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City discusses fixing roads

City residents, if you receive a call asking you how you feel about an increase in sales tax to repair Placerville’s roads, don’t hang up. Repairing the nasty alligator cracks and potholes in Placerville’s roads emerged as the top priority of a Capitol Improvement Workshop held on Jan. 23. At the Feb. 11 Placerville City Council meeting, a review of the results of that meeting and a direction for how to address the city’s top needs was on the agenda.

With 57 percent of Placerville roads considered mediocre or substandard — 39 percent being substandard, according to standards used by a national transportation research firm — roadways in the city need repair. How to fund $19 million in deferred road maintenance was the subject of discussion …

Old City Hall: Balcony removed

Old City Hall lost its balcony on Dec. 19. “It became a safety issue,” said City Manager Cleve Morris. “Some pieces fell off it a few months ago and city crews went up to make sure that nothing else was loose and then we scheduled the balcony’s removal.” While some of the wood from the […]

Gov’t shutdown should not affect city

“We don’t anticipate any real effect on the city from the government shutdown,” said City Manager Cleve Morris. “We have federal money coming in, but it’s a COPS grant and other funding for transportation projects has already been appropriated, so we don’t feel there will be any major effect.” “The city participated in a phone […]

Lack of Board of Supervisors quorum causes loss for city

The city of Placerville stood to save approximately $300,000 on the Western Placerville Interchanges Project, but because of an inability of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors to achieve a voting quorum, that savings is a moot point. “We can’t move this project forward, “said El Dorado County Supervisor Brian Veerkamp, who attended the […]

Former mayor now city planner

He’s b-a-a-a-a-ck. At the June 11 Placerville City Council meeting, City Manager Cleve Morris announced that Placerville’s new community development director would be former Placerville mayor Pierre Rivas. Rivas, a principal planner for El Dorado County, left Placerville’s City Council in 2010 after serving two four-year terms on the council and one four-year term as […]

City budget doing ‘okay’

“We’re still not out of the woods, but we’re doing okay,” said City of Placerville Finance Director Dave Warren, speaking to the Placerville City Council about the city’s 2013-2014 budget. The 2013-2014 Operating and Capital Improvement Program Budget was approved for adoption at the June 25 City Council meeting with a 5-0 vote. The balanced […]

City, county seek to extend swim season

For the past few years, due to economic reasons, the Placerville Aquatic Center has closed in early  August, after being open to the water loving community for two and a half months. At the April 23 Placerville City Council meeting, the council unanimously approved a memo of understanding between the city and El Dorado County […]

City explains removal of homeless camp

On Wednesday, Jan. 23, the Placerville Police Department, in conjunction with Placerville Community Services Department, removed illegal homeless camps located on the hillside behind the shopping center on Upper Broadway. The camps have caused severe blight in the area as evidenced by the amount of garbage taken from the site. None of the homeless who […]

Old City Hall for sale again

Last January, the city of Placerville finalized a lease with option to purchase agreement with A.M. Pacific Engineering for the old City Hall buildings at 487 Main St. This January, the buildings are, once again, up for sale. The buildings, locally known as “catsup and mustard” for their exterior colors, were for sale for about […]

City starts volunteer program

At the Sept. 25 Placerville City Council meeting, the council approved the evolution of volunteerism in the city. The new Volunteer in Placerville program (VIP) is the next step in the city’s already thriving volunteer arrangement and an outgrowth of suggestions made by the public at the city’s Neighborhood Chat meetings. City Manager Cleve Morris […]

Grand Jury response: City: Consolidation not a cost saver, says city

The 2011-2012 El Dorado County Grand Jury report recommended consolidation of city and county services, but at Tuesday’s Placerville City Council meeting, City Manager Cleve Morris said that the Grand Jury’s assumptions were based on a lack of concrete data and detail. “Cities were established to address specific needs that existed at the time of […]

Letter to Mr. Morris

EDITOR: Dear Mr. Cleve Morris, city manager of the City of Placerville, This letter is in response to the Mountain Democrat article on Friday, July 6, 2012, where the headline read, “Homeless Camp in Placerville is OK’d.” Much to my disappointment, Dave Machado has been appointed as project manager for the creation of the homeless […]

City OKs homeless camp

Placerville City Council approved a 90-day special use permit for a homeless encampment, Hangtown Haven, to be located at 1700 Broadway at Tuesday’s meeting. The temporary camp is a pilot program to see if it can help alleviate some of the problems associated with the homeless population and the current crop of illegal camps throughout […]

City redevelopment dead

Placerville City Council put the final nail in the redevelopment coffin at Tuesday’s meeting by repealing city ordinance 1641. The city ordinance, establishing a redevelopment plan for the Placerville Redevelopment Agency, was adopted by the city council on May 10, 2011. Public protest in the form of a referendum and actions by the state legislature […]

Tent city cleaned up along Broadway

It was cleanup Wednesday as volunteers from the Community Resource Center cleared out abandoned homesites and trash left on the hillside between Broadway and Hwy. 50. Amanda Weaver, a volunteer with CRC and one of those coordinating the cleanup said, ”All this was left by earlier homeless people who have been living up here for 20 […]

Placerville City Councilman Machado resigns

Placerville City Councilman Dave Machado’s term of office has ended sooner than expected. On Tuesday, June 19, City Manager Cleve Morris received a letter of resignation from Machado. Machado’s term of office terminates at the end of this year, but the resignation is effective immediately.

In August, 2011, the former mayor was arrested for his actions regarding rental property owned on Broadway in Placerville. The property in question was partially burned …

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City OKs EID water rate hike

Following on the heels of a city garbage collection rate increase at the Placerville City Council meeting was El Dorado Irrigation District’s four year increase of the city water rates. The city purchases water from EID and resells it to Placerville city residents. EID recently adopted new retail water rates in accordance with a Cost […]

County auditor ‘disappointed’ with city decision

On April 17, El Dorado County Auditor-Controller Joe Harn sent a letter to City Manger Cleve Morris, City Attorney John Driscoll, Placerville Director of Finance Dave Warren and Lou Green, El Dorado County Counsel stating that since the Placerville Redevelopment Plan does not exist, according to the State Board of Equalization, it will never receive […]

City frees up 56 parking spaces

Placerville City Council approved changes to the city’s parking program at Tuesday’s City Council meeting that will open up about 56 spaces for public parking but retain the two-hour free parking limit. City Manager Cleve Morris presented the recommendations from the city’s Parking Committee , which has been reviewing the program since November. “Our goal […]

City to recoup $400k

Placerville City Council took two actions at the April 10 meeting that it hopes will allow the city to recover more than $400,000 spent to create a redevelopment plan. When Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to eliminate redevelopment agencies was approved by the state Legislature in 2011, the city of Placerville was in the midst of […]

City takes a look at ADA lawsuits

A recent string of federal lawsuits against Placerville’s small businesses for non-compliance with Americans With Disabilities Act standards was the subject of a presentation by City Manager Cleve Morris to the Placerville City Council March 27. “What can the city do to help small businesses?” was Morris’ rhetorical question.” It’s a difficult issue to resolve, […]

No money to fix most of city’s roads

Placerville City Council received some dire news on Tuesday from the Public Works department: currently there is no designated funding source for the repair of 53 percent of the city’s roadways. The city of Placerville maintains a little more than 48 miles of centerline roadway. The funding source for maintenance and reconstruction is currently limited […]

Lease option: Old City Hall sold

On Jan. 26, the city of Placerville finalized a lease with an option to purchase agreement with A.M. Pacific Engineering, a local engineering company, for the old city hall buildings at 487 Main St. for the listed price of $625,000. “After two to three years of attempting to sell the buildings, we have reached an […]

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City reorganizes

The city of Placerville will be recruiting for a director of community development and engineering as a result of department reorganization and the loss of two retired annuitants. At Tuesday’s Placerville City Council meeting, City Manager Cleve Morris proposed a reorganization of the Public Works Department, Community Development and Community Services For fiscal year 2011-2012 […]

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City loses 10 part-timers

The already reduced crew at Placerville City Hall took another hit as a change in Public Employees Retirement law went into effect on Jan.1. A number of  city employees retired in 2010 and some of them chose to return to part-time duties as retired annuitants. According to PERS law, retired annuitants could work up to […]

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City wants to keep hanged man ‘twisting in the wind’

Despite acknowledging concerns that the Hangtown Dummy may be “grotesque and macabre,” Placerville City officials have recommended that the iconic symbol remain in its aerie at 301/305 Main St. A prepared statement issued Monday morning noted that the City Council recognizes the inherent challenge in the issue: “How do we embrace ALL aspects of our […]

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City parking program reviewed

Parking in downtown Placerville was the subject of a report presented by City Manager Cleve Morris at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 25. The report analyzed the last three years of the program and was requested  by Mayor Pro Tem Mark Acuna. “I learned a lot about the parking situation in putting together this […]

Machado stays for full City Council meeting

It was business as almost usual as Placerville City Councilman David Machado sat behind the dais for Tuesday’s City Council meeting — and stayed there this time. The last council meeting he made only a brief appearance and then disappeared. After charges of perjury and conspiracy to commit a crime were filed against Machado by […]

City issues statement about mayor’s arrest

A press release received on Aug. 19 about the arrest of Placerville Mayor David Machado from City Manager Cleve Morris states: “In light of the arrest and charges brought against Mayor Dave Machado on Thursday, August 18, 2011, the City of Placerville issues the following statement: “We are deeply saddened and concerned with the charges […]

Placerville city manager completes 6 months

Placerville City Manager Cleve Morris has been in his job for over six months and he’s planning to stay. What’s more, the City Council is planning to let him. Morris, 52, came to Placerville in mid-December of 2010 from being city manager of Patterson. He replaced retiring City Manager/City Attorney John Driscoll and worked in […]

2 steps back for city redevelopment

An observant resident halted the progress of redevelopment in Placerville during Tuesday’s Placerville City Council meeting. The only item on the meeting agenda was the second reading of an ordinance agreeing under protest to comply with the provisions of ABX1 27, the Voluntary Alternative Redevelopment Act, in order for the Placerville Redevelopment Agency to continue […]

City hanging in with redevelopment

Gov. Jerry Brown on June 29 signed the California State Budget and two companion bills: ABX1 27, which suspended redevelopment agency activity and eliminated redevelopment agencies effective Oct. 1, and ABX1 26, exempting redevelopment agencies from suspension and dissolution if they “voluntarily” contribute additional tax increments to schools and special districts. At last week’s Placerville […]

No eminent domain, City Council says

The Placerville City Council effectively tied their own hands and those of future City Councils with regard to the use of eminent domain at Tuesday’s meeting. With a 5-0 vote, the council adopted a resolution prohibiting the Redevelopment Agency board from the use of eminent domain in the entire Placerville Redevelopment Project area. At the […]

City Council OKs redevelopment

Five resolutions regarding redevelopment  and the first reading of an ordinance to approve and adopt the Redevelopment Plan were approved 4-0 at last week’s Placerville City Council meeting. The proposed Redevelopment Project Area covers 1,077 acres from Placerville Drive to the Smith Flat and Motor City area, including the three business districts in the city […]

City tax leaks over city limits

Sometimes it pays to gossip. Diamond Springs resident Lois Jordan and her neighbor Karen Ernst were having a chat and Ernst remarked that a recent purchase at Wal-Mart had an 8.75 sales tax applied to it. Jordan, a retired Placerville Planning Department employee, knew that something was wrong. “I thought, here we go again,” said […]

City redevelopment questioned again

A small but vocal group of El Dorado County residents posed questions for the Placerville Redevelopment Agency at Tuesday’s City Council/Redevelopment Agency meeting, but not all of them stuck around to listen to the answers. The Redevelopment Agency was tasked with approving and adopting a report to the City Council on the Proposed Redevelopment Plan for […]

City redevelopment pushes forward despite governor

Despite Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal to eliminate all redevelopment agencies, Placerville will continue to move forward in its plans to adopt a redevelopment plan. “We’re moving forward with the anticipation that redevelopment agencies will still be there,” said City Manager Cleve Morris at the Tuesday evening meeting of the Placerville Redevelopment Agency. Part of […]

Double-duty Driscoll, city manager, retires

The close of 2010 brings an end to the first decade of the new millienium and for retiring Placerville City Manager/City Attorney John Driscoll it’s been a challenging and rewarding 10 years. “Ten years is a long time for a city manager,” said Driscoll, 66. “The usual is about four years, but it’s time for […]

Something to think about: Sour grapes

I’ve noticed that some people appear to focus their energy in plucking sour grapes from every bunch that presents itself, no matter how sweet. It’s a common phenomenon, but it’s particularly evident in comments people make online. Two recent examples from our newspaper follow, but there are millions more all over the Internet commenting about […]

Cops to come back to campus

Deep budget cuts to police services and schools caused the School Resource Officer program to be discontinued at El Dorado High School in 2009, but a grant and approval from the Placerville City Council will put an SRO back at El Dorado High and give them time at Schnell School, Sierra Elementary and Markham Middle […]

Main Street slated for new utilities, pavement

The cracks and potholes on Main Street between Pacific Street and Bedford may become a thing of the past. The Placerville City Council voted a unanimous approval of plans to begin a street overlay of Main Street at the Feb. 25 meeting, and, best of all, there is money to pay for it.

The city has a Pavement Management System with an inventory of city streets and prioritized repairs, but Main Street with its high visibility and usage was the first choice.

“The need is definitely there,”said City Manager Cleve Morris. “There are plenty of streets in Placerville that could use this, but Main Street has high traffic.”

Top 10 stories of 2013: 4. Hangtown Haven successful, removed

It was an experiment that worked, depending on your point of view. And it is gone. Hangtown Haven, the only legal encampment for the homeless in El Dorado County, received national recognition for its approach in building a  self-governing homeless community that supported its residents in their personal goals, provided a safe, clean environment for […]

Homeless day shelter opens for winter

A day shelter for the homeless is now open, said Placerville City Manager Cleve Morris. “There haven’t been very many people using it yet, but it’s been open for almost a week.” The day shelter is located at Christ-Like Services at 7500 Green Valley Road, which will also host an evening shelter two nights per […]

No extension: Haven to close

Homelessness is something almost every community must deal with in the best way it can. On Tuesday, Nov. 12, the Placerville City Council sealed the fate of Hangtown Haven, Placerville’s only legal encampment for the homeless, with a unanimous vote to deny its request for an extension to the camp’s Temporary Use Permit. The camp […]

Homeless camp’s success may spell its doom

By many accounts, including those who have had negative experiences with the homeless population in Placerville, Hangtown Haven, the legal encampment for the homeless, is working well. But, despite the success of the experiment, it is still scheduled for closure on Nov. 15 — perhaps because of its very success. Detractors of the homeless camp […]

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