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Leave animal shelter out of it

EDITOR: I’m responding to the letters written by Ms. Carney and Ms. Davis in recent weeks. They, lamenting the lack of aid to the homeless by El Dorado County officials, indicated that the millions spent on the new animal shelter should have been spent on a homeless shelter. Gee. Suppose I suggest that public libraries […]

Animal Shelter vs. human shelter

EDITOR: I am writing in response to the letter of April 1 entitled, “Animal Shelter opens as human shelter closes.” What an indictment of the powers that be in El Dorado County that they can approve $5.7 million to fund that shelter while turning a blind eye to homeless, hurting, downtrodden human beings. How can […]

Animal Shelter Open House

EDITOR: I’m writing this letter because I so enjoyed the open house and tour at the Animal Shelter on March 29. I was very impressed. This is a very nice shelter. It is so nice to see that shelters have come a long way from the way they used to be way back. Thanks to […]

Animal Shelter open as human shelter closes

EDITOR: I love animals, especially our 10-year-old Brittany named, Ruby. And I also love people, all kinds of people, especially those that are at the bottom of society in our community. The new animal shelter that had its open house last weekend cost, according to the article in the Mountain Democrat, $5.7 million, funded by […]

Grand opening for new animal shelter on Sunday

El Dorado County Animal Services is inviting the community to celebrate the grand opening of its new facility in Diamond Springs this Sunday, March 29, from 2 to 4 p.m., according to a press release from El Dorado County Animal Services. A much-anticipated event, the celebration will include tours of the facility, animal demonstrations, presentations, informational booths, […]

New Animal Shelter now open

El Dorado County’s new Animal Services shelter facility opened Oct. 16.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to see the new facility project completed,” said Henry Brzezinski, chief of Animal Services. “We want to thank everyone who supported this effort, especially the County Board of Supervisors and the Chief Administrative Office. We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of our community members and animal welfare partners. The new facility will be a great place to proudly serve our residents and to care for animals in need in our county.”

The new facility, located at 6435 Capitol Ave., Diamond Springs, will 8 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays and 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Saturdays.

PAWED celebrates construction kickoff on new West Slope Animal Shelter

SHINGLE SPRINGS — People for Animal Welfare in El Dorado County (PAWED) hosted over 165 enthusiastic Animal Shelter supporters on Feb. 23 to celebrate the start of construction at the new El Dorado County Animal Services Facility. Guests to the invitation-only event had a chance to preview plans for interior renovation and details of features […]

EDC Animal Shelter looks to adopt out during kitten season

Summertime means an influx of kittens, and at the rate the El Dorado County Animal Shelter is receiving them, the shelter would need to adopt out each day the number the staff normally adopts out in a week. The shelter will have up to 30 kittens for adoption continuously through November, said Alli Lozoya, a […]

New animal shelter

EDITOR: I am a shelter supporter and firmly believe that our county needs and deserves a large, modern facility that will be comfortable and pleasant for animals as well as people. After giving this latest proposal a lot of thought though, I cannot support this location. I feel sorry for the shelter coalition as they […]

Animal Shelter: New site purchase approved

It was a full house on Tuesday as the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors voted to move ahead and purchase property for the future site of the Western Slope Animal Shelter. Sporting an existing building as well as acreage for livestock, the board authorized spending $1.86 million for the 4.73-acre site at 6425 Capitol Avenue […]

Western Slope Animal Shelter

EDITOR: Here we go again. The Planning Department continues to insist that people who reside within 100 feet of the selected new animal shelter site are told, “don’t worry about it.” Others have written about the negative impacts so I will not comment on the multitude of them. I concede that a new animal shelter […]

Western Slope Animal Shelter

EDITOR: I thought we, the residents of the Diamond Springs area, had already fought our battle to keep the county from making the area their favorite dumping ground. But no, they want to dump on us again. Approximately 100 sites in the county were investigated for the new Western Slope Animal Shelter and — surprise […]

Western Slope Animal Shelter

EDITOR: For those of you who, for the past eight years, have been following the progress of the Western Slope Animal Shelter, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, for the homeowners in the residential development whose properties border the proposed site, it appears to be an oncoming train. The […]

Planning commissions reviews animal shelter zoning

At its Thursday meeting, the El Dorado County Planning Commission took a first step in establishing a new West County animal shelter facility. Up for consideration by the commission was whether or not the location of the animal shelter within an industrial park was compatible with the county’s General Plan. Proposed plans for the shelter […]

Animal shelter locations whittled down to one

It’s not final, but you might be able to see final from here. The county’s Animal Services Shelter could be heading to a new home at 6425 Capitol Ave. in the Diamond Springs Commercial Park. Russ Fackrell, facilities manager with the Chief Administrative Office told the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors Tuesday that the […]

Animal shelter qualifies to compete for $100,000

A Diamond Springs animal shelter has qualified to compete for $100,000 and other monetary grants from the ASPCA/Rachael Ray Foundation $100K Challenge, thanks to more than 14,000 votes from supporters over a 12-day period. Animal Outreach of the Motherlode ranked 15th out of 104 shelters nationwide, and was competitive with some of the largest shelters […]

Homeless shelter vs. animal shelter

EDITOR: I just read the article in the Mountain Democrat today about our county’s project for a new animal shelter. If I am understanding it correctly the county just approved a budget of $5.7 million to buy property to build a new animal shelter with the project manager’s salary being $150,000. For that amount of […]

County picks animal shelter project manager

On a project beset by fits and starts, the El Dorado County Animal Shelter now has someone at the helm who is expected to stay there till the cows come home, as it were. Brent Collins was hired by the Board of Supervisors recently to be the project manager who will oversee, lead and complete […]

Supes neuter two proposed animal shelter sites

A 10-acre parcel near the El Dorado Y is no longer being considered for the future site of the western slope animal shelter. The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors decided Tuesday to scrap long-standing plans to build a new facility on the property generally known as the Shinn Ranch or Shinn property. Estimated at […]

Supes OK animal shelter road grading

El Dorado County Supervisors moved one step closer to giving the go-ahead for constructing a new animal shelter. The issue has been controversial for several years and has generated rancorous discussion at numerous board meetings and public hearings. Tuesday the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors gave the nod to Department of Transportation engineer Matt […]

Animal shelter still on hold

El Dorado County supervisors on Monday sent staff back to their desks to hammer out some timelines for moving forward on the county’s proposed new animal shelter. After three hours of testimony during Monday’s special hearing, the board directed new project manager Kris Payne to provide concrete answers to specific issues regarding progress on the […]

My turn: Animal shelter or animal services?

It has come to the attention of the taxpayers of El Dorado County that there is a need to identify budgetary relief within the county departments. Today’s exploration shall be in the Animal Services Department — well, not really a full department in that they work for the ag commissioner. (For purposes of discussion I […]

Animal Shelter defended

EDITOR: I take profound exception to your front-page article regarding the El Dorado County Animal Shelter. Was your point to accuse the shelter of fraud? Was your point to paint Ms. Gratteau as a loving, caring individual? Neither is the case. I have had the pleasure to volunteer some of my time working with the […]

Animal shelter, not a pound

EDITOR: I take exception with your negative editorial in last Friday’s paper regarding the adoption fees in place at the Animal Shelter, yes I said shelter, because you so rudely referred to our shelter as the pound. This is an archaic term used in the 1950s and it is not what our shelter is now. […]

Our animal shelter is different

EDITOR: I spoke with a staff member at El Dorado County Animal Shelter and she said that El Dorado County Animal Shelter does not know the person who started the rumor that the local shelter habitually euthanizes pets placed for adoption. I believe the person who started this rumor was a letter-writer named “Teena” and […]

Animal shelter issue: Im with the deputy

Placerville EDITOR: Ms. Giles, your Aug. 13 Mountain Democrat letter to the editor argues for the animal shelter, omitting pertinent fiscal data, and belittles sheriffÕs deputy Don Atkinson. For an honest and accurate portrayal of the issues to Òletter readers,Ó the impending county budget deficits and employee layoff problems must recognized. You question Mr. AtkinsonÕs […]

Dont fear the animal shelter plan

Cameron Park EDITOR: In Don AtkinsonÕs ÒMy turnÓ piece in the Aug. 4 edition, Mr. Atkinson argues against the recent decision of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors to proceed with the construction of a new animal shelter. He predicts financial ruin for the county and even a threat to public safety as a […]

Road, water to future animal shelter OKd

Democrat staff writer El Dorado County Board of Supervisors took a big step, Tuesday, toward developing a permanent animal shelter on the western slope. By a 3-2 vote, the board authorized the county Department of Transportation to proceed with Phase 1 of the project that is designed to become a comprehensive animal services facility on […]

New group fighting for animal shelter

Citing the need to urge decision makers to return to the long-standing plan for housing homeless animals, a broad-based group of concerned residents, animal welfare advocates and businesses have announced the formation of a new coalition dedicated to making the El Dorado CountyÕs long promised permanent animal shelter a reality. The effort comes on the […]

Animal shelter stays put for now; robotics firm not forced to move

Democrat staff writer What to do with the El Dorado County animal shelter is an issue that has appeared on the county Board of SupervisorsÕ agenda at least 13 times over the past five years. Tuesday the board decided once and for all that, no matter what happens in future, the shelter will not be […]

Robotics firm to protest animal shelter moved to business park

Democrat staff writer El Dorado County is at risk of losing three dozen or more high-tech, good-paying jobs if the Board of Supervisors decides to relocate the Animal Services shelter to a Shingle Springs business park. Schilling Robotics currently leases the facility at 4461 Business Drive where it operates a Òhigh-precision fabrication plant.Ó Headquartered in […]

Animal lovers needed: Shelter’s kitty crowd, especially older kitties, wants homes

Even Bullet the one-eyed tabby cat appears pleased as all get-out at El Dorado County Animal Services these days, flipping and flopping on the front counter as he says hello to visitors.

The animal shelter at 6435 Capitol Ave. in Diamond Springs that opened its doors almost a year ago has proved a great fit for critters and caretakers alike. It’s a long way from being the “pound” anymore.

“They say, ‘If you build it, they will come,’ and that’s been true for us,” said Henry Brzezinski, chief of El Dorado County Animal Services. “We’ve had people bringing in the animals, especially kittens right now — but then again, we’ve had more people coming here wanting to adopt.”

Volunteers sheltering animal evacuees

Animal evacuees need the same things that human evacuees need: food, shelter and someone to make sure they are all right. It’s just that some of them take up a lot more space. There are more than 2,000 human evacuees from the King Fire, ranging from Pollock Pines to Swansboro, to Volcano and Quintette. Shelters […]

I applaud the letter about shelter animals’ deaths

EDITOR: I applaud letter writer Teena Bonnici’s articulate, powerful, and unrelenting description of what happens to animals at our animal “shelters.” I have volunteered at our local shelter and am very impressed with the conditions there as well as with the conscientious staff. However, the truth remains that ultimately animals who are not adopted will […]

Thanks for letter regarding shelter animals

EDITOR: I want to thank Teena Bonnic, shelter manager, for her direct and important letter regarding the fate of shelter pets due to the carelessness of my fellow residents.  Your graphic description of the fate of dogs and cats turned into the shelter or abandoned by their owners should be a wake-up call to all […]

Letter about shelter animals prompts reply

EDITOR: I thank you, Teena, for writing this letter. That had to be one of the most disturbing letters I have read — and also the most profound. As it needed to be. I am quite sure more than a few people will be very upset that you wrote such a letter but I suspect […]

Animal Outreach sets record days before annual fundraiser

Record heat may be nothing to celebrate but a record number of feral cats being fixed one recent sunny Saturday is reason to rejoice. Weary staff and volunteers of Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode saved enough energy to celebrate after fixing a record-breaking number 72 feral cats during the nonprofit’s Free Community Cat Spay […]

Community comes together for shelter

Forget the stigma about animal shelters being cold, cement structures with caged areas for animals to walk and do their business in. The El Dorado County Animal Shelter, with the help of county funding, citizens and animal welfare groups have created a much more pleasant environment for those animals which pass through its doors. The […]

The balancing act: Animals rule

Most El Dorado County residents know that our county’s “make shift” animal shelter needs to be replaced. It has been an issue for at least eight years. The Placerville Drive facility was much too small and ill equipped to do the job, but its dedicated staff made do anyway. Needing replacement because of the limited […]

Noah’s Wish funds barn for Shingle shelter

Noah’s Wish joined forces with PAWED’s (People for Animal Welfare in El Dorado County) Finishing Touches Campaign to complete the funding of the large animal barn at the new El Dorado County Animal Services facility, scheduled to open in the fall. Its contribution, together with a couple of initial generous contributions means PAWED has been […]

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