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Cameron Park vet survived Battle of the Hurtgen Forest

As one of eight survivors of a platoon of 48; a Silver Star awardee from an encounter in the Hurtgen Forest where Allies were surrounded for 21 hard winter days; being wounded three times; a participant in the battle of the bridge at Remagen; successful in the career he loved and the husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather of large and loving family; Tom Vano considers himself to be a lucky man.

Vano, 88, of Cameron Park, gave his Silver Star to a family member, but he really didn’t want it to begin with. It was a symbol of things he wanted to forget and reminder of brave men who died.

He grew up in Astoria, Long Island, and was friends, classmates and bandmates with the singer Tony Bennett, whose family had come from the same part of Italy, Calabria, as Vano’s parents.

Bad comparables killing too many home sales

It was October and my Cameron Park sale was progressing as expected. The termite inspection revealed some dry rot issues that the sellers agreed to repair and my clients waived a few issues pointed out during the home inspection. It was all normal stuff that I had seen a hundred times before. Most property issues […]

Hands up, don’t shoot?

EDITOR: As much as people want to create tension by saying just how different we all are in the U.S. of A. I would like to take a moment to celebrate our similarities that, to me, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are all of one people in this great society of […]

My Turn: The other side of the street

Reading “Reflections from the Sidewalk” by Marcia Brim expressing her objections to abortion, I was struck by her effort to be a calm voice, rejecting inflammatory language and respectfully listening to those who believe in a woman’s right to control her own body. While you project a calm and reasoned voice, there are other Christians […]

The Democratic-chronicles: It’s a wrap

Year end is upon us and it is a good time to look back on 2015. In many ways this has been an extraordinary year with major changes to our social fabric, both positive and negative. Let’s start with the positive changes: The world finally got it right as the United Nations Conference on Climate […]

The Democratic-chronicles: A moral outrage

Although there is universal condemnation of the latest mass murder in San Bernardino, and thousands of articles and editorials extant, I am compelled to add my voice to the swelling chorus decrying America’s penchant for guns and refusal to enact any reasonable measures of safety from firearms. While I am sure that I cannot add […]

Fatal shooting: Brown’s bail set

The man accused of accidentally shooting and killing an El Dorado Hills woman earlier this month appeared in Sacramento County Superior Court Thursday. Kenyatta Brown, 22, and his attorney Russell Miller attended a bail review hearing, where the judge set bail at $100,000. Another court date was set for Oct. 15. Brown is charged with involuntary manslaughter […]

The Democratic-Chronicles: The summer of our discontents

We have walked on the moon, seen pictures of Pluto from three billion miles away, virtually eliminated smallpox and polio and invented the Internet, the personal computer and Cool Whip. But why do otherwise seemingly intelligent people deny man’s calamitous role in climate change. Then, not only adamantly refuse to modify their behavior but prevent […]

News bites: July 15, 2015

Find a job El Dorado County Connections – One Stop will host a free Hiring Event from 10 to 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 16, at the Cameron Park Library, 2500 Country Club Drive. LaborMax Staffing is now hiring for both full-time and part-time labor and clerical positions. LaborMax Staffing representatives will be available at the hiring […]

Grow For It! Welcome the beneficials

I am in search of the rove beetle; have you seen one or better yet — a dozen? Rumor has it that they devour snails and I do need that. They inhabit piles of decaying organic material. So, next I need to establish an insectary area near the vegetable garden where the snails are hard […]

The Democratic-Chronicles: Moral myopia

Wanton killing always causes me to think about morality, or the lack of it. There is a belief, by some, that without religion there is no morality. And whether as self-justification or sincere belief, many, if not most, people of faith hold that their own religion is the foundation of morality. Much as I hate […]

3 wrongs don’t make a right

EDITOR: There’s a place very close to my heart in the Warner Mountains by Alturas that I call my ranch. Actually, it used to be a ranch settled in 1868 by a family whose last son’s ashes were spread there last summer on the homestead. It also used to be a lumber mill and had […]

Heard over the back fence: DFW expert to talk about cutthroat trout

STRANGE FUTURE WISH: John Chapman gave me the following T-shirt statement: “I hope one day to have a psychiatric disorder named after me.” John Chapman said he thought of me when he saw this statement. FISHERMEN UNITE: The El Dorado Chapter of Trout Unlimited will hold its monthly meeting at the Veterans Memorial Building at 130 Placerville […]

The Democratic-Chronicles: The Great Divide

More and more we have become a society with an obscene gap between rich and poor. We are also a society more socially and politically divided than ever before. And everything in our technical infrastructure and popular culture encourages and exacerbates these trends. And when an approach is developed to teach critical thinking in our […]

Heard over the back fence: Huey to join Christmas Parade

LEFTIES PREVAIL: John Chapman dropped off the following T-shirt statement: “I’m left handed — What’s your super power?” PARADE HELICOPTER: The Sons of the American Legion, Post 119, El Dorado and Placerville, are sponsoring a 1966 Huey Vietnam Helicopter for the parade, scheduled for 1 p.m. Dec. 7 at on BVroadway and Main Street, Placerville. Veterans and […]

Rachel Winkler’s lover testifies

The Todd Winkler murder trial Oct. 2 featured a doctor with a specialty of allergies explaining anaphylaxis, a Department of Justice criminalist examining blood on clothing and the lover of Rachel Winkler coming face to face with the man who admitted to killing her.

Before the first witness testified, a stipulation was entered by the prosecution and defense from Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Mike Roberts. If called to testify, the stipulation read, Roberts would say that, after the car wreck that claimed Cathy Winkler’s life, Todd Winkler had injuries to his left knee and left hand, a torn jacket, a scrape and bruise on …

Ground and air vehicles to shine

There’s got to be a thousand Julie Clarks in the world, but when you do an Internet search on the name, the first one that pops up is Cameron Park’s own Julie Clark, world-famous acrobatic pilot and adventurer. Clark is a veteran pilot with 40 years flight experience and 30,000 accident-free hours whose distinctive airplanes […]

Supes delay petition

The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors effectively quashed a citizen initiative related to land development July 29. Without killing it directly, the board sent it for a “30-day review” specifically for analysis of its potential economic impact to the county. That process would extend beyond the statewide deadline of Aug. 8, after which time […]

The Democratic-Chronicles: You have blood on your hands

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, reading what seems like a million words, hearing endless debates in Congress and a seeing flood of television horror stories, America cannot seem to bring a modicum of sanity to the issue of gun control. The killings go on, absolutely nothing has changed and I am puzzled and […]

Commercial builders float own initiative

A new ballot initiative that would quash the anti-growth initiatives currently being circulated in the county is now making the rounds in search of signatures. Sponsored by Region Builders, a Sacramento-based group of commercial builders, architects and engineers, the initiative is called Control Growth to Fix Our Local Roads. According to Joshua Wood, who is the […]

Sheriff’s Office releases 2013 stats

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office released crime statistics for 2013 showing that while most class 1 crimes are down, rape and car thefts increased from 2012. Homicide in the area of the county covered by EDSO was down 60 percent, from five murders in 2012 to two in 2013. There were 17 robberies as […]

Winkler trial date set

A trial date was assigned in a Friday hearing for a man accused of killing his wife. After a discussion in Judge Daniel B. Proud’s chambers, a trial date of Sept. 9, 2014 was decided for Todd Winkler. It is possible, hinging on whether the Colleen Harris case, another murder case David Weiner is the […]

The waist is a terrible thing to mind but Marshall Medical is here to help

As the body ages, it becomes tougher and tougher to keep the pounds where they belong and many find their waists expanding exponentially with the passing of the years. One of life’s biggest challenges, for some, is maintaining a healthy weight that keeps the body functioning at maximum benefit throughout a lifetime. But there’s hope […]

Machine gun, weed and meth lab bring indictment

As El Dorado County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Roberts and three other deputies approached 3450 Santos Circle in Cameron Park to do a mental health check and investigate alleged criminal threats, they noticed a rifle barrel sticking out of the bed of a red Toyota truck parked there. Roberts checked for occupants, but only found what […]

Preventing terrorism

EDITOR: The following comments are my personal beliefs. The National Security Agency (NSA) metadata collection program called PRISM should be promptly stopped. Gathering all wireless telephone calls, e-mails, credit card transactions, etc. originating in the United States is a gross violation of our rights enshrined in the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. Benjamin Franklin said […]

Applied common sense solutions

EDITOR: In the wake of the unspeakable events that transpired during the Boston Marathon one has to wonder why the outcry for common sense is going unheard by our politicians. The knee-jerk reaction coming out of the mainstream media was the accusations of a “terrorist,” al-Qaeda related, then quickly it switched to right-wing radicals and […]

As we were: Home run for El Dorado County

25 Years ago March 11, 1988 Huge softball tournament coming to Placerville area El Dorado County’s Western Slope has been chosen as one of 12 sites for the first leg of a national slow-pitch softball tournament that will conclude with the championship in Steamboat Springs, CO. Tournaments will be held here and in nine other states […]

Gun laws inevitable

EDITOR: If you are a devoted gun owner who is frightened that the government will take your guns away, you should enter the sane debate on “gun safety.” If you believe that we are going to ignore the frequent killings of children and adults, you are deceiving yourself. President Obama has been too tolerant of the […]

EDC survivors of shipwreck hold reunion

Survivors of the Costa Concordia shipwreck gathered Sunday, Jan. 13, for a reunion to remember what happened a year ago when the passenger ship they were on struck a reef and capsized off the coast of Italy, killing 32 people.

Reluctant to talk to the media until now, the group of El Dorado County residents — Joanna and Adam Lynch, Phyllis Eggan, and Brenda Miller — recalled what happened that day and afterwards. Their story is a tale of survival, kindness, friendship and faith.

Walt Grace Shoe Repair stands test of time

Walt Grace loves working with his hands. He loves to serve his customers. He has been in business in Placerville for 40 years. Repairing shoes is not a skill learned in school or an apprentice program. When Grace was a teenager growing up in Sacramento, his father bought a shoe repair business. The previous owner […]

The myth of ‘gun control’

EDITOR: To me gun control consists of proper pre-purchase screening, proper training, a proper stance, proper grip, and holding a proper sight picture when confronted by a bad guy. No one in this great country will ever be able to effectively implement “gun control” by eliminating firearms. It is not going to be possible. In […]

We are not better off

EDITOR: With all respect to my friend George Sabato, listing the ways that he believes he is “better off than four years ago…” Am I, are we, better off? For crying out loud — no! Gee, what does it take? George’s points were all about his own wallet and family pocketbook issues, so let’s start there: […]

Bosnian family hopes Burke Junction is the last stop

Cameron Park’s new creperia, Crepe Town Café, perched behind the gazebo in Burke Junction is quickly gaining a reputation for delicious European café fare. Owner Alma Zildzo and her daughter Mirha Maslic can also serve up some abject lessons in recent European history. They fled from their native Bosnia at the onset of the Bosnian […]

Only two actual candidates appear: Incumbents send surrogates to Republican Women Federated

Candidates were invited to the El Dorado West Republican Women Federated meeting at Denny’s restaurant in Cameron Park on May 14 to share their political views before the upcoming elections in June. Les Baugh, running for District 1 State Senate, joined Frank Bigelow, running for District 5 Assembly, as the only two candidates in attendance. […]

Winkler hearing continued to May

Todd Winkler had a short court appearance Monday morning. Winkler, who is accused of killing his wife, Rachel, in their Cameron Airpark home on Feb. 27, was escorted into the courtroom to sit among other inmates for about five minutes, just long enough for his hearing to be continued. After briefly conferring at the bench […]

Heard over the back fence: Egg hunt at Indian Creek School Sunday

 The following truth appears in the “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” calendar: “The truth is, if you really want someone to listen to you, the best thing you could possibly do is to soften your voice. You’ll be surprised at how attentive and respectful your audience will become.” • • • HUG THE EASTER BUNNIE:

Winkler’s arraignment continued to April

Todd Winkler, the man accused of killing his wife in their Cameron Airpark home, had a brief appearance in court Wednesday. Winkler, who appeared with his attorney, David Weiner, was in court only long enough to see his arraignment continued to April 16 and for El Dorado Superior Court Judge Douglas C. Phimister to grant […]

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One incident witness, 2 deputies testify against Cairns

The jury trial of Kevin Cairns, owner of Dante’s On the River, continued Thursday with witnesses being brought forth by the people. The first witness of the day was Joseph Goodrich, a contractor, who had been snowboarding with friends at Heavenly Ski Resort on Nov. 28, 2010. While on their way back home, one of […]

Winkler claims self-defense, denied bail

Todd Winkler, the man accused of killing his wife in their Cameron Airpark home on Feb. 28 appeared in court for an arraignment and bail hearing on Friday amidst more information being brought forth about the case. Claiming self-defense, he was neverthelss denied bail. Winkler was represented by attorney David Weiner, who described the defendant […]

Hypocrisy of the left

EDITOR: Nancy Pelosi, when asked about the Tea Party, called it AstroTurf. Not a real grass roots movement. Then she praises the Occupy Wall Street crowd as beautiful young people expressing their First Amendment constitutional rights. Hypocrite. Later she cries alligator tears when comparing the Willie Musconi murder with the anger of the Tea Party […]

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Defense calls ex-wife’s slaying manslaughter

Steven Howard Mittelman always wanted to be a father. Wife Valerie, already with children from a previous relationship, was against the idea of starting a family with a husband eight years her junior. Only several years after the fact did Mittelman learn that Valerie, in 1979, had an abortion while they were still a couple. […]

The power of the purse

EDITOR: Open letter to House Speaker John Boehner: I have written to you and several of your leadership cadre before, offering suggestions for bold and aggressive action. Aggressive action orientated leadership is needed to save our country from the clutches of the socialistic regime of Barack Hussein Obama. I consider myself a conservative more than […]

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Accused killer says not guilty

One week after learning she had been indicted by a grand jury, manslaughter suspect Theresa Ghersanich pleaded not guilty Friday during her arraignment in an El Dorado County courthouse. Ghersanich, 55, is accused of killing Orangevale man Bruce Bone in April 2010 after she allegedly hit Bone’s vehicle with her own while driving drunk and […]

Competency trial mulled for suspect

Two weeks after manslaughter suspect Theresa Lee Ghersanich was ruled unfit for trial by an El Dorado County Superior Court judge, attorneys in the case are now preparing for a jury trial to determine her mental competency. The announcement came Wednesday afternoon from deputy district attorney Vicki Ashworth during a brief pre-preliminary hearing before Judge […]

Manslaughter suspect deemed unfit for trial

The court-appointed expert tasked with evaluating manslaughter suspect Theresa Lee Ghersanich has found her mentally unfit to stand trial, an El Dorado County judge said Friday. During a brief hearing Friday afternoon, Superior Court Judge Douglas C. Phimister announced that Dr. Charles Schaffer’s evaluation of Ghersanich, 55, found the suspect is not mentally competent. Ghersanich […]


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