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The religion of the statists

October 31, 2013 |


I always thought that those calling themselves leftists, socialists, progressives and liberals were, in general, atheists.

But I was wrong.

These deeply spiritual people do worship something — the state. Having undergone an almost fanatical religious conversion, the government has become their church. Lawyers and judges have become their priests or rabbis. And the mainstream media have become their chorus, singing their praise in unison.

So what do we call them? We can’t ignore them since, like roaches, they are everywhere. So I proposed we call them “Stateaholics” since they just can’t seem to get enough government.

Of course is you’re going to have a religion you need a creed. That creed has become the American version of political correctness. The idea being that whatever comes from the government is the truth regardless of any facts or logic to the contrary. And anyone who says differently is a heretic who deserves to be destroyed.

In case you don’t recognize it, this is exactly the same creed they had in the Soviet Union. Apparently America is now the new and improved Soviet Union.

Of course no church would be complete without its martyrs although they sometimes fight for who’s top dog in the victim biz. At the top are the holy martyrs of WWII. No, I’m not talking about the 50 million people who died in that war, I’m talking about the Jews who think that paying retail is a holocaust.

Below them are blacks, although one’s never sure what to call them these days. The little professors at university say there is no such thing as race, but if that’s so, then why does the government classify everyone according to race, why are there racial preferences, and why is DNA evidence that clearly identifies people’s race used in criminal trials?

Then we have other groups fighting for a spot as martyrs like women, Hispanics, gays, lesbians, Asians, the disabled, and Muslims with the latest victim group being those confused about their gender. Apparently sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don’t. Recently Gov. Moonbeam signed a bill allowing gender confused students to decide which bathrooms they will use and whether they will participate in boy or girl sports. One more reason to get your kids out of the worthless public schools.

I suspect next up to apply for sainthood are the pedophiles who think it’s discriminatory that they can’t have sex with your kids. The motto of the North American Man Boy Love Association being “sex before eight — or it’s too late.” I’m sure a few people will object, but those people are non-Stateaholics and should probably be locked up for not being progressive enough.

One can tell this church exists because there are an ever-growing number of taboos against talking about its holy martyrs in less than adoring and reverent terms. Indeed anyone who tries to speak the truth is instantly labeled a “racist,” “bigot,” “anti-semite,” “homophobe,” “sexist,” “genderist,” “intolerant,” “discriminatory,” or worse of all — insensitive.

Of course this new religion is very good for the government. Politicians get to decide who gets a cut of the take from forced tithing of the proles after first filling up their own coffers. It provides a continuous income stream to our new priests who sue for a living. (See the new bill signed by Moonbeam.) It provides high-paying jobs to bureaucrats to minister to our victims and the Stateaholics. Judges get to play magician by waving a few chicken bones over supplicants before declaring that they are now cured and are really and truly equal. The Stateaholics get to indulge in a lot of public self-flagellation to satisfy their narcissism. And then there are all the others who feed off the creed — race hustlers, nonprofit do-gooders, and the rest of the bottom feeders.

Now you might think this is about changing society by making us less racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. And you’d be right. The powers that be believe a termite colony is the ideal model for human society. Termite colonies, if you don’t know, have three castes: reproductives, workers and soldiers. The powers that be will be the ones reproducing, soldiers will be bred to fight wars, and everyone else will be in the worker classification without all those nasty race, sex, gender, things to get in the way.

Is it any wonder that religion gets a bad name?




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