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I’m impressed with EID

EDITOR: These days we live in a world that sees more bad than good. Everyone seems to be complaining a lot. I, on the other hand, am going to say something nice about an organization. El Dorado Irrigation District has me convinced. We had a water main break in our court and it headed straight […]

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We’re overwhelmed with gratitude

EDITOR: We would like to personally send out a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Jeff Boatman spaghetti dinner fundraiser held on Saturday, Oct. 22. Jeff’s journey has touched many people. Jeff’s thyroid cancer resulted in the loss of his voice box. He is currently receiving treatment at Stanford Hospital. Jeff is […]

Firefighters’ Association benefits from fundraisers

EDITOR: Through the successful fundraising efforts of the Diamond Springs-El Dorado Firefighters Association, including the annual Labor Day Bazaar held in September, the association was able to purchase Apple iPads and some badly needed radios for the fire district. Due to recent changes of the FCC, all fire departments have been required to go to […]

Circular logic

EDITOR: In 2004 the voters approved the El Dorado County General Plan. After it was approved the Board of Supervisors increased allowable density of commercial and industrial coverage on parcels from 23 million square feet to 94 million square feet at build out (called Floor Area Ratio – FAR). The Environmental Impact Report for the new […]

Waterboarding: Torture or not?

EDITOR: In their recent last debate, several of the Republican candidates for president stated that waterboarding is not torture. Those candidates should be waterboarded so they can report back to us during their next debate whether their position has changed or is confirmed. I know many of us are waterboarding curious, but most of us cannot […]

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The stars shone brightly

EDITOR: From the Pollock Pines and Camino galaxies, the stars radiated brilliantly on Thursday, Nov. 10, at the Apple Mountain Golf Resort at the sold-out, wait-listed, “Stars Come Out” awards event. No telescopes were needed to gaze at the stars as they one by one glowed in transparent, shimmering glory. For these are the kinds of […]

The truth about medical marijuana

EDITOR: Regarding your story, “Supes may halt pot farms:” I can’t believe that this paper printed El Dorado County’s assertion that “In September 2005 the Board of Supervisors adopted Ordinance 4683, permanently prohibiting marijuana dispensaries in all zone districts in the unincorporated areas of the county” without an effort to check the facts. In reality, […]

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Join us and help our soldiers

EDITOR: Thank you so much for publishing the first notice regarding “Hugs from Home” beginning its third season. The response has been amazing. Thanks to all the ladies who are already creating an afghan, and to all those joining, thanks in advance. We now have a unit of Marine Corps who will be recipients of […]

Thanks for support of veterans

EDITOR: Thanks to the Mountain Democrat for continually honoring veterans. The Nov. 11 issue was outstanding. This is one reason I am a proud subscriber of the Mountain Democrat. However, the lieutenant general (three star) in charge U.S. forces at Monte Cassino was Mark Wayne Clark, United States Military Academy class of April 1917 not […]

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Leaving the wounded behind

EDITOR: For full disclosure, I am not eligible for health care at VA clinics and hospitals. Mitt Romney, on Veterans Day, proposed that health care for veterans be converted to a voucher system (a la Representative Ryan’s Medicare voucher proposal). Those who have borne the battle and fully sacrificed for their country — leaving their arms, […]

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No fan of Ted Gaines

EDITOR: Ted Gaines’ “My turn: Honoring our warriors of freedom” in the Mountain Democrat is, literally, stomach-turning drivel; its obvious lack of sincerity and sole purpose of scoring points with voters ooze through so painfully that I cringed while reading it. Gaines, like his mentor Tom McClintock, studiously avoided serving in the military. To paraphrase Dick […]

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There are those who need medical marijuana

EDITOR: I find it irresponsible that the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors or Placerville City Council would allow a group of four or five people (even if they do represent the city or county) to determine the health and well-being of those in this county that need a certain medication. Do you not realize […]

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What part of ‘do not call’ don’t they understand?

EDITOR: The annoyance of telemarketing calls is steadily increasing in spite of the do-not-call law. The reason for this is that no one is enforcing that law. I have contacted our Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s Office but they have no interest in enforcing that law. I have asked some callers if they are aware […]

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Medical marijuana is already tough to obtain

EDITOR: Though not having experienced any known criminal activity associated with the medical marijuana dispensaries (MMDs) that have operated in the city, Placerville will soon ban them. Propping up this move is a hefty 2009 White Paper from the California Police Chiefs’ Association. That document specifies a number of problems posed by MMDs, including “[N]o […]

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Is this your dog?

EDITOR: On Saturday, Nov.  5, my husband was in the parking lot of the Shell station on Sly Park and Pony Express and some people approached him with a dog that had been wandering around in the snow without a collar. It was late and there was no one around so we decided to take […]

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Veterans Day

EDITOR: As a boy I always wanted to serve in our military. I made a decision while at university that it wasn’t important to me if I was an officer or enlisted, only that I serve. It wasn’t a matter of financial or an ends to a means for me. More I wanted to be a […]

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Where’s the coverage of ‘Occupy Movement?’

EDITOR: Where’s the coverage? Last Monday morning I sat in Peet’s Coffee House in El Dorado Hills — minding my own business — when a rowdy mob came charging in, demanding change — and demanding it now. All four of the group had on dark green hooded sweatshirts, very antagonistic attitudes, and Converse tennis shoes. […]

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America is the best — thank you, those who serve

EDITOR: As I watched the Occupy Wall Street protests in Oakland the other day on television, I couldn’t help but notice a cluster of signs that read, “Capitalism is Dead … Regime change soon to come.” Although there are problems in America right now, is a change in America’s economic system needed? Has American capitalism ruined […]

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How low can people be?

EDITOR: As an Air Force veteran and patriotic American this is very disturbing. I moved onto the Cameron Park Airpark eight months ago and have flown the American flag on the pole in the front yard ever since. My son leaves for the Air Force Tuesday (Nov. 15) to serve his country. He added an […]

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It’s not bad to be rich

EDITOR: The writer of the “275 percent?” letter apparently believes that it is bad to be rich and that the GOP and its supporters are to blame for the poor and the “loss” of the middle class. While no solutions were offered other than using the ballot box, here are some hard truths to consider: […]

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A properly cooked turkey, for all

EDITOR: Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s time for turkey cooking. For decades my family was faced with overcooked white meat and undercooked dark meat. Always a disappointment. A few years back I found a technique to solve this problem and I present it here for one and all. First, figure out the baking time for […]

‘Occupy’ folks are nothing like the Tea Party

EDITOR: Mountain Democrat columnist Dan Francisco says, on Nov. 1, “… recent protests in Oakland and the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements aren’t that different.” What?!? One is dirty and one is clean. I can tell anybody, that is a big difference, at a fundamental level, too. “Philosophical differences” are not a proved premise […]

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Support of libraries appreciated

EDITOR: Thank you for your recent, enlightening series of articles by Wendy Schultz about our El Dorado County libraries. As her articles pointed out, each library has its own special charm, and all of them capably serve so many people in so many ways and with so much good-will. Thanks also to Bob Billingsley for […]

Help isolated seniors beat the holiday blues

EDITOR: The holiday season is an especially challenging time for many older adults. With the current decrease in availability of Adult Day Care Centers and other senior programs, it is vital that other options be available to help reduce the isolation of elders who have difficulty leaving their homes. Undoubtedly, there are numerous lonely seniors in […]

Another great concert season ends — thanks for all the support

EDITOR: The conclusion of another awesome summer concert series, “Music in the Courtyard,” is over until next year. Thank you to all the sponsors, Main Street merchants, Placerville Downtown Association and music lovers individually. Your sponsorship is what keeps this event going. Live music is alive and well all over Placerville. Just come downtown on […]

Shallow thinking is destructive

EDITOR: The time has come to educate those who are frozen in their mindset. Richard Marcroft, Citrus Heights and Patricia Ann Burke, Placerville are wonderful examples of people who clearly show an inability to think for themselves. They have been poisoned by the liberal media and, probably their family and educators. Richard will blindly vote […]

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Thanks for the community support in getting coats to kids

EDITOR: I would like to send an open letter of thanks to our community for their support in the annual Koats for Kids drive put on by the Goldrush, Active 20-30 Club that was held on Saturday. Goldrush Active 20-30 Club holds a coat drive each fall and distributes the coats to those in need on […]

Thank you so much for helping me

EDITOR: I would like to give a great big thank you to the wonderful people who helped me on Nov. 5 on the first Purple Stride for Pancreatic Cancer Research and Cure. Thank you to Pete Messimore of A Helping Hand Assisted Living Services in Pollock Pines, Pure Life Co-Op in Diamond Springs, Barbara Proud […]

Christmas giving: Let’s start a new tradition

EDITOR: Here’s an idea worth thinking about. Small steps, followed by a group of people stepping up, can change the way we move forward. Take a moment to read these great Christmas gift giving ideas and if they make sense to you, share the concept with those who you think might appreciate a fresh idea […]

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Our congressman at work

EDITOR: I recently sent our congressman, Tom McClintock, an e-mail encouraging him to do his part in spurring the economy by signing the bill proposed by President Obama that includes many ideas of both Republican and Democratic representatives. He sent me an e-mail acknowledging my own, replying that he and another congressman had co-authored a […]

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EDITOR: I don’t understand your intended message contained in the editorial of Nov. 2, “Roadless areas excessive,” but I can tell you what I took away from it. How can the government afford to build roads in the wilderness when they can’t fill the potholes on my street? ASHLEY A. BLINN Cameron Park

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Thanks for the outpouring of love in Pollock Pines

EDITOR: On Oct. 22 an overwhelming event took place in our wonderful community of Pollock Pines, a fundraiser for our son and his family. We’d like to thank two remarkable people, Sue Krek and D’aun Pence, and their families for making this all happen. Because of them, our entire community, many outside of Pollock Pines, […]

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Gold Bug Park says thanks

EDITOR: Thank you so much, Mountain Democrat, for the Readers’ Choice award and ceremony. Such fun! And so many people in our community recognized for what they do. It is definitely fun to be a part of it all. The committee really appreciates the recognition this year — it is the best year we have […]

Telephone monopoly: There are choices

EDITOR: In response to Mr. Fred Belt’s letter regarding AT&T holding a monopoly on phone service: This is untrue. At the below URL which belongs to the California Public Utility Commission, you will find the ability to inquire and obtain information regarding providers of telephone service in your area. I do agree, if you’re not […]

Aren’t steps for stepping on?

EDITOR: I go to Gold Oak School. I love my school. We had lots of construction work done at our school recently. They planted trees and grass, they made a new parking lot and they paved the old one. And constructed nice steps. But we cannot go on them. The only time we have ever […]

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One year later: Remembering Marty

EDITOR: Oct. 26 marked the one year anniversary of the passing of Marty Welsh.  Dr. Welsh, a local family physician, was the subject of several articles in the Mountain Democrat as his battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) was chronicled. Marty was one of the brightest physicians I had ever had the pleasure to work alongside, […]

A faux tax

EDITOR: Several Mountain Democrat readers have expressed support of a flat tax, and both Gov. Perry and Mr. Cain have come out with their versions. Rather than debate the specifics of the two proposed plans, let me simply say the flat tax is a deception — it raises taxes on the poor and the middle class […]

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Brown Act being violated

EDITOR: Most of us respect the “Brown Act,” the state law governing the actions of elected officials acting in an open and public manner. Unfortunately, the chair of the Grizzly Flat Community Services District, Rich Englefield, apparently has no respect for open and accountable actions of being a member of a publicly elected board. In the latest […]

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I am impressed with Sheriff D’Agostini

EDITOR: Yesterday I had one of those rare experiences that sort of restores your faith in human kindness. I met this elected official at a local community Commission meeting. He came up to me and shook my hand and introduced himself as he was headed out after the meeting to his truck. Knowing that the […]

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This dangerous crosswalk needs attention

EDITOR: I have been in this neighborhood and seen many changes in the 80 years I have lived here in this one place and property. I have saved dogs, etc., out of the street from death on Carson Road in Camino, and a few years back a little 3-year-old going down the middle of Carson […]

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No wonder they’re rioting in the streets

EDITOR: As I watched the news on Oct. 5, I see that crude oil was at $75 a barrel. I think back to the time when the oil fields were on fire, and crude oil jumped to $79 a barrel and gasoline jumped to $1.79 a gallon. I thought that was terrible. Now I ask […]

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Pooch Plunge a tail-wagging success

EDITOR: It was “Dogs Gone Wild” Aug. 20 at the third annual Pooch Plunge at Cameron Park Lake, sponsored by El Dorado Dog Owners Guild and the Cameron Park Community Services District. Attendance was high as 161 dogs from 16 surrounding communities did a fantastic job running, jumping and splashing their way to another fun-filled, off-leash […]

Does anyone have this book?

EDITOR: Several years ago, going through my archives, I found a copy of a book entitled “Snowline 1940.” It was the history of the California Conservation Corps camp at Snowline (located just above Camino), which was established in 1933 and closed December 1940. I was a fire crew foreman there for six years. The book, filled […]

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Teens out of control on Halloween

EDITOR: I would like to congratulate the parents of the teenage boys in the Crystal Boulevard area. You have successfully raised true juvenile delinquents. Do you know where they were last night, Halloween? They were walking with flashlights stealing from yards, taking and totally destroying driveway lights, breaking mailboxes and their posts and putting anything […]

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