Wednesday, April 23, 2014
1983 SECTION CHAMPS — Players and coaches form the 1983 section title-winning team. Back row from left: Coach Gary Kenworthy, Coach Mike Coulson, Tom Dixon, Steve Buethe, Brant Gasink, Darryl Brown, Dwight Stoddard, Brian Weidmer, Marty Humbird. Second row: Coach Dick Perry, Mark Hatch, Mike Watkins, Brian Rusk, Joe Cox, Chuck Ogren, Larry Nutting, Edio Delfino, Eric Winje;.Front row: Doug Talmadge, Greg Dunkel, Tim Hadjes, Bert Talmadge. Photo by Pamela Gasink
MASTERS OF DISASTER — Doug Talmadge, Mark Hatch, Mike Watkins, Joe Cox, Edio Delfino. Photo by Brant and Pamela Gasink
COACHES — Gary Kenworthy, Mike Coulson, Ray Everingham. Photo by brant and Pamela Gasink
BILL BERGMEISTER (father of the late Kurt Bergmeister) and Brant Gasink. Photo by Brant and Pamela Gasink
BACK ON THE FIELD — Steve Buethe, Jim Mirande, Brian Rusk, Brant Gasink, Mike Watkins, Mark Hatch. Photo by Brian and Pamela Gasink