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Wake up and vote

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If you have a weak stomach, read no further.

When I was a child, my Dad told me about a practice he attributed to Native Americans. When a dog developed a taste for chicken and was ravaging the flock, one of the dead chickens was securely tied around the dog’s neck and left there until it rotted off. Needless to say, this practice was highly repulsive to those around the dog while he learned his lesson, but the tale goes that the dog lost his taste for the chicken after the bird continued to putrefy.

Congress has a nasty habit of passing bills that have consequences such as the cost, that are not realized by the public until years after those politicians are out of office and can’t be held accountable. Another dirty practice is threats of cutting essential services (fire, EMS and police) while refusing to cut non-essentials, all the while gleefully continuing to rape taxpayers. The most recent blatant practice is promising “gifts” for votes. Can you say Obama-phone? This practice is not new, but was raised to a highly visible art form in in the last election. Then there is kneecapping legislators who persisted in not voting for Obamacare until they wore down and passed it. This, in spite of the fact that some 62 percent of Americans were against it. By the way, fewer Americans like it every day as the details are being fleshed out (remember Pelosi’s famous “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it”).

Then there is the absolute refusal to cut government jobs while millions of time-favorite, misrepresenting budget decreases in proposed spending as “cuts” when they are actually only decreases in the proposed expansion, not cuts. If private businesses conducted practices like these, they’d be in prison and worse, Congress and Obama are aided and abetted by the press.

There are not a few analyses that point to massive, flagrantly bloated and even deleterious spending that goes unchecked. Unlike most of the e-mail pieces you may have received listing these sacred cows, if you are not familiar with some of this graft, there is a book written years ago called “Government Waste A to Z” by Martin Gross. If even half of his compendium is true (and he cites his sources so you can check) we could balance budgets and reduce deficits, not in the 10 or 20-year time Congress loves to use, but more immediately. I’m sure we could turn the average housewife loose with a red pen and she could do the job. (No slight intended.)

All this is capped off by no budget, I believe since 2009, then continuing resolutions, quantitative easing, the fiscal cliff, another failed budget deadline, the sequester and now we’re looking at another continuing resolution. It’s true that some of these chicken-hearted practices were brought on by individuals who are no longer in Congress and the White House, but it’s about time someone had the chicken tied around their neck so that present and future politicians lose their taste for eating our young. You see, when the medias stuffs their microphones in the face of the predicted casualties of proposed cuts, their pleas play better than those of the beleaguered property owner or wage earner actually picking up the tab for the costs.

Unemployed people, people grappling with onerous property taxes and the added MADS and SADS on their property bill (and don’t forget the latest “fee”) combined with the infinite number of hidden taxes some estimate we are losing as much as 60 percent of our personal income to the government. By the way, weren’t you happy to find you were in the class of “the rich” when your income taxes went up the first of this year?

If you’re one of the people who has given up and quit voting because you feel the futility of it, that choice no longer just affects you. We can no longer justify feeling defeated or indifferent because it’s not just affecting us, they are now raping our children and grandchildren. Our giving up will cost their future. I am ashamed to look at my children and in the faces of my grandchildren and know what we are leaving for them. The current policies will forever change the very basal essence and livelihood of the United States. We have only to look at history to see that this direction leads to oppression and downfall, not prosperity.

If you have any recollection of the principles that founded our country, wake up! Please wake up and start keeping track of the voting records of your state and national politicians and vote accordingly. With the Internet this is now easy to do. It’s the only way we can combat the increasing number of what’s-in-it-for-me voters. I used to blame Obama, but then I heard someone say, “It’s not Obama we have to fear, it’s the people who voted for him.” Worse, it’s not just Obama, it’s Pelosi, Reed, and the list goes on and on.




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