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Tea Party and a culture of death

EDITOR: First, we had a California Tea Party/GOP audience cheering the fact that Rick Perry has put more people to death than any other governor in the history of the country. While still basking in those cheers, Perry traveled to Liberty University, a self-proclaimed “Christian” school to give an address. Jerry Falwell II is president […]

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Horse’s condition should not be ignored by DA

EDITOR: Why did the district attorney of Lassen County do nothing along with the neighbors watching the starving horses for four months? Give up your smokes, drinks for a few days and buy bales of good hay. Animals have no voice. I have seen videos of a horse dying from West Nile virus, what is […]

Let’s shed some light on these issues

EDITOR: In the Sept. 16 Mountain Democrat article, “Redevelopment on hold,” Placerville City Council member Patty Borelli is quoted as saying, “There are lots of misconceptions about redevelopment.” Patty, try “no information” as a bigger issue. I have been going to the council meetings to find out why the city is rezoning my neighborhood from […]

Where’s the outrage?

EDITOR: President Obama is about to unveil his new deficit-reduction plan that includes higher tax rates for people making more than $1 million per year. Already, the Tea Party-addled Republicans are shouting, “Class warfare!” The Republicans firmly believe that they must take money where they can easily find it — from the poor who don’t […]

Class warfare started by the fat cats

EDITOR: Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus — but he only brings gifts to rich kids. If you are GE, he brings you no taxes plus a bonus rebate from the government. If you are an oil and gas company, you may pollute the groundwater without paying for it. If you are a corporation, […]

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Thrift store America

EDITOR: You can see it in the real estate. You can feel the retreat from prosperity and purpose. You can sense the poverty and the loss of an entire generation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness … and you can see the “beginning of the end” for the America of our childhood conditioning. […]

Misappropriation of funds

EDITOR: I was at the air show this past weekend in Sacramento County. At the air show I was disturbed to see El Dorado County deputies in uniform working as well as numerous STAR (Sheriff’s Team of Active Retirees) volunteers. In addition, I noticed El Dorado County vehicles at this location, which I am assuming […]

Dead body photo offensive

EDITOR: A photo of a dead body in the paper. Really. Was that necessary? Our son looks at the paper, too. I do not want to see that. Please do not publish that kind of photo again. DARRIN McNEICE Camino

CEDAPP now in its fifth year … can you help?

EDITOR: As the Community Economic Association of Pollock Pines begins its fifth year, we look forward to continuing to bring business to the merchants of Pollock Pines, the initial and on-going intent for the CEDAPP. The dilemma always was one of how to give back to the businesses without taking from the businesses. Therefore, CEDAPP actually […]

A puppy died

EDITOR: I found a dead pug dog today lying in the street, just freshly hit by a car, on Mother Lode by the four way stop sign on El Dorado Road. I was so hurt to see that he had been left there on the road to be found, or ran over repeatedly. I had […]

Another anniversary has passed

EDITOR: The 10th anniversary of 9/11 has passed and we have seen the outpouring of media descriptions of the horror and the heroism. What we did not see was any mention of the fact that this murder case has gone 10 years without any independent investigation: • An investigation without “minders” appointed by the administration to […]

Alaska knows how to get the gold

EDITOR: Alaska knows where the revenue is — what is wrong with California? Since Jan. 1, Alaska Department of Natural Resources has issued a combined 573 hard rock, placer and suction dredge permits. That’s up 14.3 percent from the 501 the department issued during all of calendar year 2010 and 29.6 percent from 442 in […]

I’m a member of the historical tribe

EDITOR: You posted in Friday’s paper about the Shingle Springs Miwoks winning their court case about mail fraud. That was semi-true. The tribe suing did win the case but it was not the Historic Shingle Springs Miwoks who won. If you had the court transcript you would see where they admitted to having forged the […]

Goodness snakes alive

EDITOR: With regard to Harry Williams’ letter in the Sept. 5 Mountain Democrat: Yes, the rattlesnakes are back. They’ve been out and about since May or June, depending on the elevation at which you live. It’s unfortunate that one was able to access your rabbits, and hopefully you have solved that problem. It is best […]

A medical retirement when he should have been fired

EDITOR: I am completely outraged at the past and present behaviors and lack of consistency with in-house discipline of our local Sheriff’s Office. Numerous times in the past, employees have been terminated due to lying in investigations. These employees were wrong in lying, and quickly made examples of to the rest of the department, that […]

I don’t want the government deciding how much I give

EDITOR: The other day I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Since when is it a sin to help the poor?” I’m making a guess that the owner of this car is a liberal because that sticker was bookended by an Obama sticker and a Coexist sticker. My Christian and family upbringing always told me […]

More monkey business

EDITOR: At the September Georgetown Divide Public Utility District meeting, a rule was proposed that no individual director can put an item onto the meeting agenda unless three out of the five directors approve it. (The manager, who the directors supposedly direct, can put on anything he wants at any time.) Over objections this was […]

Before you eat that chocolate …

EDITOR: As fall begins and Halloween approaches, here is something to consider: The chocolate you buy could be tainted with child labor. Sept. 19 marks the 10-year anniversary of an agreement signed by the country’s largest chocolate companies to put an end to forced child labor on cocoa farms in West Africa by 2005. However, hundreds […]

Something’s out of whack

EDITOR: We’re into record-breaking times. An all-time high of 6.3 million Americans have been unemployed for over six months. Today, the average time to find a job: 40.4 weeks. Health insurance companies report reaping windfall profits because huge numbers who have health insurance cannot afford to see a doctor. Unless it is an absolute emergency, […]

I’m thanking this life-saving team

EDITOR: This letter is a public expression of gratitude to Mike Estep and his wife Anne for their selfless efforts to help a veritable stranger (that would be me) in a time of need. We were camping at Union Valley reservoir in El Dorado County. On previous trips there, I was unable to get any reception […]

Pulling out of Iraq: How long is forever?

EDITOR: The White House has announced the formal plan to have no American soldiers in Iraq after December of this year. There is a statement from the Left asking the question: Do we want our troops in Iraq forever? I don’t know, how long is forever? We still have bases in Germany and Japan after […]

Think it would be cut?

EDITOR: For the past couple of years we have heard from various citizens that the Social Security Treasury bills are worthless IOUs. Now we seem to be moving into Phase 2 with Mr. Todd’s letter in which he advocates just writing the value of the Treasury bills off as we owe the $2.6 billion to […]

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Keep the world a better place

EDITOR: Hello, my name is Rilye Kline. I’m going to talk about keeping the world a better place. Well, first you should re-use and recycle. Some places I go there is trash on the ground and in the bushes. Some people that are nice to the environment go and take trash claws and clean up […]

There’s a rattlesnake vaccine for dogs

EDITOR: A few weeks ago a friend gave me the article about the dog who had survived the rattlesnake bite. I enjoyed the article, but wish that it would have ended by telling people about the rattlesnake vaccine that is available for dogs. My friend gave me the article to read because my dog Lefty […]

Ideas about health care and government

EDITOR: This is a way that we could cut medical costs in half: Let people go to whoever they want whether or not it is a doctor or whatever. If they decide they want to go to a witch doctor who has a shingle hanging in front of his office, fine, let them go without […]

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The irony of the tax cuts

EDITOR: In 1986 Reagan passed his tax cuts with the promise of “tax reforms” in order to get Democrats to vote with him. Sure enough, in 1986 there were tax reforms but the results lasted only until the lobbyists for the affected industries got to work and rolled back nearly every reform, even before Reagan had […]

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We’d be well served to return Osborne to EID

EDITOR: This is a letter written in support of the candidacy of incumbent George Osborne for the El Dorado Irrigation District Board of Directors, Division 1. I met George shortly after my wife and I moved to this beautiful county in 2002. I also knew him some 20 years earlier when I was the police […]

Shopping list for presidential hopefuls

EDITOR: Let me say it out loud: I don’t listen to presidential debates. Campaign promises are a dime a dozen. By now we know their value. We end up mimicking the candidates’ endless bickering with our own, never discussing substantive matters completely ignored in the course of any campaign cycle. I have my own “shopping […]

1935 Social Security Act was bipartisan

EDITOR: Mr. Lanner’s Aug. 12 letter, second paragraph, paints a one-sided picture of how the 1935 Social Security Act was enacted. Historically, major social legislation has always been bipartisan, because it reflects a durable, political consensus. The passage of the 1935 Social Security Act was bipartisan. Although the Democrats controlled both the Congress (House and […]

‘Hello, Grandma’ scam on the rise

EDITOR: Attorneys, district attorneys and police chiefs throughout the nation have seen an alarming increase in a telephone scam that has come to be known as the “Hello, Grandma scam.” This scam relies on grandparents’ love for their grandchildren coupled with a claimed emergency that imparts a sense of urgency. Caller: “Hello, Grandma?” Grandma:  “Hello, who […]

New-tax alert

EDITOR: I wonder how many people in the rural areas of California are aware of what is going on in our state Legislature? Assembly Bill X1 24 and Senate Bill X1 7 will put a new tax of about $175-plus on all residences outside an incorporated city. This is for Cal Fire. I wonder where their […]

Next time we’ll skip your community

EDITOR: My husband and I decided on Saturday, Sept. 10, to take a drive over the hill to your town and take in some of the sights and drive through Apple Hill. We thought it would be a nice day to get some fresh produce and enjoy the sunshine in your seemingly nice, quiet town. […]

9/11 remembrance: One party horn?

EDITOR: I am saddened by the fact that there was no organized 9/11 remembrance in Placerville. The Placerville fairgrounds were being used for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life but what about the Veteran’s Memorial site? I read in the Mountain Democrat that there were to be bells and sirens at 10 a.m. as […]

Now I am a victim

EDITOR: There are nights you will never forget, those lingering memories of an event that will carry wonderful, beautiful feelings. Then, there are times you wished you were somewhere else, an event that leaves a painful scar, robbing you of your freedom. One of my favorite quotes is by Robert F. Kennedy, and it is […]

Public-private partnerships are not the answer

EDITOR: Many people are casting about for solutions to perceived problems. Yes, we have problems for which it would be nice to find solutions but we should not grasp at straws just because someone says they are a good idea. We could well make matters worse. Public-private partnerships are a means to grant a monopoly to […]

Hyperbole and the self-victimization of conservative America

EDITOR: Friday’s opinion section in the Mountain Democrat contained a political cartoon displaying a black man in an outfit displaying “Scientific Debate” being harassed by the police and a dog displaying “Gore” and “Global Warming Extremism.” Let’s clear the air first: The scientific debate on global warming comes down to how bad it is. Not […]

Look for the union label — you won’t find it

EDITOR: In 1975 the International Ladies Garment Workers union funded an advertising campaign that featured the jingle, “Look for the union label.” For those too young to remember this was the ILGW’s effort to combat, back then, the rise of factories and corporations around the country that hired new emigrant workers or undocumented aliens. Asking […]

California logic – just awesome

EDITOR: Solyndra Inc. of Fremont, despite common knowledge that other developing countries, such as China, have lower cost and cheaper labor, received $535 million in federal loans and about $1 billion in venture capital to build a solar panel manufacturing plant. They selected California, a heavily regulated environment with anti-business attitude, and then built in Fremont, […]

Disagree with editorial

EDITOR: “Every news organization has only its credibility and reputation to rely on,” said Tony Burman, former-editor-in-chief of CBC News. While various existing codes of journalism have some differences, most share common elements including the principles of — accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability — as these apply to the acquisition of newsworthy information […]

In the aftermath of Sept. 11 … what have we become as a nation?

EDITOR: On Sept. 11, 2001, my wife and I lived in a Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C. I was at home, retired from the Department of State, but my wife was still working there. I was watching “The Today Show” when Katie Couric reported that a “private plane” had hit one of the World Trade Center […]

Clipper is doing much better, thanks

EDITOR: To the friends of, this is written on the 19th day of Clipper being at HartSong Ranch. Here’s an update on his progress. Clipper’s quite fond of Clipper’s Catering Crew, all of whom go to extraordinary lengths, four times a day, to whip up the most delicious concoctions designed to promote weight gain and good […]

Enlighten us, please, Congressman McClintock

EDITOR: Whenever I write an inquiry to our local congressman, Tom McClintock, I invariably receive a canned answer, usually off-topic, but always espousing his Libertarian philosophy. So I’ve decided to use this forum to ask Congressman McClintock his views on a GOP-sponsored transportation bill that could cost California tens of thousands of jobs. The bill’s […]

The definition of hypocrisy

EDITOR: I recently watched Mitt Romney and Rick Perry speaking to a VFW convention. I don’t remember their eminently forgettable words of wisdom, so fixated was I by the teleprompters both men used. I await with bated breath the same Tea Party snickers that greeted President Obama when he used these devices. I assume that […]

We’ve got to stop the bleeding … shop locally

EDITOR: I am amazed at the amount of businesses closing their doors throughout El Dorado County. The people of our county need to do what they can to keep our communities vibrant by shopping locally first. If we don’t support those businesses in our communities we will become ghost towns. How many more restaurants, services […]

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