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Facebook group aims to help community

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A complaint of being tailgated turned to receiving new tires for a Placerville woman thanks to a Facebook group that aims to keep county residents informed of crime, lost dogs and missing people.

An exasperated post by Tiffany Parks of Placerville on Dec. 13 posed a simple question to the El Dorado County Watch Facebook group: Why do people tailgate? It was Parks’ first time out since it had snowed, she wrote, and she had a bald tire with a leak. While driving on Sly Park Road, she said that the car behind her was “practically kissing my bumper” and then passed her. She was worried, she noted, because she had her two sons in the car.

The community was determined to get Parks new tires. Donations were made to Sierra Nevada Tires, said Laura Clark, an administrator for the Facebook group. “Donations of $5, $10, $20 were made,” she said, with a child even donating $3. Just short of $400 was collected. Just $225 was needed to provide Parks with new front tires, all Parks would accept, Clark said. The tires also came with changing the alignment of Parks’ car.

“I wasn’t even asking for tires,” Parks told the Mountain Democrat. “I was just complaining about someone tailgating me on Sly Park Road.” Her husband had lost his job and money was tight, with no money to spare for tires, she wrote in another Facebook post. “All these wonderful people decided to donate to Sierra Nevada Tires,” she said.

“I was not expecting anything like that,” she said of the donations. She had been told after her post the it might take a few weeks to collect the money. ”They raised (the money) in 24 hours.”

The community coming together as such was not something Parks had ever encountered. “I’ve never had somebody step up like that to help my family. It’s awesome,” she said.

The remaining money was spread out, Clark said. A family with a special needs child, that Clark also sponsors herself, received $50. A family with three children and a sick mother received the same amount. Jamie Shannon, who runs El Dorado Caring Hearts, a grassroots group that donates items to those in need, received $70 to use for donations.

The Facebook group has also found and returned lost dogs, found missing people and updated on crimes and accidents. In part, it’s from having nearly 3,000 people in the group watching out for each other — the reason why Debbie Wirth originally created the group five months ago, she said.

It started as part of El Dorado County Exchange, another Facebook group that is aimed at residents selling items to each other. It spiraled out into a Neighborhood Watch-type group, Clark said.

“It started on the Exchange with a post about a suspicious guy walking his dogs off leash,” Wirth said. The man would go up to children and ask them to pet the dogs. Members of the other group said they would look into it. Still more members were angry at the vigilantism. But the post was buried. “Someone asked, ‘Why not make a new page?’ I said, ‘I can make a page,’” Wirth said. El Dorado County Watch was born.

Clark offered another example of the power of the community: A young man was donated a bike, which would be his only means of transportation besides walking. The bike was stolen just after he received it. With a day of posting to the Watch, a woman offered to donate another bike, to be held by Placerville Police Department until the man could pick it up. The group will also continue to search for the stolen bike.

Another example: Wirth said someone posted a cat was stuck 40 feet up a tree. Clark herself paid for John Herrick of Herrick Tree Services to get the cat down. When another cat was stuck up in a tree, the Watch group members pooled money to again pay Herrick for his services.

When the Rim Fire was still burning, Wirth said, people would post about the erratic behaviors of animals. Mountain lions were seen sleeping in fields, something they would normally not do, having been ousted from their normal territory likely by smoke, Wirth said.

“We’re going to stay positive,” Clark said, despite sometimes getting hate mail. “We try to have fun with it.”

With people asking what sirens heard in different parts of the county are for, with missing people, crime, accidents, medical issues and more, Wirth said the group is “A positive about a negative.”

The Facebook group can be found at


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  • Laura ClarkDecember 26, 2013 - 2:23 pm

    The bicycle was stolen from a client of MORE. This bicycle was his form of transportation. Within a day of reading about the stolen bike in the Mt. Democrat, one was donated by an amazing woman from our community. In true community fashion, she then had to leave town, so the bicycle was left with a neighbor and friend who then brought the bike to MORE. As soon as the young man returns from out of town his new bike will be waiting for him. The police dept was happy to help, but it made more sense to get the bike to MORE.

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  • MoniqueDecember 26, 2013 - 3:25 pm

    This is a wonderful group! I just joined a few days ago because I found a lovey black kitty on December 23 (did you lose your black kitty at Ponderosa Rd/Wild Chaparral/North Shingle?? All black, black whiskers, scar over right eye, yellow eyes, claws, young adult. Go to the Facebook group and send me a message!!!). A bunch of nice, sincere people helping each other out. Doing good, crowdfunding, being local changemakers. Way to go!

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  • Alex NettoDecember 28, 2013 - 11:29 pm

    If someone tailgates me I like to just be polite and pull over. If your not a good driver in the snow and like to take it slow please remember that some of us are more comfortable and skilled and prefer to do the speed limit . I think it sounds like a great page , I don't do social media and think it takes a great deal from people having actual human contact , but if I did I would join . Would be great to take this program out into the community and out of your living rooms . But keep up the good work still . By the way I struggle with money just like the rest of the world , could I have some new tires???? Please ??

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  • Elron HupboardDecember 29, 2013 - 8:02 am

    Alex your comfort and skill do not determine the speed limit, conditions do. Just wait in the ditch, help will be there soon.................or not.

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  • Dee#1December 29, 2013 - 10:00 am

    "Would be great to take this program out into the community and out of your living rooms ."-------Alex, please explain this sentence. El Dorado County Watch has solved many problems for residents of the County and keeps us informed as to what is happening plus the opportunity to help people. So if you have a more efficient way to quickly share information, please elucidate and start the program.

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  • Alex NettoDecember 29, 2013 - 7:55 pm

    Wait in the ditch ....... That's funny. It's probably gunna happen once I say this but I haven't ended up there in my 28 winters in pollock so I'm doing good so far. All I was sayin is if your impeding on the speed of traffick it's not only common respect to pull over and let people pass it's actually a law if you have more than 4 or 5 cars behind you , I'm not sure on the number. If Somone is behind me and wants to be in a hurry I pull over . I didn't know it was such a big deal. And I thought I said I think the Facebook thing was a great thing , Would it be a bad thing for it to become more hands on and Pysicaly active in the community ? I will go out and do my part , I would love too . Who's with me? If there is a crime problem , ill stake out the neighborhood and assist in catching the dirt bag . Just tell me when and where. If it's a family in need I'm willing to stand in front of Safeway and raise $ . Tell me who. Disable person needs yard work done , tell me the address . My number Is 1-530-306-3975 and once again my name is alex netto. I love this county , born and raised here and I'll die here. And I don't need the world to know when I do good deeds so I can get my pat on the back . I do it cuz it's the right thing to do and it makes my town a better place. Any one that wants to join in on my community help program call the number above. Let's get out of the house and go shake hands out in the community . I will keep doing it on my own as I have my whole life. Sorry if I offended anyone by voicing my personal opinion.

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  • Phil VeerkampDecember 29, 2013 - 10:08 pm

    Alex, wade right in. The water is refreshing . . . a few sharks, suckers and clown fish . . . but, what th' hey! . . . Monitor ink is cheap. If you run low on ink I'll beat anybody's price. Look me up.

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