Wednesday, April 16, 2014
THE EARL (Quinn Akers) is found unconscious in the forest by two gypsies (Linnea Salveson), left, and (Isa Rutten) who bring him to the hospital for care from a nurse (Kaira Swenson) in front of agitated patient (Morgan Kievernagel) who has seemingly been waiting forever. Democrat photo by Krysten Kellum
VICTORIA (Nicole Scales), center, and Peddler (Bailee Tolbert), right, try to fight the Baron (Donovan Devine) who is trying to steal the people's land to build a jousting complex. Democrat photo by Krysten Kellum
FELLER (Ronnie Swenson), left, and Peddler (Bailee Tolbert), right, bring the Earl (Quinn Akers), center, to the forest where he gets lost. Democrat photo by Krysten Kellum