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High-speed accident leaves teens with ‘major injuries’

Three juveniles were involved in a traffic accident Sunday evening, leaving two with major injuries and one with unknown injuries. The three juveniles, all between 16 and 18 years old, were traveling westbound on North Shingle Road towards Ponderosa Road,  CHP Officer Quinn Cuthbertson said. They were going “too fast” Cuthbertson said, and lost control […]

Dixon Ranch traffic study debated

The traffic study for the proposed 209-home high-density Dixon Ranch project predicts that it won’t bump any of 21 intersections studied to another Level of Service grade by 2016. The 6,892 daily trips anticipated at buildout in 2025 don’t fare much worse. With no mitigation, the report predicts that only two intersections would fall a […]

Traffic light response

EDITOR: Kudos to Darrel Carslon of Garden Valley who questioned the negative comments made recently in the Democrat about the road work in progress on North Shingle and Green Valley Roads. I, too, was very perplexed with the negativity of the letter writer (a retired female law enforcement officer) as I feel these improvements are […]

Traffic light indeed needed

EDITOR: The letter “Unnecessary Traffic Light” needs a rebuttal. The narrow bridge claimed at least two lives. I know, I was there with the Rescue Fire Department. Speed was most likely the problem. This intersection has been the scene of many accidents, most were fender benders so they don’t make the newspaper. I was the […]

Tree a danger to traffic

EDITOR: The tree leaning over the fence at Lions Park in Placerville is still obstructing the view on the curve, making it difficult to see oncoming traffic, making it hard to exit from Butterfly Lane and to those entering or exiting Lions Park. The traffic here is fast. We appreciate the help in the past, […]

Frankly speaking: Internet reaction to accident comes strong and fast

Deomcrat columnist The Thanksgiving weekend accident that got the most local coverage was devastating but Òtypical,Ó the kind of thing you read about too often. What made it different for me was that it took place on a road I have driven at least 100 times. Salmon Falls Road, northeast of Folsom Lake, is a […]

McCavitt testifies in own trial

The last two days of testimony of a trial, concerning a man who is charged with killing a woman in a head-on collision while drunk, focused on science before the final witness — the defendant — took the stand. Christopher Port continued his testimony Tuesday from the previous Thursday. He testified that defendant Joshua McCavitt’s […]

Car kills Pollock bicyclist

A woman died from injuries sustained in an April 26 night traffic accident in Pollock Pines. Michelle Erickson, 30, allegedly hit Crystal Wood, 28, with her 1997 Silver Toyota 4Runner on Pony Express Trail just west of Pony Bob Drive at 10 p.m., said California Highway Patrol Officer Quinn Cuthbertson. Wood was on a bicycle, […]

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Dog talk with Uncle Matty: The thrill of the chase

From where the dog sits, there’s not much that beats the thrill of the chase. It’s in their blood — the prey drive, the chase instinct. It’s an urge once based on survival, one passed on from the dog’s early brethren: the wolf. But times have changed. For the African spotted dog, also known as […]

Franckly speaking: Should children come to funeral service?

I was in an audience in Sacramento, listening to Alan D. Wolfelt, a man whose speech topics are not cheerful. Wolfelt is a psychologist, workshop leader, and author whose 57 books are about death, divorce, suicide and other topics that involve loss and grief. It can be difficult to listen to him, but I enjoyed […]

PPD report shows crime continues on downward trend

In a report released on Feb. 26, the Placerville Police Department revealed that crime in the city has continued on a downward trend. According to the report, prepared by Chief George Nielson — who recently announced plans to retire — the crime rate for 2012 was 24.88 per 1,000 population, down from the most-recent high […]

EID’s Durock Road project

EDITOR: The majority of times I’ve seen the El Dorado Irrigation District have to cut into public roadways to repair or install water or sewer lines, upon completion of their work, those affected areas have either turned into speed bumps, sunken holes or both, depending on how much roadway they and their sub-contractors have defaced. […]

Fatal near Cool

A woman was pronounced dead at the scene of a traffic accident in Cool on Friday. The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a vehicle accident in the 2400 block of Highway 193 in Cool, three miles west of Lou Allen Lane, just before noon on Sept. 14, a press release stated. […]

Collision pictures

EDITOR: It seems to be the new practice to put pictures of traffic accident scenes on the front page of your papers. While I’m sure it gets people’s attention, I really wish you would consider how it makes the families of the victims feel. I lost my daughter in an accident not long ago and I am so […]

Placerville CHP Explorers graduate first level of academy

Thirteen young men and women graduated from the Placerville CHP Explorers Academy on March 11. The academy, which ran from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on both March 10 and 11, put the Explorers to the test. Day one, Saturday, saw the Explorers learning about the California Vehicle Code and gave an introduction to criminal […]

Sheriff’s CERT teams ready for action

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services sponsors Community Emergency Response Teams in our county. CERT is a group of local residents who have volunteered many hours attending training to learn basic skills to save lives and protect property in the aftermath of a major disaster. The El Dorado County CERT program was developed […]

Jerry O. Evans

Aug. 30, 1926 — Sept. 7, 2011 On Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011, Jerry O. Evans passed away and for the hundreds of people whose lives he’d touched in his 85 years, the world got a little bit less fun. Jerry was born in Waukesha, Wis., enlisted in the U.S. Marines when he was 17 and […]

Cell tower: apples and oranges

EDITOR: For the last week or so discussion has centered around the cell phone tower being proposed for the parking lot of Sierra School and has been discussed both pro and con, mostly con. There is a lot of misinformation out there and a lot of fear-generated conjecture. The article in the May 30 issue covers a lot of […]

High schooler hurt in suspected DUI

An intoxicated Ponderosa High School student was airlifted to Sutter Roseville Monday afternoon after losing control of his vehicle, which rolled over, authorities said. Placerville area California Highway Patrol officer Dan Stark said 18-year-old Brandon Pitetti, of Shingle Springs, was traveling westbound on Meder Road in Shingle Springs at 1:55 p.m. Monday when his Toyota […]

Caltrans to close Hwy 50 for repairs

Local motorists traveling to South Lake Tahoe next month will have to go the long way around. The state Department of Transportation will close Highway 50 for approximately two weeks while construction crews work to replace the old stone barriers that have kept eastbound vehicles on the road for seven decades. Weather permitting, the project […]

NBC News shines light on dim bulbs

“NBC Nightly News” called a few weeks ago, and I stopped breathing. Environmental reporter Anne Thompson was on the line confirming my dim view of compact fluorescent light bulbs. She’d read a column I’d written back in May, where I complained that while I was trying to love CFLs, and had plugged them in all […]

Bamboo bike trip completion

EDITOR: I am Takashi Matsumoto, Japanese student, traveling cross country United States with bamboo bike. I met (Mountain Democrat staff writer) Jim Ratajczak at Placerville, and article about bamboo bike trip was posted on your newspaper on Sep 17. I was glad to receive that newspaper from my friend lives in Placerville, yesterday. Hello, Jim […]

Truck crash kills Placerville man

A late night traffic accident claimed the life of 33 year-old Traves John Wilhoyte of Diamond Springs Wednesday, according to the California Highway Patrol. Wilhoyte was the sole occupant of a 1988 Ford F-100 pickup truck that veered off the pavement on North Canyon Road east of Dogwood Lane in Camino at approximately 11 p.m. […]

Smart union

California Highway Patrol officers generally have a reputation for being cool, calm and collected, whether making routine traffic stops or responding to severe traffic accidents. Those characteristics seemed to come through in their union, which struck a deal with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last week that gives up their previously contracted raises. Instead of bigger paychecks […]

Rules of the road: Why we write tickets

Placerville CHP Office There are certain things in life you can count on. One of those things is this: No one wants or likes to get a traffic ticket. As an officer with the California Highway Patrol I issued my first traffic citation almost 18 years ago. Since then I have heard almost every excuse […]

Race opener draws capacity crowd

The new racing season opened in big way Saturday night at Placerville Speedway located on the El Dorado County Fairgrounds. A standing room only crowd packed the grandstands and one of the largest car counts for a weekly point race in recent history filled every available space in the pit area to build a spectacular […]

Take the test

EDITOR: Our citizens need to know the facts about El Dorado County. Take the test and see how you do. The correct answers are at the bottom. 1. The General Plan must be updated with the state every: a. Three years b. Five years c. 10 years d. The General Plan is a one-time presentation […]

McCavitt found guilty

A guilty verdict was handed Friday to a man accused the 2012 vehicular murder of a Camino woman.

A deliberating jury returned two guilty verdicts Friday morning after three hours of deliberation over two days — vehicular murder and gross vehicular manslaughter while …

Fatality in the canyon

A multiple car accident left one dead on Nov. 9. A white 1989 Chevrolet pickup was traveling westbound on Highway 50 just west of White Hall in the American River Canyon at an unknown rate of speed when it crossed over the double yellow line into oncoming traffic, a press release stated. The pickup hit […]

CEDAC-EDH launching community survey

Upwards of 60 El Dorado Hills residents attended the newly formed El Dorado Hills Community Economic Development Advisory Committee’s general meeting last Tuesday to discuss what was called a historic opportunity to shape the future of El Dorado Hills. “Our task is to bring you into the fold so your voices are heard,” said CEDAC-EDH zoning […]

Texting and driving

EDITOR: It’s been a little over a month since I was rear-ended on Highway 50, by a 19-year-old. This child told the police she was adjusting her radio, my guess is she was probably texting. Apparently the police aren’t allowed to ask if you were texting while driving. How else can you get slammed into by […]

Crime Log: Sept. 19-25

Sept. 19 9:33 p.m. Deputies were dispatched to a report of an accidental shooting on Kingsbury Drive in Placerville. It was determined the shooting was accidental and the deputies generated a report for information purposes. Sept. 20 1:18 a.m. Sara Jarvis, 32, was contacted while sitting on the side of Highway 50 in Placerville. She […]

Green Valley project forwarded to BOS

A convenience center on Green Valley Road was approved at the Sept. 26 El Dorado County Planning Commission meeting after a lengthy hearing. An unpopular development with some residents of El Dorado Hills, the 2.12-acre site at the intersection of Green Valley Road and Sophia Parkway is planned to include a gas station, convenience store, […]

Not on my street, please

In 1984, Frank Kopita helped build the second home on Mineshaft Lane in Shingle Springs and he has a house on Elf Wood Lane that intersects with Mineshaft. They are both quiet residential streets with custom homes — but the entrance to Mineshaft Lane is directly across the street from the entrance to the student […]

Dangerous intersection

EDITOR: I am sending this letter to the El Dorado County DOT also. If need be I will be setting up a petition to make this intersection a priority: I’m writing in concern of the dangerous intersection of Green Valley Road and Ponderosa Road in the Shingle Springs road area. I have lived in this […]

Forsberg breaks Decaires’ win streak

Greg DeCaires was poised to make a record fourth consecutive win Saturday at Placerville Speedway before defending track champion Andy Forsberg put an end to his win streak, scoring a long overdue victory on the track he calls home. “It’s been awhile since we’ve been here,” said Forsberg, who last won at Placerville on June […]

Why fix what isn’t broken?

EDITOR: This letter is in response to the June 10 letter named Three Blind Mice. Personally, I think a Roundabout at Main Street and Cedar Ravine is one of the silliest things I have heard about. I learned to drive here in Placerville in the 60s and have been through this intersection hundreds of times. Vehicles stop, wait […]

Car technology

We’ve all seen stories about Google’s driverless car. It won’t be a driverless car when it really starts getting used. It will be a car that drivers can put on autopilot while they take a nap, read a book, type on the computer or do makeup on the way to work along with eating a […]

Good Samaritans step in

The June 25 Placerville City Council meeting got a touch emotional and it had nothing to do with dog owners or roundabouts. Three individuals were recognized for their efforts on behalf of a young mother and her child who had been involved in a single car accident on Sly Park Road in Pollock Pines on […]

On Duty: California Highway Patrol Officer John Gallemore

WEST SACRAMENTO — John Gallemore, a 2007 El Dorado High School graduate, has successfully completed the 27-week cadet training course at the California Highway Patrol Academy. Part of Officer Gallemore’s training included vehicle patrol, capture-and-arrest of suspected violators including people who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, accident investigation and first aid. Training […]

Ralphs makes his mark for Eagle Scout honor

People who use the El Dorado Trail no longer have to wonder where to walk or ride. Kevin Ralphs, a member of Boy Scout troop 859 in Diamond Springs, spent many hours stenciling the county-maintained paved portions of the El Dorado Trail recently. He felt placing proper markers on the trail would be a perfect Eagle […]

Family rescued from river

A family was rescued after its car plunged into the South Fork of the American River on April 4.

El Dorado County Fire Engine 21 responded within three minutes to a report at 2:58 p.m. that a GMC Acadia was in the river, on its side, near Highway 50 at Whitehall, said Battalion Chief Mike Pott. The car had hit a mile marker, tree and boulder before ending up in the river. The unit was returning from another vehicle accident in Kyburz …

Crime Log: March 27-29

March 27 2:18 a.m. A husband, 41, and wife with children in common were involved in a verbal altercation on Woodleigh Lane in Cameron Park. During the argument, the wife allegedly tried to push her husband down a flight of stairs, then slapped the husband across the face. The husband had no complaints of pain […]

EDH bicyclists organize and press for more bike paths

The growing popularity of cycling in El Dorado Hills has spawned several clubs and a bustling bike shop in Town Center: El Dorado Hills Bike and Tri Owner Erin Gorrell hosts multiple teams. She estimates that El Dorado Hills is home to 2,500 to 3,000 competitive riders and untold numbers of less serious pedal pushers.

Something to think about: Elasticity of perception

The world is full of paradoxes: Time flies; time drags. It’s a small world; the world is a big place. It’s all because of the elasticity of perception. When you’re fully engaged in something you find interesting or fun, the 3 ½ hours you spend doing it feel like 10 minutes. Conversely, a 45-minute meeting […]

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