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Buffalo story brought back memories

EDITOR: I enjoyed reading the story on the bison in the Mountain Democrat Feb. 6. It was nice to know what became of the bison. Thank you. I remember driving up the hill on Highway 50 by the bison as a kid with my parents. We always looked forward to seeing the bison and doing […]

Response to Crazy Contract editorial

EDITOR: I am writing in regards to your editorial titled “Crazy Contract” in the electronic Mountain Democrat Feb. 15. It is factually erroneous on a number of points, such that I am going to address the assertions one by one. I chaired the Garden Valley-Georgetown Fire Districts Consolidation Committee from its conception, so I think that […]

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Hoping for change

EDITOR: The change — Haven’t you seen it? How about when you get to the checkout stand at the grocery store? Or when you filled up at the gas station on the way to the grocery store? The change? It’s coming in November when it will be Barack’s turn to pay for his own groceries and […]

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Investigate Garden Valley fire district

EDITOR: Instead of an editorial on the problems in that district, why don’t you advocate a Grand Jury investigation. There have been problems there for many years, at least six-seven to my recollection. PAUL BADO Rescue

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Some jobs are created by government spending

EDITOR: Recently you published a letter (Feb. 13) from Mr. Bratt. Mr. Bratt strongly argued in favor of the Keystone XL Pipeline. While I don’t have strong feeling about the pipeline either way, I do suspect that the pipeline will not create the number of jobs predicted nor will it go far in providing oil independence. […]

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Placerville’s new housing element required by state

EDITOR: FYI, for those who may not be aware, either for or against this, the California Legislature has a new major housing goal: A decent home and suitable living environments for every resident iin the state. Link to Placerville’s New Housing elements, which is posted on the main City of Placerville’s Web page: cityofplacerville.org/civica/filebank/blobdload.asp?BlobID=5802. A hearing […]

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Cheers to local donors

EDITOR: On behalf of United Outreach of El Dorado County and the clients we serve, we would like to thank some special donors who are helping us make a difference. We are grateful to the Folsom Prison Community Outreach program charity fund drive for their extremely generous donation. We are especially thankful for the continuing financial […]

Budget impacts harder on rural school

EDITOR: The following letter was voted on and approved by the Georgetown School Site Council on Feb 13at its regular board meeting. It is being sent to Senator Gaines, Assemblywoman Gaines and Governor Brown. To our elected State leaders: We are writing to express what the current budget cuts have meant to our small, rural K-8th […]

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Keystone Pipeline XL needs to be rerouted

EDITOR: In his Feb. 13 reply to my letter about the Keystone XL Pipeline Terry Bratt misinterpreted some of my statements and was apparently misinformed about some of the facts. In November Nebraska put into law an agreement with Transcanada to move the route away from the aquifer and allocate $2 million to fund a new […]

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A few statements disputed

EDITOR: It seems to me that the Editorial Page may need an Internet Cop to police bogus information that folks are getting from the Internet or other sources that twist facts, and apparently believe it without question. A recent letter from a Mr. Terry Bratt is another example of false information being spread by Internet […]

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Let the people decide on light bulbs

EDITOR: This letter is in response to Ashley Blinn’s excerpt published in the Mountain Democrat Feb. 10 regarding Luddites (those who are opposed to change) as it relates to government banning incandescent light bulbs in favor of “more efficient” LED or CFL light bulbs. Using the banning of lead paint and DDT were poor comparisons. […]

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A few national solutions offered

EDITOR: Let’s take Social Security and have the federal government put back all the monies, including interest (like they bailed out Wall Street). Then let’s take it out of their control and treat it like it was intended to be. Once the money is put back, reevaluate it and make changes that will ensure it will […]

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Taxable fair share always changing

EDITOR: The President has done a nice job of rallying government workers young people and those who are not happy in general, with how much income they make, in believing that the reason for their perceived misfortune is directly attributable to the fact that those who earn more than they, are not taxed at a […]

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Memory garden planned

EDITOR: Living with dying is painful, even agonizing in many circumstances. Some deaths we expect. Some deaths we celebrate as an ending to unbearable pain. The natural order of things is that our seniors, our beloved grandparents, parents, and aunts and uncles of the generation ahead of us, leave this world before us. It all produces […]

More Billingsley, less ‘stressors’ and less school budget whining

EDITOR: I picked up the paper on this day after Christmas morning, only to see yet another story on the “stressors” in the Delta debacle and yet another school district whining about being over budget when 93 percent of their budget is administrative and teaching costs, only 2 percent is for “books and supplies” and 5 […]

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Sue Taylor for supervisor

EDITOR: I support and urge everyone in District 3 to elect Sue Taylor supervisor. We have a choice come this June to elect a supervisor to represent District 3 who has the knowledge and fortitude to stand against the special interests, governmental regulations and out-of-town developers. Sue is someone you can trust, will work for […]

Tax oil companies

EDITOR: I called Congressman McClintock’s office to find out where he stands on the Payroll Tax-Cut fight. I asked him why he voted against the Senate-approved bill on the 20th. McClintock’s office assured me that the congressman didn’t vote against the tax-cut; he just voted against the two-month extension, which left me confused because McClintock was […]

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I worked hard to get where I am

EDITOR: I came from a Midwest family that lived below the poverty line. I was fortunate to be able to join the U.S. military where I received an in-service education furthered by the GI Bill. My military service education enabled me to create patentable technologies that led to the creation of thousands of California jobs. After […]

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Bugged by new customer discounts

EDITOR: We oftentimes find it necessary to utilize services of professional companies “to keep the bugs at bay.” Extermination services can be costly and the primary focus of the company is to encourage you to contract a specific price for a certain period of time. If you need a yearly service (on an as-needed basis) […]

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TIM fee deferrals will help

EDITOR: I have been reading about the reduction in TIM fees, but recently heard a rumor about a deferral program. So I called my supervisor, Ray Nutting, and he told me the Board of Supervisors passed a TIM Fee Deferral Program in December. This needs to be more widely known. In many cases this will […]

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Immigration reform needed

EDITOR: I, like many of you, was truly inspired by the message from President Obama in his recent State of the Union address. His message and direction to recapture America’s economic potential through recognizing the value of a strong middle class through fair treatment was to me invaluable in moving our country forward. I was […]

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Rafters have more negative effects than suction dredgers

EDITOR: The people who have commented negatively on suction dredgers making a living know that the boating and rafting industry use the rivers in our state and country and provide a much higher negative effect on the environment than suction dredgers could possibly impact. Particularily those rivers where agreements(with PG&E and SMUD, thank you rate […]

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No reason to delay XL Pipeline

EDITOR: This letter is in reply to the letter dated on Monday, Feb. 6, by Bruce Raley regarding the Keystone Pipeline. First of all, an alternative route in Nebraska has already been approved by the Governor and officials of Nebraska in that the Keystone Pipeline does not have to go over the Ogallala Aquifer. There […]

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Technology forum to meet Feb. 25

EDITOR: The first Technology Executives Forum, on Jan. 27 was a small but significant success. This is the event I originally proposed in the Jan. 4 “My Turn” space in the Mountain Democrat. Six executives with deep technology management experience met and discussed some of our shared observations about El Dorado County. It was a […]

Picture threatened?

EDITOR: I am very worried one of my favorite scenic views in El Dorado County may be damaged. I do not enjoy cities; I love our “rural” county. For me, our rural county begins when I see the Crystal Range framed by the Ponderosa Road overcrossing on Highway 50. My favorite viewing time is when the […]

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Shorter is smarter

EDITOR: After reading the five “Letters to the Editor” that were published in the Dec. 30, 2011, Friday edition, I noticed a couple of things. Firstly, the two letters that appeared to be positive reflections of America were brief and concise. Secondly, the other three that railed against our economic system, the military, and our […]

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Ted Gaines is a lightbulb Luddite

EDITOR: I welcome efforts to conserve energy by individuals and, yes, by the government. Ted Gains is a modern-day Luddite. Yet, even he describes incandescent bulbs as an “…..inefficient, global-warming villain……” Those words might give me a glimpse of hope that he understands the problem, but alas, I am inclined to believe that they are […]

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Pancake flippers help Camino School

EDITOR: On Jan. 28 the Camino Involved Dads (CID) Club at Camino School flipped hundreds of pancakes “for the cause.” The smell of bacon and sausage cooking probably even reached Lake Tahoe. Together with the Student Council, and Eagle Scout Michael Combrink (who organized a bake sale), nearly $1,000 was raised towards purchasing a greenhouse […]

Thanks for spotting unclaimed funds

EDITOR: Thank You Blue Ribbon Personnel Services In October 2010 El Dorado County 4H received an envelope from Blue Ribbon Personnel Services. They had found some unclaimed El Dorado County 4H funds being held by the state of California. After more than a year we were able to claim the funds. Thanks to Blue Ribbon […]

A sad day for the munchkins

EDITOR: I am sharing this in hopes parents think twice and talk to one another. Yesterday was a sad day for all children in our court here in Placerville, not only mine. A mediator with limited information, never speaking to my children made the “referral” the children live with Dad who has been absentee at […]

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Letter writer misinformed about Nevada solar project

EDITOR: The letter from Martin Schuman regarding “Expensive Solar Company” is an almost exact copy of a phony e-mail letter that has been circulating the Internet for at least a few months. Check out Snopes.com to get the facts about the letter, which labels it mostly false. I think many of us are tired of […]

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Ease up on parking enforcement

EDITOR: This past Saturday my wife and I were shopping on Main Street, and we were pleased to see the number of people who were also bringing their business to downtown. We were stunned to see the parking control officer with his computer working at 4:55 p.m.. Are you kidding? Parking tickets at 5 o’clock […]

Improve timing on Highway 50 traffic lights

EDITOR: Regarding the $350k air quality grant from DMV: First a correction in the wording of the article; the goal of AB 2766 is not to help us “contend with” air pollution caused by motor vehicles, but rather to prevent it. Big difference. The California Clean Air Act requires local air pollution control districts to […]

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Honesty needed in presidential candidate

EDITOR: For the upcoming election next year, all those who have something to do with selecting the GOP candidate have something serious to think about. At present, there are two major candidates, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, who will most likely be the last two to choose from. So, think about this. If you were […]

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Thank you, Newt

EDITOR: Newt Gingrich on “Meet The Press” said the age of austerity is not the right solution — the answer is to grow the economy and not to punish the American people with austerity. At last, something on which I can agree with Newt, because it is intuitive, in our current economy, that austerity is […]

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Demonizing personal responsibility

EDITOR: A reader recently wrote that the Tea Party, the GOP, and the National Rifle Association promote death. He apparently based his diatribe on information he gleaned from such left wing blogs as “Crooks and Liars,” “Democratic Underground,” and the “Huffington Post.” Based on that dubious information, he concluded that… The Tea Party and NRA’s […]

Pollock Pines ‘Christmas Families’ Giving Tree a huge success

EDITOR: Once again the Christmas spirit of Pollock Pines was measured by the amazing assistance our community demonstrated in supporting the “Christmas Families” giving tree project. Over 30 local families were recipients of this outpouring of love and generosity. Each child in the family listed a need and a wish, and tags were made accordingly. […]

California’s water fiasco can be solved

EDITOR: The existing water system is obsolete. No amount of money can restore its reliability. California needs a totally new fresh water, non-electric dilivery system that as a long-term 200-year future. Do no blame farmers, state or federal engineers. The blame rests squarely on the shoulders and governors and legislators who had three things in […]

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Brown Act issue resolved at GDPUD

EDITOR: On Jan. 31 the GDPUD board addressed my request to bring item 17 from the Jan. 10 agenda item back and present this item to the public correctly in compliance with the Brown Act. I was concerned over an e-mail that was sent to me on Jan. 24, from the GM Hank White, which stated, […]

Disagree with XL Pipeline editorial

EDITOR: The Jan. 19 editorial accused President Obama of dribbling in its fictional version of this political game, leaving out some facts and distorting others. Editorial claims are noted. The proposed Keystone XL Pipeline route would have run directly through the Ogallala Aquifer, which underlies 174,000 square miles of eight states and provides drinking water […]

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Expensive solar company

EDITOR: The Solar thing just got a little more interesting. The Tonopah Solar company in Harry Reid’s Nevada is getting a $737 million loan from Obama’s DOE. The project will produce a 110-megawatt power system and employ 45 permanent workers. That’s costing us just $16 million per job. One of the investment partners in this endeavor […]

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A culture of dependence

EDITOR: Liberals have often been described as wanting a “nanny state” where the government takes care of you cradle to grave and fostering a culture of dependence, And in a recent letter to the editor Mr. Longhofer drove home the liberal’s devotion to nanny statism and dependency as only a liberal could. Liberals like Mr. […]

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Legislators should take furloughs

EDITOR: I Have two concerns about the state legislators’ deficit. 1.Why are the state legislators not taking furloughs at least once or two days a month and reducing their staff during the deficit crisis? 2. Why are the elected state officials not limiting the number of bills introduced into the state to reduce expenses to […]

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Fire districts losing county funding

EDITOR: County funding of Aid to Fire is winding down to zero. We will be losing our Advance Life Support, among other services, for the citizens of our district and other surrounding districts. As ever, while fire suppression has traditionally been our commission, the loss of a home or property cannot be compared to the […]

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Firefighters saved my house

EDITOR: This letter is to praise the brave and proficient performance of the fire crew who saved my house from a complete burn-down. On Jan. 10 in the middle of the night the sound of wood burning and cracking woke us up. The chimney was on fire. We have an old shake roof. We knew […]

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