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Sheriff’s Office releases 2013 stats

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The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office released crime statistics for 2013 showing that while most class 1 crimes are down, rape and car thefts increased from 2012.

Homicide in the area of the county covered by EDSO was down 60 percent, from five murders in 2012 to two in 2013. There were 17 robberies as opposed to 22 in 2013; the 841 assaults were down from 950; a 3 percent change was found in larceny at 749 from 772; and a slight rise in burglaries saw 1,276 from 1,252 in 2012. Auto thefts rose 189 percent, from 18 in 2012 to 52 last year; however, the reporting method has changed with CHP no longer taking auto theft reports if the vehicle was stolen during a residential or commercial burglary. Rape was up 86 percent from 2012, with 14 rapes in 2012 and 26 in 2013.

Adult arrests were up from 3,685 to 3,761, a 2 percent change. Juvenile arrests were down 19 percent from 431 to 351. A total of 4,112 arrests were made in 2013, down only four arrests from the previous year. Of the 2013 arrests, 1,431 were misdemeanor and 1,201 were felony arrests. Total bookings, taking into account both Placerville and South Lake Tahoe jails, rose 1 percent from 6,858 to 6,932.

When the phone rings

There were 931 domestic violence calls, down from 1,039; cases involving weapons was down from 56 to 50.

There were 863 new concealed carry permits issued, a 19 percent rise from 728. CCW renewals numbered 656, a 249 percent increase from 188. The number of sex, drug and arson registrants fell from 136 to 117. The total number of sexual offender registrants was 300, up from 264, of which 5 percent were transient. There was a 3 percent decrease in restraining orders, from 1,234 to 1,198.

There was a single officer-involved shooting in 2013, a number unchanged from the previous year. The number of cases where force was used rose from 19 to 37.

There were 101 no-bite apprehensions using K9 units and nine bite apprehensions.

A total of 155 crimes were recorded at Red Hawk Casino, down from 190 in 2012. Assault was halved to eight incidents; two burglaries occurred in 2013 compared to five the previous year; thefts were nearly halved from 28 to 15; controlled substance cases from 60 to 56; and miscellaneous crimes went from 81 to 74.

The coroner handled 431 cases, seven of which were homicides.

There were 68,911 calls for service, of which 31,871 were emergency calls. The most common calls were for traffic, with 7,316 in 2013 and 7,408 in 2012. Second was medical and fire assists, up to 7,240 from 6,346. Third was alarm activations, at 4,104. Of the activations, 36 were found to have evidence of a crime committed. There was an average of 2,655 calls per month, with July and August the busiest. About 85 percent of calls are answered in 10 seconds of receipt and 41 percent of calls come in between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Squad numbers

Two blast or post-blast investigations and three hoax devices contributed to the 35 calls for the Explosive Ordinance Squad. The review noted that “2013 was the busiest year in recent memory. The EOD team averaged more than two calls per month; this represents over 100 percent increase from the previous years.” The most significant incident was in aiding Yolo County, also part of the Sacramento Area EOD Unit, with an apartment at UC Davis where homemade explosives were being manufactured.

The SWAT team was called out four times, for a “barricaded suspect wanted for a stabbing, a suicidal male in the National Forest in Tahoe, a barricaded subject wanted for attempted murder and a gang member wanted for assault with a deadly weapon (firearm).”

The Crimes Against Persons unit reported on the aforementioned two homicides as well as an additional four attempts. Both homicides occurred in Jan. 2013, one in an unincorporated part of Placerville — a subject allegedly shooting and killing its spouse — and one on Browns Road in Gold Hill, the result of an alleged stabbing.

A non-life-threatening stabbing occurred in Cool in June. The next month, a patrol deputy shot a suspect who allegedly confronted teenagers with a handgun in El Dorado Hills. “When confronted by the deputy, the subject removed a handgun from his person,” the report noted. The deputy fired a single shot; the subject survived.

In August, an individual allegedly attempted to set fire to its roommate after beating them in Pilot Hill. In El Dorado, a home invasion occurred. No one was severely injured.

In October, a subject shot at teenagers in Shingle Springs; no one was injured.

November saw a woman shot multiple times by her boyfriend in Georgetown. She is still recovering.

There were seven major sexual assault cases in 2013 that will go to trial this year; possible sentences range from 12 years to life sentences.

There were 711 cases assigned to the unit; 498 cases were cleared, with nine cold cases active.

In January, the Property Crimes Unit investigated a horse stolen from High Horse Ranch, later found dead at Jay Hawk Cemetery. The community’s posting of flyers, the report noted, helped produce tips that led to the solving of the case. In May, another case related to the attempted theft of a horse and a sexual assault on a horse was investigated. A transient suspect in Cameron Park and Rescue was linked to both the January and May horse cases and later arrested after evidence connecting the cases was seized.

In February, detectives linked credit cards stolen from unsolved car burglaries in 2012 after the cards were used at the El Dorado Hills Target. Detectives found the same suspects for both cases. The suspects were arrested, closing five cases.

In late 2013, a number of door-kick burglaries were reported in the Placerville and Georgetown areas, with witnesses noting the suspects were dressed in firefighter shirts and driving a white sedan. An observant detective noted a car of similar description and followed it to a Placerville address, leading to two arrests and the recovery of stolen goods from the burglaries. Co-conspirators were identified, search warrants served and a burglary ring operating within the county was exposed. “During a subsequent investigation five search warrants were served, 14 arrests were made of many career criminals and truckloads of stolen property were recovered from residences throughout Placerville and Georgetown,” the report noted. The 30 items recovered include firearms, jewelry, vehicles, antiques, ATVs and appliances. More property is continually being found and returned to their owners in El Dorado, Amador and Placer counties.

In total, the Property Crimes Unit cleared 522 cases and assigned 2,537 cases.

The Western Slope El Dorado Narcotics Enforcement Team made 205 felony arrests, 13 misdemeanor arrests and 100 undercover buys resulting in 83,459 marijuana plants eradicated, 9,419 pounds of processed marijuana, four meth labs dismantled, and 30 pounds of meth, 1,061 ecstasy pills, a kilo of cocaine, 770 prescription pills, 80 opium pods, $2.85 million and more than 20 properties seized. Its South Lake counterparts made 26 arrests, seizing 725 marijuana plants, 13,686.9 gigagrams of marijuana, 13.7 gg of concentrated cannabis, 19 gg of meth, 206.8 gg of heroin, six vials of steroids, 13.8 gg of psilocybin mushrooms, 296 prescriptions pills, nearly $80,000 and a 2011 26-foot Victory trailer.

In total, the Sheriff’s Office has a staff of 369 employees. Expenditures were budgeted at $56.4 million, with about $48.8 million actually used. Actual revenue was $14 million, less than the $16.3 budgeted. The net county costs came in at $34.6 million with a budgeted cost of $40 million.


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  • Paddy O'furnitureFebruary 21, 2014 - 7:00 am

    Concealed carry permits are on the increase, crime on the decrease. Coincidence?

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  • 1036-FrankFebruary 21, 2014 - 9:30 am

    These are good results and show the S.O. employees are hard at work and doing a good job, now if the state can do their part to keep them locked up so people wouldn't have to be as concerned as they need to be now with the Re-alignment Moonbeam specials. Time for a minimum of several new prisons to be built and start having inmates do the time they are given so they aren't out in no time doing more crime.

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  • R StewartFebruary 23, 2014 - 1:23 pm

    I'm a ex EDSO Deputy living in Tampa, Florida, these yearly crime stats for El Dorado County is what Tampa gets in two days....

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  • EvelynFebruary 23, 2014 - 2:03 pm

    In 2012 the Tampa area's population was 4,310,524. EDC's population: 180,561.

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