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Pollock Pines Library


It gives me great pleasure and pride to tell readers about the positive changes we made to the Pollock Pines Library this year.

Our Pollock Pines Friends chapter has been busy putting donations to work. Our objectives for 2012 were to improve the facility (making the lovely little library as appealing and functional as we could), improve programming, and materials selection, and to increase the effectiveness of library staff. This year, we upgraded some of the interior furnishings, purchased a laptop for staff use, improved the landscaping, replaced the carpeting (which was nearly 30 years old and getting threadbare), and expanded the kids’ area. We also purchased a storage shed for use in storing future book sale books.

The Friends hosted the ever-popular Wild Things Animal Program, which was enthusiastically attended by dozens of children and adults. The Friends also sponsored the Back to School Party with school supplies, ice cream and cake. In addition, we hosted the Democracy Program with speakers on the Holocaust and Japanese Internment, which packed the house.

All of these programs and improvements have been made possible by donations from Friends of the Library and other residents, grants from the Dogwood Garden Club and the Pollock Pines-Camino Rotary, and many enthusiastic hours of volunteer effort. We could not have done this without the support of the community. In 2013, we plan to make additional minor facility improvements, fund new reading material purchases, and sponsor several children’s programs.

We have a cozy and wonderful library in Pollock Pines, with access to the county’s collection of over 400,000 books, magazines, videos and audiobooks. Our library has computers for Internet access, Wi-Fi, and a very helpful staff. Through funding from First 5, the Pollock Pines Library has become a leader in early literacy programs for young children. We’re duly proud of and grateful for our library and its staff of two dedicated librarians.

Much thanks to our Pollock Pines community for its support of the Pollock Pines Library.

President, Friends of the Library
Pollock Pines Chapter

Letters to the Editor


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  • francescaduchamp@att.netDecember 29, 2012 - 9:36 am

    Fact--the library is 1,242 sq. ft.--$5,000 for a carpet project is too much. Fact--the children s reding program (supported by 1 st five) has always been highly recognized (i guess they are forgetting i was on the board for three years) Fact--the library has always had wonderful programs for the children--we just didnt keep saying "we did this and this" Fact--The Eldorado Arts came up and worked with our kids--creating a banner of handprints and a wonderful bear construction. This libraian sent them back--no room. However the director has allowed her to paint a mural (without allowing the local artists or children to do the same) and to have her mural up in the foyer--where the hanfd prints were (dont use children as a justification--ever--if you have totally done away with their art) Fact--the library has always been beautiful. Harvey West SR. was a professional builder. (come on) the wood in there is raw--fabulous-- Fact--i have sent emails to the director about these and other issues. she protects this librarian. Fact--this is damage control on money wasted. This libraian--never once asked for any of these items--and for three years we kept asking. Only 5,00.00 was put away--the rest was always kept available for needs...I find it ironic that before my group stepped down --the printer had gone down...when we asked about getting a new one--this librarian said she felt the county had some responsibility for purchase. Yet they paid for the carpet project...county building--county maintenance. The director stated in our email that the supervisors were happy about the project--I bet they were--they didnt pay for it. I dont blame the supervisors--they were trusting the director to come before them and plead a case. An honest case. There are out of work contractors--that have offered to help this library--FOR NOTHING...We had leaders in this community offer to help paint for free. Do work on the building for free. This group has done nothing "new" the only person there who just does her job--is the children s librarian...not main librarian, who does not live here, has tagged the building, is not honoring it s history...and with a group of people (who in my eyes are now dishonoring what it means to be part of the Friends) are turning the little library into a joke. It is not her house--it does not belong to any one group--it is a public building. Shame on you guys. Please look up the definitions of form vs. function. function is buying books and providing for the little ones. And if you are just going to "spend " the funds...dont ask groups for grants--you have money...that was left to you. Please go the their site..go to the library--this is a small space...bathrooms and outside painting should have been higher on the list. Carpet, book cases, landscaping (that was dead quickly) this is form--not function.

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  • ValerieDecember 29, 2012 - 11:57 am

    I think the improvements to the library have been WONDERFUL! It's much more welcoming and a more pleasant environment since they've been completed. It sounds like the previous commenter ( has a chip on his/her shoulder. Possibly the reason the director ignored his/her emails. A LOT of sour grapes, IMO. FACT: Commercial carpet and installation costs more because installation is more involved and the carpet must be much higher quality. A Pollock Pines flooring company did the installation. Volunteers did the packing and unpacking of books, just as volunteers did the landscaping and clean-up of the grounds. FACT: Art is subjective. Just because you liked the previous art doesn't mean it should stay there forever. In fact most art displays, with the exception of sculptures are generally temporary in nature. Saying the library has 'always been beautiful' is almost laughable. When I first came to Pollock Pines I thought the library was one of the most depressing public buildings I've seen. Not replacing the carpet for decades, ew! I, for one, am happy that the library continues to improve, it makes it a much more valued benefit to the whole Pollock Pines community.

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  • francescaduchamp@att.netDecember 29, 2012 - 2:21 pm

    I am so sorry that you hated the little library before this group arrived. Im glad to hear that a Pollock Pines business was used. $5000.00 is still too much for 1.242 sq.ft As far as art--you are right. Since I hold two degrees in art..I am an art educator in California. I have sold art. Bought art--worked with the Getty, LA county museum and UCLA for my degrees. I am part of the DuChamp family. I could get my international art friends to write up the is still tagging a building. As far as the director--she did response to all emails...I still have them. I hope we meet some day Valerie--I live one building away from this library. Art is not forever... but the issue is that $5000.00 is too much money for carpet. And the articles about this library--so far until your comment...showed the library as being very nice (as documented over and over again in this newspaper for years)--it will be interesting how many more will come forward to say the library was dark and ugly..lolololol.. I am just horrified with this far as a chip on my Actually Im really sad that this group has decided that our library...(that was someones dream)--is being turned into a "bookshop" or tea "cozy" thanks for the input--Im a county worker on medical leave..with a name in art...maybe I should go down and "tag" the library--it s been a is not forever. WOW this is my last comment--because --some of you are just flinging words...I hope all librarians now know --we know that you work hard and should get laptops (ask ypour director)...and if they feel the urge--they can go out and paint on their building. Francesca Dionne DuChamp

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  • EvelynDecember 29, 2012 - 2:43 pm

    Francesca, I read your first comment and, wanting to better understand, I did a search and found one of your postings elsewhere on the subject. Two things: (1) It seemed from your other posting that a significant concern for you related to the fact that reported current expenditures were from monies that donors had given in anticipation that one day the Pollock Pines library might advantageously relocate. True? (2) What is the meaning of "tagging" and the implication thereof?

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  • francescaduchamp@att.netDecember 29, 2012 - 3:40 pm

    Evelyn This library is small--it is on the street where I live--there is little parking here. Our group wanting to some day move the library--the building can be moved. If the cost was too high--we could start over. There is property now--by the community center. Our community center, post office , bowling center...and a few little businesses are there--so there is lots of parking. Our Senior lunch program just moved to the community center--for the same people could get to it. If we had more parking--better access--I know we could get people to come up to supplement what are schools are teaching up here. All libraries have programs. Our children miss out on some because we are in a bad location. As far as "tagging" it is a term used when someone just paints on a building. You have seen gangs "tag"--it is a way of saying--this is mine--my territory. Another gang will "tag" it out-- This is not as serious--but still...I was still treasurer of the Fol at the time...we had people that would have painted the library for free--paint donated... but we were told "no" its a county building. Where the librarian painted (and the mural has changed since then) is in the parking lot area. There was damage and it needed to be painted--she said the director said there was no budget. One day I arrived for a meeting and it was just there. Since then the director has responded that she allowed it--and felt it was "lovely" People keep using that word..."lovely" we have many artists up here--they were not asked. Im an artist--I know I wasnt asked. Hopefully this answers your questions-if not my phone number is has a message machine. I really am heart broken over this whole thing. I believed to much in books. Libraries are failing...and any one that knows me--knows I fight to keep them open, Even if I have to convince them to go in and use the electronics...lololol...maybe a book will catch their eye and they will check it out. thank you for your just asking questions fran

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  • EvelynDecember 29, 2012 - 3:55 pm

    Francesca, thanks so much for responding. TAGGING: Got it! I thought it might be some sort of complicated govt designation. LOCATION: I do understand your point.

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  • francescaduchamp@att.netDecember 29, 2012 - 4:13 pm

    Im sorry Elevlyn...I see I didnt answer your question. Hopefully this does--my concern for the the amount spent on the decorating of the library came from the fact--that for three years we asked the community for donations to support the idea of movement--so that people could get to it. Our mission statement was that we needed 1.2 million dollars to it. We were conservative--but always asked what the librarians could use. We worked on bringing the non-profits and businesses together--in hopes of getting help on this idea. The economy went down during the first year I was treasurer--we agreed as a group to hold onto most of the money--until times were better. We paid for children s programs and little things needed. There was no extra money--people gave what they could. We were not aggressive with the public at this time--we knew that people were hurting. We knew that by talking to the public --that they would support the movement in better times. So we just held onto the money and let it grow when it could. thanks again

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  • EvelynDecember 29, 2012 - 4:48 pm

    Francesca, you DID answer my question! (However, I also had read your post found elsewhere.) It's just that my response was so cryptic that you had no way of knowing.

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  • francescaduchamp@att.netDecember 30, 2012 - 4:53 pm

    I have been asked to refrain from using the word “tagging” when referring to the mural on the Pollock pines library. It seems that the word is looked at negatively—some tagging is done with just letters—some with letters and numbers. I was trying to find a quick reference to describe the mural. Some tagging can get so elaborate that it becomes a mural onto itself. Normally the person does not ask for permission to tag. Artists have a strong code of honor—we do not write or tag on someone else’s work. I have seen beautiful tagging and beautiful murals. Tagging also implies that someone just decided to paint on a wall. Murals—again there is a code of honor. If it is a public building—artists that wan t to do a mural will ask the owner of that building if it is okay. There are usually permits to be had—fees to be paid. The artist will let other artists know—in case someone may want to help—or create their own work. Portfolios are shown—if more than one—judges will decide…and the artist has an exact drawing of what will be on the building. I am In the position to give my opinion of this mural (it’s interesting to me—because I did a paper on murals in one of my masters classes—totally at a different league than The one im addressing now)—I am not going to. I’m not going to say if it is good or not. I am going to say that a public library should encourage the art appearing on their building to be of the highest standards of the basic rules of design elements and principles. I am only responding to this issue—because for the first time, I was asked nicely. I will not use the word any longer in reference to the Pollock Pines mural. I will not apologize for using the term. And I still feel the same…if the door has been opened to allow one to paint on a public building at whim--than all people should have the right to just paint where they want…talent or not. If a person makes a comment about a piece of art being a credit to a community—I would hope that the piece is at least well designed. I welcome everyone to come to our little library to see—it is on- line at the mountain democrat (oh wait—she changed it-- since that pic…squirrel is gone) If one paints for the world to see—be prepared for people to talk about it…if one cant accept that—one really shouldn’t be painting in the public eye.

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  • francescaduchamp@att.netJanuary 11, 2013 - 10:18 am

    from their gifty card experiment...1 Filtered Review for Pollock Pines Br Library Note: The reviews below are not factored into the business's overall star rating. 11/11/2012 Way too small. always smells old and damp. the books are not in as good condition as many other libraries. The Old Lady that works thercan be really rude. Go to the placerville library it is a million times better. only one review :( I guess gity cards didnt take off...

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  • francescaduchamp@att.netJanuary 12, 2013 - 10:44 am

    okay folks--Im done...this whole thing was about spending $5000.00 (donated by a town) on carpet--that should have been paid for by the county. If nonprofits are to have any creditably--they must NOT treat donated money as their own. Thank you for all the calls, comments and support. This is all now very documented (which was the point) Hopefully this FOL group will think twice about how they spend peoples money--thanks for end. (all historical facts can be verified --HERE)

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