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Past tropical climate change linked to ocean circulation, says Texas A&M team

COLLEGE STATION,Texas – A new record of past temperature change in the tropical Atlantic Ocean’s subsurface provides clues as to why the Earth’s climate is so sensitive to ocean circulation patterns, according to climate scientists at Texas A&M University. Geological oceanographer Matthew Schmidt and two of his graduate students teamed up with Ping Chang, a physical oceanographer and […]

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Diamond, El Dorado plans adopted

The final draft of the Diamond and El Dorado Area Mobility and Sustainable Community Plan was adopted by the El Dorado County Transportation Commission at its March 6 meeting. A report three years in the making, the plan is designed to address transportation circulation and other transportation improvements in the El Dorado-Diamond Springs area. Dan Bolster, […]

Newspapers in Education gives students new learning opportunities

The value of reading as a predictor of success is well-documented, especially for children. Real-life reading, from newspapers and periodicals, broadens a child’s view of the world and the depth of their literacy. To support teachers and students in literacy and learning, the Mountain Democrat has participated in the Newspapers in Education program since 2002. […]

Heard over the back fence: St. Patrick’s Day March 17

MATH IS NOT EASY: John Chapman forwarded the following T-shirt statement: “There are 3 kinds of people in this world: Those that are good at math, and those that aren’t.” GET OUT THE GREEN! Today is St. Patrick’s Day! Don’t forget to wear green. When I was young, we had permission to pinch anyone who was not […]

Have an Affair of the Heart

Have a heart and treat that vital organ to the best possible care for a happy, healthy life. The importance of heart health is the focus of the annual Affair of the Heart, Marshall Medical Center’s popular event that includes guest speakers, health club vendors, health screenings, healthy food sampling, wine tasting and other treats. […]

County OKs underground utilities for Diamond Parkway

A 4-1 majority of county supervisors created the Diamond Springs Parkway Underground Utility District Feb. 4. More precisely, the board passed a resolution that allows for formation of the district. The California Public Utilities Commission established tariff programs in 1967 whereby private companies such as PG&E and AT&T set aside funds exclusively for the purpose […]

Community plan gets chewed up

Planners working on the Diamond Springs and El Dorado Area Mobility and Livable Community Plan must have thought they walked into a buzzsaw at Thursday’s El Dorado County Planning Commission meeting. As they sat in stunned silence, Dan Bolster, the senior transportation planner with the El Dorado County Transportation Commission and Adrian Engel of Echelon Transportation […]

El Dorado, Diamond plans percolating

With traffic flow being the driving force, a plan to enhance the communities of El Dorado and Diamond Springs is in the process of being drafted by the El Dorado County Transportation Commission.

Called the Diamond Springs and El Dorado Area Mobility and Livable Community Plan, the document not only addresses options for improving traffic circulation in the area, but also population growth, jobs and cityscape issues such as sidewalks, landscaping, bike paths and crosswalks with an eye for how those communities may look 10 to 20 years from now.

Snow survey confirms drought

While a picturesque flurry of snow hit the Sierras this past week, it won’t have much impact on water supplies according to the most recent snow survey that was conducted last Thursday.

Part of a statewide assessment, the measurements at Phillips Station, near Echo Summit, revealed snow that was more air than water according to Frank Gehrke, chief of the California Cooperative Snow Survey for the California Department of Water Resources.

After taking seven measurements, he came up with an average depth of 12.4 inches of snow with a water content of 1.4 percent, which is only 7 …

Edie Bullard invites you to her palace

Life’s hustle and bustle keeps people on the move. Work, school, kids and errands leave little time for anything else. Edie Bullard, owner of Time Out, wants all that worry and stress to melt away at her private resort and spa in Camino. The cosmetologist by trade celebrates 20 years of pampering this coming September. […]

Toxic cloud

The Pacific Northwest experienced a “cloud” of radiation after Japan’s monster tsunami sent three units of a power plant into meltdown following the March 11, 2011, Tōhoku magnitude 9.0 earthquake. That was pretty tame compared to what China has been sending us via the atmosphere — air pollution. It’s been going on for some time […]

Rock doc: Kicking the habit this year

Thirty years ago I was a light smoker. After several failed attempts to quit, I was able, for some reason, to go cold turkey and finally be done with tobacco. Maybe I got off easy. One thing is for sure: I don’t judge anyone who still smokes because I know some strong willed people who […]

Duty: Army National Guard Pvt. Avery L. Boothe

Army National Guard Pvt. Avery L. Boothe has graduated from One Station Unit Training (OSUT) at Fort Leonard Wood, Waynesville, Mo., which included basic military training and advanced individual training (AIT). During basic military training, the trainee received instruction in drill and ceremony, weapons qualification, map reading, tactics, military courtesy, military justice, physical fitness, first […]

Bass Lake Road: No improvements likely anytime soon

Bass Lake Road area residents and developers again came up short on Tuesday Nov. 12, when the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors quashed efforts to redesign Development Agreements it signed with the county a decade or more ago. Those DAs run for 20 years. The motion by District 5 Supervisor Norma Santiago to continue […]

Hwy 50: Signal shift to ease fall backups

Famous El Dorado County destinations such as Apple Hill, the Rubicon Trail and South Lake Tahoe are now easier to reach. In consultation with the El Dorado County Transportation Commission, El Dorado County and the city of Placerville, Caltrans recently retimed the signal lights on U.S. Highway 50 in Placerville to facilitate eastbound and westbound […]

Grow for it!: Ever-blooming, ever-beautiful orchids

Are you the recipient of an orchid plant gift? Did the plant arrive with a beautiful and exotic-looking bloom but it hasn’t bloomed since? Read to find out how to encourage your orchid to bloom again. First, identify your orchid. If the plant did not come with a tag, the easiest way to identify it […]

Grow For It! Plants for privacy

To create your own space consider the following evergreen trees and shrubs to plant a screen. Popular and easy to grow is photinia, which is a dense growing shrub of bright green and red leaves that matures to dark green. It blooms summer white flowers and fall berries. Prune to shape the photinia before spring […]

Grow For It! Storing the harvest: A cool problem

So your garden has turned into a fountain of tomatoes, zucchini, peaches and cucumbers — how cool is that? You have them for dinner every night and give some away to neighbors and the local food bank. Now what? You might want to freeze, “can” or dry your harvest but that’s a topic for another […]

Hyperlocal meltdown

A year ago an assemblyman proposed a bill that would have allowed an Internet-only “news entity” to become adjudicated as a newspaper of general circulation and thus qualified to publish legal notices. Fortunately that bill is dead. More than that the Internet scheme behind this whole bill is nearly deader than a doornail itself. We […]

Construction starts on Sienna Ridge Road

Many drivers pass right by Sienna Ridge Road’s inconspicuous northern entrance off Bass Lake Road in El Dorado Hills, but soon that entrance will be moved to extend a new, realigned section of the roadway eastward from Serrano Parkway. Serrano Associates began the planned realignment of what was formerly known as Old Bass Lake Road […]

Ross Dress for Less OK’d next to Save Mart

Placerville is one step closer to having a Ross Dress for Less store after the El Dorado County Planning Commission approved the developer’s application on July 11. Up for consideration was a proposal by property owner, WRI Goldenstate LLC to tear down an existing 9,500-square-foot building in Prospectors Plaza and construct a new 25,000-square-foot building […]

Sailing through stunning landscapes for science

Each year at this time thousands of tourists embark on cruises along Alaska stunning coastal waters. If they are lucky, the tourists experience dry weather, relatively calm seas, and breathtaking vistas. In some places the ships can get up close and personal to dramatic scenes of glaciers “calving” ice that breaks off and falls into […]

Healing animals through alternative medicine

As more and more Americans turn to alternative medicine in their pursuit of wellness, it is no wonder that similar treatments are finding their way into the world of animal care. Massage, acupuncture, laser and other techniques are now entering the mainstream. Pet massage Massage is a time-honored technique for improving blood circulation, gently breaking […]

Diamond Springs Parkway high on CIP list

Reducing traffic congestion while increasing economic development won out over arguments to keep the area’s rural appeal in the ongoing Diamond Springs Parkway debate. El Dorado County Supervisors voted unanimously late last month to authorize the department of transportation to keep moving forward on the estimated $25 million project. Part of the DOT’s recommended Capital […]

Supes OK proposed 2013-14 CIP list

Staff from El Dorado County’s former Department of Transportation, now a division of the new Community Development Agency, presented its proposed Capital Improvement Projects list at a recent Board of Supervisors meeting. An annual exercise in long-range planning, the new CIP includes some projects from the 2012 list’s “future projects” element. “The purpose of the […]

HZ: This is goodbye

The time has come. The time has come to pack my things and move on. With great regret and a heavy heart, I’m leaving the Mountain Democrat here at 1360 Broadway, my workplace for the past 13 years. I started here in this building a staff writer and leave as the Sports Editor. It’s been […]

News blackout

Today’s newspaper is the last one this week that will be produced on a regular schedule. Friday’s and Monday’s papers will be produced early. The reason for this hurry-up schedule is that we are moving Thursday and Friday. At 2 p.m Thursday the computers and phones will be shut down and will be moved to […]

Supervisors stake out position on USFS road closures

El Dorado County leaders sent a strongly worded letter last week to Kathy Hardy, supervisor of the Eldorado National Forest. Approved unanimously by the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors Tuesday, the letter clarifies the county’s position regarding the forest service closure of all or parts of 42 roads within the boundaries of the national […]

Grow for it! Cutting gardens

Cutting gardens can have perennials and annuals — and they can be both a beautiful addition to any yard, as well as a way to save money by making your own floral arrangements. Plant flowers that will be cut for inside enjoyment in well-drained soil amended with compost and keep in mind most like full […]

Grow For It!: Gardening in a greenhouse

If you have gardened for any length of time, there comes a point when having a greenhouse looks better and better. Gardening is such a therapeutic activity and having a greenhouse allows this therapy to go on daily, even during the winter months when it is too wet and cold to work outside. Greenhouse styles […]

Cameron Park district eyes annexation

The Cameron Park Community Services District (CPCSD) board of directors gave a nod to possibly annexing more properties into the district at its March 20 meeting. Advocated by board member Shiva Frentzen, the board discussed setting up a committee to look at the district’s sphere of influence with the goal of incorporating other areas into […]

Belltower: End of an era; ocean voyagers and the Panamal Canal

Thursday Joy Haessler died. She was a feature writer for the Mountain Democrat for more than 20 years, about the same number of years that the late Rosemary Moore spent as features editor, which we then called Foothill Life editor. Joy had a personality that matched her name. Here at our Broadway office she sat […]

Where it’s happening

Where else can you read about the changing fire fee boundaries in El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park? Even Board of Equalization Member George Runner quotes the Mountain Democrat on those articles. Or how about the multi-million dollar mom? You may get tired of reading about the Gang of Three and their policy manual mania […]

Hide and seek

Assemblyman Anthony Rendon, D-Bell, is pushing Assembly Bill 642 sponsored by AOL. Just when you thought that antique Internet service was obsolete it manages to get a gullible assemblyman to single-handedly subsidize AOL by allowing Internet-only “publications” to publish legal ads. AB 642 has been assigned to the Assembly Judiciary Committee. It ought to be […]

Supes get look-see at road plans

The El Dorado County’s Board of Supervisors got a first look at its Department of Transportation’s proposed Capital Improvement Plan for 2013 during Tuesday’s afternoon board session. Under the county’s General Plan, the board is required to update the CIP at least every year and coordinate each update with the “five-year major review of the […]

Performance Chiropractic and Sports Center certified for accident victims

Physician, heal thyself … and that’s just what Dr. Yong Kim did, after a fashion. When Kim, owner of Performance Chiropractic and Sports Center in Cameron Park, was a teenager he suffered chronic back pain following numerous vehicle accidents and sports injuries. Add poor posture to the mix, and soon Kim was the victim of […]

Massage Envy Spa: An experience to remember

QUOTE: “We want to create a $100 value for only $39. You can get two massages at Massage Envy for the price of one somewhere else.” Relieve pain, heal injuries, reduce stress, ease anxiety and depression, aid general wellness — sounds like too much to ask from one service, doesn’t it? But it’s not. Ancient […]

Delta panel sets target end date

If all goes according to plan, and all the pieces come together, the Delta Plan will become operational on July 1, 2013, six months past the legislative deadline of Dec. 31, 2012, but phenomenally quick considering the mandate to create a new government entity to take action on longstanding problems in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. […]

County OKs 20-year agreement with Diamond-Dorado Retail Center

El Dorado County Supervisors unanimously approved a Development Agreement for the Diamond Dorado Retail Center Dec. 11.  The agreement extends for 20 years and clears the way with rezoning and General Plan amendments for development of 27.62 acres between Highway 49 and Missouri Flat Road. A four-lane Diamond Springs Parkway will eventually connect the two […]

Development OK’d on Malcom Dixon Rd.

The Planning Commission heartily recommended approval of the 28-acre, 49-home Wilson Estates project, located between Green Valley and Malcolm Dixon roads in El Dorado Hills, citing it as a model for how developers can work cooperatively with residents. The couple dozen residents in attendance at the Dec. 13 meeting voiced oft-repeated concerns about traffic volumes […]

Horoscope, Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Prophetic Dreaming Under the Pisces Moon Day and night will have completely different tones as the moon goes from Aquarius to Pisces. Social efforts and encounters by daylight will provide fodder for an introspective night of mysterious and insightful dreaming. So keep paper and pen by the bedside, and before you go to sleep, affirm […]

Public outreach needed in County process

EDITOR: Open Letter to El Dorado County Board of Supervisors, I have some very serious concerns regarding the Land Use Policy Programmatic Update. I have been talking with several individuals and organizations within Shingle Springs and there is a general consensus that the proposed updates do nothing to help preserve the rural characteristics and lifestyle […]

Grow For It! Plant fungal diseases

Plant diseases are generally defined as disorders in plants caused by pathogens like fungi, bacteria and viruses. However, environmental factors such as the excess or lack of water, fertilizer, and light can also affect plant health by producing symptoms of disease. Diseases caused by pathogens can spread to other plants. Disease-like symptoms caused by environmental […]

Horoscope, Sunday, November 4, 2012

Young love has a tendency to attribute qualities to a potential sweetheart that the person may or may not possess. But the inexperienced are not the only victims of romantic idealism during the current square of Venus in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. The aspect continues to play with our affections for the next two […]

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