of Placerville. You widened a narrow spot on the south shoulder on north Broadway. This path is used constantly by pedestrians to and from the CRC and the Upper Room. I am glad that someone has not been hit by one of […]

Deer tunnel

EDITOR: I understand from our local paper that there is a tunnel being constructed beneath Highway 50. Its main and only purpose is to allow the safe passage of various forms of wildlife the ability to travel from the north side of the freeway to the south side of the freeway. Looking at the equipment […]

AC Transit knows what it’s doing

EDITOR: I see where someone is having a hard time accepting the fact that AC Transit in the Bay Area is running its fuel cell electric-powered buses on hydrogen extracted form water. The agency has just established a new solar-powered fueling station for generating hydrogen. To rub a little salt in the wound, they announced […]

Kids box lunch a hit

EDITOR: I would like to thank the many CASA volunteers, community members and El Dorado County businesses and school staff members who helped to make the 16th annual CASA Kids Box Lunch fundraiser a fabulous success. Selling, assembling and delivering over 3,200 box lunches all over our huge county and beyond is no easy feat and […]

Eastbound on-ramp from Placerville Drive

EDITOR: This is a response to a couple of recent letters regarding the Eastbound on-ramp from Placerville Drive to Highway 50. The city engineering staff expressed concern to Caltrans during construction of this intersection and their (Caltrans) remedy was to have the contractor place “yield” pavement markings in the left turn lane — markings which […]

Dog park in Hacienda Park

EDITOR: In response to the idea of a dog park in Hacienda Park: As a dog owner, I would love to have a dog park where I could excercise my dog. However, I do not think it is fair to take any part of Hacienda Park. The local homeowners were there first and I think they […]

A judge’s opinion

EDITOR: As a 30-year-plus reader, then subscriber, I have enjoyed your publication. I appreciated your articles on the pending judicial election and commentary by the three candidates. I was surprised to learn the reasons Judge Stracener believed I wasn’t supporting him. He assumed, incorrectly, that I did not like the numerous questions he had asked […]

Dishonest candidate

EDITOR: Candidate for District 1 Supervisor Ron Mikulaco owes the El Dorado County Tax Payers Association an apology for blatantly lying to the group. On April 16, Ron Mikulaco was very late for the meeting. He explained to the group he was tending to his girlfriend’s daughter who was ill and he had been caring […]

Failure to attend

EDITOR: I was disappointed to learn that our Congressman, Tom McClintock, declined to participate in a Candidates Forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters and scheduled on May 2 in Placerville. I have heard Congressman McClintock speak at three “Town Hall” meetings but questions in those venues all seem to come from friends and supporters […]

Hoffman earned my vote

EDITOR: As a third-generation El Dorado County citizen (raising a fourth generation), I have a vested interest, as we all do, in making sure that the best people serve in public office. Judges are responsible for interpreting and enforcing the law and that function is distinct from all other forms of civil service. A judge’s […]

Barb is honest

EDITOR: I enjoyed reading the story in the Mountain Democrat on Richard Barb in the April 24 issue. I met Richard and his wife five years back and their very well-mannered kids at the Placerville Pines Convalescent Hospital. Every Sunday Richard, his wife, and some of their kids would come to do church service and […]

Barking up the wrong tree

EDITOR: Ray Nutting is on the campaign trail. Recently he stopped by the El Dorado Pet Club Training Center in Shingle Springs to say “Howdy” and drop off some brochures. Apparently, he is unaware that the Training Center’s owner is a PAWED member, a member of the Animal Shelter Coalition, and has rehabilitated and rehomed […]

Where’s the tape?

EDITOR: On March 8 Rico Oller and Frank Bigelow debated in Placerville at the American Legion Hall put on by the El Dorado County Republican Central Committee. It was taped by the Central Committee which forbade others from recording the event. This was done with the commitment that the tape would be provided to both […]

For Knight, Nutting

EDITOR: Supervisors Ray Nutting and John Knight have been supporters of the train in El Dorado County since I have known them. Ray voted and signed into law, as chairman of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors in 1996, to save the rails that Southern Pacific had abandoned in the mid-80s, thereby guaranteeing heavy […]

A CASA for Stracener

EDITOR: We are fortunate that in our country we have the opportunity to elect a judge who has shown himself to be an exemplary judge. Judge Warren C. Stracener is competent, conscientious, knowledgeable and thorough. As a Court Appointed Special Advocate for many years, I have been before numerous judges in Dependency Court. I have […]

Why I support Taylor

EDITOR: I attended both of the Candidates’ Forums for El Dorado County Supervisor District 3 recently sponsored by the League of Women Voters. The audiences were largely made up of supporters of each candidate. I heard three things from two of the candidates at the last debate which trouble me a great deal. First, Mr. Veerkamp […]

Hoffman for judge

EDITOR: As a lifetime resident of El Dorado County, I encourage all residents to learn about the candidates running for Superior Court Judge.  I am convinced that Joseph Hoffman is the right choice.  He is a respected attorney and temporary judge; and is supported by current judges including Douglas Phimister, deputies, local attorneys, our county auditor, […]

Known Stracener 20 years

EDITOR: I am a 28-year resident of El Dorado County. My wife and I have raised and educated three children, all of whom were educated in El Dorado County schools, played community and school sports, and participated in a myriad of social activities. With this background, I wish to express my support for the retention […]

Opposed to Stracener

EDITOR: Last year, a couple of veterans and I spearheaded a local effort to get El Dorado County to be one of the few counties in California to have a court that dealt directly with Veterans who have mental issues such as PTSD due to their military service to our country. Because of a few […]

Appointed secretary supports Stracener

EDITOR: As the Governor Schwarzenegger-appointed Assistant Secretary for Labor Relations at the California Department of Corrections, I worked closely on a daily basis with Warren “Curt” Stracener when he served in his position with the state’s Department of Personnel Administration. I have met very few individuals like Judge Stracener — ferociously smart, fiercely dedicated, eminently […]

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