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FAIR’s view — Impact on immigration in California and USA


Graphic courtesy FAIR

June 26, 2012 |

Susan Tully, national field director of FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) spoke to the Georgetown Divide Republican Women Federated on June 19 about “Illegal Immigration and its Impact on California and the USA,” providing a detailed breakdown of the organization’s views on the topic. Below is part of Tully’s presentation, quoting Tully throughout.

Justice costs associated

“A lot of the inmate population could be deported but taxpayers are paying for them instead.

The California State Legislature also passed a law prohibiting cities and counties from using mandatory e-verify. They are not complying with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) or the Secure Communities Act. The State legislature will have nothing to do with enforcement of any immigration laws or anything that will ferret out people who are here illegally or working here illegally.

California is out of control. Absolutely out of control. There has never been a time when this issue has been more important. I can tell you this issue gets into every part of our life. But the overriding theme of this issue is corruption. What President Obama did was to endorse corruptness. He likes to paint this with a nice brush. But it’s absolutely not. These people are in gangs and drug cartels and narco terrorists. It’s also involves the sex trafficking of foreigners. We have people held in bondage in jobs.

There are girls kidnapped and sold all over the world. They harvest the organs of people kidnapped. The women who are sold into sex trafficking are kept like animals. This is where we have come to. It’s corrupt.

We have a set of laws that says we have procedures. The United States brings in more legal residents each year than the whole rest of the world combined. I say get in line and wait your turn and there are no exceptions.

The border is not secure and has not been secure for many, many years. And everything we have in place to do enforcement has been undermined by this president. He wants discretionary prosecution.

He has made the Border Patrol take the people they pick up and put them before a hearing judge. Then they give them a green card and social security number and that’s exactly what he is going to do with 800,000 people with the Dream Act. There is no immigration enforcement inside the country. Once a person is inside the country the Border Patrol is not allowed to touch them. Right now the Justice Department is after Florida for trying to purge their voter rolls because of corruption.

What made America different from most countries is that we operated on the basis of an honor system. You do the right thing. It’s not just about getting everything you can and screw everybody else. But the system he is setting up is about cheating.

Can you blame people for wanting to come here when we have laws that aren’t enforced? When employers have made billions and billions off the backs of immigrants and don’t have to pay social security, or workman’s comp, or the minimum wage and get to cheat everyone else who does business honestly and put them out of business?

Employers get the cheap labor and taxpayers end up having to pay to educate their children, pay for their use of emergency rooms, paying additional for insurance. Employers need to use legal labor. We have become a country that endorses corruption. And that’s what is wrong with this administration.”

A threat to the country

“It’s time to stand up to Democrats, Republicans, Independents — I don’t care who they are, we are Americans first. It’s time to stand up and say enough. Absolutely enough.

Our current immigration policy is making America grow at a faster rate in population every year than China. It’s not our birth rate, it’s our immigration rate. We are going to be at one billion in less than a hundred years. When China reached one billion, they implemented one child per family, forced abortion, infanticide. How will we feed these people? How will we provide jobs? We have water resources problems. What will we do when the population is triple what it is today?

We need to ratchet immigration policy back to where it was before Sen. Ted Kennedy changed it. We also need to bring people here based on what’s best for this country. Instead immigration is solely driven by family chain migration. Before you used to have to have money and the ability to support yourself.

A very large number of illegal aliens are people who have over-stayed their visas and the majority of them are Asians. Some believe that Asians actually make up the largest group of illegal aliens in the country, not Hispanics.

I also want you to think about all the stuff you’ve seen in the media in the past few weeks. Turner Classics is playing all these immigrant movies over and over again. It’s like there’s this huge orchestrated effort that includes not only the acts of this administration but this warm fuzzy theme that we’re a nation of immigrants. Well every country is. Nobody sprouted out of the ground. There’s this idea that because we once were a nation of immigrants that we have to continue with mass immigration forever and ever.

What a great way to destroy a country, erode a culture, do away with any sense of belonging. We don’t have assimilation any more. How many people stand up and say the pledge of allegiance because they love this country?

Illegal aliens have no right to be here. This is how we creep into corruption. Do not become tolerant of things that should not be tolerated. There are some things we should absolutely not tolerate. We have millions of people holding jobs that should be the jobs of unemployed Americans right now. Seventeen percent of all the people being apprehended and processed back at the border are under age of 18 and unaccompanied. People are coming here from all over the world looking for work.

And don’t you think that Obama’s announcement was just a call to them? This is absurd. Again this is a man with misplaced priorities. At a time this country has the highest level of sustained unemployment in modern history and these are his priorities. Who is he working for? Foreign nationals are his priority. That’s what he said in his statement on Friday.

Have we become a nation where nothing matters but making money? What happened to the day when employers tried to lift their employees along with themselves? It’s very concerning to see the changes happening in this country.

People understand this issue better than politicians do. Why are we pandering to these people? People inside the beltway have an elitist mentality that they know better and we don’t. It’s dumbfounding.”

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