Monday, April 21, 2014
MICHELLE SCHANEL, chef at the Snooty Frog in Cameron Park prepares salmon tortellini Alfredo. The dish is the main course in the Fab 50 Culinary Adventure during the El Dorado Epicurean on Sunday, Jan. 26. Democrat photo by Pat Dollins
SALMON TORTELLINI ALFREDO is one of the main course choices at the Snooty Frog. Democrat photo by Pat Dollins
THE STRAWBERRY PRAWN salad with grilled prawns, goat cheese, strawberries, mixed greens, candied walnuts and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing is the salad course at Independent Restaurant and Bar for the Main Street Culinary Adventure on Sunday, Jan. 26. Democrat photo by Shelly Thorene
DINERS CHOOSING the Camino Culinary Adventure will have a choice of the Smith Flat linguine with house-made Marinara, Italian sausage and seasonal vegetable topped with Parmesan at the Cellar at the Smith Flat House. Democrat photo by Krysten Kellum