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We are the real Shingle Springs Miwok Tribe

EDITOR: We the Historical Shingle Springs Miwok Tribe are appalled by all the publicity. We are a recognized tribe of Congress and Department of Interior. In 1934 the Indian Recognization Act was voted on by recognized tribes all through out the United States. The tribes that voted yes got a rude awakening when they had […]

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Thank you, Marshall Oncology

EDITOR: I would like to thank Dr. Soe and the entire staff at Marshall Oncology for getting me through the biggest crisis of my life. I would also like to let everyone know how fortunate we are to have such a great group of professionals in our area. They are caring and compassionate from the front […]

City planning chairman was accommodating

EDITOR: I would like to take my hat off to the chair of the Placerville Planning Commission, Dolly Wager. At the Jan. 17 meeting there was a decent-sized crowd there to hear about the Housing Element update to the General Plan. Many people spoke, and as is often the case, after hearing something said by […]

Avoid second mortgages

EDITOR: “Hard times for the American dream…” The Mountain Democrat missed an opportunity to help us all learn from the difficult experience faced by the Hildebrands. Along with pointing fingers at the banks, government and shady loan dealers you might have added the following. Before signing any loan understand the terms. When one accepts the terms […]

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Cameron Park board chairman praised

As we’ve been told Democracy is messy. Last night Cameron Park witnessed just that. Under the direction of newly elected Cameron Park Community Services District Board President Shiva Frentzen, the citizens of Cameron Park got to speak their minds. Being a longtime resident of Cameron Park and one of the people who spoke last night […]

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Sign spiffed up

EDITOR: To the gentleman I saw preparing to paint the two Sly Park Hills signs at the entrance to our neighborhoods: Thank you for giving them a nice fresh coat of paint, they really needed it and they look great. A happy new year to you. LYNNE BRESSAN Pollock Pines

Pancakes in Camino cafeteria planned

EDITOR: I wanted to take a minute to invite the community to a great event next weekend. The Camino Involved Dads (CID) and Student Council are hosting a Pancake Breakfast 8-11 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 28 in the Camino School Cafeteria. The breakfast will raise funds to purchase a greenhouse for the school garden project. The […]

Work faster

EDITOR: Will the two guys still working on Highway 50 near Placerville Drive please pick up the pace. RAY PETHE Placerville

Opposed to 12-acre development in neighborhood

EDITOR: Tilden Park is a subdivision planned for Shingle Springs on 12 acres of wetlands in the middle of our residential 1-acre neighborhood. This subdivision consists of an hotel, restaurant, food market, multi-story office complex and 14 homes crammed on 12 acres. The land and neighborhood has existed for over 30 years and has natural springs […]

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Enjoyed veterinarian feature

EDITOR: We enjoyed your feature on Dr. David Turoff. His work with large animals has been invaluable to El Dorado County residents for almost 30 years. He may enjoy horse work the most, but he was always kind, patient, and professional with us during the years he visited our llamas and sheep. We first met […]

Police recover stolen vehicle

EDITOR: Thank you, Placerville pol,ice, spcifically officer Alger. On New Year’s Day my vehicle was stolen from the Placerville Theater where it was parked while attending a movie from 11:45 am to 3 p.m. The vehicle was locked and contained a backpack with school work, books and a new laptop computer. Once the shock wore […]

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Layaway surprise

EDITOR: I recently found out that someone had paid off my K-Mart layaway. What a wonderful surprise. Thank you. ERIKA TSCHUDIN Rescue

Human feces on the El Dorado Trail

EDITOR: On Jan. 13, I was walking the portion of the El Dorado Trail between Mosquito Road and Smith Flat. Along the way there was a pile of human feces, and the toilet paper used, just lying on the side of the trail. As disgusting as it was I took a photo for proof. On […]

End the blame game; fix the tax code

EDITOR: Does anyone really subscribe to the notion that all points of view are black or white, red or blue? That all millionaires and billionaires are selfish and greedy? That all the “occupiers” are unwashed and lazy? Life teaches all of us that things are not always what they seem, and that most people are […]

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Arthur Laffer is a laugh

EDITOR: I have no complaint with millionaires. But I have several regarding your editorial. You and Laffer (and yes, he’s worth a laugh) cherry pick data to support “trickle down economics’ when it’s been descredited over and over again. You said that when millionaires do well, the tax money rolls in. Not true. Millionares have […]

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Traffic too fast on Old French Town Road

EDITOR: Greenstone mobile-home Senior Park traffic on Old French Town Road has been difficult at best to cross between the two sides of the complex. Speed limit signs of 25 mph are up to code per the county and yet as vehicles drive down Old French Town they travel at speeds exceeding 45-50 mph. We […]

Shocked and awed by cartoon

EDITOR: Be still my heart.  I can’t believe it.  The Mountain Democrat actually printed a political cartoon that poked at Republicans (Ramirez, Friday, Jan. 13). What is this world coming too?  We all know this is a Republican paper, but it sure is a breath of fresh air. Keep it up, please. BARBARA RAINES Placerville

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Mother nature knows best

EDITOR: Columnist E. Kirsten Peters (Jan. 2), who holds a doctorate, likes dams! I do too. She depicts Mother Nature as an efficient, economical symbolic mother who engineers supplies of energy on Earth for “people’s” needs. So do I. Her friend in kind, Bob Olsen, engineer, says it well: “We have quite a wonderful system of […]

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Why isn’t water a God-given right?

Driving down I-5 I was set a back by all the farm land laid barren because of a lack of water. Numerous signs stating that their farms were Obama-made deserts. I understand that this was due to low water levels and the need by the federal government to protect the Delta smelt. I have noticed […]

Editorial recognized great bunch of employees

The Mountain Democrat recently published an editorial recognizing some of our fine EID employee’s. As noted they work in some of the worst conditions, ice, snow and steep rocky terrain keeping the water flowing from the dams at the top of the Sierra’s down the 22-mile flume into the power house and our drinking water […]

Hoping for better photo

EDITOR: Re “a thousand words” (Mt. Demo 1/11 colunn). You published an old picture of me in today’s paper. Perhaps the outraged lady will castigate you for a picture of one of those “evil lawyers” who defend heinous criminals, yes including pedophiles. (It’s a lousy picture of me, I hope for better in the future.) The […]

National Defense Authorization Act subversive

EDITOR: I hope people realize that with passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, the Federal Government has now declared war on American citizens. The measure effectively abolishes the Bill of Rights and turns all of us into nothing but chattel or worse. It allows the government to arrest anyone they want, incarcerate them without […]

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Lots of positive things going on at UMHS

EDITOR: Friday, Jan. 6t, I pulled out of Union Mine’s parking lot after dropping off my son an hour before his JV basketball game and the News 10 van was setting there. It would have been nice if News 10 had been there to report on the great school that Union Mine is, how it […]

CEOs overpaid

EDITOR: Do you ever wonder how many workers might be employed using the resources absorbed by a departing CEO? I made this simple calculation based upon the golden handshake awarded to Leo Apotheker, the former CEO of HP. He was discharged after 11 months on the job. It appears that his severance pay totaled approximately […]

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Art walk needs pepping up

EDITOR: You must have noticed the last few years how the once vibrant and fun Monthly Art Walk has deteriorated. What happened? I have attended other art walks, in other cities, and here are some noticeable characteristics of the successful ones, where art is actually admired and purchased: participating venues (galleries, restaurants, shops) with large banners […]

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Voter fraud not the problem

EDITOR: Voter fraud is not the problem in this country; lack of voters participation is. Money in politics is a problem. Misinformation is a chronic problem as well as efforts of some media sources to distort the “news,” and provoke discontent and hysteria. It is puzzling that a country so proud of its democratic institutions […]

Lost dog found

EDITOR: I found a dog wandering on the corner of Cold Springs and Coldwater Creek Canyon roads. He was wandering the streets on New Year’s Eve at midnight. He is an Australian shepherd-mix approximately 7-10 years old. He was wearing a choke chain and a flea collar, but no tags. He is a very sweet […]

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Pick up after your dog

EDITOR: Hello, my name is Rilye Kline and I am 9 years old. Today I am going to talk about owners and their dogs.When owners take their dogs for a walk they need to pick up their dogs droppings. It is really bad to step in dogs’ droppings or any droppings for that matter, but […]

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Camino Cares a big success

EDITOR: Thank you to all of those who helped to make the 2011 Camino Cares Christmas Giving Program so successful this year. A special thank you goes out to the Camino Hotel for allowing everyone to drop off and pick up their gifts there. Thank you to the Camino Forester, Camino Post Office and to […]

More about solar

EDITOR: This is in response to Mr. Clayton and Dr. Napier’s letters to the editor on Dec. 21 and Mr. Nelson’s of Dec. 28. The discussion has veered from the merits of solar energy to the politics and economics policies of our government. Dr. Napier inferred that photovoltaic (PV) owners were some coddled, rich elite of […]

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Restraining insurance company profits

EDITOR: I have wondered why Republicans have been so opposed to the Affordable Care Act. They decry the mandate to buy health insurance, yet the mandate will give health insurance companies massive numbers of new customers. Very strange, as long as one focuses on the mandate. But, could there be something else that causes their […]

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More propaganda from McClintock

EDITOR: Some people will say anything that furthers their personal interest. Some people will believe anything they hear or read. Facts and reason don’t seem to matter. Tom McClintock is spreading the usual propaganda we hear from all Republican congressmen. There is a script somewhere that they all use. No independent judgment is formulated, no […]

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Good Samaritans found our dog

EDITOR: We’d like to extend our public thanks to Mike and Ady (last name unknown) who were so kind as to to rescue our dog, Hobie, who escaped our property during the New Year’s Eve noisy celebrations and made his way along Cold Springs Road. Mike and Ady took Hobie to their Camino home and […]

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Lower building permit fees

EDITOR: As I move into this new year, which is a election year, there are many different levels of candidates running for office. I as one person cannot change much on the high-up elections, but I might get people to think about our own county officials now starting to run for jobs in our local […]

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No high speed Internet on Starkes Grade

EDITOR: Your Dec. 28 edition included a long column detailing the apparently extensive upgrades AT&T plans for Shingle Springs, as well as their recent expansion of capacity for “more than 35 cell sites in El Dorado County.” In this contracted economy, it would appear that AT&T is doing quite well. I would like to remind AT&T […]

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Income inequality is not fair

EDITOR: Regarding George Alder’s question about fairness and the flat tax: It is hard to figure out what is a fair share, but I do not think that having one person live on $18,000 a year and another live on $90 million a year is fair in most people’s book. On the other hand, I do […]

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Saved by a lay-a-way angel

EDITOR: I am sure that you probably heard about the lay-a-way angels going to stores and paying off random lay-a-ways for people. Well, I was one of those lucky recipients at the K-mart store in Placerville. This year has been particularly hard on my family. My husband had neck surgery, so our income has droped considerably, […]

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Patton’s 3rd Armored drove 80 miles to Bastogne

EDITOR: Your coverage of the Battle of Bulge was very well presented but failed to point out that Gen. George S. Paton’s 3rd Armored Division covered over 80 miles under winter conditions to arrive at Bastogne. They were a main force in knocking out the Germans. The Germans were forced to flee Bastogne. In doing so […]

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Mystery angel thanked

EDITOR: Just a note to thank God for sending one of His Angels to K-Mart and paying off my lay-away. God is good and God is the reason for the season. Merry Christmas. BONNIE MILLER Placerville

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Living under communism

EDITOR: Most Americans are familiar with the threat made by the communist dictator Nikita Khrushchev in 1956 when he said, “We will bury you!” But how many realize he also said, “Your children will live under communism?” The scary thing is that he was right… and his prophecy is coming true under Barack Obama. This “child […]

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Eliminate congressional retirement

EDITOR: The American people have allowed their power to pass from their hands to the people who are supposed to represent those very same people. I am talking about the United States congressmen and women. These congress people who we elect to serve do not concern themselves with their duty to serve. They really are […]

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Thanksgiving thanks

EDITOR: The people and business of El Dorado County were extraordinarily generous this holiday season to those in need. The Community Thanksgiving Committee wishes to thank those who dug deep and donated so generously of their time, money and resources to enable us to serve 720 free Thanksgiving dinners at St. Patrick’s Church on Thanksgiving Day. […]

Solar photovoltaic travesty

EDITOR: In her letter to the Editor published on Dec. 21, Heidi Napier raises some very good points regarding the fallacy of the economics associated with subsidized residential photovoltaic (PV) installations in this state. The general public is getting stuck with subsidizing these installations even more than she indicates. Essentially all residential PV installations in […]

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What a great road crew

EDITOR: I am a resident of El Dorado County (west Placerville) and approximately a year ago, a hospice donation site moved in a block from our neighborhood. The upside of that is obvious, the unfortunate downside is that most everything that hospice turns-down as undesirable for resale ends up being thrown off the side of […]

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Church parking lot Grinch

EDITOR: This is a letter to the cowards who broke into my car while at rehearsal for Christmas eve services on Tuesday night at Green Valley Community Church in the parking lot this week. I am a widow with six children and you took my purse. You took my gift cards given to me by […]

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