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Publisher’s ink: In search of another parking space

There are approximately 2,038 road miles between Placerville and Chicago. When you factor in four miles needed to locate the historical Wyoming Frontier Prison at Rawlins, Wyo., five miles searching for an Outback Steakhouse in Cheyenne, and two extra miles including an illegal u-turn at Gallally, Neb. (missed the exit for the motel), the total […]

Colonel Blimp

EDITOR: Publisher Richard Esposito’s latest op-ed page criticizing Obama’s foreign policy initiatives as disasters in Lybia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Ukraine, reminds me that, so far, not a single American has been killed as a result of these “disasters.” Mr. Esposito seems to prefer the more “robust” approach to foreign policy: invade first, ask […]

Publisher’s ink: ‘Bear Killer’ vs ‘Kid Obama’ — Round one goes to Putin

With the closing of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin has cast his sights on Ukraine. Political upheaval in that strategically important country gives Putin an opportunity to move Russian troops onto the Crimean Peninsula. This is all under the guise of protecting Russian citizens living and working in the country. President […]

The ‘State of the Mountain Democrat’

I was recently invited to speak to the Pollock Pines–Camino Rotary Club. It’s always enjoyable to break bread (or in this case a breakfast Danish) with business leaders of this small but highly respected service club. It’s amazing what 16 Rotarians can accomplish. One of their key projects is to provide free dictionaries to students […]

Publisher’s ink: Puppies, cats and pork chops

Our oldest daughter called me the other day. It’s always nice to hear from her. Now that she has a full-time job and is officially off my payroll, her incoming text messages and phone calls are that much more enjoyable. Actually with this particular call she was reaching out to her mother. “Looking for mom?” […]

El Dorado Western Railroad thank you

EDITOR: The El Dorado Western Railway Foundation Board of Directors would like to thank everyone who came out to take a train ride and supported the El Dorado Western Railroad in 2013. This unique Living History program happens every Sunday, either in Shingle Springs on the second and fourth Sunday, or at El Dorado on […]

Wrongheaded comments on Head Start

EDITOR: Recently, Richard Esposito, publisher of the Mountain Democrat, wrote a column trying, and failing, to mock the idea that climate change is here, and it’s real. He ought to leave telling whoppers to Larry Weitzman, who has years of practice. What got my attention, however, is the Mountain Democrat editorial’s argument that the Head […]

Publisher’s ink: All dams leak

“All dams leak” were three interesting words I heard prior to taking a tour of the inside of Norris Dam located at Norris, Tenn. This dam was the first one constructed by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in 1933. While it’s not the largest of the TVA dams, standing 265 feet below it gives one […]

The chamber is the natural resource

The 90th annual Installation and Awards Dinner for the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce focused on natural resources. Not only is the chamber the natural resource for businesses in El Dorado County, the many natural resources in El Dorado County support local business and make a positive impact on everyone’s daily lives, El Dorado […]

Publisher’s ink: Polar vortex is vexing

As temperatures plunged below zero last week, people across many parts of the country were forced into survival mode. The report from our older daughter living and working in Chicago was as follows: “It’s so cold outside my eyes hurt.” Not quite sure what this meant so my advice to her was to keep them […]

Publisher’s ink: President Houdini inspires 2014 predictions

Another year has passed, as if acclaimed magician Harry Houdini waved his wand across the calendar while reciting a few mystical words and the past 12 months just went …“poof!” Houdini, “The Handcuff King,” master illusionist and grand entertainer, thrilled his audiences with feats of magic. Obviously this talent isn’t a lost art. Our present […]

Publisher’s ink: Christmas memories in the ‘clutch’

By the time anyone gets around to reading this column our family will be gathered by the Christmas tree opening presents. Of course our greatest gift is having both our daughters home for the holidays. It’s a time for sharing joy, good food and making new lasting memories. Christmas memories… Like the year we decided […]

Publisher’s ink: Davey ‘Doc’ Wiser is our living history

On Oct. 26, 1881 at approximately 3 p.m., an event occurred that would be long remembered across the country. Four of the men involved would become infamous and the community to this day is still recognized for this single action that depicted what living in the west was all about. It wasn’t the discovery of […]

It was a perfect parade day

Oh the weather outside was delightful and the parade was so joyful and since everyone was there, let it roll, let it roll, let it roll. The weather for the 2013 Hangtown Christmas Parade in Placerville was perfect. In fact it was so good, some veteran parade viewers were actually commenting that it was “too […]

Santa Claus is coming to town and so is the parade

It’s looking a lot like a Christmas parade as plans are finalized for the big event. Slated for Sunday, Dec. 1, at 1 p.m. along Broadway and Main Street, the parade will have something for everyone, including Santa Claus. The weather won’t be a problem as it’s predicted to be sunny, if a little brisk. […]

Readers’ Choice awardees honored

The 116 businesses and individuals selected by Mountain Democrat readers as their best choices were honored and feted at Cielo Estate Winery on Oct. 29. The Great Hall at Cielo’s was filled with honored guests enjoying the beautifully presented and delicious food catered by Carrie Nave, who also poured estate wines for guests. Some businesses, […]

Mountain Democrat to continue McIntire Family tradition

Disappointed that last year’s Christmas Parade was cancelled due to a downpour, a committee of local residents, with the Mountain Democrat taking the lead, have promised that this year’s parade will take place.

Last year’s parade was cancelled after the city of Placerville decided inclement weather made it too hazardous to proceed.

But that decision was roundly criticized by those who spent hundreds of hours organizing and preparing for the parade and who braved rain, wind, snow and sleet in years prior.

Also upset were the Toys for Tots volunteers who rely on the parade to supply a large portion of the toys they give to …

Corvette coverage

EDITOR: I want to take an opportunity to thank the many individuals responsible at the Mountain Democrat for their coverage of our events concerning the theft of, and the subsequent recovery of our 1962 Corvette. As many of you know by now, our ’62 Corvette was stolen on the evening of Aug. 17. It was […]

Forsberg returns to victory lane

Mountain Democrat host Kids Night In 1983, Andy Forsberg tasted life in the victory lane.He stood on the front stretch holding a precious trophy after winning the Kid’s Night bicycle races with his father Richard by his side. On Saturday night, the younger Forsberg exercised his nostalgic ways, driving to victory at Placerville Speedway before […]

Great memories

Editor’s note: The Mountain Democrat Sport’s Department has regularly tapped into the community in search of student writers and many, like Shane, have gone on to pursue journalism or communications in college and are now in the business. Despite his best attempts to give his own send-off an aura of finality, Shane has accepted a […]

El Dorado County Fair Commercial Wine Competition winners

Sixty-four wineries entered 414 entries in the 25th El Dorado County Fair Commercial Wine Competition presented by the Mountain Democrat. The judging took place on Friday, May 17 at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds in Placerville. A panel of 34 judges sampled the entries and the results were announced at a ceremony hosted by the […]

Winning wines bring home gold

Thirty-four wine judges convened at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds in Placerville to look, swirl, taste and select the best wines entered in the 25th El Dorado County Fair Commercial Wine Competition presented by the Mountain Democrat. After a full-day of judging on Friday, May 17, the verdicts were revealed at an evening ceremony hosted […]

Four receive Beautification Award from city

At the May 14 Placerville City Council meeting, four local businesses received beautification awards for their efforts in improving the appearance of the city. Mayor Wendy Mattson presented the awards to Dr. Daniel Morrill for Precison Eyecare; Jose Rodriguez, owner of  Torino’s restaurant; Lanny Hardy, manager of the Cary House; and Richard Esposito, publisher of […]

Publisher’s ink: ‘Paper or plastic’ might be dumped

“Will that be paper or plastic?” the grocery store clerk asked. Years ago brown paper bags (or sacks as some folks refer to them) were the only game in town. Growing up in our household, we saved our paper grocery bags. We re-used them to line the kitchen trash container. And at the beginning of […]

Academic Decathlon

EDITOR: It is nice to be reassured from time to time that our country’s future is in good hands. Recently, I was honored to share the stage with some of El Dorado County’s best and brightest students during the Awards Ceremony for the El Dorado County Academic Decathlon. Teams of nine students from El Dorado, […]

Ponderosa wins again

Hard work and hours of preparation paid off for the Ponderosa High School Academic Decathlon team with a win in the annual competition that tested knowledge in 10 academic disciplines. For Ponderosa this was the 21st consecutive victory scoring 37,412.50 points. Oak Ridge High School placed second with 35,196.90 points, Union Mine High School was […]

Creativity wins the day

Nine happy winners in the 2012 Mountain Democrat Coloring Contest received their prizes during a special awards party at the Mountain Democrat on Tuesday, Dec. 11. As family and friends watched the winners step forward cheers and applause sounded. In the age group 6 and under Olivia Meyer, 6, Placerville, placed third; Drayven Gallaway, 6, […]

Publisher’s ink: What’s a parade without an ark?

This is how you are to build it: The ark is to be three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide and thirty cubits high. — Genesis 6:15 Make a roof for it, leaving below the roof an opening one cubit high all around. Put a door in the side of the ark and make lower, […]

Heard over the back fence: Parade, pancakes and a movie this weekend

Clara Neilsen provided the following quote from the book “Live and Learn and Pass It On”: “I’ve learned that even when I have pains, I don’t have to be a pain.” – Age 82. PANCAKE BREAKFAST TIME!
 Tomorrow, Dec. 1, the Cameron Park Fire Department’s pancake breakfast will be served from […]

Publisher’s ink: Fiscal cliff-hanger looms as parties posture

Just when you thought it was safe to resume normal life after the election, we’re now facing what could be a crisis of epic proportion. The countdown to the nation’s “fiscal cliff” is winding down. The “fiscal cliff” is what we’ll fall over if the Bush tax cuts don’t get extended and automatic spending cuts […]

Publisher’s ink: Location, location, location

When the Key West Citizen newspaper relocated from the heart of “Old Town” to the less commercialized side of the island in 1988, they had much working in their favor. Property values in the Florida Keys were running higher than the national average and this daily newspaper was sitting on almost a half-block of prime […]

Publisher’s ink: Read dog food labels carefully when dieting

Since gaining weight I’ve been more inclined to reading the labels on the back of cans. Knowing the ingredients helps in reducing those unwanted and unsightly pounds. On one particular can I found it included fish broth, peas, spinach and sunflower oil. All these appeared to be healthy foodstuffs — for a dog. Ollie, our […]

Chili cook-off was a cool event

CAMERON PARK — It was a hot time at Burke Junction as cooks prepared their chili for the 2012 Chili Cook-off and Classic Car Show on Saturday, Sept, 8. The day was warm, the music by Out of the Blue was definitely hot, the classic cars were smoking’ and the chili heated met expectations. The […]

Heard over the back fence: Publisher to converse with Republican women

 Check out the “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” calendar, and you will discover the following thought: “Think of stress and frustration as distractions to your success. Many people assume that stress and success are linked in the same way that glue sticks to paper. People think of their stress as […]


In Publisher Richard Esposito’s column Wednesday the takeoff on the Abbott and Costello “Who’s on First” routine was first written by Barry Levinson, producer, writer and director. It is called “The Economics of Abbott and Costello.”

Thanks for S.P.E.A.R. support

EDITOR: I want to thank Richard Esposito, Bob Billingsley, Mimi Escabar, and all the Mountain Democrat staff, for being so supportive throughout the years that I have been in business. I/we truly appreciate it. My husband Frank and I have to relocate to Pleasanton, as my husband has become ill, and our family wants us near them so […]

Jamboree rollover burn victim dies

Rachel Anne Gray, the woman critically burned in an accident on the Rubicon Trail during the Jeepers Jamboree, has died.

Longtime friend and family liaison Chris Patton confirmed that Gray, 21, of El Dorado Hills, died away Sept. 1 at 11:45 p.m.

Read More…

Publisher’s ink: Ammo Depot just a ‘sign’ of the times

School officials with the El Dorado Union High School District shot themselves in the foot after making the decision to turn over Ammo Depot’s sign on the Ponderosa High School stadium scoreboard. The advertisement was purchased by the Rancho Cordova business to promote the store and help sponsor the school’s football program. Brandon Lungren is […]

Publisher’s ink: ‘Big Mitt’ feeling Chicago-style heat

With calls for presidential candidate Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns one might suspect the candidate has more to hide behind his wealth. Just how much is this Republican contender worth? And how much does (did) he pay in income taxes? The clamoring from the left would lead one to believe Mitt […]

Open letter of thanks

EDITOR: ”Thanks” is not enough to express the heartfelt gratitude I feel during the most horrific time in my life. However, I must give praise to Bob Billingsley, for a thoughtful and elegant eulogy in honor of my late husband, David Viramontes, Jr. (I’ve dubbed Bob the “Eulogist”); to Steve Nichols, and The Diamond Springs, El […]

Publisher’s ink: A hero comes home

Nothing written in today’s column could lessen the pain the family of Staff Sgt. Sky Mote has experienced. The loss of a loved one is hard. But losing a son in the prime of his life must be unbearable. Sgt. Mote’s death brings a distant military campaign closer to home. It reminds us of nine […]

60th Jamboree: Adventure worth experiencing

Despite a horrific accident July 28 that ultimately claimed the leg of a young woman and more than 75 percent of her skin to burns, the 60th anniversary of the Jeepers Jamboree was an adventure worth experiencing. The accident itself was responded to by sheriff’s deputies from main camp; rock rollers of the Jamboree; numerous […]

Romney playing defense in the Olympic sport of politics

Despite last week’s Rasmussen poll showing Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney leading President Barack Obama by five percentage points, his chances of winning are slim. Here’s one reason why. During Romney’s stopover in Great Britain he was asked a question regarding preparations for the British Olympics. “There are a few things that were disconcerting,” Romney […]

960 hours and counting

The stench from the criminal actions of former Placerville mayor and city councilman David Machado still lingers. It wasn’t enough his plea bargain netted him 960 hours of community service time to be spent in sunny Mexico — as he preferred. Now there’s a new twist. Machado was last seen managing the efforts of the […]

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