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Agenda 21: Who are these guys?

EDITOR: Back in the picture, our state Department of Water and Natural Resources is trying to gain control over all the waterways in California, whether navigable or not. They want to be able to use groundwater contamination as a way to condemn your property so that you will be unable to build on it. Agenda […]

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Medicare isn’t worth it

EDITOR: I was blessed to have many family members from around the country attend Thanksgiving dinner. The effects of the tryptophan from too much turkey as well as the boring realities of the third football game of the day channeled people to some real conversation. I was listening to my father who lives in Oregon […]

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Snowline Hospice: I’m not dead yet

EDITOR: Regarding the very nice article about the 30th anniversary of the Snowline Hospice: There’s at least one more living member of the original group who created Snowline. Doug Tustin was the driving force, with great assistance from Jim Upshaw, George Applebaum and Lois Booth, as well as three others who worked side by side […]

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More hypocrisy

EDITOR: Oscar Ramiro Ortega was arrested recently for shooting at the White House in DC. He has been linked with the Occupy DC crowd. The Occupy San Diego group held a moment of silence in support for this obviously deranged individual. Nowhere on the news is it reported that Ortega is a left wing radical. […]

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I guess we could use smoke signals

EDITOR: When I follow the wire from my telephone out to the nearest telephone pole, I look up on that pole and see one big telephone cable. It is owned by AT&T. I does make sense to have one cable instead of a dozen all from different companies. The only problem is that AT&T, which […]

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We don’t need another Kent State

EDITOR: I watch the news almost every night and for the last month-and-a-half it’s been pretty disturbing. Every night I see American policemen exhibiting the kind of police brutality one would expect in some Mideast dictatorship or a banana republic. The scenes are incredible, cops beating innocent citizens, shooting people with their rubber bullets and […]

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Help us help troubled youth have a merry Christmas

EDITOR: We all look back on our most recent American holiday of Thanksgiving with family and friends, counting our many blessings as we also remember the millions of our countrymen who are facing dire circumstances. However, Christmas is coming and withy it hope for our nation’s future. Our annual Christmas party at El Dorado County […]

For as long as the sun shines, I will go solar

EDITOR: In response to Mr. Richard J. Clayton’s letter dated Wednesday, Nov. 23: Mr. Clayton, for the past three years I have had 20 solar panels installed on my home here in El Dorado Hills. PG&E is my electric provider as I am sure is yours. First let me state that I too believe we solar […]

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Letter writer’s fevered brain

EDITOR: Who but letter writer Charlie Black would resurrect the perennial claim of virulent anti-Semites and weave it into a paranoid account of 9/11, the overthrow of Gaddafi, the “staged” burial at sea of Osama bin Laden who of course died years ago, and maybe even the kitchen sink? Charlie’s big disclosure, of course, regards those […]

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OK, maybe they should be recalled

EDITOR: It is interesting what public officials will do when they think they are invisible and above criticism. On Nov. 15, in closed session and after the public had gone, the El Dorado Irrigation District board announced that they were extending the contracts of the general manager and general counsel for another three years at a cost […]

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What’s really going on with these Occupiers?

EDITOR: Maybe I’m jaded. But I find it strange that the only two incidences of physical abuse of the Occupy (whatever) crowd that I see reported were in the ultra-progressive strong holds of Oakland and the U.C. Davis campus. In both cases UCD Chancellor Katehi (a Democrat) and Oakland Mayor Quan (a Democrat) both ordered […]

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Letter writer spews anti-semitic vitriol

EDITOR: Recently I read in the Mountain Democrat about a Holocaust survivor who visited our area. It was a heartwarming story of faith, devotion and determination. Now, in the Democrat, I just read a letter by Charlie Black. He cranks out his dogmatic ejaculations about how the Jews want to control the world. I have […]

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EID budget claims don’t hold water

EDITOR: The El Dorado Irrigation District’s Nov. 15 press release misleadingly claims a “nearly flat” 2012 budget. Yet gross spending actually is board-approved to increase by $1.7 million. EID’s headquarters overhead budget surges another $1.2 million following $10 million of overhead increases in the last eight years. Overhead now accounts for a whopping 30 percent […]

We have the right to use medical marijuana

EDITOR: Open letter to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors: Esteemed supervisors, lest we forget, the people who voted you into office overwhelmingly support the right of a person to use cannabis as medicine. The right was established in 1996, Prop.215, The Compassionate Use Act. Lest we forget, your Southern California brethren (San Diego) have […]

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70th Pearl Harbor Day memorial service set

EDITOR: I am a retired Navy veteran (21 years active duty) and a proud member of the Fleet Reserve Association, Branch 275, Placerville, an organization comprised of active duty, retired and all veterans regardless of time served, who have been honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. I was not in […]

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EID board action reeks of cronyism

EDITOR: If the El Dorado Irrigation District board’s latest action does not qualify its members for a recall election, nothing will. In a press release dated Nov. 15, EID board members use the first two pages to tell us what a swell bunch of guys they are before announcing — last item on last page — […]

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Don’t call them Canada geese

EDITOR: In her column called “The rural life” in Monday’s Mountain Democrat (Nov. 14), the paper gives much space to the columnist’s long piece about how she has spent time observing the flights of “Canada geese” migrating over the bend in the South Fork of the Cosumnes Rive near where she lives, apparently not far […]

For the love of cats …

EDITOR: Help! The local shelters are full and we need to place a small (for now) colony of presumed feral cats that are living behind the Cameron Park Denny’s. We have a team of individuals observing the colony. Some are experienced in trapping homeless cats. Others are providing their time, food and water, which will […]

Let’s take the train

EDITOR: On behalf of the El Dorado Western Railroad I would like to thank the Mountain Democrat and its readers for such a great response to our advertistement for Sundays, noon to 4 p.m. We had over 100 people, of all ages, show up. And each week it gets better. The train rides will run […]

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Don’t miss out on Christmas in the Pines

EDITOR: For that good old fashioned Christmas remembered from our own years gone by or from stories like “White Christmas” or “It’s A Wonderful Life,” Pollock Pines continues to bring joy of the season to all. Ho! Ho! Ho! On Dec. 3 beginning at 8 a.m. the Pollock Pines-Camino Rotary Club will again be hosting […]

EID board thumbs nose at ratepayers

EDITOR: On Nov. 14, after closed session, the El Dorado Irrigation District’s board returned to an empty boardroom gallery to vote general manager and general counsel contract extensions to September 2016. (Yes, 2016! The previous contracts already were guaranteed to September 2013.) This is a fresh $1.3 million-plus salary and benefits commitment for EID ratepayers […]

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New World Order wants a monopoly on life

EDITOR: In 1950 the Jewish banker James Paul Warburg stated to the U.S. Senate: “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether world government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” International banking families such as the Warburgs, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Kuhns, Loebs, Schiffs and others have been […]

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Hypocrisy of the left

EDITOR: Nancy Pelosi, when asked about the Tea Party, called it AstroTurf. Not a real grass roots movement. Then she praises the Occupy Wall Street crowd as beautiful young people expressing their First Amendment constitutional rights. Hypocrite. Later she cries alligator tears when comparing the Willie Musconi murder with the anger of the Tea Party […]

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Solar is not the way to go around here

EDITOR: As I have written before, solar remains a joke for this area. Do not get caught up in the green energy hype that the media and our government are choking down our throats. In the past I have referenced various articles that expose the cost and deception that a new “solar system” will cost […]

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Fannie, Freddie execs score $100 million payday

EDITOR: I was growing rather tired of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, since my feelings are that the Occupy-ers could instead be looking for jobs. Then, today, I saw this article in CNN Money by Chris Isidore that read, “Mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac received the biggest federal bailout of the financial […]

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I’m impressed with EID

EDITOR: These days we live in a world that sees more bad than good. Everyone seems to be complaining a lot. I, on the other hand, am going to say something nice about an organization. El Dorado Irrigation District has me convinced. We had a water main break in our court and it headed straight […]

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We’re overwhelmed with gratitude

EDITOR: We would like to personally send out a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Jeff Boatman spaghetti dinner fundraiser held on Saturday, Oct. 22. Jeff’s journey has touched many people. Jeff’s thyroid cancer resulted in the loss of his voice box. He is currently receiving treatment at Stanford Hospital. Jeff is […]

Firefighters’ Association benefits from fundraisers

EDITOR: Through the successful fundraising efforts of the Diamond Springs-El Dorado Firefighters Association, including the annual Labor Day Bazaar held in September, the association was able to purchase Apple iPads and some badly needed radios for the fire district. Due to recent changes of the FCC, all fire departments have been required to go to […]

Circular logic

EDITOR: In 2004 the voters approved the El Dorado County General Plan. After it was approved the Board of Supervisors increased allowable density of commercial and industrial coverage on parcels from 23 million square feet to 94 million square feet at build out (called Floor Area Ratio – FAR). The Environmental Impact Report for the new […]

Waterboarding: Torture or not?

EDITOR: In their recent last debate, several of the Republican candidates for president stated that waterboarding is not torture. Those candidates should be waterboarded so they can report back to us during their next debate whether their position has changed or is confirmed. I know many of us are waterboarding curious, but most of us cannot […]

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The stars shone brightly

EDITOR: From the Pollock Pines and Camino galaxies, the stars radiated brilliantly on Thursday, Nov. 10, at the Apple Mountain Golf Resort at the sold-out, wait-listed, “Stars Come Out” awards event. No telescopes were needed to gaze at the stars as they one by one glowed in transparent, shimmering glory. For these are the kinds of […]

The truth about medical marijuana

EDITOR: Regarding your story, “Supes may halt pot farms:” I can’t believe that this paper printed El Dorado County’s assertion that “In September 2005 the Board of Supervisors adopted Ordinance 4683, permanently prohibiting marijuana dispensaries in all zone districts in the unincorporated areas of the county” without an effort to check the facts. In reality, […]

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Join us and help our soldiers

EDITOR: Thank you so much for publishing the first notice regarding “Hugs from Home” beginning its third season. The response has been amazing. Thanks to all the ladies who are already creating an afghan, and to all those joining, thanks in advance. We now have a unit of Marine Corps who will be recipients of […]

Thanks for support of veterans

EDITOR: Thanks to the Mountain Democrat for continually honoring veterans. The Nov. 11 issue was outstanding. This is one reason I am a proud subscriber of the Mountain Democrat. However, the lieutenant general (three star) in charge U.S. forces at Monte Cassino was Mark Wayne Clark, United States Military Academy class of April 1917 not […]

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Leaving the wounded behind

EDITOR: For full disclosure, I am not eligible for health care at VA clinics and hospitals. Mitt Romney, on Veterans Day, proposed that health care for veterans be converted to a voucher system (a la Representative Ryan’s Medicare voucher proposal). Those who have borne the battle and fully sacrificed for their country — leaving their arms, […]

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No fan of Ted Gaines

EDITOR: Ted Gaines’ “My turn: Honoring our warriors of freedom” in the Mountain Democrat is, literally, stomach-turning drivel; its obvious lack of sincerity and sole purpose of scoring points with voters ooze through so painfully that I cringed while reading it. Gaines, like his mentor Tom McClintock, studiously avoided serving in the military. To paraphrase Dick […]

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There are those who need medical marijuana

EDITOR: I find it irresponsible that the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors or Placerville City Council would allow a group of four or five people (even if they do represent the city or county) to determine the health and well-being of those in this county that need a certain medication. Do you not realize […]

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What part of ‘do not call’ don’t they understand?

EDITOR: The annoyance of telemarketing calls is steadily increasing in spite of the do-not-call law. The reason for this is that no one is enforcing that law. I have contacted our Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s Office but they have no interest in enforcing that law. I have asked some callers if they are aware […]

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Medical marijuana is already tough to obtain

EDITOR: Though not having experienced any known criminal activity associated with the medical marijuana dispensaries (MMDs) that have operated in the city, Placerville will soon ban them. Propping up this move is a hefty 2009 White Paper from the California Police Chiefs’ Association. That document specifies a number of problems posed by MMDs, including “[N]o […]

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Is this your dog?

EDITOR: On Saturday, Nov.  5, my husband was in the parking lot of the Shell station on Sly Park and Pony Express and some people approached him with a dog that had been wandering around in the snow without a collar. It was late and there was no one around so we decided to take […]

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Veterans Day

EDITOR: As a boy I always wanted to serve in our military. I made a decision while at university that it wasn’t important to me if I was an officer or enlisted, only that I serve. It wasn’t a matter of financial or an ends to a means for me. More I wanted to be a […]

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Where’s the coverage of ‘Occupy Movement?’

EDITOR: Where’s the coverage? Last Monday morning I sat in Peet’s Coffee House in El Dorado Hills — minding my own business — when a rowdy mob came charging in, demanding change — and demanding it now. All four of the group had on dark green hooded sweatshirts, very antagonistic attitudes, and Converse tennis shoes. […]

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America is the best — thank you, those who serve

EDITOR: As I watched the Occupy Wall Street protests in Oakland the other day on television, I couldn’t help but notice a cluster of signs that read, “Capitalism is Dead … Regime change soon to come.” Although there are problems in America right now, is a change in America’s economic system needed? Has American capitalism ruined […]

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How low can people be?

EDITOR: As an Air Force veteran and patriotic American this is very disturbing. I moved onto the Cameron Park Airpark eight months ago and have flown the American flag on the pole in the front yard ever since. My son leaves for the Air Force Tuesday (Nov. 15) to serve his country. He added an […]

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