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EPA should focus on what’s really killing us

EDITOR: Where is the Environmental Protection Agency leading us? They are shutting down the United States to human intervention; latest of their wins is the coal mining industry and coal fired generation of power not counting all the lawsuits against oil companies. Where do they expect us to get the power and energy that is needed? […]

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Let’s have a real discussion regarding government spending

EDITOR: I would like to warn our fiscal conservatives not to be against the trillion dollar cut in military spending that has been agreed upon due to the lack of outcome by the supposed Super 12 Committee. The warning is take these cuts in government as a starting point. I know percentage-wise to the total […]

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Response to editorial regarding killing jobs

EDITOR: The following is in response to the editorial “Killing jobs and Social Security.” I am ignoring the misrepresentation of Obamacare as it relates to Medicare and ignoring the slam against continuing a tax break for working Americans. Instead I will focus on the claims about the Keystone XL pipeline. First, an introduction to the sources […]

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From the ladies at Creekside Cantina

EDITOR: We have been fortunate enough to be a local downtown Placerville merchant for almost 16 years. Now that it’s come to an end, Joan and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our loyal customers, who have also become our friends. This has been the greatest and […]

Don’t let them take your freedom

EDITOR: Open letter to letter writer Cody Brents: We have never met, but I know this about you: You are a whole lot smarter than Ms. Heumphreus, a teacher. The Founding Fathers and the Constitution that they wrote is not about greed, or profits or corporations. You won’t find the word “capitalism” anywhere in the Constitution. […]

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We have a chance to abolish the death penalty

EDITOR: I am somewhat familiar with the death penalty (regarding editorial of Nov. 30). I represented Gerald Gallego briefly and was trial counsel for James Karis, David Cox and Herb Coddington, all of whom are on Death Row. Prior to the change in the method of execution, local lawyer wags used to opine “See Tapson and […]

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To all the happy solar users

EDITOR: The three responses I received from my solar letters were right on and just what I expected. Thank you for responding and I hope your solar systems continue to work so well for you. My, my, my do we solar owners ever get frustrated about explaining our spending on solar. The defensive position is […]

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Pearl Harbor: Now do you get it?

On Dec. 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked America at Pearl Harbor. Up until that day, Americans wanted nothing to do with another stupid war in Europe. President Roosevelt, feigning surprise, claimed the attack was unprovoked and used the attack as the justification for entering World War II. However, subsequent research has revealed that FDR not […]

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Pave our flipping roads

EDITOR: The time has come to begin paying more attention to road maintenance, especially in some areas that are exposed to heavy traffic and severe weather conditions. Correctly paved roads not only make driving more enjoyable but also save lives. Having just turned 50, I think some roads haven’t been paved since I came into this […]

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Good for Herman Cain’s wife

EDITOR: Herman Cain with his wife by his side and with great fanfare  announced his decision to suspend his quest for the presidency of these United States. What struck me regarding Cain was his complete lack of preparedness for the obvious. I don’t think that he himself ever truly expected to become the Republican nominee. […]

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Solar energy has not come of age

EDITOR: In his recent letter Mr. Nichols takes exception to those who think solar is not ready for prime time and says it works well for him and that it gives him a 9 percent return on his investment. But does it? He says he bought it because it made economic sense. Does it make […]

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Insight to columnist Chris Daley’s insight

EDITOR: I must admit I don’t get Black Friday. There was a lady on TV in Sacramento camping at a Best Buy store two days before Thanksgiving simply to be the first in line to buy a $200 TV. I couldn’t help but think her time could be better served, if not with her own […]

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Sheriff wishes readers a safe holiday season

EDITOR: The holiday season is upon us. This is a time of year to reflect on the year that was and the year that soon will be. From a personal standpoint, it’s a time to reflect on the priorities in life: family, friendship, health and happiness. From a professional standpoint, it’s a time to take a […]

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Glad to see the dummy’s back

EDITOR: Very happy to see our dummy back where he belongs at the Hangman’s Tree on Main Street in Placerville. Thank you to the person or persons who delivered him back to his rightful location. I believe he’s an important part of Placerville history and he should remain hanging for tourists and the people who reside in the community. JENNY […]

Governor explains tax initiative

EDITOR: When I became governor again — 28 years after my last term ended in 1983 — California was facing a $26.6 billion budget deficit. It was the result of years of failing to match spending with tax revenues as budget gimmicks instead of honest budgeting became the norm. In January, I proposed a budget […]

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I have a vision for Placerville

EDITOR: So here I am, stuck … again. I am in the clutches of that infamous, malevolent traffic trap that is Placerville.  Strategically placed traffic lights alongside Main Street are no doubt there to entice travelers to visit this fine little city. Strangely, city planners seem not to notice how seldom happy tourists are drawn […]

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A Christmas expression of appreciation

EDITOR: Although for the first time in three years there was no snow to mark the date, the Community Economic Development Association of Pollock Pines produced another amazing holiday event for residents, businesses and visitors from as far away as Utah. Sometimes words cannot adequately say all that we want them to. Trying to express […]

Thanks for the gorgeous Highway 50 trees

EDITOR: I’m writing this letter to thank the volunteers who worked so very hard putting up the Christmas trees along Highway 50 in Placerville. I enjoy looking at the beautiful Christmas trees and at how they are decorated each year. This year I feel the volunteers did an outstanding job. I would love to see […]

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We need more toys … please

EDITOR: Hollis and I wanted to thank you for your help and support for our local Toys for Tots campaign. It means so much to us because  just two weeks away we are praying for a miracle of new toys. The El Dorado County Office of Education and I have been receiving e-mails and phone […]

Solar is the way to go around here

EDITOR: This is in response to Richard Clayton’s letter to the editor about solar energy that ran in the Nov. 23 Mountain Democrat. I don’t know where Mr. Clayton lives or where he gets his information about solar energy. We live in Shingle Springs and have used solar energy for domestic hot water for over […]

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Comments responding to Kyburz Post Office closing survey.

EDITOR: Attached comments to Customer Survey Questionnaire from the U.S. Postal Service regarding proposed closing of the Kyburz Post Office. In your letter of notification, in the fifth paragraph it states, “You will have the option of Post Office Box Delivery at the Twin Bridges Post Office.” This would indicate (option) that there is a […]

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Magic in the White House

EDITOR: The year 2012 is ready, I believe, for a third party president. But we need a third party that embraces the best qualities of both the Tea Party movement and the Occupy movement. This means: • No more glorifying stupidity. • No more wasting stuff. • Exalting wisdom and achievement. • Showing up on […]

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VA health care eligibility explained

EDITOR: Mr. Alger in his recent letter entitled “VA coverage: I’m puzzled,” wonders why Lt. Col. Longhofer, USA (Ret.) isn’t eligible for VA health care. Well, the first reason he’s puzzled is because I’m not a lieutenant colonel, but a colonel and have been for the past 30 years. Some are confused because lieutenant colonel (O-5) […]

December 12, 2011 | Posted in Letters | Tagged | 36 Replies

Obama authorizes unlimited torture

EDITOR: Letter writer Mr. Longhofer writes about some of the Republican candidates arguing as to whether waterboarding is torture. Well if you want to talk real turture check out the Obama administration. While publicly banning waterboarding in the U.S. the Hypocrite in Chief on his second day in office signed an executive order authorizing rendition. […]

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Thank you for the coats

EDITOR: I want to thank Steve Stymeist auto body and his wife Lori for organizing the annual Coats for Kids drive again this year. Our Kinship families have been one of the non-profit agencies that have benefitted from this drive. I also want to thank the Placerville Soroptimists who were our personal shoppers this year. […]

I completely support Chancellor Katehi

EDITOR: Contrary to what self-confessed conservative Ken Steers stated in his letter of Monday Nov. 28,  Chancellor Linda Katehi of UC Davis,  did not “order the police to move against the Occupy crowds” nor did she “join the Occupy protest”  herself. If Mr. Steers wishes to be pepper-sprayed for being a conservative, as he suggests, he has […]

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What’s next to come down, the Belltower?

EDITOR: Growing up near Placerville, I can always remember the dummy being above the outside of the Hangman’s Tree Bar. Just because some people don’t believe that it is politically correct to allow the dummy to remain, it is historical and should be allowed to remain. I suppose if the Belltower offended someone, it would have to come down too. […]

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Solar electric works great for me

EDITOR: Like Ken McGee of El Dorado, I would also like to respond to letter writer Richard Clayton who thinks solar electric systems are not the way to go. I too am delighted with my solar electric system. I installed a system from Sierra Pacific in July of 2009, so the system has been installed […]

November 30, 2011 | Posted in Letters | Tagged | 3 Replies

Permit or no permit, that’s the question

EDITOR: I know the Herrick Building is a sore subject in Placerville these days. I must say that I like the improvements done to the Hangman’s Tree. At least now it won’t be such an eyesore to the businesses nearby. My problem is with the city. Doesn’t anyone find it interesting that a current City […]

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Thank you … uh, do you have our book?

EDITOR: Thank you to all who participated in the estate sale for Ethel Forsyth. Her move to Michigan went well and she is adjusting to her new surroundings. Our book of contacts (e-mail, phone numbers) somehow disappeared on Friday. We think it got mistakenly packed during the checkout process and taken away. If you find […]

Lack of trust in City Council

EDITOR: Local resident and attorney Kirk Smith blasted the Placerville City Council at the Nov. 22 council meeting about not being forthcoming about their plans to put the Herrick Building and the Hangman’s Tree Bar into receivership. After the Neighborhood Chat on Nov. 19, where community members discussed their plans to work with the owners to […]

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VA coverage: I’m puzzled

EDITOR: A recent letter by Mr. James Longhofer about veterans’ health care starts off with his “full disclosure” that he is not eligible for health care at VA clinics and hospitals. I am puzzled. On many occasions Mr. Longhofer has identified himself as a retired lieutenant colonel. I am at a loss as to why […]

December 12, 2011 | Posted in Letters | Tagged | 6 Replies

Agenda 21: Who are these guys?

EDITOR: Back in the picture, our state Department of Water and Natural Resources is trying to gain control over all the waterways in California, whether navigable or not. They want to be able to use groundwater contamination as a way to condemn your property so that you will be unable to build on it. Agenda […]

December 05, 2011 | Posted in Letters | Tagged | 62 Replies

Medicare isn’t worth it

EDITOR: I was blessed to have many family members from around the country attend Thanksgiving dinner. The effects of the tryptophan from too much turkey as well as the boring realities of the third football game of the day channeled people to some real conversation. I was listening to my father who lives in Oregon […]

January 16, 2012 | Posted in Letters | Tagged | 9 Replies

Snowline Hospice: I’m not dead yet

EDITOR: Regarding the very nice article about the 30th anniversary of the Snowline Hospice: There’s at least one more living member of the original group who created Snowline. Doug Tustin was the driving force, with great assistance from Jim Upshaw, George Applebaum and Lois Booth, as well as three others who worked side by side […]

November 30, 2011 | Posted in Letters | Tagged | 1 Reply

More hypocrisy

EDITOR: Oscar Ramiro Ortega was arrested recently for shooting at the White House in DC. He has been linked with the Occupy DC crowd. The Occupy San Diego group held a moment of silence in support for this obviously deranged individual. Nowhere on the news is it reported that Ortega is a left wing radical. […]

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I guess we could use smoke signals

EDITOR: When I follow the wire from my telephone out to the nearest telephone pole, I look up on that pole and see one big telephone cable. It is owned by AT&T. I does make sense to have one cable instead of a dozen all from different companies. The only problem is that AT&T, which […]

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We don’t need another Kent State

EDITOR: I watch the news almost every night and for the last month-and-a-half it’s been pretty disturbing. Every night I see American policemen exhibiting the kind of police brutality one would expect in some Mideast dictatorship or a banana republic. The scenes are incredible, cops beating innocent citizens, shooting people with their rubber bullets and […]

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Help us help troubled youth have a merry Christmas

EDITOR: We all look back on our most recent American holiday of Thanksgiving with family and friends, counting our many blessings as we also remember the millions of our countrymen who are facing dire circumstances. However, Christmas is coming and withy it hope for our nation’s future. Our annual Christmas party at El Dorado County […]

For as long as the sun shines, I will go solar

EDITOR: In response to Mr. Richard J. Clayton’s letter dated Wednesday, Nov. 23: Mr. Clayton, for the past three years I have had 20 solar panels installed on my home here in El Dorado Hills. PG&E is my electric provider as I am sure is yours. First let me state that I too believe we solar […]

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Letter writer’s fevered brain

EDITOR: Who but letter writer Charlie Black would resurrect the perennial claim of virulent anti-Semites and weave it into a paranoid account of 9/11, the overthrow of Gaddafi, the “staged” burial at sea of Osama bin Laden who of course died years ago, and maybe even the kitchen sink? Charlie’s big disclosure, of course, regards those […]

January 13, 2012 | Posted in Letters | Tagged | 8 Replies

OK, maybe they should be recalled

EDITOR: It is interesting what public officials will do when they think they are invisible and above criticism. On Nov. 15, in closed session and after the public had gone, the El Dorado Irrigation District board announced that they were extending the contracts of the general manager and general counsel for another three years at a cost […]

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What’s really going on with these Occupiers?

EDITOR: Maybe I’m jaded. But I find it strange that the only two incidences of physical abuse of the Occupy (whatever) crowd that I see reported were in the ultra-progressive strong holds of Oakland and the U.C. Davis campus. In both cases UCD Chancellor Katehi (a Democrat) and Oakland Mayor Quan (a Democrat) both ordered […]

November 28, 2011 | Posted in Letters | Tagged | 23 Replies

Letter writer spews anti-semitic vitriol

EDITOR: Recently I read in the Mountain Democrat about a Holocaust survivor who visited our area. It was a heartwarming story of faith, devotion and determination. Now, in the Democrat, I just read a letter by Charlie Black. He cranks out his dogmatic ejaculations about how the Jews want to control the world. I have […]

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EID budget claims don’t hold water

EDITOR: The El Dorado Irrigation District’s Nov. 15 press release misleadingly claims a “nearly flat” 2012 budget. Yet gross spending actually is board-approved to increase by $1.7 million. EID’s headquarters overhead budget surges another $1.2 million following $10 million of overhead increases in the last eight years. Overhead now accounts for a whopping 30 percent […]

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