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As Paul Harvey would say, “Here is the rest of the story”

EDITOR: Mr. Larry Parker’s letter, dated  March 12, referenced increased U.S. oil production since 2008. But it’s important to understand the reason for increased U.S. oil production. As radio host Paul Harvey would say, “Here is the rest of the story.” Earlier, Mr. George Alger’s letter, “The politics of the oil ‘storage’” wrote an overview […]

Mt. Democrat Photographers

EDITOR: I wanted to express my appreciation for the photos by Shelly Thorene and Pat Dollins that regularly enhance the quality of your newspaper. Thorene’s latest, from the March 12 issue on page A-8 is a typical example. Make sure you read the caption. It takes a sharp eye to realize that what’s in the […]

Rush Limbaugh understands how social justice works

EDITOR: To understand Jennifer Meyer in her column of March 19 (“The rural life: ‘Mean and ugly’”), one must understand how a criterion of “social justice” works: It places a compensative defense before reason, before decorum, demeanor, propriety, good taste and law. This, Rush Limbaugh understands. When Meyer says, “high profile folks,” she means to […]

Broadband for El Dorado County

EDITOR: Some people in El Dorado County have received an e-mail invitation from Sierra Economic Development Corp that may have been interpreted to imply SEDCorp will be providing Broadband Internet access in El Dorado County. Certainly, those invitees have questioned Interbahn founders on the possible impact on our efforts. I would like to make it […]

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EID not really concerned about water conservation

EDITOR: Is the EID REALLY concerned with water conservation? NOPE. There is something very, very wrong over at the EID … and it’s easily fixed, but what is their motivation to fix it? Well, there’s none! Like many of you, I have been hearing the rants of water bill increases over the last four years. […]

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Is Georgetown Divide Public Utility District surcharge acceptable?

EDITOR: I am not against the improvements of the Auburn Lake Trails Water Treatment Plant. My concern is the information presented from the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District. The rate increase placed on the rate payers in July 2009 was mainly needed for the construction of the Greenwood Lake Water Treatment Plant as stated from the District. According […]

Snowline Hospice rebuttal

EDITOR: It’s disturbing, albeit understandable, how a consumer could be disgruntled with current prices at shopping centers and at our local Snowline Hospice Thrift Store. Because of our many dedicated volunteers,whose duties include pricing, various items could range from absurdity to sublime on any given day. However, many times these prices are negotiable by the […]

Water desalination may be the answer

EDITOR: California’s population is predicted to grow to 50 million by 2020. At this rate of growth, California will run out of water. For example, at the rate California consumes water each day, Folsom Lake could be drained in only nine days! This is a big problem! Of the water consumed, 80 percent is for […]

Economic disaster

EDITOR: In the 1950s, Chicago University economics professor Milton Friedman came up with a plan to remake America in a radical way. It was a three point plan: 1. Privatize every public function from education to the post office; 2. Cut taxes on the rich; 3. “Free” trade worldwide. Friedman and his followers knew this was […]

Can you hear me now?

EDITOR: Whew, we made it, we all have cell phones now. I’m not trying to listen to your conversation, really I’m not. But in certain situations or locations I can’t help but overhear: We’re in the doctor’s waiting room or the auto dealerships waiting area. You need to have some cell phone etiquette. I don’t […]

CPCSD new GM alienates community

EDITOR: The Cameron Park Community Service District has a new GM that many of us had great hope for. Now, after about six months, we have lost most of this hope. Ms. Cahill, the GM, has proven to be incompetent, irresponsible and lacks leadership qualities. She has alienated the community, lost at least five office […]

Cameron Park Community Service District

EDITOR: I only began attending Cameron Park CSD meetings and several of the monthly committee meetings several months ago. My original thought was to familiarize myself with various community issues and to volunteer if and where I saw a need. It became apparent from the very first meeting that there is a general lack of […]

More background on Social Security

EDITOR: Your editorial piece summarizes the views about proposed changes to the Social Security system proposed by the three major Republican presidential candidates. You state that Santorum is “on the mark” with his wish to adjust dependent benefits and to reform disability benefits, and to adjust the CPI (consumer price index).  You remark that “dependent benefits […]

Rid of snakes that abuse the law

EDITOR: On this day (delivered March 17), as we commemorate St. Patrick ridding Ireland of the snakes that had overrun the country, our communities, in collaboration with communities across the nation, need to band together to rid our country of the snakes that slither into defenseless businesses and execute them with their poisonous use of existing […]

Hospice stores about helping the ill

EDITOR: I am replying to two letters written to the paper this last week. The letters are in reference to how merchandise is presented and priced in your local hospice stores. You will not find soiled, torn or clothing in disrepair. The prices, sorry to upset Mr. Gillespie and Sandy, are arrived at by our […]

A reasonably-priced thrift store

EDITOR: I want everyone who’s interested to know that there really is a thrift store in our area that doesn’t consider itself a boutique and price accordingly. The Human Society Thrift Store in Diamond Springs has been rearranged and is now well lighted and very well organized. The prices are very reasonable. Check it out. […]

Bye-Bye Medicare

EDITOR: Tea/Republicans are currently at war fighting women’s rights, Latinos, unions, gays/lesbians, contraception and voter disenfranchisement. Now they want to declare war on seniors by cancelling Medicare — for all seniors currently enrolled. Senator Paul, Senator DeMint and Senator Graham have introduced a bill which will accomplish this and are reassuring that this is a wonderful idea. […]

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Therapy dog helps reading program

EDITOR: In regards to the article published on March 12, my St. Bernard, Dante, and I thank the photographer Shelly Thorene so much for visiting the Literary Dog reading program at the Pollock Pines library last week. Therapy dog work is increasing here in El Dorado County and all across the country as researchers prove it […]

County employee health benefits detailed

EDITOR: El Dorado County employees are currently paying for a portion of their health care coverage via paycheck deductions. County paychecks are issued bi-weekly (every two weeks) allowing for 26 pay periods each year. All employees fall into one of the following three healthcare classifications…Employee only, Employee+1, Employee+2 or more. As you would imagine, each category […]

Letter corrects info

EDITOR: The letter printed in the Mountain Democrat on Feb. 20 contained a misprint that may alarm our generous donors and potential donors.  We appreciate the support of the local community for our successful program to empower the homeless and want to clarify that our success rate for clients breaking the cycle of homelessness is 87 percent. We […]

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Pricing criticized at Snowline

EDITOR: I was relieved to see a letter recently about the pricing at Snowline’s thrift stores. I thought maybe I was the only one disappointed over this issue. Twice last year, I bought something at the thrift store and then found the exact same item new at a nearby retail store for less than I […]

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Snowline needs a makeover

EDITOR: I am happy to see the complaints against the Snowline Hospice Store. The prices are very high indeed. Even a broken clock is priced at $9.00. Anything pretty is very high. The clothes are priced high, for secondhand. I fell in the store last year, due to the unsafe concrete flooring as you walk […]

Destructive behavior appalling

EDITOR: I am appalled by the idea that any living being can willfully kill another living being. I am referring to Cubby the beaver in El Dorado Hills. The thought of Cubby not realizing when he took his last breath, when it actually would be his last breath, then to be inhumanely drowned, is unconscionable. […]

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White-nose syndrome, saving our bats

EDITOR: Do you know about the white-nose syndrome with bats? The white-nose syndrome is a disease that has killed over 1 million bats since 2006. The deadly fungus was first discovered in Albany, New York in 2006. Researchers found that in three years, the fungus had reduced a colony of about 185,000 brown bats to 2,000. Today, […]

Watershed Habitat Destruction

EDITOR: I am on a Nature Bowl Team at Miller’s Hill Middle School. Nature Bowl is an all-day outdoor team competition event against fellow schools in the state. At Nature Bowl you also learn what happens when people don’t take care of the earth’s habitats, like watersheds. We all have an impact on the health […]

Handicapped access snoop should make contribution

EDITOR: As an access-challenged person, I read with interest and disgust the articles about a handicapped (E*&#@D) causing all manner of trouble for local businesses. I personally have encountered many access challenges and had it pass through my thoughts “Gee, I wish this could be fixed differently,” but I am also grateful I’m not bedridden […]

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Stop over-pumping underground water aquifers

EDITOR: As our national capitol argues over dollars, many of our cities across the nation are lowering with the land mass as over-pumping of underground (UG) water aquifers are lowered hundreds of feet. As the various UG earth strata dry out, they shrink. Rivers lower along with the cities, thus flooding of towns and cities […]

Marshall complimented

EDITOR: I would like to compliment John Roberts on his recent letter to the editor. he was right on about Marshall Hospital. I would add that Dr. Judea is a great doctor. ART CATE Placerville

Consul general offers thanks

EDITOR: Dear Californians, one year ago on March 11, 2011, Japan was struck by one of the most powerful earthquakes in modern history. The earthquake and accompanying tsunami claimed thousands of lives and, coupled with the nuclear accident, presented one of the gravest challenges Japan has ever faced. Yet in the darkest hour, Californians from […]

Don’t obstruct visibility on Placerville Drive

EDITOR: Right on, Fred Belt! I, too, have wondered about the qualifications of the traffic engineer who designed this intersection. Is he the same engineer who didn’t consider the angle of rain runoff and the icy conditions that can occur in the shaded areas in winter? There is also a curve on Placerville Drive before […]

Judge Stracener favored

EDITOR: I was very pleased to read the announcement that Judge Warren C. “Curt” Stracener will seek election to the El Dorado County Superior Court. From first-hand experience I know that Judge Stracener has been an exemplary Judge in El Dorado County for over a year. We need to have this honest, knowledgeable and dedicated […]

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Poor defense from EID Board

EDITOR: I read with interest your articles in Friday’s, Feb. 4, Mountain Democrat on EID and its many phases of trying to manipulate its rates this past decade. The articles are a breath of fresh air for your newspaper and in my opinion long overdue. Congratulations on finally reporting unbiased news! With great hilarity I […]

More on Camerons’ contributions to Cameron Park

EDITOR: In regards to Doug Noble’s “Where the heck is Cameron Park?” story on Feb. 27, he only had part of the story. Some more of the story I heard in person from Ruth Cameron herself. Some she told me personally and some she told the Cameron Park Rotary Club on her 95th birthday in […]

ADA lawsuits are mean-spirited

EDITOR: I suppose there are many  handicapped persons and their attorneys nationwide who have seized the opportunity to legally extort money from business owners even though they never do, or intend to, visit or patronize the business in question, but simply because they are there. I would like to paraphrase a line from a 1951 […]

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Chemtrails mystery is about water

EDITOR: Mr. Esposito, in your role as columnist in “Chemtrails mystery nothing but hot air?” No — it’s about water! Condensation of white water vapor trails, sometimes, in the wake of aircraft. “chem” and “con” are not synonymous. You can get “con” from the dictionary. You get “chem” from paranoid and the deception of geo-politics […]

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Bill protects water rights

EDITOR: I appreciate Supervisor Ron Brigg’s vigilance in protecting El Dorado County water rights, but he is flatly and completely wrong when he describes HR 1837 as an “end run at” those rights. He may be referring to the original draft of the bill, before we spent eight months working with water agencies across Northern […]

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Help the Winkler children

EDITOR: We’ve heard and seen in recent news about the death of Cameron Park resident Rachel Winkler, the mother of three small children. Her death is being investigated, but during this time, the children (from infant to age 6) are without either parent. I cannot even imagine how frightened those children must be, and all I […]

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Rate hike will affect my vegetable garden

EDITOR: The El Dorado Irrigation District is currently proposing another stepped rate increase before the 2009 rate increases have even been fully implemented. Those who have landscaping and gardens will once again experience very significant rate increases. During these tough economic times, growing a garden can put healthy food on our tables and help to […]

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Candidate’s actions questioned

EDITOR: Politics is a necessary component of most of our lives and each political season brings us renewal, opportunity to cast our votes and, sometimes angst. I was particularly offended by something a candidate for District 3 Supervisor recently did. It wasn’t the first time I observed questionable conduct and poor judgment by candidate Richard Barb. […]

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Speaking of propaganda techniques…

EDITOR: Mr. Garon’s letter of March 9 ends with the following thought: “It’s the most fundamental principle for writing propaganda.” He is referring to making up numbers to support one’s position.But he should have written, “The most powerful propaganda writing technique is to take a fact and twist its meaning so that it agrees with […]

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No serfdom to Washington

EDITOR: Mr. Longhofer states in his letter “Trick Words, “What is a fair share… cannot be answered by a citizen. It will be decided for us.” Mr. Longhofer seems to believes that the Congress, the president and bureaucrats will decide for us and we should doff our caps, avert our eyes, bow our heads and comply. He […]

The president hasn’t apologized enough

EDITOR: On Feb. 23, in a letter to the Afghan president, President Obama apologized to the Afghan people for the accidental burning of some Korans by American personnel a few days earlier. In part, according to USA Today, the apology aspect of the letter stated, “I wish to express my deep regret for the reported […]

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Pony Espresso, ADA victim

EDITOR: Many people, besides myself, are grieving the closure of our comfortable, friendly coffee house in Pollock Pines, Pony Espresso. It wasn’t ADA (American Disability Act) compliant, according to an out-of-town lawyer who travels around suing small businesses. It seems that the intent and spirit of the law is being corrupted and is misguided. Don’t […]

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No new taxes

EDITOR: It is apparent we will have the opportunity to vote on one or more tax proposals on the November ballot. I for one will vote “no” on any and all proposals to raise taxes and encourage all to do likewise. Voting “yes” just rewards our idiots under the dome for their past mishandling of […]

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Editorial nonsense

EDITOR: The author of the March 5 Mountain Democrat editorial “Gas price can be lowered” is living in a dream world and using bogus numbers and arguments to support his or her position. First point: Contrary to the impression given by the editorial that the Obama administration is blocking oil production, U.S. crude oil production […]

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