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Secret tax, and why I lie awake at night

EDITOR: I honestly lie awake at night worrying about our country’s $15 trillion debt. I’m shocked that our president has amassed $4 trillion in new debt in just two-and-a-half years. I’m confused by the reaction, or lack thereof, from the politicians on the Left regarding the fact that currently our government is spending twice as […]

The spirit of El Dorado

EDITOR: Diamond/El Dorado Fire Protection District Station 44 on Quartz Drive in Logtown is sporting a new look. The station is now a fine example of firewise, water wise and deer resistant landscaping, thanks to local merchants and community members. The site was cleared by a team of volunteer residents and Diamond/El Dorado firefighters. A Growlersberg […]

I won!

EDITOR: I won it! I tried for five years to win the Best of Show with my artwork, and this year, I got it! Thank you, El Dorado County Fair judges, for voting me the winner of the Best of Show ribbon. KEVIN YURGELEVIC, age 9 Camino

Debt limit arguments

EDITOR: The battle about methods of reducing the federal deficit seems to be divided between a “balanced” approach, meaning tax rate increases together with spending cuts, proposed by the president, and spending reductions with no tax increases proposed by his opposition. The president’s balanced approach is specious. While such a plan is intuitive, it is […]

Government, explained by Mother Nature

EDITOR: There was this majestic oak tree, a sign of strength and beauty. One day a bird sitting on one of the oak tree limbs deposited a seed. Over time it grew into a green plant, mistletoe. Every year the mistletoe would bloom and produce beautiful, white berries. The berries would drop or be spread […]

Trails are for everyone … trains are a business

EDITOR: I have been reading about these train and trail issues and there is still something I don’t understand. Why is it that the Folsom train group believes they have some rights in our county? Why should they push a trail to millions of dollars of cost? We already have a train group working with our […]

Let’s go to dinner, America

EDITOR: The letter writer Ashley Blinn compares not raising the debt ceiling to decling to a pay a restaurant bill for services rendered. Ashley you are close, very close, but you missed. First you make a reservation at the fanciest joint in town. Then you arrange a for a limo to take you and several […]

Come on up to Pollock Pines

EDITOR: Ken and I came to this historically and geologically stunning county almost nine years ago.  It wasn’t an accident; we had researched several other counties in this area for months before making our final decision. We were looking for a retirement home, the place where we could live, love and play with others who, like […]

Letter writer brings little to the (Tea) party

EDITOR: Tea-Partier Dena Freeman’s little declaration of beliefs is pretty harmless, but full of confused statements of non-fact. For example, there is absolutely nothing in the Constitution saying the prime purpose of the Second Amendment is “to protect us from the government.”Nothing. That is pure fabrication to make a political point. And there is no […]

CFLs down our throats

EDITOR: Thank you, Big Brother, for suggesting (forcing) us to convert to compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), they’re just swell. I really do prefer energy efficient lighting. But I do not prefer being forced to use it. CFLs at present are poor performers in cold weather, take significant time to reach full output, and despite being […]

I miss Bill

EDITOR: Former President Bill Clinton said recently that if Congress fails to reach a deal on the debt ceiling he would use the Constitutional option to raise it and force the courts to stop him. I hope President Obama heard him. I miss Bill. JAMES E. LONGHOFER Placerville

Redevelopment: What do Placerville residents want?

EDITOR: Placerville’s Redevelopment Plan (Ordinance No. 1641) gives new power to those we elected as city councilors. Now serving also as the Redevelopment Agency Board these individuals can, among other things, raise bonds without voter approval. Further, at their “sole and absolute discretion” they can decide which business owners “conform” to the Plan [§306]. The […]

I’m in favor of Placerville restoration

EDITOR: I have heard about the act to restore Placerville’s Main Street. I have heard both the pro and the the cons of the (redevelopment) restoration and must say I am supporting the restoration. I believe that people should not dwell on the past but look to the future for change, hopefully for the better. If […]

We did it

EDITOR: It has been a busy time following up and wrapping up after our USO fundraiser. Excitement and approval are n high still, and support for a second annual is the word. It has been and will continue to be a valuable endeavor on many levels. Our main goal was to raise money for USO. […]

What do you think?

EDITOR: I do not believe I should accept or criticize a report that I have not read. So when the official 9/11 Commission Report came out I bought a copy; a local book store, $10. Cheaper, used versions are now available. I cannot recommend them, however; it’s a long, boring tome. However, in Chapter 9 I […]

The more things change, the more they stay the same

EDITOR: George Alger takes me to task (Mountain Democrat, July 11) for calling the Tea Party racist, bigoted and unrepentantly segregationist.  Obviously, I should have referred readers to the hundreds of YouTube videos and news articles amply demonstrating my point: Philip Dennis, president of the Texas Tea Party, saying during a news interview, that “Obama is […]

Finding the ant was fun, thanks

EDITOR: I’d like to thank Koby Pest Control for letting us have fun finding your ant. Your smashing little party at MORE was full of great people and the food was good, too! So what’s next, Mike Kobus? A name-the-ant contest, a costume contest or how about when the ant meets a (fill in the […]

As a member of the Tea Party, this is what I believe

EDITOR: The following is in response to the letter of Monday, July 11: As a member of Tea Party in the Hills, I can speak only for myself. I am for limited Constitutional government as set forth by our forefathers. I want to be free to worship (or not) according to my conscience and I […]

Where have all the flowers gone? (Don’t blame cigarettes)

EDITOR: Where did all the poppies go? When I think of the Golden State, I thought of the poppies that grew all over the hillsides. It became the Golden State because of the poppies, is what I thought. They grew by the billions, all over the hills. They keep blaming cigarettes for all of the […]

Boys and Girls Club coming and going but never fully here

EDITOR: Your headline caught our attention, Boys and Girls Club Back in EDH, July 13, Village Life and Mountain Democrat. Although the club has had a greatly varied schedule in El Dorado Hills, it never actually left. In February a flier was distributed only to the handful of children attending the club stating they would be scaled […]

No-burn days — are we being nudged?

EDITOR: Reading a letter in the paper from Joe Coulter, July 13, I see that others are concerned with the ever increasing “n0-burn” days, or does it just appear that way? Is our air quality getting worse, or is the Air Pollution Control officer just making it more and more difficult to burn on our […]

If I didn’t pay the restaurant bill

EDITOR: Congress, let’s get serious! Refusing to simply pass the debt ceiling before Aug. 2 is like refusing to pay a restaurant bill after the meal is finished. What do you think might happen next? I don’t know either. I’ve never seriously thought of trying such a trick. I do know that I would never […]

Experiential learning programs — for our youth

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead EDITOR: Investing in our youth is a logical, proactive way to ensure the future wellbeing of our communities and therefore our county. Too many youth today silently suffer internal fears, […]

Even if I’m wrong …

EDITOR: I don’t know this for fact and I’m sure someone will check and advise if I’m wrong on the following theory. The 50 cities with the highest crime rates are run by liberal/progressives. The 50 school districts with the lowest test scores and highest drop out rates are controlled by liberal/progressives. The 50 cities […]

Generous family appreciated

EDITOR: A very special thank you  to the Ceccarelli family who established a special award in the memory of Bobbie Ceccarelli, with the Women’s Fund, El Dorado. The grant was awarded to the Strength for the Journey, a program provided by the Marshall Foundation at the Grants Award Dinner. I am honored that Strength for […]

Who’s responsible?

EDITOR: When you drive by the corner of Cambridge Road and Knollwood Drive, check out the weed patch at this intersection. It is a fire ready to happen. The weeds are over 4 feet tall, and there is trash, combustible material and debris. The 1 acre parcel has been abandoned for over 10 years. Now […]

The Shingle Plan compromise regarding trains vs. trail

EDITOR: The Shingle Plan will give the train enthusiasts some track and the trail enthusiasts some rail bed. From Shingle Springs to Missouri Flat Road is the section for trains. The El Dorado Western Railroad will run trains in the train park from Missouri Flat to the El Dorado Y, and the Folsom train group […]

Saving California’s state parks: voices from the wilderness

EDITOR: California state parks belong to the people of California and the world. Since establishing the first state park in 1864 they have been known as “preserving the best of California forever.” Visionary citizens and lawmakers from the turn-of-the-century fought tirelessly to preserve California’s most representative and significant lands so they might be enjoyed by, […]

Our house on fire

EDITOR: I recently read an interesting analogy: Our house is on fire. The flames are beginning to engulf our belongings, family mementos, our home. The fire department arrives. They begin to attach the hose to the fire hydrant and then — I begin to argue with my wife about how high the water bill is and […]

Smug face?

EDITOR: In his recent letter Mr. Steers states, “If your retirement was taxed like my income is today we’d be seeing your smug face at some Tea Party rallies.” He claims his combined tax rate is 55 percent. Were mine a combined tax rate of 55 percent, I would pay it as I have always […]

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Limited options at Sly Park

EDITOR: We have purchased a Sly Park Annual Day Use Permit each year that we have lived in the area. I am not sure I am going to renew in the future and am considering asking for a refund of my current pass. While we were there a few days ago, an El Dorado Irrigation […]

A tax by any other name still stinks

EDITOR: Jerry Brown and the Dems just can’t help themselves. Their budget assesses a $150 fire suppression fee in rural areas including El Dorado County. This “fee” is a tax, plain and simple, and as such required 2/3 approval. They know this act will generate a lawsuit, which they will lose but will waste more […]

I love our hometown paper

EDITOR: The column, “The keys to longevity,” written by Mountain Democrat Publisher Richard Esposito in Wednesday’s paper (July 6) was so moving to me because I love our small town news and to our good fortune the Mountain Democrat has always made it their priority to keep the county’s news, as well as its history, […]

Diplomagate or Competencygate?

EDITOR: Education is but one method of determining qualifications for a job. Minimum job qualifications are listed on the El Dorado County Website and include education, years of experience and proven competency. El Dorado County appears to disregard these as it sees fit based on nepotism, favoritism and sometimes desperation. I was looking into which […]

Congratulations to local wineries

EDITOR: El Dorado county wineries garnished many awards this year at the California State Fair. El Dorado wineries won not only many gold awards but they also earned “Best Red Wine” and “Best of Show” for Windwalker vineyards for its 2008 “Shady Lady” primitivo. But what you may not be aware of is the fact […]

Everything changed — except the smile on her face

EDITOR: This is Hailey’s story: She entered this world Nov. 29, 1995. She has become, without doubt, a living message from God. Bringing dreams for her future, all parents can feel what I say. Etched in my memory forever the first time I saw her face. Time rumbled forward. She crawled, babbled and smiled. The dreams […]

Dredging … please don’t sign this, governor

EDITOR: Open letter to Gov. Brown: Please do not sign AB 120 … Protect individual and private property rights along with California’s historical gold mining base. I have become aware of an effort put forth by The Center for Biological Diversity from Tuscon, Ariz. They have sent out a mass mailing, faxing or e-mail request attempting to shut […]

She ain’t seen nuttin’ yet

EDITOR: In her June 4 letter Linda Colombo complained of over-regulation. I’m afraid “she ain’t seen nuttin’ yet.” At the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 the United Nations publicly launched Agenda 21, which has since become known as Sustainable Development. “Sustainable Development” needs to be defined. Maurice Strong, secretary general at […]

Take it easy on Cambridge Road, please

EDITOR: It’s been over two years and the community finally got the stop sign they requested at Osborne. The residents in the area also asked for the speed limit to be repealed in accordance with California law. As it stands now, if a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle along the roadway the county will […]

DOT left the job undone

EDITOR: On walks though my neighborhood the road repairs started over a month ago are still in need of finishing. The El Dorado County Department of Transportation came in and marked curbs that had lifted over time and either blocked the flow of water or ripped off the spoilers on my neighbor’s car. Weeks later they made some cuts […]

Roundabout: Whose silly idea was this?

EDITOR: There has been much ado about engineering a roundabout on Main Street in Placerville. It is important to remember that Placerville Drive, Main Street and Broadway play a strategic part in creating safe access to all businesses within the town  of Placerville. The question is: Have the Planning Commission and the engineers considered the […]

I agree … train folks are unrealistic

EDITOR: I agree with Mary K. Jackson’s letter in the July 6 Mountain Democrat. The train people are playing “dog in the manger” with the trail: They know they can’t use it, but they don’t want anybody else to use it, either. I am convinced that someday reason and common sense will prevail, and the […]

Restore respect for our Sheriff’s Department

EDITOR: Pam Rossi’s letter that appeared in your paper on Friday, July 1, was spot on. The deputies who are involved with Diplomagate stole money from the taxpayers of this county whom they are sworn to protect. There can be no room in law enforcement for dishonesty, yet we all know it exists, so all the […]

Calling all veterans

EDITOR: This is a letter to all veterans in El Dorado County. Has the economy got you down, looking for a nice, inexpensive place to go for a few hours of enjoyment? Look no farther, Fleet Reserve Association Branch 275 is sponsoring a game night, on Monday nights, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the […]

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