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Directors intent on punishing GDPUD employees

EDITOR: Kathy Otermat recently questioned the opinion of the Mountain Democrat editor, Mike Raffety. Mr. Raffety has attended the last few meetings in their entirety and has witnessed first-hand the actions put forth by Directors Kathy Otermat and Bonnie McLane. Directors Otermat and McLane have proposed a number of measures to cut costs including a […]

I can’t wait to vote on redevelopment

EDITOR: $14.8 trillion is easier to say. That was U.S. debt as at Sept. 30. Are we are spending our way to prosperity? And, speaking of debt, that’s apparently what Placerville wants more of. You see, at the Sept. 27 City Council meeting it was assumed that Placerville voters, when given the opportunity late next […]

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Ponderosa trash: Act like neighbors, please

EDITOR: To the person or persons who have dumped trash in front of the Ponderosa High Administration office and leaving unsigned notes calling our students “pigs.” I am the maintenance worker at Pondo and I know how messy the kids can be, but nasty notes and vandalism will not get your problem addressed. Your actions […]

Jazz on the menu

EDITOR: A big thank you to the Union Mine Music Boosters and the Union Mine Jazz Band. Saturday, many in the community were treated to an evening of great music, excellent food and local wines. The parking lot next to the Cozmic Cafe was turned into a delightful setting for a very fun event. We […]

Foster homes needed

EDITOR: Do you miss those teenagers or have the empty nest syndrome? Maybe you have an extra bedroom that looks empty and lonely. There is an immediate need for caring, loving foster homes. Our community is small compared to others; times are tough for many, construction is down, businesses are closing and it makes for […]

Thank you to Safeway

EDITOR: The Pioneer Union School District Parent Music Coalition is a group of volunteer parents dedicated to keeping the music program available to the students. We have existed since 2004 when the music program was recommended to be cut because of the seemingly never-ending state budget cuts. We focus on fundraising within our school and […]

American government and big business

EDITOR: I want to talk about the cold, grinning face of 21st Century corporations, which the everyday man has been forced to lose faith in for their shady agreements and unhealthy influence on the government. The severance package is a great example of the corporate demon in action; Léo Apotheker of Hewlett-Packard was given $13.2 […]

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There’s no excuse, Democrats

EDITOR: Why has President Obama’s American Jobs Act not been brought up in the U.S. Senate for passage? Democrats are the majority in the Senate. Sen. McConnell, Republican, offered to vote on the act today but Sen. Reid would not permit the vote. There is no excuse for Democrats to stop the vote on President Obama’s […]

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Kudos to 2 GDPUD directors

EDITOR: My wife and I regularly listen to the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District board meting audio recordings that are provided on the flushthewaste.com Website. If it weren’t such a serious topic, I would find the meetings humorous — in the audience we have the “mean girls” section, the grumpy old men section, cheerleading family members […]

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Republicans don’t care about the American people

EDITOR: This president (to this point) has gone out of his way to reach out to Republicans and their toadies in the Democratic Party but, since their stated goal is to see that Barack Obama is a one-term president and nothing else is of concern to them, it hasn’t worked. How do I know this to […]

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Wall Street Occupiers and the French Revolution

EDITOR: The very large groups occupying Wall Street and other iconic sites in New York City and elsewhere are not a “Tea Party of the Left.” Rather this is a true grass-roots populist movement by (largely young) people who older commentators had written off as supposedly “turned off by politics.” Unlike the Tea Party, the Wall […]

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Historic Shingle Springs information offered

EDITOR: The Historic Shingle Springs Miwoks have many families. The Smith family is only one of them. We have made our home in Shingle Springs long before the gold was discovered in Coloma. The Smith family knows the history of the Shingle Springs Reservation and all of the true Miwoks that come from the peace […]

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Don’t let environmentalists win

EDITOR: I find that our government has given environmentalists free rein on any agenda that they feel needs to be fixed; they do this without peer review, which is outlandish. If “they” do a study and find that an insect is in danger, it is in danger. It has been found in a lot of […]

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Help us help the homeless

EDITOR: Thank you for the article on the Community Resource Center (CRC) and the great work done by Rene Evans. I am one of the people representing the church group that is collaborating with the CRC on the winter, nomadic shelter. I would like to add some information and a few clarifications to the article. […]

I appreciate Bipolar Insights

EDITOR: Many heartfelt thanks to Marcia Rose for the time and energy and love she’s put into Bipolar Insights. Thank you to the psychiatrist from Sierra Vista Hospital in Sacramento who referred us to Bipolar Insights. With the love, support and education from Bipolar Insights’ weekly meetings over the last six months, we found out […]

Let’s catch a movie

EDITOR: Open letter to all Placervillians: I don’t know how many of you realize how fortunate we are to have access to quality films. Normally such films are only available for viewing in a few theaters in Sacramento. Our local movie theater will be showing six films from Oct. 5 through Nov. 10. Each film will […]

The disappearing breed

EDITOR: The “disappearing breed” does not refer to the American buffalo/bison, CRT monitors on PCs, public pay phones, etc. The disappearing breed is the American millionaire taxpayer. Examine the recently released IRS 2009 tax data. There are fewer millionaire taxpayers (returns) in 2009 than 2007, i.e., approximately 40 percent fewer millionaires. In 2007 the millionaires […]

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Headline misleading: Plenty more parolees coming

EDITOR: This letter is in response to the article in a Friday Mountain Democrat, “Nine state parolees to shift to county.” First of all, as you read the article, you see the headline is misleading. There are actually 30 returning in the “upcoming months,” 150 coming into El Dorado County in the next six to […]

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Three questions for the left wing

EDITOR: I have some questions for the leftists whose proclamations I find disturbing. Our Constitution mandates “equal protection under the law.” Yet the “rich” are continually called upon to “pay their fair share.” The top 10 percent of earners pay 90 percent of all income taxes, and the bottom 50 percent pay zero. We do, […]

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Union Mine Jazz Band performance simply stunning

EDITOR: I have always enjoyed the activities available in this area but the Union Mine High School Jazz Band’s performance Saturday night in the courtyard at The Cozmic Cafe will always be remembered as one of the best. Thanks to all band members, sponsors, volunteers, donors, merchants and all who worked so hard to make […]

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Sound land-use planning?

EDITOR: After sitting through two-plus hours of discussion about how we can or cannot use the land we pay taxes on and maintain I was amazed at the arrogance and pettiness with which some of our paid employees and non-compensated board members conduct themselves. I was especially impressed at the oratory zeal Mr. Friend used […]

We need a change on the EID board

EDITOR: An $87 million Capital Improvement Project instead of $142 million? Sounds great to save $55 million. The only problem is that the El Dorado Irrigation District is already in the hole for almost $400 million. The present EID board has continued to ignore the fact that 72 percent of the electorate in the EID […]

Tree a danger to traffic

EDITOR: The tree leaning over the fence at Lions Park in Placerville is still obstructing the view on the curve, making it difficult to see oncoming traffic, making it hard to exit from Butterfly Lane and to those entering or exiting Lions Park. The traffic here is fast. We appreciate the help in the past, […]

It made my heart soar

EDITOR: The 33rd annual Butterfly Concert — Batman to Narnia, a Musical Odyssey — was a wonderful evening on the green at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds. Our thanks to Roy Fulmer and the Sierra Symphony orchestra as well as for pre-concert music by Gypsyka, Music on Parade and the “Barrettones.” The event would not […]

The trouble with a monopoly

EDITOR: There is little question in my mind that capitalism, private ownership by individuals or corporations, with decisions made by private owners rather than government, is probably the best economic system in the world. Like any other social system, of course there can be problems. For instance, more than two weeks ago I found I […]

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Will we heed this warning?

EDITOR: President Obama’s proposed jobs program is just one more scam that the Republicans and Democrats intend to foist on the gullible American public in order to get re-elected. According to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, each job created by this program will only cost $200,000. That’s $200,000 per job for positions that will probably only […]

Gas tax and insanity

EDITOR: When you buy 1 gallon of gasoline in California at $4 per gallon California fuel tax is .357. California sales tax is at 7.75 percent. Federal fuel tax is .184. State fee on 1 galon is .667 cents. Federal fee is .184 cents. A 20 gallon tank is $17.02-plus in just tax. Are we idiots or what? This […]

Agenda 21: Get the U.N. out of our business

EDITOR: How many citizens know that Agenda 21 is trying to push all population into urban islands, preserving the wilderness lands for nature and its inhabitants? The last time I checked I found out that I am an inhabitant of these lands and I surely don’t want to be stuck in a population of city […]

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Winning in 2012

EDITOR: We know how much the Tea/Republicans want to beat President Obama in 2012. It’s not my place to say it, but I will — their group of candidates stands little to no chance of winning. The last great hope was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christy, but he has again announced he will not run. […]

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DMV incompetence costs taxpayers

EDITOR: When the state government failed to continue the registration fee increases that expired on July 1 of this year, the Department of Motor Vehicles had to scramble to compensate for not sending out the renewal notices the full 60 days in advance. To adjust for the shortened notices, an extra 30-day grace period was […]

I’ll tell you why I’m outraged

EDITOR: A writer recently asked Placerville “Where’s the outrage?” in regard to the lack of support for Obama’s newest scheme to reduce the deficit on the backs of the rich. The writer wants us to believe, as apparently he does, that the Republicans want to take more money from the poor in the form of […]

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The rich can keep their money

EDITOR: In John Garon’s letter, “Where’s the outrage?” he asks the question why people keep voting for Tom McClintock. It’s really very simple, he seems to think the rich have not earned their money so it must be taken from them. I do not want their money because I have not earned it. I would […]

Raise taxes on the rich

EDITOR: When politicians try to control the government by bypassing the people’s wishes — the government is no longer a government of the people and by the people. Almost 70 percent and perhaps more of our American voters are asking for higher taxes on the rich. Politicians from both sides of the aisle are refusing […]

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Thank you to the city of Placerville

EDITOR: I wanted to publicly thank the city of Placerville and all the great people who work there for helping make this year’s Wednesday Night Main Street Farmers’ Market a success. With the dip in the economy it is getting harder and harder for the independent business owner to make a living. The city of Placerville […]

A few more lessons needed for downtown events

EDITOR: The Wiener Dog Races at Placerville’s first Oktoberfest were a lot of fun to watch. The server races were interesting and the beer and brats were delicious —if you had a chance to have them. Jeff Winzeler of the WineSmith said that the Placerville Downtown Association had learned from the Brewfest and would be […]

The power of the purse

EDITOR: Open letter to House Speaker John Boehner: I have written to you and several of your leadership cadre before, offering suggestions for bold and aggressive action. Aggressive action orientated leadership is needed to save our country from the clutches of the socialistic regime of Barack Hussein Obama. I consider myself a conservative more than […]

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Merchants of death

EDITOR: We’re No. 1!  A just-released Congressional study reveals that worldwide arms sales in 2010 totaled $40.5 billion.  The U.S. share of this trade was $22 billion, or 53 percent of the total. Russia was a distant No. 2 with $7 billion in sales. Most of our sales ($15 billion) went to the developing world […]

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We need reform at EID

EDITOR: Now is our chance to replace two of the “good ole boys” on the El Dorado Irrigation District board with reformers Ray Van Asten and Alan Day. Ray and Alan want to clean up the runaway spending, mismanagement and insider dealings at EID. Ray is running in Division 1 against incumbent George Osborne. Division […]

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I have a little test for your readers

EDITOR: When I became interested in politics, studying political science and history at San Jose State in the late 1960s and early 1970s, I was disappointed, but not surprised, to discover that most Americans knew very little about our country’s history and politics. Living in Santa Clara County for most of my life, then retiring to […]

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Financial elder abuse a sad state of affairs

EDITOR: If you are elderly and have your trusted son or daughter seeing to your bills, you would be well advised to have a conservator over your affairs who has no intrest in your assets. There is an epidemic of financial abuse cases swamping the Placerville DA’s Office, so I am told by an assistant […]

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Where is Les Paul when you really need him?

EDITOR: When will sanity return to public debate? It is sad to listen to political spokespersons and read editorials that purposely bend if not break the truth. Often what we hear through the media or in print is only part of the story. To evaluate what we are told requires constant research if we are […]

Dog owners need to take responsibility

EDITOR: I have often wondered if it was ignorance or arrogance that people walk their dogs around town off-leash and allow them to “do their business” and not pick up after their dogs. Well the past few days have shown me that it is arrogance as just the other day my wife and I were […]

EPA raises the price of everything

EDITOR: Sitting here thinking of the things I love like camping, rafting, kayaking … hmmm … can’t think of anything else that I love. I wonder if we can preserve the environment so that environmentalists like me can keep it pristine for “our” use. Yeppers, sure can. That way we can have fishing, dredging, mining, drilling […]

Loophole challenge: Let’s get rid of them

EDITOR: I watch the red and blue teams throwing letter bombs at each other and just shake my head. Is there anything the two sides agree on? Actually, there is: removing preferential treatment (aka loopholes) from the corporate and individual tax codes. Who cares what the tax rate is on adjusted income? It’s the adjustments, […]

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