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On redistricting — Simple trumps all else

EDITOR: On the redistricting issue, I suggest the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors adopt the KISS from tournament bridge. In this instance it would mean “Keep It Simple, Supervisors.” Your article and recent meetings present a discussion/suggestion in support of “community of interest” that calls for tinkering with and ignoring the “one person, one vote” […]

The chickens are coming home to roost

EDITOR: The Supreme Court decision forcing California to release thousands of prison inmates because of jail overcrowding is a direct result of right wing politics coming home to roost. Since Nixon’s administration, the GOP Right has presented itself as the “law and order” bunch: “Just lock ’em up and throw away the key!  That’ll solve everything.” […]

Beating a dead horse?

EDITOR: To Mr. Bill Crowell of Diamond Springs, who recently had a letter titled “Rail fans beating a dead horse”: In your letter you state that “all of the rail fans’ arguments for excursion trains, etc., were fully aired before the Trail Committee and proved to be obvious pipe dreams.” You went on to say, “So, […]

Boeing already on federal dole

EDITOR: The Mountain Democrat’s editorial of May 18 “Anti-business maneuver” decries the fact that, unless Boeing is allowed to continue its anti-union moves, it will be the next industry to ask for a federal bailout. Boeing is already on the federal dole: It is the third largest defense contractor after Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumann. […]

Child Protective/Support Services protest planned

EDITOR: I would like to follow up with information to your readers about Child Protective/Support Services. We are scheduling a National Protest the first week of August in front of the El Dorado County Courthouse, and courthouses across the nation. The problems with these agencies are massive, national, and even worldwide. Children are regularly abducted by […]

We must fight to keep art programs in schools

EDITOR: Our states and our nation’s children are suffering. With the budget cuts that have been destroying our nations education systems, the first things to go are the arts and music programs. It is wreaking havoc on our culture, and on our country. If we do not fight now to keep these programs alive then we […]

Thank you for successful surgery

EDITOR: To my doctor, Marshall Hospital surgical team and second floor nursing staff, please accept my sincere appreciation and gratitude for a successful back surgery and overall positive experience at Marshall Hospital. You made an otherwise stressful situation very comfortable and I want you all to know that your care for me was much appreciated. You […]

Protest over cell tower near school … where were you guys earlier?

EDITOR: I’ve read the letters sent to you regarding the cell tower to be placed at Sierra School. I wonder where these folks were during the Placerville Planning Commission hearing on this subject. I was there along with about a whopping four other people who opposed it. The Planning Commission politely explained that they cannot […]

A life I didn’t know: A mother’s perspective on the loss of a child

EDITOR: Every generation contains an abundance of beautiful young human beings — responsible, loving, caring young people who will create the fabric of our tomorrows — and in their turn, God willing, age to maturity — many of those kids are students at Union Mine High School and our other county schools. Sidney Scott Santana, […]

Amazing contractor

C.C. Meyers Construction Co. did it again. The Rancho Cordova company finished the Echo Summit retaining wall and repaving five days early. This was accomplished in spite of a snowstorm that dropped 9 inches of snow on the summit. One-way alternating controlled traffic began Monday and will end noon Friday, with two-way traffic on Highway […]

Chuck Norris: The self-destructing Republican Party?

If the Wall Street Republicans and the conservative Republicans don’t resolve their differences and work as a TEAM (“together everyone achieves more”), we will go back to having a Democratic majority in Congress and President Barack Obama will be re-elected for another four years. Ripples began to form last year when then Republican Senate candidate […]

Rich Green stepping away, not down

EDITOR: It is with great regret that we lost Mr. Rich Green from the Cameron Park Community Services District when he turned in his resignation to the board at a meeting on Wednesday, May 18.  Rich has been and is a true gentleman and an honest, forthright director for our CSD in Cameron Park. He believes […]

More questions than answers about dump site

EDITOR: Reference is made to a letter from Jaimee Saba published on May 9 entitled “The dump site is a poor choice.” Please, say it isn’t so. Are we still talking about relocating the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) aka the “dump,” to Industrial Drive off Missouri Flat Road in Diamond Springs? As Yogi Berra said, […]

Memorial Day is coming … tell the kids

EDITOR: Please be sure you visit the beautiful Veterans Memorial at the El Dorado County Government Center off Forni Road next to the Placerville Main Library. Every year I look forward to May 30. Stop and thank our honorable veterans. Spend the day with your children attending one of several services. LENNIE ROBORTZ Cameron Park

Thanks for shining light on dump site issue again

EDITOR: Thank you, Jaimee Saba, for bringing the dump site proposal to our attention again. The only one that will benefit from this will be the developer. The only site they are considering is the same one as before, and again, it is too close to residential homes, schools, rest homes and businesses. The odor […]

Mean spirited letter writer must have missed out on Christmas train set

EDITOR: Judging by the mean spirited tone of Bill Crowell in his letter to the editor of May 18, he is still miffed Santa never brought him the train set he’s been pining for. In his letter he trash-talks all the community oriented volunteers and their hard work to provide El Dorado with a historical, […]

Rock doc: Ready or not

As events in Japan this past March showed us, Big Ones really do happen. Richter 9 is about as large as they come, an event so enormous it takes away the breath of even a geologist like myself. It’s no comfort to think that quakes of that same general size are likely along the western […]

My turn: Do you know you live in timberland?

Cal Fire Unit Chief Kelly Keenan of the Amador-El Dorado-Sacramento-Alpine Unit said, “In the last two decades the demographics and economic forces of El Dorado County have significantly changed as new residents continue to move into the forested lands of our county. Our local economy has continued to become more service oriented, and in the […]

A lovely corner of our world, thanks

EDITOR: On Saturday morning, May 21, several members of the Broadway Village Association Landscape/Streetscape Committee along with volunteers from the Placerville Rotary and the Broadway Village Association began the installation of a project that has been in the works for nearly four years; the beautification of the west corner of Broadway and Schnell School Road. The […]

A Family Affair … let’s clear the air

EDITOR: This is in response to letter writer David Horowitz’ comments about the “A Family Affair” event at the Placerville Airport. A Family Affair was a first time event put on by high school students to raise funds for their scholarship program. There have been other events at the airport but this event was new this […]

‘Orwellian’ reporting not appreciated

EDITOR: After reading the Mountain Democrat’s report about the May 17 El Dorado County Board of Supervisors meeting, I purchased a DVD of the event. I attended that day and needed confirmation that the exchange of ideas in the chambers was not as described by the reporter. Many county residents took time to attend the meeting […]

Fix Mormon Island headstones

It is an embarrassment for El Dorado County that the federal government changed the name of Negro Hill to a more pejorative name and affixed that to 36 headstones it made up when it moved the graves to make way for Folsom Lake. The offending headstones are sitting in the Mormon Island Cemetery, a burning […]

EID 1, feds 0

It is not often that a local agency like the El Dorado Irrigation District can beat the federal government. But EID succeeded by joining a coalition of hydropower licensees to beat back a big fee increase. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission was about to double EID fees for using federal lands by valuing it as […]

Franckly speaking: Maybe I could go back to school with a new major

I’m addicted to technology and I know I’m not alone. Recently, I hit rock bottom when I carried my cell phone up to bed and set it on the nightstand, even after what had happened the night before. The night before, I had awakened at 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom. Normally, I fall […]

A Dose of Dan: Food prices ruin Costco dreaming

I usually love visiting Costco. I don’t always get to make the monthly Costco trip with my wife, but when I do, it’s a treat for me to roam the aisles and daydream about how I could use everything I see. Naturally, we don’t buy everything—we generally buy what we need, in supersized quantities, of […]

Take out the Public, what’s left?

EDITOR: Although the Tea Party campaign against the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) has abated somehow, we should expect them to renew their attacks until the (P)ublic is taken out. With only BS left, radio programming will then be more in line with TP favorites like Limbaugh, Savage, Hannity and the like. JOHN GARON Placerville

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Who has the ax?

While the Democrats and the president in Washington, D.C., attack Republican Rep. Paul Ryan for his plan to change Medicare from a direct payment program to a government-paid insurance program for those now younger than 55 when they reach age 65, it should be remembered who cut Medicare. When the Democrats ran Congress last year they […]

Filing for dollars

Everyone who files more than a short form tax return lives in fear of an IRS audit. Well, maybe not everyone. An Inspector General’s Report released last month said the IRS paid out $500 million in home buyer tax credits to people who didn’t qualify for them. The first-time home buyer credits totaling $326 million […]

The weekly Daley: Cruisin’ on the trip of a lifetime

We were due to leave Long Beach at 5:30 in the afternoon, and at 5:30 I was on deck ready to watch the entire departure. At about 5:45, I strolled around a bit and suddenly looked back and realized we’d just pulled away from the pier. We were actually under way, and I hadn’t even […]

Now this was something to smile about

EDITOR: The Community Resource Center was the site of a bustling crew of doctors, dental hygienists, moms, dads, kids and the staff of Brookside Dental in Placerville this past Saturday, May 14, to host a Free Dental Screening event for our community. Almost 50 patients were seen and given an oral screening by Dr. Ngo. […]

Roadkill: Let’s give precious wildlife a break

EDITOR: My Nature Bowl Team has been observing the roadkill around our community and logging our sights into the computer. It is a way to keep track of where, when and what type of animals are killed. Did you know that every year over 1 million animals die from cars? That’s a big number. We […]

Posted signs — take them down, already

EDITOR: I would like to know why no one does anything about the signs posted around the county that never get taken down. Well maybe I should rephrase that by saying the signs that get taken down only by time and the weather. Example: “Auburn Rodeo” and “Gold Prospecting Summit” … both events were held […]

Government auctions: Trust no one

EDITOR: Geez, Louise, as I stumble through this dog-eat-dog world, I swear I must be wearing Alpo underwear. Just the other day, I was in the market for a new pick-up truck, and like many other folks these days I was just trying save a buck. So, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to get […]

Something to think about: Do you believe?

There’s a part in “Peter Pan” where Tinkerbelle is dying and only belief in fairies can save her. “Do you believe?” Peter asks the children of the world. Somehow, I find it easier to believe in fairies than in what my government tells me and that saddens me. Whether the details of Osama bin Laden’s […]

Publisher’s ink: Shootout at El Dorado County’s OK Corral

By now thousands of El Dorado County residents have viewed the infamous “Shoot Out at the OK Corral” on mtdemocrat.com. It was posted shortly after one of the wildest El Dorado County Board of Supervisors meetings in recent memory. Not since the board’s Aug. 10, 1976, decision to pass an ordinance prohibiting rafting on the […]

My turn: A parent’s perspective on 4-H

Somebody pinch me. I can’t believe my kids are in college. It’s even harder to believe that both of them received large scholarships and are leading such happy, independent, productive lives. Yet, this has been my consistent amazement throughout their formative years. What happened? How does such sustained success get traced to one particular element, […]

Anti-business maneuver

The acting general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board is trying to stop Boeing from opening a second plane building site in South Carolina, one of 22 right-to-work states. Boeing, for its part, is not reducing plane manufacturing in Seattle. In fact, it has added 2,000 employees there. It manufactures seven 787 Dreamliners a […]

Flaming e-mails

Only in government do bigwigs write flaming e-mails. The rest of us in private industry are more careful about what we put in writing. Recently it came to light that Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Sean Smith of the Homeland Security Department once threatened to “f—ing decapitate” the press people at the immigration service. What […]

If we’re to eliminate corporate subsidies, let’s do it right

EDITOR: Recently some Democrat members of Congress have been blathering about eliminating the $4 billion federal subsidy annually provided to Big Oil. I am not sure where this figure comes from, but I do not doubt that there are federal subsidies to oil companies. But before we talk about eliminating a subsidy for one industry, […]

Why didn’t they tell us about the ‘pass permits?’

EDITOR: Open letter to Jody Jones, district director, Caltrans District 3: This morning I read an article in the Mountain Democrat (Wednesday, May 11) regarding the closure of Highway 50 at Echo Summit in which your photograph was included. A sentence in the article caught my eye: “Residents who travel the route for work purposes […]

Disappointed by event at Placerville Airport

On Saturday, May 14, we attended the family event at the Placerville Airport and were very disappointed by the price and lack of things for the children to participate in. We weren’t aware you needed to pay to get in, so the sign stating “donations” of $5 per person or $10 was a surprise to […]

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