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We learned a lesson: Keep ID on your pets

EDITOR: We are writing to share a story of our lost dog that underscores the importance of having some form of identity on your pet. On a recent journey up the California north coast, we entered the city of Eureka from the south, traveling slowly on busy US 101 through town. Our small dog Zorro was […]

Allow the tracks and trails to coexist

EDITOR: Congratulations to you and your staff. We have received the Mountain Democrat for the past 38 years here in Apple Hill. Articles in the Wednesday and Friday issues of May 25 and 27 have really been special. Just to name a few, we enjoyed Doug Noble’s Cornish history, the Skinner Winery story, Ken Calhoon’s Zentgraf […]

Prosperity for all?

EDITOR: Mr. Alger, in his recent letter, contends the question “Where are the jobs,” was a good question, but that I was wrong in claiming the Republican Party is the culprit in failing to live up to their 2010 election promises. In the classic Republican mirror technique, Mr. Alger reveals his truth: It’s the fault […]

Thanks for publicity on rattlesnake avoidance; more clinics needed?

EDITOR: Hangtown Kennel Club of Placerville thanks you for the publicity of our recent Rattlesnake Avoidance Clinic for Dogs that took place the weekend of May 7 and 8. As chairman of the event, I would like to offer a little more information about both the event and the Kennel Club. 2011 is the fifth year Hangtown Kennel […]

Reply to ‘My turn’ column regarding Placerville redevelopment

EDITOR: In his “My turn” column on June 1 (“Don’t fear redevelopment”) Charlie Downs wrote “… [T]he majority of California’s cities have found it an indispensable tool for increasing the quality of life for their residents and providing opportunity for its youth.” It is true that the majority of California’s cities do have redevelopment agencies […]

Belltower: Impressions of Japan

After spending two weeks on a walking tour of Japanese gardens in and around Kyoto organized by Sukiya Living, the Journal of Japanese Gardening, I can say I know a lot more about Japanese gardens than I did before. I was a complete foreigner who only knew how to say two words in Japanese: Hello […]

A dose of Dan: 3D printing — the Jestsons would be proud

For those of us who grew up watching the cartoon, The Jetsons, there are moments in modern life when new technology is introduced and you swear you saw it first in the cartoon. Video conferencing on your cell phone comes to mind. Now imagine another Jetsons-like moment. You need a part for your car engine […]

Transfer students squeezed by state universities

As the California budget crisis continues its colleges and universities are getting more and more expensive. It seems like the budget crisis has been going on for a decade, but has accelerated in the last few years. The low hanging fruit, as seen by the legislators, has been the University of California and California State University […]

The weekly Daley: On Rapture and stuff

That Rapture thingy kind of came and went, didn’t it? I was late getting started on preparations such as picking up just the right outfit for my Rapture party and never quite made it. Likewise, I didn’t get around to ordering a cake or sending out any End of the World cards or a final […]

Something to think about: The last Oprah

I admit it, I watched Oprah’s last show. Most of it. There were a few moments that I had to take a break because she was getting a little preachy, but I am a fan, not a Sneaker, so I’ll own up. It’s debatable whether there are more Oprah fans or Oprah Sneakers in the […]

More time wasting

More evidence that the California Legislature is wasting our money and its time came with the news that the state Senate, on a straight party line vote, approved a bill aimed at Wal-Mart. Senate Bill 469 by Juan Vargas, D-San Diego, would require non-union stores with 90,000 square feet or more that use at least […]

Good move, EID

Congratulations to the El Dorado Irrigation District for its continuing quest to modernize and rehabilitate its facilities. The project that really needs praise is its move to change Reservoir 1 Water Treatment Plant in Pollock Pines from chlorine gas disinfectant to liquid sodium hypochlorite. The district is replacing a dangerous gas with an inert disinfectant. […]

Jobs … good question, wrong party

EDITOR: Letter writer Mr. Longhofer calls the GOP the self-proclaimed party of jobs and then asks where are the jobs. Good question, wrong party. The Republicans have had the majority in the House, one third of the government, for less than six months. The Democrats had a veto proof majority and controlled everything, the House, […]

Drill, baby, drill

EDITOR: According to Mountain Democrat editorials, “Drill here, drill there, drill everywhere” is the only energy policy that this country ought to follow. Without doubt this course of action is designed solely to benefit the short-term interests of oil companies. Long-term, it would leave this nation even more vulnerable to oil blackmail than we are now. […]

Court security bailiffs didn’t have to be so rude

EDITOR: Recently my wife was called for jury duty at the El Dorado County Courthouse in Placerville and was required to pass though the metal detector. She, being a little naive of these procedures, of course had on jewelry and had coins, clippers and her keys in her pockets. Apparently the two bailiffs who were […]

Wagon Train’s a-comin’

EDITOR: Howdy, folks. Pollock Pines is at it again. The Community Economic Development Association of Pollock Pines’ third year in a row to sponsor the community’s “Wagons in the Pines.” Multitudes gather along Pony Express Trail to greet the wagons as they come ambling, bouncing  and joggling along, replicating historic trips of a hundred years ago […]

Cell tower: apples and oranges

EDITOR: For the last week or so discussion has centered around the cell phone tower being proposed for the parking lot of Sierra School and has been discussed both pro and con, mostly con. There is a lot of misinformation out there and a lot of fear-generated conjecture. The article in the May 30 issue covers a lot of […]

Don’t put our children’s health at risk

EDITOR: Open letter to the Placerville Union School District Board of Trustees and City Council members: Do we value the health of the children in the community so little that we would risk even one child’s well-being for $1,700 a month? As a mother and a grandmother, I applaud the vote of Misty diVittorio at […]

Let our kids enjoy the railroad tracks

EDITOR: I grew up next to the railroad tracks by Greenstone Road. Every summer all my friends and I did was ride the railroad tracks on our horses. From Placerville and Diamond Springs, all the way down to Shingle Springs. We had a blast! Sometimes I wonder how we survived, or our horses for that […]

Cell tower site: At what cost to our children?

EDITOR: According to the May 30 Mountain Democrat, the Placerville Union District School Board approved, amidst considerable controversy, AT&T’s request to site — for $1,700/month — a cell tower on school district property. Because of the rapid replication of cells that occurs in growing children they are much more vulnerable to radiation poisoning than adults. […]

My turn: Don’t fear redevelopment

The Placerville City Council recently took unanimous action to create a redevelopment district that includes the three business districts of Placerville. While many see this as a positive step forward there are some who view it with fear. Like any tool it could be used destructively; however, I would argue the very things people fear […]

Lame lemonade

Here’s the latest liberal attempt to make lemonade out of a lemon, namely gas at $4 a gallon. The lame lemonade logic is that the high price of gasoline will create more jobs in the “green technology” area. And that it will inspire big corporations to invest in “energy innovations.” The only thing we can […]

Thank you, Marshall Medical doctors and staff

EDITOR: On behalf of Union Mine, El Dorado, and Ponderosa High schools, I would like to thank the doctors and medical staff at Marshall Hospital for their participation in physical night for the local high schools. These professionals donated their time and expertise to facilitate “sports physical night” at Marshall Hospital. This year these people […]

Smarter park use

For El Dorado County the good news is the Gold Discovery Site State Historical Park in Coloma will stay open. The bad news is the state will still charge $5 for parking along the state highway. Earlier this month the state Department of Parks and Recreation announced its park closure plan. It is closing 70 […]

California rambling: A noble race against the weather

At the time on May 15, the cancellation of Stage 1 of the Amgen Tour of California, which had been planned to circle Lake Tahoe one and a half times, seemed like the punch line of a very bad joke… “and the good news is that Tahoe got 4 to 6 inches of new snow.” […]

The rural life: Culture? Or abuse?

Should culture or compassion hold more sway? Legislation now headed for the California Senate would ban the sale and import of shark fin. The motive is an end to shark finning, the process in which live animals are stripped of their fins and returned to the ocean to be eaten alive by other fish or […]

Wild bison must be protected

EDITOR: The wild bison of the Yellowstone region are the last remaining wild bison left in America. Fewer than 4,000 wild bison exist today, and they are ecologically extinct throughout their native range of North America. While these iconic species should be protected under the Endangered Species Act, they are not. They are under constant attack […]

Nice gesture touched our hearts

EDITOR: My truly sincere thanks to whoever paid for lunches for myself and my four granddaughters at Denny’s on Fairlane in Placerville recently (due to my accidentally leaving my credit card at home). I don’t know exactly who to thank as the cashier wasn’t at liberty to tell. It could have been a customer or […]

The weekly Daley: Trip of a lifetime, the end

After anchoring at Catalina all day, the ship left at about 6 Tuesday night. I’d spent the day on board, having seen Catalina three other times. I sunscreened up and laid out on the adult deck and read most of the day. The adult deck had a couple of hot tubs that the louts commandeered […]

Congrats, DMV

Some years ago we suggested the California Department of Motor Vehicles office here should use a number system and provide chairs for those waiting, instead of forcing everybody to stand forever in really long lines. Only a few months later, lo and behold, the Placerville DMV office did that very thing. The results have been […]

Gravestone changes under way

El Dorado County Supervisor John Knight is to be commended for his work in resolving an issue in his district — the Mormon Island Cemetery. Knight has enlisted the help of the Prison Industry Authority to do some of the construction and preparation work relating to changing the headstones at the cemetery that use a […]

Shake the hand of an EMT

EDITOR: I would like to thank the professional, highly skilled, wonderful paramedics who work in El Dorado County. My family recently had an incident where they had to be called. They arrived quickly, were knowledgeable, professional and took great care of me and my family. They saved my life and the lives of my family. […]

Bullies on the right, bullies on the left

EDITOR: It was a very interesting day Wednesday, May 18 – experiencing bullies from both sides of the political spectrum. That evening at a session sponsored by the Amador-El Dorado Forest Forum (of which I am a longtime member) and the Associated California Loggers I listened to Tom McClintock, a right wing U.S. Congressman from […]

Don’t tear up the railroad tracks

EDITOR: I’m deeply troubled at the noise I’ve been hearing about tearing up parts of the railroad tracks between Folsom and Placerville for a bike trail. I thought this was settled back in 2003 when the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors approved the Sacramento-Placerville Transportation Master plan. This plan provided accommodations for everyone: hiking, […]

School district consolidation: It’s a good thing

EDITOR: The El Dorado County Office of Education commissioned a study to look at opportunities for increasing revenue and saving schools money through consolidation of school districts. The El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce urges you to study this opportunity. California schools are funded though a complicated state formula. When school districts consolidate, the amount the […]

Doggone good time, thanks

EDITOR: The El Dorado Center for the Visually Impaired wishes to thank the community for its continued support at the annual Dog-a-Thon held on May 14. We had 93 dog walkers with 104 dogs participating this year. Top dog is Shaine with owner Don McIntosh. Second place is Mickey Moose with owner Joan Stouffer and […]

Long may she wave

EDITOR: I wish to take this opportunity to inform and invite all active duty military personnel, military recruiters, veterans and their families, friends and the public to help us celebrate Flag Day, Tuesday, June 14, at the Veterans Memorial Building at 130 Placerville Drive in Placerville. The veterans organizations of El Dorado County have purchased […]

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