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What happened to the lower class population?


What happened to the lower class population?

“I owe my soul to the company store,” is part of the lyrics to “Sixteen Tons” by Jimmy Dean.

The U.S. Government (The Master) has eliminated the lower class and only refers to the middle class and the rich. The lower class population has been put in public or subsidized Section 8 housing (Patch Town, Company Towns or Plantation), given a food allowance of Cal Fresh or food stamps (company store, company store scrip), government doctors (Affordable Health Care), welfare or unemployment (debt bondage) and given free government cell phones.

American scholar and historian John W. Blassingame said, “Our sense of self-esteem is heightened or lowered by our perception of the images others have of us.”

Debt bondage defined by the United Nations is a form of modern day slavery and is prohibited by international law.

A company town was a place where practically all the stores and buildings were owned by one company that provided employment. Coal companies built coal patch or coal camps, villages and towns.

A lumber company, Patch Town, controlled or owned the doctor, the town’s harbor, railroad, coal dock and stores that also included the post office.

Company scrip is a substitute for government-provided legal tender or currency

Americans need to wake up and see what is happening again.


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  • Phil VeerkampNovember 25, 2013 - 3:08 pm

    "What happened to the lower class population?" They have been captured and subjugated by the politics of dependency. Their jobs have been automated out of existence. Their jobs have been regulated out of existence. What used to me menial work is now "shamed" out of existence . . . and left to "illegals". You want to find them? Look at gvmt watering holes. Look around gvmt food troughs. Look at busses traveling to the polling places to vote themselves more secure bondage.

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  • VernDecember 04, 2013 - 10:14 am

    On Company Towns and how they come about: Ron Briggs and his son purchased several nearby parcels of land adjacent to and abutting the 26.5 acre courthouse site that will also benefiting from all of these government funded improvements, in essence, they are land speculating with a guaranteed outcome paid for by the taxpayers which is the foundation of how Company Towns come about. The Briggs land purchase was approved yesterday during BOS closed session. Briggs/Bailey now will be in control of the new downtown Placerville why the old downtown dries up. Setting the rents, what companies will be allowed, what attorneys will be allowed to practice near the courthouse, what political party is involved in any associations formed, absorbing almost all county rentals having to do with the Court House-Sheriffs Department and commercial property values in Placerville. El Dorado County Counsel Ed Knapp said, “The County is aware of no conflicts that should impair the ability of the county, city of Placerville, and the state to move forward with the construction of this much needed courthouse. The closed session item to discuss allowing the county to go forward with negotiating buying property owned by John Briggs. He is the father of Supervisor Ron Briggs, grandfather of Placerville Planning Commissioner Brian Briggs, father-in-law of Superior Court Judge Steve Bailey and his son John Bailey. John Briggs is also the former state senator who is famous for the 1978 proposition called the Briggs Initiative that had it passed, would have meant all employees in California’s education system who are gay or lesbian and their supporters would have been fired. The people of El Dorado County may not be able to change what happen yesterday with the site approved for acquisition during the BOS closed session but we can prevent the further spread of the Briggs/Bailey family being given management and department level jobs in the County under Ron Briggs guidance.

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  • robertdnollNovember 25, 2013 - 7:38 pm

    those jobs and the people that do them are still with us. expand your horizon by not looking down your nose

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  • Phil VeerkampNovember 25, 2013 - 8:06 pm

    Robert, it is unfortunate if I have given you the impression that I look down my nose at menial and humble labor. I cannot. I do not. I have spent the majority of my life in manual labor. Shovels, manure forks, hay hooks, gloves, chaps, hay wire, mud, mastitis and manure are eighteen years of my life. Another nineteen years in the trenches, literally, at EID. I am fortunate to have lived a menial life.

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  • Phil VeerkampNovember 25, 2013 - 8:13 pm

    PS, Robert, Those jobs ARE NOT with us. They are GONE.

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  • Phil VeerkampNovember 25, 2013 - 8:39 pm

    James it is beyond dishonest to say, (on a different thread)"You know, (meaning me, Phil V.)those eating at the public trough (food stamps) because they are lazy takers.". I did not say that, imply that or think that. It is beyond dishonest to drop that gross distortion on another thread. If you wish to debate, "What happened to the lower class population?" then fine. Do it on this thread - in context.

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  • johnDecember 02, 2013 - 5:44 pm

    Tennessee Ernie Ford was the first to sing 'Sixteen Tons' in the mid 50s', not Jimmy Dean who was still learning how to make sausage

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  • cookie65December 04, 2013 - 6:41 am

    This topic was addressed thoroughly by many of the founders. One of the reasons the communists needed to conquer education in this country was so they could revise history. They have done a masterful job at dumbing down the masses. “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” ― Benjamin Franklin

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  • cookie65December 04, 2013 - 6:50 am

    Those who work for a paycheck are outnumbered by those who vote for a paycheck. Anyone who doesn't know what it will lead to is an embarrassment to themselves. They are like trained lab rats, perform a task, vote (as many times as you can) and receive a reward. They are literally guided by the lowest of all human characteristics. They call it voting for their own interests. A phrase you will see in abundance on any leftists redistribution of wealth sites.

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  • 1036-FrankDecember 04, 2013 - 7:55 am

    The danger of failed liberal utopia and a food stamp President is the continual shifting of the population to govt. dependency poverty programs by the millions and call it progress and say they just didn't know how bad it was, had no idea. With nearly 50 million on welfare and about 100 million shifted out of the work force to other govt. programs from a US population of about 300 million one would think this would be the biggest news story in the country, if a GOP President was at fault it would be 24/7. Can anyone believe the unemployment rate under Bush was around 5%, gas under 2 a gallon, and only 24 million on welfare? Yet he was described as incompetent. The danger of nearly half the country on govt. tax payer entitlement programs can't be stressed enough, and for the left wing media it can't be covered up enough. For now, the new liberal lie is Bummer-Care is good for you and is now fixed and they are ready to obtain your personal information for use by the govt. and the felon on the phone and the hackers.

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  • cookie65December 04, 2013 - 8:49 am

    Leftist utopia. An 11 year old girl is told by city government that she cannot sell mistletoe to help pay for her braces but she is allowed to beg for money in the local park. Leftism is a mental disease.

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  • 1036-FrankDecember 04, 2013 - 9:58 am

    And to think many of us started working for wages before we were teens, now there are laws against allowing a kid to work. It would be interesting to have a survey of every person holding a cardboard sign asking for money how many govt. programs they are on and how much a month do they receive in free housing and welfare and SSI and all the rest. Creating millions of new and now half the country as govt. dependents and jobless and under-employed and unemployed and unemployable are all the goals of liberal utopia and it is working well and covered up well. Perhaps soon, each taxpayer will be assigned by the federal govt. people to support directly by IRS deductions from their income just like the foundation of failed leftist theory, Bummer-Care. Right now with 5 years of liberal madness, we are near a one tax payer, if that, to one govt. entitlement taker ratio. Once this number of govt. dependents begins climbing past the 150 million mark as it is now, the few million tax payers left will be steadily departing for other places.

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  • Dink LaneDecember 04, 2013 - 12:51 pm

    The 1900s Doctrine of "self-help through work" left towns and charities to struggle (much like EDC churches after Hangtown Haven closed)..... In 1928 millions were flooding across various communities looking for work.... West Sacramento was called "Hooverville" because it was covered in Cardboard-houses.... Marysville's riverbed covered in trash with people looking for food.... Rape, murders, starving families...... Influx of unemployed = wages dropping in the middle of the day's work (Kern County-Cotton strike..... and happened last year with Mott's Foods.... they dropped employee's wages....because of the high unemployment)..... Without work society collapsed across the country........ Farmers tried to hire children for lower wages instead of adults (Tulare Peach Farms)........ in 1931 -- (Gosnell report) Unemployment ran 85 percent in Chicago... Rent riots lead to arrests ......Communist listened to the unemployed and desperate call for help....... Do we want to go back to that?

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