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Proud to be an El Doradoan


In reading the Mountain Democrat article “‘Slow-growth’ advocates battling EDH projects” on June 23, 2013, I felt compelled to do my own research. I invite anyone concerned with land use planning of EDC to read the report written by Beebe and Wheeler referenced in the article.

The report makes for interesting reading. I learned that as an El Dorado County resident I am probably regarded by the authors Wheeler and Beebe a “selfish escapee from suburbia” who is seeking an “idealized” view of rural life at the expense of “service-oriented persons who have interests [that are] at odds.” It is interesting to note, in their own admission, not one “service-oriented person” was included in their study, even though those persons are abundantly available.

They go on with their view of the typical EDC resident as probably fearful of change, fearful of other people, driven by selfish motives, inept in planning processes, prone to petty in-fighting and blatantly disregarding of the impact of lifestyle and planning processes on environmental concerns. Oh, yes, and because I was raised here and am part of an intergenerational El Dorado County family, that probably makes me guilty of “defensive nativism.” And because I like slogans like “Keep us rural,” because the communal term “us” is used, it is presumed I am on the same wavelength as racists or elitists.

This idea of El Dorado County being essentially racist is furthered in their characterization of the county having a “racialized (their word) context of landscape purity and who belongs.” They rely on comparisons of demographic statistics on ethnicity from neighboring Sacramento County and the state, both of which have high overall representations of ethnic diversity, and thus they create an exaggerated discrepancy to bolster their desire to portray this county in a negative light.

Wheeler and Beebe go on to say that the county is guilty of having language in their planning documents that reflects an intolerance of racial diversity. That language was from the 1940s and wasn’t untypical of planning and title documents from communities across the state and nation at the time. The language was archaic and wrong. They are singling out and chastising El Dorado County now for this wrongdoing of over 60 years ago.

The authors claim there is hope for us “backward” residents. This is the hope — in order to “break through “provincial nativism,” we need only participate in discussions in which the rhetoric reflects our local values, hopes, and ideas — this will avoid the (our) perception that this is “outsider influence.” Oh, yes, and we also should be “supported by higher-level government” lest, left to our own devices we shall continue to squander the remaining resources of the county as we indulge our selfishness. Wow.

As we are portrayed as amoral or immoral, the authors, in comparison, occupy the moral “high ground.” If we are “selfish,” then they are “unselfish.” If we are racist, then they are not. If we are environmentally destructive, then they are ecologically sound. If we are provincial, they are inspiring with their smart, compact growth concepts. Without them, according to them, we won’t know what to do.

According to them, we cannot cooperate, we cannot work through our differences with healthy dialogue, we cannot tolerate differences to effectively self-govern. All the while their scholarly credentials are being used to erode the lifestyle here and our very voice in the matters that matter most. Scholarly? I think not. Their model for their study was inadequate to the task as evidenced by the lack of factual data, an abundance of unsupported assumptions and outlandish pejorative language in their characterization of the citizens and planning entities of this county.

The entire tone of their report reeks with contempt for locals or anyone seeking to maintain rights to have a say in the planning processes. I say let’s roll up our sleeves and prove them wrong. We can navigate these highly contentious waters without their help. We can reconcile our differences without getting into gridlock ourselves. We can honor and embrace differences and know the value of free expression of ideas and opinions. Unlike the authors, we can do all this without unjustifiably attacking the integrity of one another.

Pilot Hill

Letters to the Editor


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  • Phil VeerkampJuly 08, 2013 - 5:59 pm

    Thank you, MAREN PETRE. You correctly point out the effete and condescending clap-trap from Wheeler and Beebe . The citizens of El Dorado County can navigate these thorny issues without guidance "from on high".

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  • EvelynAugust 01, 2013 - 6:32 pm

    Last year I looked at the referenced publication without thinking it through. Having now read Maren Petre's letter (Thank you!) I shall give it closer scrutiny. For anyone else interested: HERE.

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  • cookie65August 02, 2013 - 6:32 am

    Thank you for this highly entertaining and well thought out letter. You clearly illustrate what people like you and me have been putting up with for decades from the Berkley brain donors. The self-proclaimed superiority of these people is unmistakable and it never changes. I call it the concrete disease. I have always thought that dropping them off in the deepest parts of the forest and letting them find their way out would be effective at teaching them some humility.

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  • cookie65August 02, 2013 - 8:07 am

    Evelyn, did you know if you have objections to obamacare you are now a political terrorist? This is from the same people who call for civility in political discourse. The identical premise used by Beebe and Wheeler. Tolerance & Diversity; you WIll like it, OR ESLE!!

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  • EvelynAugust 02, 2013 - 9:03 am

    Cookie: I wouldn't be sufficiently brave to put to print the "T" word! Today I read about someone having been visited by the countert******ism police because of having done a Google search on P******* C**ker.

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  • EvelynAugust 02, 2013 - 9:10 am

    . . . but back to Beebe and Wheeler. On pgs. 2&3 they write: "... [W]e conducted semi-structured interviews with 13 local officials, planners, activists, residents and informed observers. . . . In order to protect their identities in the relative insular world of El Dorado County, we have kept interviewees anonymous in this article." How very brave of Beebe and Wheeler to put their own names to this publication. Even us insular folk in EDC know how to use a GPS!!!

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  • EvelynAugust 02, 2013 - 9:18 am

    Knowing that UC Davis is a sponsor of the NEXT ECONOMY hugely challenged my ability to remain objective when reading B&W's document.

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  • EvelynAugust 02, 2013 - 9:22 am

    On the matter of our native "racism", B&W rely in part on a 1946 Chamber of Commerce brochure which noted that 'residents of Placerville were "almost one hundred percent American-born"'.Being American-born is a dead giveaway of racism!!!

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  • cookie65August 02, 2013 - 10:12 am

    Evelyn, if I emailed the Constitution would it cause our government to read it?

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  • EvelynAugust 02, 2013 - 11:06 am

    Cookie: It's worth a try! However, the gov't seems singularly "comprehension" challenged. That, together with their not feeling themselves called to serve the hoi polloi. According to THIS document, in the mid-1970s the Trilateral Commission suggested that there was a “crisis of democracy” that it defined as an “excess of democracy”. '[W]hat was needed was increased “apathy and noninvolvement on the part of some individuals and groups” to counter the “crisis” being caused by “a highly educated, mobilized, and participant society.”' By any standard, they have succeeded.

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  • EvelynAugust 02, 2013 - 4:08 pm

    Speaking of B&W's "racism" charge leveled against El Doradoans: Perhaps UCD should take a look at their NEXT ECONOMY co-sponsor, Wells Fargo Bank. Last Year Wells Fargo paid a $175 million settlement following revelations that “mortgage brokers working with Wells Fargo had charged higher fees and rates to more than 30,000 minority borrowers across the country than they had to white borrowers who posed the same credit risk.” - HERE

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  • NancyAugust 02, 2013 - 10:00 pm

    I have no respect, patience or tolerance for race baiters. If Beebe and Wheeler want to play the race card in order to legitimize their development plans, then they have lost all credibility and created a deal breaker. There is no need for discussion and dialogue. They can take their condescending, insensitive, arrogant hind ends and get the heck out of EDC and not come back, in my opinion.

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  • MartinAugust 03, 2013 - 10:44 am

    Fox news shows realization of Agend21

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  • FranAugust 03, 2013 - 10:57 am

    NY village trying birth control to trim deer herd

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  • FranAugust 03, 2013 - 11:01 am

    smart growth...

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  • FranAugust 03, 2013 - 11:12 am

    Vision Statement "El Dorado County will remain the leader in supporting our safe, healthy, and vibrant communities, wisely managing our natural resources, and preserving our local heritage." Vs. Smartgrowth on-line...supporting VIBRANT, healthy growth, New Economy...21st Century Un document--it is all the same...we are following the plan. It is all about the money--grants...dangerous--dont try them at home.

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  • FranAugust 03, 2013 - 11:21 am

    "hey--grants over here" Dig, Eat, and be healthy...public agencies can help...Why Grow Food on Public Land? Integrating food production into places where people live, work, and play supports healthy eating, community resilience, and food literacy. you can live, work , and play (sorry is also sustainable)

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  • El Doradoan not USAAugust 03, 2013 - 11:48 am

    As a business owner, who moved to EDC, I first discovered what "Maren" quotes as, "'defensive nativism,'" an experience I remembered from when I first came to USA where new high school students treated newcomers as myself as an outsider. My parents were U.S. military, and I was born in a foreign country and raised there. It is something I regret now, as I find ignorance is bliss, I would be like them perhaps, so maybe there is a silver lining, just have not found it yet. I was excited as a 16 year old that I was going to a new world, USA, that, according to the propaganda I was fed, was a country that was idealistic in that "viewpoint" discrimination and other forms of discrimination were recognized as sociopathic traits, thus rejected as normally accepted, though otherwise repulsive behavior to non barbaric civilized persons. My viewpoint of this country was developed in real time comparison to a country that did not articulate the same rights as I heard about USA. I volunteered to defend my country, and received GI bill education and lifetime V.A. medical benefits. I am thankful for that! However, I found later that the truth be told, I did not defend my rights as an individual to be free or have equal justice. In reality, I was, without knowledge, forced to protect the constitution where the only guarantee that is actually enforced is an officials right under the Eleventh Amendment to be free from liability and allegations of abuses that officials can do if they abuse their power, similar to a child molesters who for personal satisfaction takes advantage of unsuspecting children. Only these molestations are done to constituents who innocently believe that corrupt officials aught to be held to justice like anybody else who violates law. In the USA, the very first law Congress made, openly violated the First Amendment granting, only for themselves, the right to be free from jury questions and subpoena discovery regarding official criminal conduct that could otherwise be alleged in a "redress of grievance" law suit by citizens that accuse them. Without any academic history on the Eleventh Amendment, I was excited about going to a better place, though coming from a place that really wasn't all that bad, even though the former country was without a "bill of rights" or "liberty and justice for all." In short, when I did come to USA, my excitement was quickly extinguished the further west I ventured. I found that a few "elected rule with "absolute power" over all whom by Constitution, after the bill of rights became "subjects to the few." Absurdly and Ironically, the Supreme court admitted this history, even calling themselves "Sovereigns" (Alden v. Maine U.S. 1999). Most have never heard this. However, 14 years later, I have not read one common article that reveals this horrid repulsive right that every official is aware of. What is evident, they guard the irrational basis for their immunity above all other laws in the history of the world! This repulsive right originates as dogma from the Roman Gods. It evolved into theocracy "sovereignty" and this is named and identified 7 years prior to the Revolution for the first time in English, commonly hid in Latin (Blackstone Commentary 1769) reserved for the defenders of "sovereignty" and the despotic theocracy that exploited humanity under the fear of hell an damnation. Yet it still alive today, granting immunity to ancient families, and the new families our democracy invites to become the Alden v. Maine "sovereigns." This may sound foolish to you, but it is the law of the land, please google "the myth of sovereignty" or "the myth of Alden v. Maine." You that ignore are the pawns that defend your own potential demise at the hand of constituent molesters. It is very uncommon for the press to write precedence in a way that offends the courts. It was argued in the Era of the Kennedy speech entitled "Secret Societies," in a case of similar subject matter, Sullivan v. New York Times that ended the immunity of the press by creating a "malice standard." The KKK was trying to file libel suits against "outsiders" who objected to "DEFENSIVE NATIVISM." Sorry Maren, you opened your mouth on this one! The Malice Standard created a new venue where press liable was typically immune under the First Amendment. After Sullivan, corrupt judicial jurisdictions through abuse of discretion or power could bankrupt the press if they exposed truths that could damage the reputation or create activism to force justice on officials who could lose their assets. This statement is no vast conspiracy allegation; rather, these are historical tangible facts. Thankfully, appellate courts fall outside of corrupt jurisdictions sometimes and you can get justice, but it is very rare! When I came to the USA, I found many who are misguided thinking that their vote has something to do with keeping those who violate civil rights at bay. I shared this belief for a very long time. I had no idea that a law existed to allow, cultivate and encourage officials to follow bad behavior for profit, solely because deterrence is removed for all crimes they commit that violate Title 18 USC 241,242, among others. It is no stretch of slippery slope to point this ouyt. I, like most, always assumed that inherit corruption from the poem or maxim, "absolute power corrupts absolutely." I was taught that USA democracy distinguished itself from "absolute power" that dictators could wield, and yet evidence that "absolute power is the "law of the land" (Alden v. Maine U.S. 1999) cannot be denied, even though most of you deny it even though it's right in your face. This is mass mental illness psychologist call cognitive dissonance. Many Germans who seemed like good people have blood on their hands by ignoring warning signs to limit competition through cognitive dissonance. When Jews were being barbequed, business opportunity and employment increased for those who coddled their mental illness of cognitive dissonance. However, it should have dawned on me that slavery, the extermination of indigenous people, the apartheid after slavery, should have been a clue that I had made an error of logic common to humanity. But the study of Logic was hid in a study of Philosophy. I thought Philosophy was about Buddha, God, and stuff like that and I wasn't interested. Calling Logic Philosophy, doesn't make logical sense to me now! I think if more people studied logic, they wouldn't elect the idiot crooks that they do. Perhaps now we know why logic is called philosophy. That in essence is the dummying down of society in itself. That being the study of logic is not an essential required course, and people do not recognize fallacy without them being academically drilled into their heads. Looking at some of the names who posted here, I dread reading the follow up comments! Ah but what the heck, they'll prove my point. However, if they have learned anything from those they elect that molest their rights, they would pretend what I am saying is not even there, exercising the power of democratically suggested delusions they can create to circumvent reality. Being educated in the categorical class of Social Science, I soon was able to overcome my shock and horror to witness this so called new found liberty, freedom, and justice for all, with real actual evidence that none of those benefits exist to non "natives." This exclusion to non natives is done by violating rights when non natives bring issues to their venues. Often times, you hear claims about, "I'm a 5th Generation, bla bla bla." This ignores the premise of equality under the 14th amendment, as if there is some unequal right. Well there is, and the Eleventh Amendment allows 4th or 5th generation property owners to manipulate the rights of others because their jurisdiction is handpicked with others who will not violate the code of silence surrounding abuse of power acts. I hate to defend Ray Nutting, as I personally know he is a lying backstabber. But his troubles involve offending and pointing out more severe violations against his accusers who violate ethics and conflict of interest by not putting this trial out to a change of venue. But on the brighter side, stepping on a few toes is always uncomfortable. Nevertheless, a benefit can manifest itself by using El Dorado County mentality shown by the so called ""defensive nativism" as a Guinea Pig. Ultimately, to create a positive paradigm shift that benefits all, that is, where discrimination has become blurred because racial lines no longer make identifying further disfavoring of humans , black or white. For those of you who are confused by the last few sentences, one must reject that racism was premised on skin color or slavery issue. I believe following the logic in a categorical syllogism, the people who were discriminated against were of different skin color is a minor premise. However, that is not why they would be whipped or hung, [they called it culling equally to animals they owned] for objecting to this abuse of power under the color of their law, which is the ignored, "major premise." It is the violent reaction by the master, caused by the objection to the abuse of power when the subject that offended the master, objected, and not the color. Consequently, that abuse caused a reaction or a "viewpoint" to develop, ultimately that reaction became so great it exposed the act itself as a cognitive dissonance that could no longer be tolerated. Thus the Thirteenth Amendment ended the right of ownership of humans that can be abused! However, the Thirteenth Amendment did not remove the right of government to abuse humans. This right is still preserved as the Eleventh Amendment to the constitution. It did not however remove the right of an elite "sovereign official" to abuse because they have "sovereign immunity." In El Dorado County, they only have qualified immunity. Nevertheless, several cases brought to the Eastern District Court is evidence that the Eastern District Court has ignored Monell v. City of New York, and are granting officials "Sovereign Immunity," a favoritism that deters others from complaining by making an awareness that "If corrupt...the law will not tolerate a citizen redress..." of "grievances" (Bogan v. Scott-Harris U.S. 1998). In fact Magistrate Edmund F. Brennan removes law enforcement from violent defenders of El Dorado Corruption. Edmund F. Brennan is on court record denying protections, allowing "mentally ill citizens or retired sheriffs murder, assault, vandalizes or stalk those who dare sue officials that creates scandal. On Several occasions under Edmund F. Brennan, El Dorado County and D.A. Vern Pierson was protected and favored to the point that Brennan ignored injunctions to prevent murder and violence of plaintiffs suing Vern Pierson. Vern Pierson used his power to turn a blind eye without a "rational and legal basis" (Engquist v. Oregon) allowed bailed criminal defendants who stalked his critics to "Murder and Stalk" and Threaten to murder, and actually vandalize property. This is so unbelievable, it actually works as a "murder by proxy" used by officials like Vern Pierson. Sonoma County Mike Ihde was accused of this in Macias v. Ihde (9th. Cir. 2000). However, it costs over 100,000.00 dollars to get to the 9th cir. and Vern Pierson aided by Magistrate Edmund F. Brennan use every trick of abuse of power in the book to keep out of the 9th Circuit court of appeals, and they remain free to murder by proxy any body they want. The reason for our Revolution was to stop the English Crown from "Mock Trials" (Declaration of Independence.) that made it easy for officials to violate human rights when the victims sued in court. So for 19 years from 1776, until 1795, officials were no longer protected from from punishment for breach of promises, typically "war debt contracts" (Chisholm v. Georgia 1793 U.S.). After a few officials were tossed into debtors prison, losing their centuries old estates, they created the Eleventh Amendment to bar citizens from deterring "corrupt officials" (Bogan v. Scott-Harris U.S. 1998) through making them pay back in damages what the abuse or breach of contracts cost the victims. In other words, officials if they organize a sort of legal looking criminal enterprise in a community, they can steal from its constituents individually buy abuse of power which is cloaked in immunity. The British Crown for centuries solely relied on corruption! USA officials made corruption legal, and yet debate has rarely surfaced that may repulse the majority of democracy, thus they are clueless. Besides the victims who report this abuse are typically viewed as deranged vexatious idiots, because common sense does not believe an Eleventh Amendment could possibly exist right under those common sense noses for Two Hundred Years without being noticed. After the Nazi Haulocaust, the Germans themselves, forced to recognize cognitive dissonance termed the word "schadenfreude." I often wonder if it would have been noticed if we had 11 fingers and toes instead of 10. Could it be that mundane? This failure of generations to notice the Eleventh Amendment, and that it actually contradicts the First Amendment that said, ver batim, "Congress shall make no law...the abridges...the right of a citizen to redress of grievances," one day will become a paradigm shift of sudden awareness, that will have a far greater affect of that of the Copernicus revolution. This denial of due process to recover damages from tort malfeasances and criminals, even if they wear a badge or receive a tax based pay check, is ongoing never-ending targeting individuals who are denied democracy protection individually. Therefore it remains as if it is not a problem to worry about, until you become a victims of abuse of power. Then you learn what futility does to the soul of a human! When your public officials can molest you in the most egregious way. I call this failure to notice the First and Eleventh Amendment damning contradiction emergence phenomenon. It has been discovered! Natural law calls out individuals to notice it! Cognitive dissonance is the enemy. "Viewpoint discrimination" in our court systems is an element the courts use to identify if plaintiffs have been victims of discrimination. "Ill will" is present when there is "no rational basis" for officials who, "among various other correct choices, make a deliberate choice to follow a wrong choice to allow unequal protection of the Fourteenth Amendment. The courts call this evidence of "retaliation" for "viewpoint discrimination." Citizens do this, to each other, and as long as it does not produce inequality in treatment, there is no violation of human rights. So my point here is that the only way, "defensive nativism" can combat equal protection is to ignore equal protection laws. The only way appeals by victims of abuse of power can be stopped is for local counties to infiltrate through political party committees key players into the justice system funded by wealthier 4th or 5th generation "nativism." In a land of so called "rule of law," those federal and state officials, FBI, DOJ, would have to violate political party officials funded by "defensive nativism," and those FBI or DOJ who retire after 20 years at a nice age of 40, want to transfer to local justice jobs. Yet they cannot be hired if they are not able to turn a blind eye, so now our entire Jurisdiction is over-run by corruption, protecting "defensive nativism." I'm appalled that people put their name out there to publicly defend this perversion of democracy. For those if you who have not considered this, perhaps an understanding may change you, if you think that "outsiders" are infringing on your so called old ways, or better stated old habits. Some will detest change and stick to there guns and force this old, dogma onto these newcomers with vehement hatred. "Maren's" "viewpoint" is stated as "I learned that as an El Dorado County resident I am probably regarded by the authors Wheeler and Beebe a “selfish escapee from suburbia” who is seeking an “idealized” view of rural life at the expense of “service-oriented persons who have interests [that are] at odds.” The word "probably," may in fact reveal the essence of the validity of this story as an argument worthy of consideration. However, it is recorded evidence forever. As you see, "Maren" falls into this fallacy about racism, as he or she states, "This idea of El Dorado County being essentially racist is furthered in their characterization of the county having a “racialized (their word) context of landscape purity and who belongs.” They rely on comparisons of demographic statistics on ethnicity from neighboring Sacramento County and the state." I like his pointing out the [sic] "their word" after "racialized." This is supposed to signify that he/she has mastered spelling or grammar. Nevertheless, the discourse, in my opinion can be matched in some Ku Klux Kan or Nazi propaganda where those sick soles were trying to defend their behavior when criticized by those they eventually murdered or created a living hell in the communities they were forced to live in. I would say that, "higher level of government" would mean one that does not support jingoism created by "defensive nativism." Isn't Jingoism frowned upon by humanitarians? Webster defines Jingoism as "extreme chauvinism or nationalism marked especially by a belligerent foreign policy." Wow, remarkably those two words, defense nativism," are a far shorter definition equal to Webster! But the connotation is horrible, if you are defending Jingoism, but you thought that Jingoism was a good thing. See? This is where I am going. Cognitive dissonance is unaware of the stink they spew. Personal halitosis is not recognized. Though it is embarrassing to be told about bad breath, a noticeable goo on your upper lip, or your fly is down, aren't you relieved when you can correct it, especially if its early in the morning? I have met some lovely El Doradoan's. I wish I had known that the KKK has abandoned skin color discrimination before I moved here. Now I know why El Dorado is 99 percent white! People of color have a clue! The most offensive part of the article, " They go on with their view of the typical EDC resident as probably fearful of change, fearful of other people, driven by selfish motives, inept in planning processes, prone to petty in-fighting and blatantly disregarding of the impact of lifestyle and planning processes on environmental concerns." The "motives," "selfishness," surrounding "planning process" and "lifestyle" considerations disregard the fact that human right violations take not just a second position, but no position of consideration at all! Tangible assets have more concern that human life and the total abandonment of the Constitution prior to the Eleventh Amendment as if this history did not exist! That is what makes humans sick when you strip all concerns of property and limit what the county does to human beings, what is the result? Is not Judge James Wagoner setting on the Bench, even though the Counsel of Judicial Performance shows he is guilty of the crime that sent elected Sheriff Mike Carona of Orange County to prison for 6 years? Does not the fact that Vern Pierson, not the CJP, has a duty to prosecute James Wagoner for the criminal violations in findings discovered by the CJP hold power to prosecute a Judge, according to U.S. Supreme Court, Bogan v. Scott-Harris, Judge James Wagoner, "If corruption can be indicted or impeached...?" Does not this fact offend you that property rights trump justice rights? Of course if you are a favored citizens, Wagoner may be forced to protect you. But if you are a critic, Wagoner can influence juries, "Grand Juries" and put you in prison or simply allow other officials to steal your land, rights, citizenship, humanity or whatever he wants to do! Now that is the proper perspective of order of magnitude! You can now correct yourself, or follow El Dorado County standard operating procedure and make a "deliberate choice among various others." Have a good day, and if you really love the USA and its so called principles, do not come to El Dorado County! You will face "defensive nativism." This is not U.S.A. but what USA is becoming!

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  • EvelynAugust 03, 2013 - 12:00 pm

    3,385 words!!! I wish the Mt. Dem's Comments section still allowed paragraph formatting.

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  • NancyAugust 03, 2013 - 4:15 pm

    Mr. Eldoroan Not USA: Anybody is welcome in EDC. It is people's choice to move here or not. What attracted you to this county? Are you disappointed that EDC has not become Los Angeles or Sacramento? Do you feel our Constitution is under threat? Well you are right at home with many of us. Google Agenda 21 and learn about the UN's plan for the 21st century. Growing community food is not about producing food, it is about controlling who gets the food. If those Smart Growth communities get built here perhaps you would like to live in one. I hope you have lots of money because it is going to cost you a fortune in dollars and individual rights. The collective good of the community is likely to become more important. So you see, it is not about WHO comes here to live, it is about changing our free rural lifestyle to an expensive, heavily regulated, stack and pack-em socialist, overcrowded and downsized community that infringes on personal freedoms, wildlife and the environment which is exactly the Progressives say they are against. I imagine the developers behind the plans will become very rich too. Yes, we Americans may be somewhat naive in what the law says about our politicians. We do the best we can in voting. By the way, who did you vote for? I hope that was somebody who upholds the constitution, American freedom, free business enterprise, lower taxes, individualism and all the other fine qualities that drew you to America.

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  • J. OthersideAugust 03, 2013 - 5:28 pm

    El Doradoan not USA, "schadenfreude" was termed long before the Nazis. Eleven fingers and toes instead of ten? You're making the usual ranters sound like geniuses.

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  • cookie65August 04, 2013 - 6:38 am

    El Doradoan not USA, a word...... Brevity. There are those who have to ability to plant a single thought into the minds of others and understand how that thought manifests and germinates. You are not among them. You remind me of a dull knife mashing its way thru a ripe tomato.

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