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No new taxes

EDITOR: It is apparent we will have the opportunity to vote on one or more tax proposals on the November ballot. I for one will vote “no” on any and all proposals to raise taxes and encourage all to do likewise. Voting “yes” just rewards our idiots under the dome for their past mishandling of […]

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Editorial nonsense

EDITOR: The author of the March 5 Mountain Democrat editorial “Gas price can be lowered” is living in a dream world and using bogus numbers and arguments to support his or her position. First point: Contrary to the impression given by the editorial that the Obama administration is blocking oil production, U.S. crude oil production […]

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Are you kidding me?

EDITOR: With great defference to John Garon’s 11-paragraph opinion diatribe in the March 5 Democrat, I ask: Are you kidding me? If Garon’s assertion that the federal government workforce of today consists primarily of the most super smart specialized professionals with college degrees, we’d better start hiring dumb people. Few would argue that this country […]

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People who drive company vehicles should not be picked on

EDITOR: I am writing this letter on behalf of all the employee’s who have to drive a company vehicle and are subject to being turned in for it. This applies to oufits such as AT&T, PG&E, Caltrans, EID, or DOT. These employees are hard working Americans with families who need their jobs. They make average wages […]

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EPA wants to redefine ‘navigable’

EDITOR: Friends, you better act now. The EPA wants to change what navigable means; they want to control all water in the United States, even dry creeks that run through your property. Call your reps now and let them know that your against this. They have already evaded every aspect of our lives and I […]

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Snowline Hospice and their prices

EDITOR: Just read the letter from a disappointed Hospice Thrift Store customer. I agree that the “Empire” that Snowjob Hospice has become has lost some of the courtesy towards those in need. There seems to be a trend toward using so-called “Pricers” that arbitrarily and rather indifferently shoot out a price as if they are some […]

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Oil companies aren’t losing money

EDITOR: A recent Mountain Democrat editorial shed copious tears over the alleged fact that oil companies have seen their profits “go down by 90 percent.” I expected an * after that whopper of a statement telling us: “*Just Kidding!” Apparently, the Democrt is not kidding. Oil companies enjoy extraordinary tax breaks that no other industry […]

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Limbaugh overreached

EDITOR: Re Mr. Mault’s letter of March 7 on the controversy surrounding Ms. Fluke of Georgetown: At least he was more restrained in his verbiage than Mr. Limbaugh. I was gratified to see that even hate radio has its limits in what can be said, and thrilled to watch Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” reach out and […]

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Nothing accurate about claims of EID ‘watchdogs’

Reporter Mike Roberts characterized the FIXEID Web authors as watchdogs. The analogy is apt: They’re vicious and dangerous to both EID and its customers. I’ve begun a new section on www.sierrafoot.org, titled “What’s wrong with FIXEID.” The main part in terms of size of content is a reference section, slightly over half a gigabyte of reference […]

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Unhappy with super PACs

EDITOR: Supreme Court justices don’t strike me as a fun-loving bunch. I mean, would you really want to waste your down-time with the perpetually petulant Clarence Thomas, or kick back with the supercilious Antonin Scalia? Yet, they and three other up-tight and far-right Supremes snuck a whoopee cushion into our elections when they rendered their […]

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Marshall Hospital is great

EDITOR: I recently had to go to Marshall Hospital as I was very ill. I spent five days there and two in ICU. I feel I got absolutely amazing treatment at Marshall Hospital. They correctly identified the problem and very aggressively treated it. Every employee I dealt with was professional, courteous, treated me with dignity […]

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Price inflation at Snowline stores

EDITOR: I have been a loyal Snowline Hospice shopper for more than 25 years. I have however, curbed my visits to Snowline Hospice stores substantially in the past few years due to increasingly higher prices. I am deeply bothered by the fact that I can find a better deal at discount retail stores than I […]

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Too much sex at Georgetown U

EDITOR: Ms. Fluke is the Georgetown law student that recently testified to Congress that the cost of contraceptives are a hardship for her an 40 percent of her fellow female classmates. She stated to Congress that over the course of the next three years of law school it will cost $3,000 for her contraceptives, which […]

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Save the bees

EDITOR: Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD, occurs when bees from a beehive or European honeybee colony abruptly disappear. So many colonies have disappeared that scientists are beginning to worry. There are many possible theories for CCD. It could be climate change, global warming, those pesky phorid flies, pesticides, or we could just be swatting too […]

Suction dredgers can clean up river mercury

EDITOR: Dredgers for a more pure ecological river system, let’s make our water free from lead and mercury and other heavy metals. We need to get the grants to continue our mission of cleaning the rivers of mercury. Yes, we deserve to be paid for what we have been doing since the ’60s for nothing. […]

Feeding deer brings mountain lions

EDITOR: I live just east of Placerville. A few months ago a mountain lion was seen in my yard. My neighbor is feeding the deer, which is attracting mountain lions. I reported it to Fish and Game. The ranger came out and talked to the neighbor, telling her it was illegal to feed the wild […]

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Where the the brainiacs are

EDIITOR: Regarding the editorial ‘Where the money is,” the editorial writer seems to fall for the common mistake of equating federal workers to state, or county employees. There is no resemblance. The federal government today no longer employs blue collar workers and very few clerical ones. I would guess that 70 percent of the federal […]

Thank you, people of Placerville

EDITOR: I would like to thank the nice people in Placerville who helped me with my car Jan. 23. Me and my family were coming from the lake in Tahoe when a tire went with no air on the big road in your town. I want to thank Todd and Steve for making my tire good […]

Nunchuck arrest ludicrous

EDITOR: I overheard a family member reading the article and I must say that it is ludicrous that this person was arrested for having nunchucks in his possession, and whoever is comparing them to a gun is even more so. I understand the law and I concede that these are dangerous weapons, but you can’t […]

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Chop down the blind spot

EDITOR: I was not surprised to learn there had been a traffic collision at the eastbound onramp to Highway 50 and the east end of Placerville Drive. The hill there creates a blind corner and makes it impossible to see the oncoming traffic until they are on top of you. This needs to be corrected […]

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Come and talk to the homeless, Mr. Esposito

EDITOR: In response to Mr. Esposito’s column on homeless I offer to clarify some of the issues that he raised, issues that are becoming far too prevalent in our city and county. Based on the experience of one homeless man, he concludes, “Only time will tell whether we’ve seen the last of the homeless camps […]

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Thanks to Marshall

EDITOR: The family of Stan Riley would like to thank the Marshall Hospital staff for their compassionate care that we recently received. The entire staff went out of their way to ensure our comfort during this difficult and sad time. The outstanding care, kindness and concern helped us more than they will know. Marshall Hospital […]

Thanks to MORE

EDITOR: To Susie, esteemed staff and clients, I wish to express my sincerest appreciation for the time I have spent with you. Although the time was short-lived I cannot thank you enough for all that you have given me. God bless. RICHARD NIEMIEC Placerville

Marshall thanked

EDITOR: I would like to thank the staff at Marshall Hospital for the care and comfort you gave my 96-year-old aunt during her stay there. The doctors, nurses and aides and everyone else were outstanding. Your patience and compassion were very much appreciated. CAROL SAYLOR Garden Valley

Tim Tebow is humble and dedicated

EDITOR: Tebowmania has been all the rage this fall and winter. Many national writers and sport stars and other celebrities have accused Mr. Tebow of all sorts of dastardly things — from showboating his Christianity and worse. For those who have not heard of this mania, Tim Tebow is the quarterback for the NFL Denver […]

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Bureau of Salamander Reclamation unmasked

EDITOR: Boy, was I happy to see Sen. McClintock “found” the money to keep the Auburn State Recreation area open. I was especially glad that some of this money was “found” by eliminating the “research on the sex life of salamanders.” With a department chock full of “mindless reptiles,” all they would have to do […]

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Contrails are not ‘chemtrails’

EDITOR: Richard Esposito’s column Feb 22 about chemtrails, deserves a thoughtful reply. I have written previously to the Mtn Democract about contrails, but your editorial piece reinforces the ambiguity or ignorance which many uninformed persons have about this topic. I wish you had been brave enough to just state plainly that what people are seeing is […]

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Quit apologizing

EDITOR: I am extremely disappointed that President Obama seems to be more concerned with the religious beliefs and political impact from our allies than he is about the religious beliefs of our own citizens. The president has gone too far by apologizing for the serious honest mistakes of some coalition members who burned several copies […]

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Fix Placerville Drive onramp

EDITOR: it’s difficult to ignore all the accidents that have happened at the onramp going east onto Highway 50 from Placerville Drive. This should be a safe intersection for local people who would be aware of the goings on there and would remember to be cautious. For people not familiar, I could see it being […]

Unfair ADA compliance laws

EDITOR: Please be advised that I have arranged for government officials to come to Pollock Pines on Thursday, March 15, at 6 p.m. at the Community Center to speak to us about the ADA compliance issues and the laws that protect the ne’er do wells that abuse them and our businesses. Until the existing compliance laws get […]

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Placerville Drive onramp dangerous

EDITOR: How many accidents and injuries do we need to have, before a different solution is made for the Placerville Drive eastbound onramp? Maybe a light for the westbound side and for the turn lane? Or a warning light letting them know to slow down, someone is turning onto the exit? The person turning left […]

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Protest rate hike

EDITOR: To all EID customers there is bad news and good news. The bad news is EID plans to raise the water rates. The good news is they are giving all property owners who use EID a chance to protest the rate hike. If they receive enough protests, they will not raise the rates. Before […]

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Kudos to Placerville Kiwanis

EDITOR: The Placerville Kiwanis Club has continued two decades-plus of generous support for our County Sports League wrestling tournament. The tournament was a success (thanks also to Ken Flickinger and everyone at Pleasant Valley Middle School for hosting the event — and hosting it so well) and the elementary and middle school kids really enjoyed […]

Extend drug tests to Congress

EDITOR: The payroll tax cut has passed Congress and will soon be signed by the President. One provision in the bill is allowing drug testing for unemployment benefit recipients. This may be a good idea for all — Congress, state legislatures, and local county officials. After all, our government servants impact on all of us […]

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Opposed to Obama’s abortion mandate

EDITOR: When the Obama administration’s health care financing was signed into law, President Obama and Congress promised that the funds under the new law would not cover abortions. This has now been proven to be empty rhetoric. Why? Because the Department of Health and Human Services has mandated that under the health care law private […]

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Couple stuck in the snow should pay

EDITOR: Hopefully the state of California sends the Porche owner an invoice for the cost to find them due to his inability to make a sound decision on where to drive a car such as that and to do it with zero equipement or supplies. And he quoted himself, saying he had driven in snow […]

February 24, 2012 | Posted in Letters | Tagged | 3 Replies

GDPUD fails to timely tell public of hearing

EDITOR: GDPUD is in need of funding for the water treatment plant in Auburn Lake Trails. They have to acquire a $5 million loan to assist with the construction of the plant. They are planning to place a $7 charge each month to the water customers. This is a needed funding, but my issue is […]

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Thanks to all for Toys or Tots

EDITOR: Thank you to the local businesses, wineries and friends for your support, for your involvement and your commitment in collecting new toys for our children. We kept our promise to our children, we made a difference and the children appreciated their gifts, knowing our community really cared enough to make their Christmas special. In […]

Government should not redistribute income

EDITOR: I feel I have to air my concerns over all the recently proposed “millionaires” tax ideas. Our Gov. Brown wants to balance California’s government with a “little millionaires tax,”  while President Obama has a plan to just tax millionaires some more to pay for government services deemed “crucial” to our country. I have two […]

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Miss Sunday jazz

EDITOR: I read with interest about the bison in the Feb. 6 issue of the Mountain Democrat, as I know Will Neunam personally. I have heard him sing at the Sunday afternoon jazz there at Powell Bros. Like Will I, too, will miss the jazz on Sunday afternoon as I am a jazz fan myself. […]

The U.S. Constitution is too old, Ginsburg says

EDITOR: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg took an oath of office to defend our Constitution. Yet she told an audience in Egypt, “I would not look to the U.S. Constitution. Egypt needs a document like South Africa’s constitution.” This is who we have as a Supreme Court judge. Here is what President Obama […]

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No Internet cop needed

EDITOR: it seems that in some individuals sci-fi encouragements have gone to their heads. John Hess (Feb. 17) is one of them. The “folks” know nothing. The real images to him are robots of the technical age, so he believes an “Internet cop” should monitor our newspaper editorial page. This, to ensure that the “folks” […]

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Buffalo story brought back memories

EDITOR: I enjoyed reading the story on the bison in the Mountain Democrat Feb. 6. It was nice to know what became of the bison. Thank you. I remember driving up the hill on Highway 50 by the bison as a kid with my parents. We always looked forward to seeing the bison and doing […]

Response to Crazy Contract editorial

EDITOR: I am writing in regards to your editorial titled “Crazy Contract” in the electronic Mountain Democrat Feb. 15. It is factually erroneous on a number of points, such that I am going to address the assertions one by one. I chaired the Garden Valley-Georgetown Fire Districts Consolidation Committee from its conception, so I think that […]

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Hoping for change

EDITOR: The change — Haven’t you seen it? How about when you get to the checkout stand at the grocery store? Or when you filled up at the gas station on the way to the grocery store? The change? It’s coming in November when it will be Barack’s turn to pay for his own groceries and […]

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