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The Mountain Democrat recommends

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Judge, Superior Court

Joseph Hoffman

Supervisor District 3

Brian Veerkamp

City Council

George Lowry, Carol Patton

Proposition 30 — No

Gov. Jerry Brown wants to raise sales taxes 1/4 cent and top marginal income taxes from 8 percent to 12.3 percent. This will kill a sluggish economic revival, send business out of state and slow employment gains. Cut government spending, not private enterprise.

Proposition 31 — No

This proposition has so many moving parts it is impossible to predict what this would do. It can be summarised as promoting a two-year state budget cycle and local power sharing. More succinctly, it is a backdoor scheme to force through regional government.

Proposition 32 — Yes

This would require unions to get consent of individual members before using dues for political purposes. The long-term effect would be to put the brakes on union domination of the state Legislature, governor, large local agencies and school boards.

Proposition 33 — Yes

This will allow insurance companies to offer continuous coverage discounts even if the driver changes insurance companies. This is an improvement and a benefit to anyone who doesn’t let their insurance lapse more than 90 days.

Proposition 34 — No

This measure seeks to eliminate the death penalty by using the sophistry that it would save money. We find that argument cynical. We can think of at least three cruel and depraved murderers from El Dorado County who deserve nothing less than execution. It’s too bad the death penalty wasn’t in effect when Charlie Manson was convited of murder.

Proposition 35 — Yes

This measure increases prison terms and fines for both human traffickers and sex traffickers. In looking at this measure we are reminded of the sex trafficking case in El Dorado Hills, where a developmentally delayed girl was taken to Vallejo for sex trafficking by an El Dorado Hills man. Bigger penalties for these types of criminals will keep them off the streets longer.

Proposition 36 — No

This would not only dumb down the Three Strikes Law that has helped reduce the crime rate, but it would allow thousands of cons to clog our courts as they seek resentencing if this passes.

Proposition 37 — No

This would require grocery stores to label certain selected foods as genetically modified. This is an unnecessary expense that will just drive up the cost of groceries and leave shoppers beating their heads against the wall, asking who thought up this insane scheme?

Proposition 38, No

Put on the ballot by the liberal daughter of Warren Buffet’s business partner, this would raise taxes on everyone to pay more to schools, early childhood education and state bond payments. Why do billionaires think the rest of us working people ought pay more taxes? This is just another economy killer.

Proposition 39 — No

This eliminates a tax option for multi-state companies. In other words, it raises business taxes and then just wastes the increase on “projects that create energy efficiency and clean energy jobs.” Isn’t it enough that the federal government has wasted billions on these mythical green jobs?

Proposition 40 — No

A yes vote endorses the way the Citizens Commission arranged the state Senate districts. A no vote will put that task into the hands of the state Supreme Court, which did an excellent job when Gov. Wilson was able to turn it over the court. We prefer the courts.

Local Measure L — Yes

This sets a uniform rate throughout the county to support the Main Library and all branches equally. Some zones will see their library tax reduced. The new rate will be $17.58 per improved parcel, $8.78 for each unimproved parcel, $14.06 for each apartment and $1 for each time share. Everybody pays a fair share this way.

Mountain Democrat


Discussion | 8 comments

  • shirleyNovember 02, 2012 - 5:23 pm

    A vote for Carol Patton is a vote for her good friend, compatriot and collaborator, Dirty Dave Machado the FELONIOUS convicted criminal exMayor of Placerville who can no longer serve in a public capacity because of this felonious behavior. Carol Patton was big backer of the Roundabout which was only stopped because the BUSINESS' of Placerville filed a lawsuit.

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  • EvelynNovember 03, 2012 - 2:02 pm

    I agree with those who cite Carol Patton’s experience and say she is passionate about the City of Placerville. However, I will be voting for Trisha Wilkins. Specifically, I want someone with a fresh perspective. Though new to city politics, Trisha is perfectly capable of “getting up to speed”. Elsewhere I wrote: "Among present City Councilors there exists a remarkable unanimity and coincidence of purpose, aligned with positions conveyed to them via City of Placerville staff documents. Some months back I tallied Council votes over the entire preceding 12 months. In those 12 months Council had voted 140 times. In all 140 instances all voting councilors had been in 100% agreement (meaning vote tallies were either 100% AYES or 100% NOES.) I understand that our elected representatives are busy people. The amount of information received by them from the City to work through preparatory to their semi-monthly meetings is considerable. I am not sure that they have time – or the inclination – to look for and consider outside information. Redevelopment was an excellent case in point. ALL REDEVELOPMENT INFORMATION received by the sitting councilors came to them via the City and the very expensive redevelopment firm (lobbyists) who were guiding the City through the process. I seriously doubt whether our elected representatives took the trouble to do independent research on Redevelopment." New blood is needed. Trisha Wilkins has not already been conditioned to “group think”. I look forward to there being at least one City Councilor prepared to research issues and consider the input of other civic-minded citizens sometimes at variance with establishment wisdom.

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  • CatherineNovember 05, 2012 - 6:46 am

    Please read your voter pamphlet so you will understand the propositions. The MD editor isn't your best bet for factual information. As they say, "follow the money."

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  • CherylNovember 05, 2012 - 7:32 am

    Agree with Catherine. Editor proves daily his hatred for Obama and democrats in general, so we cannot be shocked by who or what he recommends. The only reason I keep this paper is because the letters to the editor are more interesting than the rest of it's content and I like to see what the weekend entertainment will be. Read your voter pamphlet and make your own choices.

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  • BernardNovember 05, 2012 - 8:16 am

    I see you suport the good ole boy Joe Hoffman to bad money can buy anything. On Prp 32 I guess big oil wins you too.In unions you vote who to give the money to.

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  • RichardNovember 05, 2012 - 1:03 pm

    If I were to guess how much longer the Mountain Democrat can survive after the election when the republican PAC money dries up, with a new classified in our community, and with what appears to be a failed attempt at down-sizing. I would guess the parent company will pull the plug if they don’t get out of the black, regardless if it’s the oldest newspaper in California or not, during President Obama’s second term. I have always liked the idea of a small town newspaper but not one so unbalance that even for an Independent voter it’s agonizing to read. It’s not just the Mountain Democrats Endorsements, it’s the brand of politics, a good example is yesterday’s front page picture of Sheriff D’Agostini and his brother in-law greeting wounded Army Spec. Harris at the Sacramento Airport. Most welcome-homes have been small scale: hugs from mom, dad, brothers, and sisters, back slapping from friends and service mates at military posts and airports across our nation. Now it seems in El Dorado County Welcome Home events are being forced on the returning soldiers because some feel they deserve it giving little concern to the soldier’s current situation which is almost always different from when they departed. This forced welcome sets the stage for other unwanted situations like commercialization and political platforms, but maybe this is a discussion for another time. With the fragile condition of Spec Harris, the obvious emotions and love of his family, friends, mates and others, why did the Mountain Democrat select out of what must have been a zillion pictures taken, a photo that shows the most political active non-veteran elected official in our county. I guess it was just too good of a photo opportunity to pass up. I feel that for myself I would have rather viewed a photo of young Harris with mom and dad, sister or mates and friends in his arms which portrays the real meaning of, “Welcome Home.”

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  • MikeNovember 06, 2012 - 8:53 am

    The Mountain Democrat gets it right! Stop extorting money from workers - that's what 32 does. And enough with the tax measures - we give enough to the state - eliminate the lavish pensions and benefits for state workers then we might talk about tax increases!

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  • Jack MartinNovember 06, 2012 - 2:43 pm

    ...but I bet Cheryl thinks the editorial positions of The Sacramento Bee are absolutely spot on.

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