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Nutting holds meeting on General Plan


SUPERVISOR RAY NUTTING addresses Wednesday evening a group of homeowners opposed to the San Stino development. Democrat photo by Pat Dollins

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El Dorado County District 2 Supervisor Ray Nutting fielded questions concerning the county’s General Plan and developing new areas, particularly San Stino, at an on-the-green meeting behind the Cameron Park-Shingle Springs Chamber of Commerce Wednesday evening.

Chamber President Wendell Phillips noted that it was tradition to have town meetings on the lawn and that it was now a goal to have quarterly town meetings. He then introduced Nutting.

The supervisor noted that the county’s General Plan was originally created when Ronald Reagan was governor of California. Since then, it has radically changed, going through several revisions. In the 1960s, zoning was done. In the ’70s and ’80s, “a new generation built up equities, nice pensions,” he said. “People came to enjoy the natural beauty” of the county.

By the mid-’80s, people were leaving places such as Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose for El Dorado County. In 1988, a new General Plan was created. In 1992, about a thousand people showed up at the county fairgrounds for a community meeting. The next year, Nutting was elected. A San Francisco firm was hired and tried to have the county mirror what was being done in Europe — high density pockets with expressways, such as from Cool to Holiday Market.

In 1996, the General Plan was amended and challenged in court. It took three years to work through 22 issues that arose. In 2000, a new Board of Supervisors took the General Plan in a different direction, Nutting said. They started from scratch. Four years later, they had a new General Plan addressing land use and zoning, which were supposed to match each other after a certain amount of time. At nine years old, though, Nutting said the Board of Supervisors is trying to create a new plan. LUPPU — the Land-Use Policy Programmatic Update — is meant to help with this and to keep the plan on target, Nutting said. For example, he aims to keep the San Stino project to one house per 5 acres. Meanwhile, Serrano, done by Parker Development, wants to “hop over the freeway” and there are to be 4,000 units in Marble Valley despite no community region overlay. LUPPU will only deal with prior proposed amendments.

Nutting said he wants to promote agriculture districts — the county has 50,000 acres — for the wine industry and Apple Hill.

He also wanted to look into the Home Occupation Ordinance, which would allow employers to use employees in their home, to “trade in commerce from their homes.” He said that “hundreds, thousands of people work out of their homes, and we need an ordinance to do that.” Right now, those working out of their homes in the county are doing it illegally without the ordinance in place.

On July 30, a Traffic Demand Model will be released, which Nutting said will show what is in LUPPU now. There are already entitled properties, he said, meaning properties that can be bought and have a house built on them. In El Dorado Hills, there are 6,000 units. In Cameron Park and Shingle Springs, 2,000 units. In rural areas of the county, between 3,000 and 5,000 units. The TDM will study the impacts those potential houses will have.

Nutting then told the 50 or so people in the audience that he had taken a position on San Stino — the aforementioned one house per 5 acres. He told the assembled that, with spots on the board up for election soon, they need to “stay involved, know what the process is.” Even if the project “goes away today, it will be back tomorrow.” He noted that a lot of people are not anti-growth, they just want growth that fits in with the area — a sentiment he would repeat multiple times before the end of the meeting.

He mentioned the issue with the billboards on Highway 50, how there was an ongoing dialogue. He fought against one of the billboards specifically as he believed it covered a spectacular view of the Sierra Nevada from the highway. “It takes away why everybody, I believe, came to the county.”

Mercy housing, putting low-income and homeless people in one area “rather than dispersed as it has historically been,” was another project he fought against as it limits mobility in economic status. “It’s not good planning.”

After giving the history and overview of what was happening with the county, Nutting opened the floor to questions from the audience.

When one member asked about San Stino, Nutting reiterated: “I have committed to one house per 5 acres, period.” When asked if he could guarantee his vote instead of just support, he said he would indeed vote, but the planners would be dealing with the people.

He noted that if the General Plan does not go through, threats had been made against land use by right, that a house could built on a property would be threatened.

Another member asked if there could be a cap on improvements, so roads could match growth. Nutting said that Pat Brown had funded infrastructure, including Highway 50, when he was governor; his son, Jerry, the current governor, pulled the funding in favor of social projects during his first term in office and is now dealing with the consequences. Trying to improve the Cameron Park interchange, for instance would be a $75 million-$95 million project — “too much.”

When homes were built, he said, people had to pay for mitigation, which new homes will also have to pay. But some areas, such as Ponderosa Road in the morning during the commute to work while students head to school, could be classified as “F” level service — the worst.

Nutting said that people don’t want change, but projects will happen. He told the audience they need to interface with the board to ensure reasonable growth.

One audience member asked the rest of the audience who was against San Stino; the vast majority raised their hands. He said some people, including himself, had taken multiple days off work to speak with the board, when he could be with his daughter.

“Why are you wasting our time?” he asked.

Nutting responded by asking the audience to give the man applause.

Two other audience members chimed in against the project and the billboards, with the third saying that “Every community member has spoken out against (the billboards).” He said the billboards were voted down, but a few months later were approved. On sober grad night, Ponderosa students say a billboard advertised Bud Light Beer. Nutting said he voted against it, and was willing to spend $1 million in court — even up to the U.S. Supreme Court — to prove the billboards could be voted against.

Questions were fielded for unit numbers in the new areas. Nutting said that there were 20,000 entitled parcels already existing in the county. Grizzly Flat, which was approved in 1960, has 1,100 units — but only has 498 houses built. “It took 53 years to get halfway built out,” he said. “Why add more housing stock?”

Nutting also said the natural resources of the county were being mismanaged, that of the 1.2 million acres in the county, about 500,000 was authorized for using the resources — mostly in the Tahoe basin.

After fielding questions about traffic, one audience member brought up Nutting’s legal matters and how it related to his votes, whether his votes would have to be taken under review.

“Innocent until proven guilty,” Nutting said, noting that the Fair Political Practices Commission of California found no conflict in his votes. “I’m going to be the best supervisor the county has seen,” he said. He said the issue has impacted his family, but he “will be exonerated, the truth will come out.” When asked if he was comfortable voting on the budget because of the legal matters, Nutting said he was.

The final comment was made by Richard Johnson, who noted that, while the people have their property rights, developers have the right to develop. “When Ray says they will come back, that’s the fundamental reason they will come back.” He said the people need to settle the issue now.

Nutting said that he would be holding meetings every week. The next few meetings, each held in a different area of his constituency, would be focusing on fires. A meeting concerning San Stino was set for the next day, with Daniel Iacofano of MIG, an urban planning and design firm.

After the meeting, Nutting said it went “Great. There was good feedback. We need to stay on track with LUPPU” and have no more General Plan amendments other than to address a few specific already existing problems. The Home Occupation Ordinance was also a priority he said. “We’re at the 95 yard line, we can’t stop now.”


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  • liamknuj313@gmail.comJuly 12, 2013 - 7:50 am

    Ray Nutting approved this and defended the right for, his former good pals, James Wagoner et. al, to release and arm mental patients who have favor with like minded criminal or mentally ill officials. I mean "being the best supervisor????" If you were in Virginia Tech, Columbine, Ft. Hood, Tucson, Colorado theater massacre, and with official behavior like this, why does the press always parrot, "how could this have happened." Nuttings accusations are purely political, if he can supervise the arming of mental patients used by El Dorado County officials to stalk critics, even murder critics if they so desire. Macias v. Sonoma County Sheriff Mike Ihde, is a 9th circuit federal case where the local sheriff was caught staging murder using ongoing violence to silence crime victims pointing out negligence that could ruin his political career. The court said, "arbitrary failure to treat crime victims with equal due process, caused Ms, Macias not only her murder but the months of assaults, stalking, threats and terrorism," simply to silence complaining crime victims. D.A. Vern Pierson was sued by John O'Sullivan because Pierson was ignoring the "months of "assaults, stalking, threats and terrorism," that eventually led up to John O'Sullivans murder by a fellow criminal justice employee retired Sheriff, now serving life in prison, prosecuted by another D.A. Oh, how convenient, this ended the suit against Vern Pierson. Even though the 9th circuit banned this "murder by poxy" to silence critics, Vern Pierson had power to allow criminals to stalk and torment those who complain about his favoritism or negligence. Now he has a Judge in his pocket, James Wagoner. Wagoner was found guilty of obstructing a Grand Jury complaint about Vern Pierson fixing felonies of criminals that evidence shows he was allowing to stalk, vandalize, threaten to murder, critics of his and the county officials, as a deterrence to end public criticism against him. Undaunted, Wagoner was again found guilty of obstructing justice and jailing critics of county corruption. In Orange County, there citizens elected officials who do not tolerate corruption and murderous officials. They sentenced their sheriff Mike Carona to Prison for 5.5 years. Yet Pierson, instead of prosecuting Wagoner can now get favorable decisions in court cases that make him look good, as the MT Democrat, also aids and abets this silence by not reporting reality in the news, but a skewed sickening societal decay of corruption cover ups.

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  • liamknuj313@gmail.comJuly 12, 2013 - 8:03 am

    LINK - The Same Corruption NOT legal in Orange County

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  • liamknuj313@gmail.comJuly 12, 2013 - 8:06 am

    Corruption not prosecuted by LINK - Corruption used to enfluence Judges for favorable decisions by a D.A. legalizing corruption under the nose of idiot citizens"

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  • FranJuly 12, 2013 - 9:22 am

    "He noted that a lot of people are not anti-growth, they just want growth that fits in with the area — a sentiment he would repeat multiple times before the end of the meeting." LUPPU...if something is run by the same self appointed people it becomes stagnant. CEDEC has just been appointed again for another year. Ray is right to have traditional town meetings ...he would find that as he in Pollock --growth needs to fit what a true community wants...not just what..a few people want. Our "visioning" was brought in with lies--maintained with lies...CEDAPP brought this mess to us--Harper runs CEDAPP and is on CEDEC (which is responsible for LUPPU)--how in the world does that represent "fresh" ideas? Once again follow the people--in many cases it is the same people crossing over several groups. July 22nd Ms Santiago has set up a town meeting that was voted on--she has invited the Sheriff as requested to answer questions of crime. When I have a question on water--I contact I do not need an advisory board answering any questions for me--many misread the general plan document...and made the community feel the community Identity and design element was mandated--it was not...advisory boards...voluntary. I support old fashion town we need them every month--nope. For Pollock it will be monthly for awhile--then hopefully quarterly as well. We elected our supervisors--they need to listen to the people (this is why the whole idea of advisory boards came up in the first place.) Most of Pollock still does not know what is going on--and the ones figuring it out--are mad for being included in the phrase..."the community wanted this." I( have said this before...people are now watching the people who brought this to Pollock. I feel CEDAPP should be dissolved for lying to a community--it is a non-profit...and nonprofits should always be transparent. Well Ray--you are on the right track--now convince the people that a broad is going to do the right thing. All the information he talks about are on-line and can be compared. Watch transportation in our county and state. At that long meeting...think who stood up against Shingle Springs...developers...Realtor s...and CEDEC (representing LUPPU.) Is LUPPU evil--no--it is just estimated numbers...projections of the future. I believe it is some of the people working on it-- towards their own agendas--that is dangerous. Some of them are imposing their moral and ethic opinions into an inanimate plan. Ray is right here..."A San Francisco firm was hired and tried to have the county mirror what was being done in Europe — high density pockets with expressways..." The only thing is...we are not Europe--and people are making up the "design" as they go...I like Ray--at least he is trying. Ms Santiago has agreed to try for us in Pollock as well. We do not have a park...someday. If these meetings go well--maybe the people will come out to listen ...and we can move outside. Baby steps.

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  • Sue TaylorJuly 12, 2013 - 12:35 pm

    This critical push to get "LUPPU" done before anything else is accomplished (such as community generated concerns) should worry those that care about the quality of life in El Dorado County, if you are within or around a community region line (CRL) or rural center OR anywhere a major roadway. I'll attach the information for the Land Use Policy Programmatic Update (LUPPU), but this developer generated plan will increase densities of land uses, reduce the 30% open space requirement of high density within CRL, change the 30% slope restriction and do a major overhaul of our zoning expectations. Sweeney stated at a Board meeting that it had the potential of putting 80,000 parcels in non-compliance. It also includes something like 20 general plan amendments. Here is the county's website... good luck interpretating all of it:

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  • Sue TaylorJuly 12, 2013 - 12:38 pm

    The project: The impacts of “the project”: A couple of impact examples: Conflict with any applicable land use plan, policy, or regulation of an agency with jurisdiction over the project (including, but not limited to, a general plan, specific plan, local coastal program, or Zoning Ordinance Update) adopted for the purpose of avoiding or mitigating an environmental effect? The TGPA proposes changes to General Plan policies and therefore, once adopted, will not conflict with any policy for the protection of the environment. However, the proposed policy changes embodied in the TGPA may result in environmental impacts that would have been avoided through implementation of the existing General Plan policies. For example, the increase in allowable residential density within the high-density residential designation and in mixed-use development may result in greater traffic and aesthetic impacts. Similarly, encouraging infill development may result in greater traffic impacts near infill sites than would have occurred under the existing General Plan. This will be addressed in the EIR. Induce substantial population growth in an area, either directly (e.g., by proposing new homes and businesses) or indirectly (e.g., through extension of roads or other infrastructure)? No specific development projects are being proposed as part of the TGPA and Zoning Ordinance Update . The County of El Dorado General Plan authorizes new development pursuant to its policies and in the locations identified in the General Plan. The TGPA revises certain General Plan policies, but would not substantively change the planned locations of future growth [Added by Sue - in community region lines]. Its proposed policy revisions encouraging infill development and providing for higher residential densities within high density residential and mixed-use developments are intended to further encourage new development to locate within communities where services and utilities are available rather than in rural areas. This will potentially increase the intensity of development of individual parcels in rural centers, for example, although it will not change the distribution or total amount of development within the County. In some areas of the County, the project may have a significant impact. The actual resolutions that were passed to start the LUPPU process:

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  • FranJuly 12, 2013 - 2:20 pm

    Maybe we could invite Ms. Taylor to one of our town meetings to present the maps and ideas behind the "centers" and "lines." We are in the "red" urban boundary line here in Pollock...I am just learning about it. At one meeting--one of the "candidates" for the advisory board asked me if I wouldnt like to see 26 acres of a "business/shopping area here in Pollock...the answer was "no." I would like to see a full presentation by Ms. Taylor come up to Pollock.

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  • curiouserJuly 12, 2013 - 2:52 pm

    Of the 50 or so folks at the event. How many did Ray cry on their shoulder, begging for legal defense monies. First reaction is there anyone in this county that would seek advice from Nutting? Second thought is just how plain ignorant is the person that does?

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  • PP ResidentJuly 13, 2013 - 1:14 am

    Sue, Over the years you have demonstrated that you clearly understand what is really going on behind the scenes. Your postings to the MtDem articles are very informative. A few suggestions when you speak at BOS and other meetings: 1. Speak louder so that everyone can hear you. 2. Keep it short. 3. Follow the old adage: Tell then what you are going to tell them (the intro), Tell them (the message), Tell them what you told them (the close).

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  • 3 blind miceJuly 13, 2013 - 8:27 am

    You see you have a Judge that exhibits behavior a State Judicial Commission proves that he does not follow the rule of law. Have any of you approached him with a threat that you will file complaints against him unless he grants your requests? But do understand that if you lose a Judge who is corrupt, your agenda may have to go through legal channels and possibly be denied. I see the logic with you all. Having a corrupt judge can actually get favorable rulings if the circumstances are equitable for a corrupt judge. I only mention this, because nobody seems to be offended by Judges who are deemed corrupt like "similarly situated public officials who are now jailed felons in other non corrupt counties. So I can only assume that you are trying to influence your platforms, but without the typical bribe, like you are a bit on the cheap relying on real democracy. However, you are thinking in error. A real democracy does not tolerate corruption, and I"m not talking about Ray Nutting. Look at his accusers. I'm not saying he isn't more corrupt, but you can actually scientifically measure the difference with an order of magnitude. I find that explaining this is like telling small children about "the boy who cried wolf," or Hans Christian Anderson's "The emperors new clothes." Nuttings accusers are openly manipulating the judicial system. The Counsel on Judicial Performance found Judge James Wagoner guilty of the same charges that sent Orange County elected Sherif Mike Carona to prison. They sent the case to Vern Pierson jurisdiction with a packet of evidence, and Vern Pierson is violating his oath of office by ignoring this evidence. What is the order of magnitude compared to Ray Nuttings alleged crime. Now remember, Judge James Wagoner is no longer an alleged criminal, he is an actual criminal that has been found guilty of several counts of obstructing a grand jury investigation to allow mentally ill jailed accused criminals to be armed to the tooth, while delusional. This behavior can cause families to be murdered dead, and this is common in our news. But on the other hand, Ray Nutting made some money that others didn't get, and selfish schadenfreude ignores real crime and blames a politician who got money others didn't get. The order of magnitude! Vern Pierson has a pattern of conduct abusing power by ignoring statutory laws requiring him to make arrests where he can provide no legitimate rational basis for inaction. In other words, "discretion not to arrest" does not attach when proof of crime is prima facie, or res ipsa loquitur. Pierson's pattern of conduct clearly, according to Macias v. Ihde, 9th cir., "was a cause of murder" in one Case 2:08-cv-00013-FCD-EFB. In another case, Ninth Cir, case # 11-17344 Pierson again followed like a football playbook, the same pattern to end a law suit by releasing bail on mentally ill criminal defendants to kill, without restraint, in violation of restraining orders, if he so desired. I don't know if Nutting was critical of Pierson, but Pierson, if you criticize or sue him, he has a record of letting ongoing violence or creating ongoing violence by ignoring court orders, so that those complaining about his negligence or willful ill will, even as crime victims, where his pals have their felonies fixed, like he is doing for Judge James Wagoner right under the nose of local Sacramento FBI, and DOJ offices. Now this is so embolden, one wonders how an D.A. can do this right out in the open. But then I read posts about "anti-growth" "maintained with lies…CEDAPP " "we are not Europe–"Land Use Policy" "30% slope restriction” "Maybe we could invite Ms. Taylor to one of our town meetings to present the maps and ideas behind the “centers” and “lines.” "begging for legal defense monies" "just how plain ignorant is the person that does?” and my personal favorite, lessons on public speaking "Tell them what you told them (the close)." All of you, for many years have been repeating the same rhetoric expecting different results, and its all been focused on your assets and land. Yet you ignore democracy and justice for all, and turn a blind eye to open felonies that once where the sole act of MAFIA "obstructing justice and grand juries so their assets and land could increase. Vern Piersons and Judge James Wagoner's are laughing at you all the way to the bank! I too, laugh in between the tears of sadness for waking up in a country of willful ignorant bad Samaritans who ignore real corruption that strikes at the heart of liberty, so you can have a "30 percent slope" or some ridiculous rot! Columbine, Ft. Hood, Colorado, Virginia Tech, Tucson, massacres are easily explained by El Dorado County officials, and their citizens who turn a blind eye. Is it possible that fairness would be met if the next victims where the ones who crated the danger, or even those citizens who turn a blind eye to it? That would be fair, but there is no logic to insane people who kill, except when the elements are staged by local officials who personally gain from mayhem that terrorizes their critics. 2nd Amendment would not be necessary if we had a first amendment that was meaningful. But arming mental patients has been done in El Dorado County by a Judge, and the either incompetence or willful ill will of a D.A. You choose. What is known for sure is that the Grand Jury investigation was ended, and now the Grand Jury is ended, well at least until the so called Judges can get members who will acquiesce to corruption. Apparently, you citizens like corruption, perhaps you are vying for a bit of graft yourselves to get the "30 % slope thingy" that blows up your skirts. Up the Annie a bit. Perhaps one of these officials have some extra bills they need to pay off, now that getting welfare for "land stamps" can bring paperwork scrutiny that can land them in jail. Other counties actually arrest and imprison officials who engage in technicality to cause fear in those who oppose their agenda. If you haven't been a victim of Vern Pierson or Judge Wagoner, you are not even a player. Showing up at the BOS is a sign of cognitive dissonance; people under a delusion that they are influencing corrupt officials with logic. It's really sad.

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  • FranJuly 13, 2013 - 8:43 am

    Three blind mice...since you have attacked me in your post...not sure why--since I have never bothered you. I suggested Ms. Taylor come up to our space--because many do not know about CEDAPP--CEDEC--or LUPPU. And I feel her presentation is worth looking at. Mostly because political people do not want her to speak. I find that interesting.

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  • 3 blind miceJuly 13, 2013 - 10:41 am

    I'm sure you recognized, that it wasn't personal. I attacked anyone who ignores the fact that "order of magnitude" is ignored. I think your arguments are all valid, however, there is a bizarre acquiescence to turn a blind eye to what is actually tangible. When you have real evidence of wrong doing by officials who are caught in corruption, the major premise stratagem would be to find tangible things and remove obstacles that are openly corrupt. Sun Tzu's Art of War stratagem makes good sense, chapter 3 v. 7, discover the "mastery of the empire." Open corruption is obvious, it is the mastery that overcomes democracies fairness. End corruption that is visible, and you can win without expending resources in acts of futility is Tzu's lesson. For instance, Vern Pierson has looked deep in paper work of Nutting and is using that overt example to remove an obstacle to his and those who support him, agenda. Although, it appears he is attacking corruption, Vern is a hypocrite when he can influence a Judge by holding power over a judge who his oath of office demands he has no other recourse than to prosecute Judge James Wagoner who is no longer alleged to have committed a crime but was found he did by a State investigation agency. Vern Pierson is to prosecute, not the state agency. Pierson is violating state law too. This is tangible. I know Vern may not have anything to do with Land usage, so maybe you are not concerned. My argument is not to insult or "attack you," as I do respect your arguments, but the order of magnitude suggest, there is a common pattern of negligence in our local democracy, a desire of you and yours to continue to work with corrupt officials, in spite of the overt evidence that could cause their removal. Speaking about officials who fix felonies for pals: Elliot-Park v. Manglona, 592 F. 3d 1003 - Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit 2010: Would-be criminals will act with a greater impunity if they believe they have a get out of jail free card if they commit crimes against the disfavored group." End Quote. the district attorney is without the power unilaterally to dismiss an accusation.   As an officer of the court, the district attorney must perform his duties in a professional manner.  (Reaves v. Superior Court (1971) 22 Cal.App.3d 587, 596, 99 Cal.Rptr. 156.)” [Emphasis added] My suggestion is to bring dialogue that skews common rhetoric, which is more dialectic, and any response from your group has not been that regarding my posts, it has been the code of silence, and thus you simply accuse me of "attacking you." I didn't even consider you, I attacked the seemingly ignoring of rules of logical syllogism. The claims I make are public record and fact! I imagine, how do you not see them worthy of comment if they seem to overshadow your land use concerns. I view your silence as marginalizing the so called equal right to the 14th amendment considerations. For instance, your land use agenda has equal support, even I support it, but your silence on tangible breakdowns in our government represent a social disease that needs healing. After all, don't you feel you would have a better chance to work with a county whose officials have been culled of corruption by meaningful democracy? I'm no Nutting supporter, however, his accusations by Pierson whose own open violations of law strike at the heart of the liberty and freedom of every citizen who could face his evil retaliation! Suppose you have a traffic accident, and you are cited, or your son builds a tree house, and EDC cites you for some violation or permit violation. If you have criticized Vern Pierson, you are going to feel his wrath, and he is supposed to remain neutral. Or lets say one of his associations commits a crime against your family, and he fixes the felonies, which he has been caught doing, leading to one of those he protected to murder the victim! Land use would seem so petty. I know you guys don't like to make real waves and think you can reason with these sociopaths. They are brutal, they don't hide it, yet your camp turns a blind eye to it. I just think you should realize that there is a strategy to gain your desires that would meet with more fairness. However, you need to show officials that you will not tolerate their outright corruption. By ignoring the cases I mention you send a clear signal to them that you will not prevent corruption form occurring and thus embolden them to act with greater impunity. What I am talking about is actually tangible, and can be done easily, if you are really concerned about public corruption. Quoting a 2013 Ninth Circuit ruling, "A district attorney may be removed from office by the same procedure as for other city and county officials. Cal. Gov. Code § 3073." Goldstein v. City of Long Beach. Why you guys choose to deal with openly corrupt officials cause me to appear to attack your discourse. This is an equivocation on your part. I lash out at would be allies who I know are decent people and want change for the good, I do not know where else to turn! Logical syllogism forces those who use logic into a box of truth. Those who chose to ignore it willfully are as corrupt as those they turn a blind eye to it I'm hoping that some of you can become aware, and perhaps realize that tangible venue for change is at your hand. Clean house and then approach a non corrupt BOS. The recent May 2013 Goldstein case cites, "Our task, of course, is not merely to weigh the amount of control that the Attorney General and county board of supervisors possess over a district attorney; instead, we must decide whether the district attorney was acting on behalf of the state or the county." end quote. It is clear that the "State" ruled that Judge James Wagoner committed the same crime of "obstructing a grand jury investigation," and again obstructed justice," that sent Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona to prison. It is clear that Vern Pierson using Wagoner's conviction by the California State Judicial Counsel, as a means to get favorable decisions is a clear violation of judicial Canon by Wagoner. Theoretically, Wagoner should be in prison like Mike Corana, yet Wagoner who cannot legally or ethically sit in any criminal or civil case presented by Pierson without bias, or the leverage, is a practicing judge! This may be due to fear of prosecution for State findings that Wagoner is guilty of. This is tangible Fran. You can win this if the community truly was out for fair and impartial democracy. Because this is ignored, I feel that questioning your and others motives is appropriate, even though it hurts me to go there with you and your group. I actually helped stuff envelopes for some of your functions, provided meeting places, I am an alie, but I find disfavored, possibly because the harsh results that would result in a benefit for democracy, may step on toes that you may support, I don't know. I know you are all good people, and good people eventually do do the right thing!

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  • FranJuly 13, 2013 - 11:52 am

    Three blind mice...I am not part of a "group"--I question things on my own...try to get people to question items that may affect them. I read your posts...I believe you have a right to say what you feel--what you present is so above anything I can imagine...the closet I can come- is where my uncle turned state evidence against something...and years later he and his second wife were killed--execution style. I had not spoken with my uncle in years--saw him once two years before he was killed...he told me at the time "good-bye." I cant understand the violations of justice with your writings...just as I do not understand the death of my uncle. I believe in justice --I also know im naive. I can only read your postings. Just like I can only ask people to come help here in Pollock, in order to try to help my community--my grandson...his friends... to continue to have some freedoms. I am an artist who sees visually--and what I see is so dark-- it is becoming the absence of any light...I have to hang on to the little things I can do for now. I have to allow people who have more knowledge than I to step forward--not many have offered...but I will keep asking. Personal--no.

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  • 3 blind miceJuly 13, 2013 - 12:14 pm

    Ireally did't pay attention to the authors, I just took those snippets of quotes, not to persoally attack. People are murdered every day, and I shudder to think we elect sociopath's who would do this to cover-up criticism. But on the other hand, criticism can end political careers, there is a lot at stake. I know of one man who was killed in a Murder of Proxy, scenario where Pierson had control of setting a stage for it to happen by ignoring warning signs, and the benefit ended a suit against him Case 2:08-cv-00013-FCD-EFB Eastern District Court. While at the same time another suit against Vern Pierson, Ninth Cir, case # 11-17344, Pierson set the stages for assaults, vandalism, murder threats, and if the guy wanted to commit murder, his many felony violations in more than a dozen citizen complaints were ignored. WE had to leave our home after finding out about the murder that occurred in the other case, during the same time. I think these are cases that boggle the mind, and are hard to believe by most people, and that is the diabolical beauty of their corruption. It is quite remarkable to witness. But then local FBI office and AG and DOG are allowing Vern and Wagoner to do these crimes. Go figure!

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  • Compass2TruthJuly 13, 2013 - 6:06 pm

    3BM - Kudos for your logical critique which is well stated and supported by actual case law. I think most readers will agree the system is corrupt and the DA is a BIG part of the problem. As D'Agostini said in one of our meetings regarding the DA, "It is what it is." Like frogs in slowly boiling water, some people are finally waking up to the fact that there ARE better alternatives to dealing with the GOB merry-go-round. Astute citizens attending public meetings need to add some bite to their weekly bark at the BOS. Witness particular Open Forum speakers at the last 6/25/13 BOS:

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  • 3 blind miceJuly 14, 2013 - 12:10 pm

    "So for the record list some of the people you feel are the bullies GOB’s. I don't know fly on the walls list of bullies, but one only needs to look at The Judicial Counsel investigations of Corruption. Judge James Wagoner was found guilty of "obstructing a grand Jury investigation" in a complaint where he re-armed a mental patient with 5 restraining orders against him in 4 separate criminal cases. You can see that Wagoner was undaunted by the 2009 admonishment, and then repeated the behavior to to punish those who object to abuse of power by filing lawful complaints. He reached outside of his court room and convinced an idiot cop to arrest someone, who according, to the CJP did not break any laws. She was sentenced, fined, tortured, at the whim of James Wagoner, Not Judge James Wagoner. Now look at non corrupt counties, such as Orange County California....Sheriff Mike Carona "obstructed a grand Jury investigation." He was prosecuted. Judge James Wagoner, not alleged to be guilty, but found Guilty of "obstructing a grand jury investigation, and many other charges in the complaints, is being allowed to be on the bench, where Vern Pierson has power to arrest Prosecute Wagoner or initiate the prosecution, but as the state law mandates, Vern Pierson has no right to allow James Wagoner to corruptly sit on a bench and do Vern Pierson's inquisitions for him. What more do you need? This discourse should serve to point out the opposition to fact. This is a prime example of those who will defend the absurd to those who do not know the difference. The recent prosecutions of police from child porn to embezzling from charity, to Mayors and Boards of Supervisor, Nutting and the Former Hellen Baumann! Come on! Yet Vern Pierson and Wagoner, according to the findings of the CJP are running a criminal enterprise funded by tax dollars, because Wagoner is evading justice as a fugitive only because Pierson is openly corrupt and does not charge his criminal friends! One person filed a complaint and Pierson protected a retired sheriff from criminal violence alleged. The retired sheriff murdered the guy, and ended the suit against Pierson. This is sick sick sick perverted perverted perverted, and like Fly said, El Dorado county citizens view this as normal and don't seem to think the criminal behavior is wrong as long as they prosecute petty white collar criminals like Nutting has been alleged to be.

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  • curiouserJuly 13, 2013 - 9:21 pm

    Nutting indicted by a Criminal Grand Jury is not the problem or a GOB? What the heck are you people complaining about? Nutting can't perform his duties because of his actions. He should step down for the good of his district. SIMPLE If an elected official can't perform their duties as paid representatives, then they should not be in office. SIMPLE The reality is these are ELECTED officials. So blame Eldorado County voters for how our Government runs right here. Vote the bums out

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  • G'Town WhistlerJuly 14, 2013 - 7:59 am

    Not so SIMPLE a solution...It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than votes to oust the corruption. For starts call ORKIN exterminators.

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  • Fly On the WallJuly 14, 2013 - 9:37 am

    Fran, sorry to hear about your uncle. 3 Blind Mice is accurate in his assessment about those who've either been intimidated or permanently silenced in EDC for exposing GOB corruption. Volumes could be written on the subject. Just imagine how different the outcome if our founding fathers had submitted to mafia tactics. Those brave men forfeited their fortunes, reputations and even their lives in the pursuit of their ideals & establishing our freedom from tyranny. We can do no less than to stand up to the bullies in order to maintain those principles of freedom.

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  • curiouserJuly 14, 2013 - 9:46 am

    Fly, It's hard for me to keep score. So for the record list some of the people you feel are the bullies GOB's. And those who try to stand up to them. In short, which side is Ray?

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  • FranJuly 14, 2013 - 10:04 am

    Fly, thanks...long time ago. I have no idea what he did--just know he spoke 7 languages...turned in state evidence--worked with the FBI on something...and was executed in his Beverly Hills apartment. I remember him always being happy and bringing presents. Peoples choices are the key I think...I remember a "good" man. However to be executed--I am also aware that he had to be involved in something above my head. I have met many people in regular situations...

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  • James E.July 14, 2013 - 2:43 pm

    Mr./Ms. -3 Blind Mice, if what you say about EDC, the DA and various judges being corrupt, the Attorney General of California must be complicit for doing nothing. How can this be?

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  • FranJuly 14, 2013 - 4:09 pm

    Three blind mice, Fly...I do not know the players that you have named. Three Blind Mice--but I do know that the person in charge of the whole thing--is going to have "big" money. Ray is a sacrificial lamb...I still believe he made someone mad...but he will have his day in court. The mistakes being made in the BOS room--seem on purpose at times--because they make no sense. The support of some of the issues by the BOS--although a majority of people have said "no" continues the appearance of either lack of concern, incompetence , or a "really" big pay off. When I stand in front of these people--I respect the system--they are elected. When I listen to them or read an article about one of their choices --I am baffled. When I sent out letters about the donations being used for carpet at the library in Pollock with out asking the community...the only person who responded (in this county) was Mr. Harn...he said he would look into it. Of course stories were already I emailed him and said thanks--that I already knew the outcome. As punishment--the director is still allowing the librarian to paint on the building--that same mural is on-going...lololol I hope that someone addresses all of the political games going on. In my opinion--just living a have not come close to the person or persons who are actually in control...or people below them would be gone...just so you never find out. So yes-- it is a game...find the "king" and the possible "queen" protecting him. Mean while...keep fighting. History shows that people can get small victories won by coming together as a strong voice. Lately the world has become "odd." I am hoping that someone who posts or sits back and reads--does the "right" thing...maybe more people will come forward and tell their stories. My fight at the present is to fight against advisory boards of un elected people--might not seem like much to some...but it is to me...I always start with what I understand first.

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  • curiouserJuly 14, 2013 - 5:08 pm

    So I posted the question to all of these people posting. Fran is talking about paint on a library carpet and still no names listed as to who are the GOB's. Who is big money? Name someone. Who are the GOB's? Has this big paid off the Auditor, DA and Grand Jury to indict an innocent Supervisor. While at the same time they convince the State AG to go along? Does that sound plausible to you people? Well if that does, then you have reality issues. Regarding this gentleman that keeps attacking Judge Wagner and our DA. I would feel so much more comfortable with those gentleman interpreting the law as well as protecting our society than sitting on the same park bench next to him.

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  • more curiouserJuly 14, 2013 - 5:47 pm

    curiouser: Just suppose for one tiny moment that 3BM is correct .............. and you want names? You're really funny. Or something.

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  • FranJuly 14, 2013 - 6:28 pm

    curiouser: I believe I said paint on a building...lolol (but who knows--by now, there may be painted flowers on the carpet.)...and I was responding to questions. Again I do not know the players stated. Ray will have his day in court. I would like to see the grand jury report form last year (not just the one Ray was just in.) And I agree--who is going to name the "bullies?" --I dont even know who the GOB s are. I stated there would be big money behind any kind of play that Three blind mice is talking about--people do not usually risk jail time--unless money is involved (note...usually) As far as what is going on in the county...any one can see--it is like people want to see El Dorado go under...remember--there is NO money. Come play up in Pollock--talk about strange...more and more is going up for sale...landlords are aware of the "urban" line...people have stopped taking care of their rentals on Pony...some thing is coming...I just hope it is for the good of the people up here. One last observation...I am using my real name--you are there a reason? I hope more people are following the donations of some of the non-profits...they are not going toward things that you gave the money for.

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  • more curiouserJuly 14, 2013 - 6:33 pm

    curiouser and curiouser, my name really is more curiouser. But I may have to change it to anonymous to protect my i.d.

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  • curiouser and curiouserJuly 14, 2013 - 8:10 pm

    Fran, yes you use you real name. There will not be a GJ report from last year because the GJ didn't write one. You did post on the stories in this paper that reported that fact how ever. Strange that you don't remember. And you admit to not know who the GOB's are. The devastation of Pollack Pines economically coincides with the elimination of timber harvest. Also the hostile attitude of O growth nimby's in your neck of the woods. Throw in the Supervisors writing laws restricting land use for winery's. I don't know what people can do for a living that want to live and raise a family up where you live. Other than living on government subsidies claiming to run a logging operation. Fran, do you really think that Todd Robben is a legitimate resource for common sense information regarding our county? more curiouser, I'm not asking for YOUR name. I asked you to name the GOB's. Very simple and easy. Why won't you I wonder? I have accused you of being Ray Nutting or one of his cohorts. With an agenda to damage the jury pool for his trial. Looks like I nailed that one. I can see that Ray would like to convince a jury that the Auditor, DA, GJ and State Attorney General are all GOB's. So educate us as to who besides those I've listed the GOB's are in your opinion.

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  • more curiouserJuly 14, 2013 - 8:40 pm

    curiouser and curiouser, you are too clever for all of us curious people. You score 100% and can go to the top of your class.

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  • FranJuly 15, 2013 - 8:19 am

    I was not talking about a report written by the Grand Jury--im talking about a report that documents what happen...what were the questions posed to the Grand Jury...notes...any thing...are you saying even that information (public money spent before the Grand Jury dissolved) no longer transparent. Am I Rays minion? Well--im sure he got a good laugh out of that--I know him from fund raisers and meetings...our children go to the same schools...we support Pollock Pines and some of the concerns there. He has items that he is passionate about--that I disagree with. Politics. The jury pool was ruined the moment all of this happened. Any questions brought up about any of the people names--false or not...disturbs the whole process--it would have to leave this be fair. He may want it to stay here--I have no idea. I know him as a family person...taking in interest it what his son will be involved with. Wineries? the meetings I go to now here in Pollock...many have had too many glasses. Apples have always brought in tourists...why change that over to all wineries? People are fighting over that as well...preserving the history vs. remaking the history...interesting. I do not know the person writing about the DA and Auditor...I do not know who the GOB s have become as amusing as other bloggers though--look at all the people you are just as responsible for the false information as any one...welcome to the wall. Maybe we could just get the GOB s to name themselves--saves time. As I understand it--being a GOB can be a good thing or a bad thing...programmers vs is a game. Someone got mad

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  • CP residentJuly 15, 2013 - 10:32 am

    Ray is just pandering to the only 50 people that will listen to him....The no growthers ......Thats all he has left.... Go Away Ray !!!

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  • Count MeinJuly 15, 2013 - 10:50 am

    Well! The evidence from 3BM seems hard to dispute. I actually called the Judicial Counsel, and the allegations, according to them are true! Regardless if Ray is guilty or not, the fact is Judge James Wagoner is guilty. They investigated claims by several citizen victims and what 3BM says, is true and verifiable. Ray Nutting has done nothing close to being as wrong as what Wagoner did to cover up something Vern Pierson did. Get rid of all of the Supervisors, because they are as guilty, supervising all this corruption right under their noses!

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  • I just checkedJuly 15, 2013 - 10:33 am

    I just checked the Judicial Counsel Website dot gov and it sure does follow what 3bm claimed. Also, any "idiot" can check the case files, yet I don't see Ty Robben affiliated with any of those. Well, not any Idiot, on idiot for use is "curious." The difference in comments from curious or 3BM are facts v. personal attacks. 3BM mentions case law and actual cases showing Judge James Wagoner really did commit the same felony that Orange County sheriff was sentenced to 5 years in prison for. Curiouser alleges mental illness, from "people he talks too named Ty Robben." I doubt very much Ty Robben is 3BM. In Fact, if he isn't Ty Robben has a winnable per se libel case. All he has to do subpoena the IP address, and punitive damages are not excusable by bankrupting "curiouser." Because "curiouser" merely diagnosis by "talking" to Ty Robben, I hope he has a license to make such a diagnosis. Regardless of the ad hominem abuse that curious uses with such boldness, as if all of an audience are not aware that ad hominem abuse, i.e. personal attacks absent any dispute of genuine issue of fact, to get fellow idiots to side with his argument. I think most people know that this type of rhetoric used by "Curiouser" is used by those who are intellectually dishonest by nature, or who are just intellectually inept. I mean the cjp website shows that the information shown Wagoner a major player in organized crime from his bench cannot be disputed by claiming Ty is mentally ill. Even after I read your report mr or mrs Curiouser, I checked the cjp web site, and yes Wagoner was found guilty of obstructing justice, and a grand jury investigation to cover up a complaint against Vern Pierson. Your loyalty is admirable, but your are stinking of the same human waste that corruption must adorn itself with.

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  • curious oh boyJuly 15, 2013 - 10:44 am

    I was curious once also! I'm so glad that domestic partnerships got passed by the Supreme Court! You should contact me! I can fix your curiosity! Anywho! Yes, simply provide some meaningful credible evidence that the Judicial Counsel findings do not exist. Maybe the guy set up a fake web site and its a fraud. Maybe Wagoner or all them other judges didn't violate human rights in court. Contact me and I'll help you prove your theories! WINK WINK!

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  • 3 Blind Mice response to James E.July 17, 2013 - 11:21 am

    "Complicity" and turning a blind eye I would say are related, however, plausible deniability may have rhetorical impact on an audience of sympathizers. Let's look at what news reporting is today. Ray Nutting, who I think is a back stabbing coward, who also turns a blind eye, is accused of greed. On one hand we have the state agency news leaks that the Office who is in control of handing out rich peoples welfare i.e. "land stamps, if you will, say that "Nutting did no wrong," where conflict of interest charges are laid. On the other hand, you have a paper that one of his employees filled out, according to live video news, yet Nutting signed it even though it appears to be filled out wrong. So this makes the news, and if a jury hates Nutting or those who get free money when they don't, it may convict him. Now on the other hand, The A.G. was sued for an injunction to get Vern Pierson to enforce laws that he enforces for similarly situated crime victims. The only difference is that the crime victims seeking the injunction had Vern Pierson's Judge admonished by the LINK - Judicial Counsel who finds Judge Wagoner a serial racketeer "obstructing justice" against opposition whistle blowers Now you have to go outside of Sacramento and El Dorado County to experience what USA actually is supposed to do. Public officials violate federal and state law when they "abuse power of citizens under the color of law." That means they pretend like they are acting in official capacity, but in reality they are using state power dishonestly, violating 18 USC 346 among other laws. But outside of EDC, other counties put people like Wagoner in prison, i.e. Elected Sheriff Mike Carona, Orange County, infra. Most people think that officials do not behave like these state facts. These are not allegations, but proven fact! For instance, "MT Dem commenter" "Curious" says that people who object to abuse, even using the First Amendment to express this objection are "mentally ill." I think most of the uneducated citizens who voluntarily acquiesce to this proletariat mob trait will follow that illogical rhetoric. This is how lawyers influence ill informed jurors by "ad hominem" attacks on fellow man because they want to hide truth behind a particular behavior of an individual "redressing a grievance." What would motives be? I mean "redress of grievances" is in the constitution. Grievance suggests that an emotional reaction is present in the victim, and this constitutional right should not be an avenue for attacking them. Its natural for victims to be upset, and its easy for evil hearts to create a stigma of mental illness, instead of natural reaction of emotional discomfort. But this takes higher consciousness or awareness. This is a clear departure from the higher character trait and separates willful ignorance from those who don't fall to knee jerk reactive jerks. True some folks are conspiracy theorists, paranoid without basis in fact. While others, like myself, point the Judicial Counsel reality where Judge James Wagoner was actually investigated in two occasions regarding charges of threatening to arrest, fine and imprison, "a married couple in 2009," and in 2010, Wagoner actually arrested a woman and her broken bones are today's example of torture, and they sentenced her to incarceration. I make no accusation. I am just reporting news that the news fails to document from a State agency. Nevertheless, in her case when she sued Wagoner, the Federal court fined the woman to punish her for bringing the suit suggesting that when she was arrested she should not have suffered a grievance that caused her to become emotionally upset. So maliciously, a Magistrate Judge, adding insult to injury, after she lost everything, her home, her life, when she had a provable case, the evidence in the Federal Court shows that her "magistrate judge" fixed the case for James Wagoner, buy continuing this grievance as a psychological punishment for a woman who DARE BRING AN ACCUSATION TO A FELLOW JUDGE. I would be like a raip [sic] victim going to a Judge and the whole room of officials laughed and simply gang raiped [sic] her again! These claims are supported by fact and the record reflects these facts! Judge James Wagoner escaped two law suits through Federal Court Corruption when it was already ruled by the Judicial Counsel that he committed the most rarest of judicial tyranny that removes immunity from Judges. See Stump v. Sparkman U.S. She says she was denied by the Magistrate from bringing suit against Wagoner even though he abrogated immunity. Out of fear she could do nothing. In one case Wagoner was served, and he did not answer the complaint and therefore he legally defaulted and lost! Yet the Federal Court ignored the pleadings and did nothing right out in the open. 120 documents exist in that case alone, and not one defense motion responded to the "substantial motivating factor" and the magistrate judge aided the defense in keeping objections off the record, but simply ignored the law and dismissed Wagoner, who was found guilty by a panel of other Judges. Now this abuse of power violates, for instance FRCP Rule 8, and obstruction of justice. But when you administer justice, you can get away with corruption if you know the press will be silent. That is a puzzling awareness. All it will take is one journalist to investigate this, and prison cells await quite a few so called officials! When pleadings are not responded to the evidence and facts are admitted and undisputed. Thus the complaint is considered truthful and undisputed if not "properly responded to or addressed." Now this can be misconstrued as a disgruntled plaintiff, but you must show that there was a response or any addressing of the alleged "substantial motivating factor" and "proximate cause." In fact the law requires, that if "differential treatment raised a concern of arbitrary classification, and therefore required that the State provide a rational basis for it." Enquist, supra. In cases like I mention above, a "fact checker" for a press could simply read perhaps 5 or 6 bench orders and see that in fact, a federal court in Sacramento aided the El Dorado County Republicans in a cover up of a scandal, by noting that no bench order addresses the constitutional injury claimed as THE "SUBSTANTIAL MOTIVATING FACTOR." For those of you who are not aware of the common abuse this. The court has a test, and it is simple. If you can see a clear "departure in treatment" where law is ignored to punish, whistle blowers, this is "arbitrary classification," and victims are "singled out." is, see Enquist v. Oregan U.S. 2008. Enquist- "Its recognition of that theory, however, was not so much a departure from the principle that the Equal Protection Clause is concerned with arbitrary government classification, as it was an application of that principle to the facts in that case: The government singled Olech out with regard to its regulation of property, and the cases upon which the Court relied concerned property assessment and taxation schemes that were applied in a singular way to particular citizens. What seems to have been significant in Olech and the cited cases was the existence of a clear standard against which departures, even for a single plaintiff, could be readily assessed. This differential treatment raised a concern of arbitrary classification, and therefore required that the State provide a rational basis for it. In the case involving the "2009 Couple," they were crime victims, and Vern Pierson was apparently fixing the felonies of a mental patient, and allowing this mental patient to stalk and terrorize them, in spite of restraining orders granted after evidentiary hearings. The evidence centered around Exhibits A1, A2, A3, a letter sent from the Late Senator Dave Cox he provided with his state seal to verify the correspondence as "judicially noticeable evidence." He provided the evidence to turn in Vern Pierson who apparently conspired with a board of supervisor and elected sheriff to create false arrest reports to discredit complainants in a Republican Party investigation started by a committee member Bob Berger. This evidence is so rare, because it is the actual, "minutes," if you will of the officials conspiring to illegally deprive rights. Here is the Supreme Court showing that "inferences can be used from behavior by officials to prove guilt or liability. Yet this case had the "rare evidence." See, e.g., ES Dev., Inc. v. RWM Enters., 939 F.2d 547, 553-54 (8th Cir. 1991) ("it is axiomatic that the typical conspiracy is 'rarely evidenced by explicit~ agreements: but must almost always be proved by 'inferences that may be drawn from the behavior of the alleged conspirators"') (quoting H.L. Moore Drug Exch. v. Eli Lilly & Co., 662 F.2d 935, 941 (2d Cir. 1981), cert. denied 459 U.S. 880 (1982)), cert. denied, 502 U.S. 1097 (1992). Yet any fact checker will fail to find any objection to or disputing of any facts in the evidence, and the case was dismissed, but El Dorado County settled out of court on the Appeal, which they never usually do, but this one was so damning to themselves, bringing it before the panel would have been suicidal. Oh btw, Ray Nutting was a defendant, and he supervised the cover up for Vern Pierson his co-defendant! I wonder what Nutting did to make Vern mad? So what we see here is the Nutting case has caused the press to require a "rational basis" to be made public knowledge." What is the clear "departure" I am pointing to? Well, the Mountain Democrat was informed about Wagoner's being found guilty of the same charges that put elected Sheriff of Orange County, Mike Carona in prison for 5 years. Some reason caused the Mountain Democrat to hide from the public, except in our forum here, that they have a Judge who has been investigated and found he committed felony yet he is able to rule on cases brought before him by Vern Pierson. For instance, Pierson is suing Dan Dellinger for campaign fraud type allegations, yet Dellinger campaigns for opponents of Vern Pierson. Had not the Mountain Democrat news reporters aided Vern Pierson in covering up James Wagoners ability to escape prison, unlike Mike Carona, we see another clear "departure" from equal protection and treatment where critics of Vern Pierson are stigmatized as kooky complainers. The press should report this but they do not, because it can easily be perceived by an audience that a press would have checked facts and if found that there is no such action against Judge James Wagoner in the Judicial Counsel web site then in fact there would be no substance. But the County or State has yet to provide any reational basis. The guilt is available in public record that a 4th grader could find. The fact that Vern Pierson is suing Dan Dellinger, and the Judge on the case is James Wagoner shows bias, and is a violation of canon per conflict of interest. Dellinger campaigns against Pierson, this attack on critics, even though there could be merit, fits the pattern of conduct (M.O.) Vern has mastered to destroy opponents. Similarly, in John O'Sullivan's case, according to Macias v. Sheriff Mike Ihde 9th cir, Pierson used his illegal "arbitrary" power to not only "cause the murder and the months of stalking and assualts of O'Sullivan. This is Murder by Proxy. It is the perfect crime, the perfect murder, but it requires the press to turn a blind eye. Pierson had his hand on the administration of justice for this event. O'Sullivan was suing Pierson, and O'Sullivans murder ended the suit against Pierson. I haven't read any of this type of corruption, not even in Robin Hood! This is pretty creative crime racketeering that is unprecedented. Not that others are not put in prison for it, i.e. Mike Carona, Blagojevich, and others. What is keeping these goons out of prison is the Mountain Democrat, and I suspect they receive advertising contributions from political parties involved, though that is just speculation. After all, it is possible on a slim margin that instead of sociopathic stooges that cover up corruption for Vern Pierson and James Wagoner, these so called journalists could simply be inept idiots. I'm not one to judge! I let the Counsel on Judicial performance do that, and they did, now I'm just the messenger. So, as for the Attorney General, as you alleged, "complicity," well the case shows they were sued, and after a dozen letters from the Attorney General stating "local redress must be exhausted," it seems the plaintiff exhausted every corrupt official in El Dorado County and then showed this to the Attorney General who promised to follow their law. After "exhausting" the A.G. ignoring the plaintiff, the AG was sued in injunction, not for money, but to order them to obey their own laws. There defense was, "your honor, we are absolutely immune from obeying laws by the 11th amendment to the constitution, even if what the plaintiff says is true, you must dismiss the case." In fact they quoted "Bogan v. Scott-Harris U.S. 1998, "If corrupt we can be indicted, but the law will not tolerate a citizen redress..." of grievances. I had no Idea the First Amendment right would not be "tolerated by the law!" It was a shocking lesson in civics that seem to be left out of text books. I never heard of this trash in college! Yet here it was! We know that Wagoner "abrogated" immunity, according to the CJP. But yes, Alden v. Maine U.S. 1999 stated that officials are "sovereigns" and only "faith in law by officials compels obedience to the Constitution!.." The Court said, "we will not assume that officials will ever disobey the law, therefore they are immune." But even though that had nothing to do with injunctions, the Federal Court knew that public citizens, or idiot journalists would know the difference. At what price are journalists selling out the United States myth of liberty and justice for all? So ignorance of law by citizens is destroying the fabric of liberty and justice for all. Keep it up, we are adding new moves to the goose step, and we don't even notice.

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  • Ty RobbenJuly 17, 2013 - 3:16 pm

    RE: I never posted this comment that curiouser and curiouser suggests... I have not attacked any Judge in El Dorado and my claims against the DA are not false. curiouser and curiouser says: July 14, 2013 at 6:25 pm What if Todd Robben (3BM) is correct regarding what?If Todd Robben isn’t afraid of attacking Judge Wagner and the DA or making false claims while protesting in front of the DA’s office.

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