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February divorces

Bonny Alamillo and Peter Alamillo, February 26, 2014 Teresa L. Omohundro and Robert E. Omohundro Jr., February 27, 2014 Eric Michaelson and Hedy Michaelson, February 27, 2014 Christopher Smith and Cherise Hernandez Smith, February 27, 2014 Corinthea S. Lane and Dustin Colby Lane, February 27, 2014 Leianne Bell and Thomas Albert Bell, February 27, 2014 […]

January divorces

Dana M. Gleason and John Patrick Gleason, January 31, 2014 Christopher A. Sahm and Michele M. Sahm, January 24, 2014 Stephen Forrest Miller and Carol Ann Miller, January 22, 2014 Alyson A. Huber and Timothy T. Huber, January 21, 2014 Natalie Taylor and Nicholas Gregorio, January 16, 2014 Bernadette N. Hoppe and Howard H. Hoppe, […]

December divorces

Eric A. Beardslee and Phyllis M. Beardslee, December 31, 2013 Leah Cromwell and Dustin Cromwell, December 23, 2013 Sally Smith and Robin Smith, December 23, 2013 Carol Brackney and Dennis Brackney, December 23, 2013 Priscilla M. Vassallo and Henry J. Joo-Perez, December 20, 2013 Glen S. Eastman and Jamie M. Eastman, December 19, 2013 Jillian […]


Jennifer L. Smith and Donald R. Smith, November 21, 2013 Nancy Schwab and Greg Schwab, November 21, 2013 Charity Gonzales and Michael Gonzales, November 21, 2013 Jill Lockwood and Ernie Lockwood, November 21, 2013 Odie Baker and Hannah Baker, November 21, 2013 Travis Hatcher and Diane Hatcher, November 21, 2013 Keri Lynn Walden and Robert […]


Jerry D. Murphy and Deborah L. Murphy, September 30, 2013 Tina Lester and James B. Lester, September 30, 2013 Duane Petersen and Erin Petersen, September 30, 2013 Lisa Marie Chabot Florie and Louis C. Florie, September 30, 2013 Debora L. Kelley and Michael S. Kelley, September 30, 2013 Gurpreet Kaur and Susminder Jeet Singh, September […]


Roxanne C. L. Brecek and Adam R. Brecek, July 16, 2013 Molly D. Kotyk and Daniel A. Kotyk, July 16, 2013 Elvia Luna Ayres and Calude Steven Ayres, July 16, 2013 Jennifer Frederick and Jordan Frederick, July 16, 2013 David Bragg and Ilona C. Bragg, July 9, 2013 Kristen Mello and Ryan Mello, July 10, […]


David Zaun and Michelle De La Fuente, July 23, 2013 Timothy M. Heslin and Eleanor E. Heslin, July 23, 2013 Julie Khashabi and Khosrow Khashabi, July 23, 2013 Nina Gerran and Steven Gerran, July 23, 2013 Jennifer Salazar Warren and Michael James Warren, July 23, 2013 Conrad Melancon and Daina Melancon, July 16, 2013 Timothy […]

July divorces

Keven Orehek and Diana Orehek, July 31, 2013 Jennifer Brix and George Brix, July 17, 2013 Susan J. Jow and Gary W. Jow, July 26, 2013 Crystal Jackson and Rodney Jackson, July 26, 2013 Jennifer Hight and Michael Hight, July 26, 2013 Bruce Volpe and Margo Volpe, July 26, 2013 Patricia L. Houston and Robert […]


Corrina Winje and Eric Winje, June 27, 2013 Marty Ferrill and Janet Baldinger, June 27, 2013 Cassandra Renee Clark and Benjamin A. Clark, June 27, 2013 Chrisandra Jo Flores and Paul Micheal Keeton, June 27, 2013 Michael David Poroli and Kimberly Ann Poroli, June 27, 2013 Tom J. Schmidt and Michelle L. Schmidt, June 27, […]


Sheila A. Schuler and Martin Schuler, May 21, 2013 Stephanie J. Bokelman and Bryan A. Bokelman, May 21, 2013 Onalie Freeman and Brandon Freeman, May 21, 2013 Kurt A. McCrum and Christine T. McCrum, May 21, 2013 Jody A. Wills and Robin E. Wills, May 21, 2013 Thomas Michael DeBartoli and Jodie Lynn Debartoli, May […]

Divorces and dissolutions

Tony Seitz and Julie Seitz, April 15, 2013 Kimberly Newkirk Cline and Michael Kevin Cline, April 15, 2013 Joyce Anne Polte and Loren A, Polte, April 15, 2013 Thomas Francis Harper and Wendy Joy Harper, April 15, 2013 Kerry Lynn Damore and Michael Anthony Damore, April 15, 2013 Kevin McPeters and Michelle McPeters, April 15, […]

March divorces

AnneMarie Olson and Phillip Olson, Jr., March 28, 2013 Andrea Ryder and Lawrence Ryder, March 28, 2013 David L. Wickman and Delphinia J. Wickman, March 28, 2013 Deborah Lamar and Paul Gordon, March 28, 2013 Steven Richard Gameros and Noelle Paige Gameros, March 28, 2013 Michelle J. Monchatre and Mohamad Omarsaary, March 28, 2013 Donald […]


Susan K. Quinonez and John Domingo Quinonez, November 27, 2012 Rachel A. Schindler and Derrick Schindler, November 26, 2012 Robin Harrington and Charles Harrington, November 26, 2012 Armando G. Aguilar and Laura  Apodaca-Aquilar, November 26, 2012 Jina M. Deatherage-Scarr and James W. Scarr, November 26, 2012 Elizabeth A. Glyzewski and Terrance R. Glyzewski, November 16, […]

October divorces

Kimberly L.Ciullo and Vincenzo Ciullo, October 15, 2012 Walid Amiri and Heena Zadran, October 15, 2012 Tamyra Lynn Moore and Kenneth Douglas Moore, October 15, 2012 Christy M. Schaar and Raul J. Arteaga, September 27, 2012 Mircea Lopazan and Amanda Lopazan, October 5, 2012 Monica Hutchinson and Shawn Hutchinson, October 5, 2012 Alisha F. Rains […]

September divorces

Christy M. Schaar and Raul J. Arteaga, September, 27, 2012 Jennifer A. Larson and Lewis C. Larson, September 27, 2012 Cara Mead and Richard Mead, September 27, 2012 Augustin Pineda and Autumn Pineda, September 27, 2012 Dorothy Vollmer and Marvin Vollmer, September 27, 2012 Andrea Alfonso and Rimeo Vallar, September 27, 2012 Martin A. Throne […]

August divorces and dissolution of marriage

Cheryll Ann Baiersky Langdon and Rex Raymond Langdon, August 24, 2012 Timothy Dale Brandon and Theresa W. Brandon, August 24, 2012 Gerald W. Arnold and Cherie Jones Arnold, August 24, 2012 Carissa Baasch and Joshua Baasch, August 24, 2012 Robert A. Caulk and Cindy L. Cauck, August 24, 2012 Cherilyn Ann Downey and Kaleb Alexander […]

Divorces — July 31

Kathleen Himmah and Ted Himmah, July 31, 2012 Joseph Robert Mackay and Darci Ann Mackay, July 31, 2012 Latitia C. Denney and Philip A. Denney, July 31, 2012 Henry P. Bruzza and April Dawn Bruzza, July 31, 2012 Lori Rojas (Bartholomew) and Jesse M. Rojas, July 31, 2012 David Mintz and Jackoline K. Mintz, July […]

July divorces and dissoutions of marriage

Janice A. Vanderschuur and James A. Vanderschuur, July 21, 2012 Darren Coil and Deborah Coil, July 31, 2012 Charles Dandy and Virginia Dandy, July 27, 2012 Trinh Ngo and Larry Cao, July 18, 2012 Brent D. Lockwood and Renee M. Lockwood, July 18, 2012 Carmen Wilson and Ashley Wilson, July 17, 2012 Kenneth E. Jackson […]

June divorces listings

Brian A. Miser and Kristen E. Miser, June 29, 2012 Jennifer Elizabeth Eells and Peter Daniel Eells, June 29, 2012 Stephen D. Maxwell and Olga Maxwell, June 29, 2012 Maria Valadez and Luis Valadez, June 29, 2012 Kendra Joyce Sellars and Clifton Kevin Sellars, June 29, 2012 Jenna M. Lollis and Dennis Reed Lollis, June […]

Divorces listings — June

Amanda Y. Gard and Ronald K. Gard, June 11, 2012 Heather R. Lowden and Stephen B. Lowden. June 11, 2012 Robert Aldrich and Teresa Ballatore (Aldrich), June 11, 2012 Yvonne M. Herbert and Darren M. Herbert, June 11, 2012 Vicki Amorde and Eric Amorde, June 11, 2012 Jennifer L. Nash and Christopher L. Nash, June […]


Margaret Joy Burke and Patrick R. Burke Jr., May 31, 2012 Deborah S. Soma and Oddvar J. Soma, May 31, 2012 Taryn Bacon and John Bacon, May 31, 2012 Irina Bergman and Kyle Bergman, May 31, 2012 Michael Horkey and Kimberly Horkey, May 31, 2012 Tobra Snow-Warren and Eric G. Warren, May 31, 2012 Andrina […]

April divorces

Sandra Marie Ruggles and Eric Donald Ohman, April 16, 2012 Michael Alden-Le Quesne and Jason Alden-Le Quesne, April 16, 2012 Ryan McLane and Elizabeth McLane, April 16, 2012 Patricia Elizabeth Marlatt and Dirk Jeffrey Marlatt, April 16, 2012 Randall Richard Immer and Christina Luv Immer, April 16, 2012 Sally Hein and Allen Hein, April 16, […]

Divorces and dissolutions of marraige

Theresa Delater and Richard Delater, February 28, 2012 Joleen Kope and Jorg Kope, February 28, 2012 Mark S. Epperly and Lorraine J. Epperly, February 28, 2012 Matthew John Clouse and Katherine Viviana Nieto Clouse, February 28, 2012 Heather Svensek and Rick  Svensek, February 28, 2012 Benjamin Smalley and Kelly Smalley, February, 28, 2012 Lynette Marie […]

Divorces 1-23-12

Joshua Caleb Orman and Sarah Jane Orman, December 5, 2011 Cory W. Sims and De’Ett S. Sims, December 20, 2011 Ronald Gene Price and Teresa Murillo, December 20, 2011 Jason Straw and Darci Straw, December 21, 2011 Randy Seed and Toni L. Seed, December 21, 2011 Tiffany Ortega and Mark Ortega, December 20, 2011 Jack […]


Margaret E, Chandler and Justin E. Chandler, November 22, 2011 Richard M. Martin and Janet R. Martin, November 16, 2011 Chanthorn Nong and Sokhom Choung, November 18, 2011 Donald Rush and Jill Rush, November 16, 2011 Maria Calderon and Santiago Calderon, November 16, 2011 Charles Kataro Fujii and Sharman Joy Knight-Fujii, November 16, 2011 Carrie […]

Divorces and dissolutions of marriage

Wilson E. LaFromboise Jr. and Summer LaFromboise, October, 14, 2011 Art Martinez and Rhonda Martinez, October 14, 2011 Joseph Whiteford and Kathy Alice Whiteford, October 14, 2011 Curtis Perkins and Teresa Golden-Perkins, October 14, 2011 Tom Hallendorf and Jane Mary Hallendorf, October 14, 2011 Mark Redding and Nancy Redding, October 14, 2011 Marty Jean Galles […]

Divorces and dissolutions of marriage

Everado Segura and Juana Vergara, September 16, 2011 Brian E. Lynch and Michelle R. Lynch, September 16, 2011 Margaret Nunley and Matthew Nunley, September, 16, 2011 Christine H. Misamore and Brandon Eugene Misamore, September 16, 2011 Brandan N. Ricks and Benjamin B. Ricks, September 16, 2011 Dale L. Waldron and Linda J. Waldron, September 16, […]

Divorces and dissolution of marriages

Jon C. Tinker and Constance Tinker, July 22, 2011 Melanie Klinglesmith-Singh and Charanjit Singh, July 22, 2011 Robert Lyell and Tonia Lyell, July 18, 2011 Robert Kay and Diane Kay, July 15, 2011 Jeri L. Costa and Ted M. Costa, July 15, 2011 Beth A. Gerkan and Jeremy K. Bonderer, July 18, 2011 Bettina Louise […]

Divorces and dissolutions of marriage

Gordon A. Smith and Kathryn W. Smith, June 28, 2011 Cindy P. Gold and Antonio Gold, June 28, 2011 Rosa Tuttle and Brian Tuttle, June 28, 2011 Shannon M. Daugherty and Caroline S. Daugherty, June 28, 2011 Brianne Patricia Pankratz and Anthony Pankratz, June 28, 2011 Marcia Sadlowski Markland and Kent Donald Markland, June 28, […]

May divorces and dissolutions

Barbara Deniece Allen and Charles Timothy Wolfe, May 16, 2011 Richard Eric Jenkins and Diane Gail Jenkins, May 13, 2011 Dianna Lynn Sorby and Brian Russell Sorby, May 9, 2011 Audrey Lopez and Brandon Loring, May 9, 2011 Kimberly Schafer-Yoda and Joel Yoda Jr., May 9, 2011 Gilmer B. Wheeler and Christine D. Flaherty, May […]

March divorces

Carla Lynn Valencia and Christopher R. Valencia, March 29, 2011 Jackie L. Fleury and Daniel L. Fleury, March 29, 2011 Stacy M. Chronister and Robert E. Chronister, March 29, 2011 Brandon Riggen and Andrea Riggen, March 29, 2011 Julio Esparza and Yvonne R. Esparza, March 29, 2011 Jane Howe Hadden and Thomas Vickery Hadden, March […]

November divorces

Andrew Jaimes and Dawn Jaimes, November, 29 John Charles Lockwood and Kathleen Creegan Lockwood, November 29 Clinton Ryan Franklin and Cambria Lyn Franklin, November 29 Kathleen Geyer-Hennings and Charles Gregory Hennings, November 29 Sherry Pigg amd Gary Pigg, November 29 Dana N. Rodriguez and Ricardo A. Rodriguez, November 29 Daniel Stapleton and Pamela Stapleton, November […]

Divorces 11-19-10

Wendy Mattson and Courtney Mattson, October 22 Michele Marie Miller and Keith Leroy Miller, October 22 Cassandra E. Morris and Anthony J. Morris, October 22 Susan A. Chee Rosenbaum and Grant A. Rosenbaum, October 22 Sheri Camarillo and Ricardo Alfonso Camarillo, October 22 Amanda Marie Walters and Jerry Lynn Walters Jr., October 22 Rosalia M. […]

WhatÕs with publishing divorces?

Placerville EDITOR: IsnÕt it bad enough we seem to have more than our fair share of dead bodies and murder trials as regular fodder and fill on the front page of our Mountain Democrat? I am at a loss to understand what the new publisher is thinking printing a list of divorces. It seems such […]


A listing in the December Divorces in the Feb. 5 Mountain Democrat incorrectly listed the Dec. 12, 2013 divorce as that of Patrick Karabinus Jr., while it was actually that of Patrick Karabinus Sr.

Gala celebrates three decades of service

What: 30th anniversary Season for Change Gala Who: The Center for Violence-free Relationships Where: Mercedes-Benz of El Dorado Hills, Post Street in El Dorado When: Saturday, Sept. 7, 6 to 9:30 p.m. Cost: Tickets are $75 per person or $125 for two Information: 530-626-1450 What began more than 30 years ago in a tiny house in Placerville as an emergency shelter for […]

Billingsley’s bullets: What happens to trust when you divorce?

Trust revolves around the notion that you have confidence in the integrity of someone or some idea or even something. Trusting someone also implies that you believe them, you can count on them, and you are willing to gamble with your belief in them. When you agree to marry someone, you are saying to yourself […]

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Attorney Myrlys Stockdale is on your side

By Julie Samrick January is a busy month at Stockdale Law Firm in El Dorado Hills. Specializing in family law issues like divorce, spousal support, custody disputes and more, founder Myrlys Stockdale admits, “Sadly, people get through the holidays and then wait to file for divorce in January.” Yet even though 50 percent of marriages […]

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Mary Muse guides clients through difficult transitions

Family law attorney Mary Muse has clear advice for her clients. “I tell my clients ‘Don’t waste your time,” she said. “It’s time you can’t get back.” For 32 years the El Dorado Hills lawyer has advocated on behalf of clients going through difficult changes — divorces, separations, child custody and support issues. She’s seen […]

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Main Street, Placerville: We’re far from being a ghost town

EDITOR: An observation recently made about businesses closing and how Main Street in Placerville is turning into a ghost town left me with this question: “What are the problems facing our historical downtown?” The following is my attempt to answer that question not only from my perspective as a business owner but also as the president […]

‘Know when to walk away, know when to run’

Sometimes our ego gets us into situations where we should not be and our pride keeps us there. If you live long enough you develop the good sense of walking away from bad situations. Years ago I nearly lost a good horse and came close to killing myself while crossing an avalanche slide on the […]

I have no faith in the justice system

EDITOR: Open letter to El Dorado County Superior Court: My experience with your judicial system has destroyed my faith that justice can be obtained in your court. Having witnessed and experienced all manner of prosecutorial abuse of due process, I am now a potentially biased juror against the prosecution. I’ll have to tell the truth […]

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