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Christmas trees and that dummy

EDITOR: I would like to thank all the persons involved in writing letters to the editor of the Mountain Democrat, like the one titled “With love from Afghanistan” and “Glad the dummy’s back.” I was a Marine in Korea in the early ’50s and spent Christmas on the MLR, the main line of resistance. I […]

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Small drug stores need protection from the big box stores

EDITOR: Open letter to California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris: How did this slip by? How was my medical insurance able to disregard the Robinson-Patman Act forcibly and unfairly making me to choose only their store to buy my medications? Of course, I could go to my neighborhood drug store but I would then pay […]

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Thanks for the festive start to the holidays

EDITOR: The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Lodge 1712 of Placerville facilitated a shopping spree for the children in El Dorado County’s foster care system. Our thanks go out to the Elks Lodge for hosting this event and to Wal-Mart for allowing the early shopping and the surprise visit from Santa. Following the shopping […]

Do we really want to increase the murder rate?

EDITOR: Few issues concerning the criminal justice system stir more debate than the use of the death penalty for the most serious crimes. The debate tends to be highly emotional on both sides because human life is at stake. I have spent 12 years as El Dorado County’s district attorney and another 13 years in […]

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Our thanks offered to Marshall Hospital

EDITOR: We, the family members of Mona McCoy want to express our most sincere thanks and appreciation to the nurses and medical staff of Marshall Hospital for their professional and compassionate treatment of Mona, after her stroke and incapacitation of Nov. 17, a week before Thanksgiving. Following her visit to the emergency room and acute […]

Response to letter writer Harry Zelinka

EDITOR: Harry Zelinka yammers on and on about my supposed anti-semitism without refuting anything I’ve said in my letter. As he might recall, I supplied the names of several books that document what I said, none of which I’m sure he’s bothered to read. Instead, like all totalitarians, he plays the anti-semite card to try […]

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More myth busting

EDITOR: Regarding “My turn: Myth busting of the necromancers” Nov. 30, I disagree with the writer’s avocation of more oversight legislation. The primary means that citizens employ to enforce Wall Street regulation is the private audit process and government agencies such as the Security and Exchange Commission and the Federal Reserve. During the period 1981 to […]

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Smart growth or oxymoron?

EDITOR: Has anyone heard of smart growth? It is being touted by the U.S. government, Environmental Protection Agency and here are the principles: Based on the experience of communities around the nation that have used smart growth approaches to create and maintain great neighborhoods, the Smart Growth Network developed a set of ten basic principles: 1. […]

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Trick words

EDITOR: Mr. George Alger in his recent letter “What is a fair share?” requests I declare my fair share brackets for federal taxes. I can answer his question quite simply. What is a fair share (which fogs the question) cannot be answered by a citizen. But the Congress and the president can answer it. The fair […]

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We don’t just kill the cats

EDITOR: I would like to provide clarification regarding a recent article published in the Mountain Democrat. The article, entitled “Teens, Internet bring cat home to owner,” suggested that if a lost cat is brought to the El Dorado County Animal Services Shelter, and the cat isn’t microchipped, “it would probably be euthanized immediately.” This is […]

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EDHCSD to take stock of itself

EDITOR: Our Community Services District has endured a challenging period, and more hard work lies ahead. But I and fellow board members also view the general manager transition as an opportunity to take stock in our district, objectively evaluate and learn from past events, and take immediate actions to begin a process that forges an […]

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Social Security tax cut not all it’s cracked up to be

EDITOR: I was watching Nancy Pelosi on TV today saying that Congress should not leave for Christmas break until they extend the Social Security tax cut. I’m conflicted because the “Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Re-authorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 went into law in January 2011 was a 2 percent  cut on Social Security […]

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A county supervisor who knows everybody’s name

EDITOR: We moved to El Dorado county in 1992. We built a home in Grizzly Flat and really loved the beauty and small town community. To me it was truely amazing that our county representative would visit our remote town and be involved. He knew a lot of our names, helped when we were framing […]

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Gov. Brown’s letter criticized

EDITOR: Regarding Gov. Jerry Brown’s letter attempting to justify his indefensible tax hike, Gov. Brown finally let us in on the worst kept secret in Sacramento – he wants to impose a $35 billion tax increase on what’s left of California’s crippled economy and working poor. J.B.’s asking voters to raise income and sales taxes […]

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School trustee says thanks

EDITOR: As Christmas is steadfastly approaching, I would like to take a moment and tell the community thank you. It has been a year since I took office on the El Dorado Union High School District Board of Trustees. I take the trust the community has given me to oversee the education of their high school […]

More thanks from our soldier

Here is another e-mail our son, Sgt. Ty Hollows, sent us from Afghanistan, regarding the Christmas gift boxes sent to our deployed military by the El Dorado County Association of Realtors and others in our county. Ty writes of hard times there for him and his men. He is a Route Clearing Combat Engineer who looks […]

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Thank you from our soldier

EDITOR: We are proud parents of two U.S. Army soldiers. We are most grateful to many members of our county, including the El Dorado County Association of Realtors, for sending Christmas care packages to deployed military from our county — last year to our older son, 1st Lt. Jared Hollows, and this year to our […]

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Who is in control of the Occupy UC Davis demonstration?

EDITOR: On Dec. 1 the general assembly of Occupy UC Davis passed a resolution calling for a break with the Democratic Party and political movement of the entire working class, presented by Eric Lee, a member of International Students for Social Equality. The International Students for Social Equality is “the student organization of the Socialist Equality […]

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Where is my permit?

EDITOR: In August of this year I hired a local company to install at my home an energy efficient HVAC system (central heat and air conditioner) and a propane generator. Everything was installed except the propane generator. I am still waiting for the generator’s permit to be approved. My contractors have submitted the required paperwork […]

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There is help locally for veterans

EDITOR: I would like to simplify an answer for several recent letters in the Mountain Democrat about veterans’ benefits. El Dorado County has a Department of Veterans Affairs. The veterans service officer has offices in the Veterans Memorial Building located at 130 Placerville Drive. This building is actually connected to the fairgrounds property. You must […]

A message to El Dorado Hills, in wake of John Skeel’s firing

EDITOR: Open letter to the El Dorado Hills community: These past few months have been very difficult on the El Dorado Hills Community Services District, our community and the families involved. As part of a family who has lived in and served the El Dorado Hills community for the past 41 years, it breaks my heart […]

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The dangers of high powered pellet guns

EDITOR: My sincerest sympathy to the family who lost their son recently from a high powered metal pellet pistol. Though my story has no weight of grief compared to this family’s loss, I still feel I must tell it. Maybe someone can be saved by sharing this. The average speed of many gunpowder revolvers and pistols […]

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What’s wrong with this (solar) picture?

EDITOR: A reader recently submitted a letter that stated he had solar panels installed on his house. His out of pocket cost was about $16,000, and part of the cost was subsidized by the state of California. Many Californians don’t have several thousands of dollars to invest in solar panels, and so cannot afford them […]

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Pizza pals go beyond the call

EDITOR: Open letter to the manager of Round Table Pizza, 4510 Post St., El Dorado Hills: I am writing to tell you how very grateful I am for the staff you had on duty Saturday, Nov. 19, between 12 and 1 p.m. My young son had a soccer party that was scheduled at 11:30 a.m. […]

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CEDAPP realigns

EDITOR: It is customary in every significant organization to conduct an annual assessment of its “climate.” What’s working; what’s not? What can be done differently to make the outcomes more effective? The Community Economic Development Association of Pollock Pines, now into its fifth year, has done this for all five of those years, beginning with […]

Victims of house fire thank neighbors, responders

EDITOR: On Dec. 7 my family’s home at 874 Green St. in Placerville caught fire and was destroyed. This unexpected and dramatic event may be seen by some as a tragedy, but we are counting our blessings. In many ways, we have been very, very lucky. For example, a neighbor’s 911 phone call may have […]

Better communication needed

EDITOR: Responding to Mountain Democrat Publisher Richard Esposito’s column, “That dummy is our legacy,” published in the Dec. 7 edition, it includes many perceptions that the community has on the Herrick Building and longstanding issues surrounding it. The column includes common misinformation that stems from a lack of communication from the city, the owners and others, and is a clear […]

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What happened to the Republican Party?

EDITOR: Exactly which century do Republicans want to return to? They are debating child labor, they are going to get rid of Social Security and Medicare as we know it? What happened to the Republican Party of Ike, Rockefeller, Dole and even “Tricky Dick Nixon?” Those Republicans would not be allowed into a party function […]

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Pollock Pines wins national recognition

EDITOR: Is Pollock Pines a beautiful  setting to live, love, and play? You betcha!   And now, according to the National Association of Town Watch, the national organization that sponsors the National Night Out annual program, Pollock Pines has been selected as a National Award Winner for its outstanding participation in the 28th Annual National Night […]

Ask the families of murder victims

EDITOR: In response to Steve Tapson’s question on Friday, ‘What price revenge?” Answer: Ask the families of murder victims. It is not always about the money. ANTHONY J. ARJIL Placerville

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More, more, more

EDITOR: On a rainy morning Mrs. Hargon’s third-fourth grade class, from Pinewood Elementary School in Pollock Pines, ventured down the hill to the El Dorado Care Center where they would be performing their musical, “Goin’ Buggy.” Months of practice had readied them for what would be their first performance. The anticipation of showing off all […]

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What is a fair share?

EDITOR: I just read Mr. Longhofer’s letter opposing a flat tax. He thinks a tax where everybody pays the same percentage of their income is unfair. For those wondering what a flat tax is, for example if the tax rate was 10 percent, a person making $20,000 a year would pay $2,000 and a person […]

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Thanks for helping us get started in Placerville

EDITOR: I would like to take this opportunity to express the gratitude of Tahoe Turning Point to some of the many people who were so instrumental in the creation of our new youth program in Placerville. In particular, we would like to recognize Dawn Eunice and the staff at Community Care Licensing, whose dedication to […]

Answer to the colonel’s question

EDITOR: I, a Tea Party and union member, believe that 99 percent of Tea Party members come from the 53 percent of Americans who pay income tax and do not want to pay for tuition, unemployment, tax credits, free breakfast, lunch and dinner in public schools and food stamps for those who do not pay […]

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Generosity greatly appreciated

EDITOR: Holiday spirit, indeed! The Rescue Volunteer Fire Association recently held a canned food drive. We would like to thank those who donated items, making it so successful. The goods were all taken to the Snowline Hospice Administration Building, where they will be assembled into holiday baskets for patients and family in a time of […]

With love, from Afghanistan

EDITOR: I grew up in the Placerville area and went to Union Mine High school. I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan and today I received a real live pine tree from a local Christmas tree farm. They included handmade ornaments from the local Boys and Girls Club of America. This tree came as a complete surprise! The tree was put up […]

December 12, 2011 | Posted in Letters | Tagged | 3 Replies

It really was that bad before we formed the EPA

EDITOR: Regarding your editorial, “EPA to make vehicles more expensive,” it appears that either you don’t know California’s history, or you have forgotten how bad it was before Environmental Protection Agency regulations were enacted. Back in the summer of 1960, our family drove to Los Angeles. When we crested at the top of the mountain and […]

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EPA should focus on what’s really killing us

EDITOR: Where is the Environmental Protection Agency leading us? They are shutting down the United States to human intervention; latest of their wins is the coal mining industry and coal fired generation of power not counting all the lawsuits against oil companies. Where do they expect us to get the power and energy that is needed? […]

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Let’s have a real discussion regarding government spending

EDITOR: I would like to warn our fiscal conservatives not to be against the trillion dollar cut in military spending that has been agreed upon due to the lack of outcome by the supposed Super 12 Committee. The warning is take these cuts in government as a starting point. I know percentage-wise to the total […]

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Response to editorial regarding killing jobs

EDITOR: The following is in response to the editorial “Killing jobs and Social Security.” I am ignoring the misrepresentation of Obamacare as it relates to Medicare and ignoring the slam against continuing a tax break for working Americans. Instead I will focus on the claims about the Keystone XL pipeline. First, an introduction to the sources […]

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From the ladies at Creekside Cantina

EDITOR: We have been fortunate enough to be a local downtown Placerville merchant for almost 16 years. Now that it’s come to an end, Joan and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our loyal customers, who have also become our friends. This has been the greatest and […]

Don’t let them take your freedom

EDITOR: Open letter to letter writer Cody Brents: We have never met, but I know this about you: You are a whole lot smarter than Ms. Heumphreus, a teacher. The Founding Fathers and the Constitution that they wrote is not about greed, or profits or corporations. You won’t find the word “capitalism” anywhere in the Constitution. […]

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We have a chance to abolish the death penalty

EDITOR: I am somewhat familiar with the death penalty (regarding editorial of Nov. 30). I represented Gerald Gallego briefly and was trial counsel for James Karis, David Cox and Herb Coddington, all of whom are on Death Row. Prior to the change in the method of execution, local lawyer wags used to opine “See Tapson and […]

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To all the happy solar users

EDITOR: The three responses I received from my solar letters were right on and just what I expected. Thank you for responding and I hope your solar systems continue to work so well for you. My, my, my do we solar owners ever get frustrated about explaining our spending on solar. The defensive position is […]

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Pearl Harbor: Now do you get it?

On Dec. 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked America at Pearl Harbor. Up until that day, Americans wanted nothing to do with another stupid war in Europe. President Roosevelt, feigning surprise, claimed the attack was unprovoked and used the attack as the justification for entering World War II. However, subsequent research has revealed that FDR not […]

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