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Rollover causes injuries to alleged drunk driver

A vehicle rolled over Monday morning in El Dorado Hills, causing an allegedly drunk driver to sustain major injuries. Christina Fifer was driving her 1990 Dodge Durango westbound on Highway 50 just west of Bass Lake Road at 7:15 a.m., CHP Officer Quinn Cuthbertson said. Cuthbertson said she was allegedly under the influence and allowed […]

Allegedly drunk driver collides with tree

A man crashed into a tree after leaving the road due to allegedly driving under the influence on Feb. 17. CHP Officer Quinn Cuthbertson described the incident as a non-fatal DUI traffic collision on westbound Highway 50 at 41 Mile Stone at 3:30 a.m. The 37-year-old male, of Pollock Pines, “went off the road into […]

Suspected drunk driver slams into guard rail

A man, allegedly driving while drunk, veered off Highway 50 near the deer crossing on Sept. 2 and slammed into a guardrail before sliding down an embankment and rolling over. Pedro Valverde IV, 39, of Rancho Cordova, was traveling eastbound on Highway 50 at about 7:40 a.m. when he veered off the road, CHP Officer […]

Checkpoint Friday: CHP ready to nab drunk drivers

The Rancho Cordova area office of the California Highway Patrol will conduct a sobriety checkpoint on Friday, Sept. 17, somewhere within the unincorporated area of El Dorado County. ÒAll too often, members of our community are senselessly injured or killed on local roadways by intoxicated drivers,Ó said Lt. Greg Ferrero, Rancho Cordova area commander. The […]

Designate a driver St. Patrick’s Day

With St. Patrick’s Day on March 17, El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson and the Avoid the 6 DUI Task Force are reminding drivers not to get behind the wheel if they’ve been drinking. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that more than 269 people were senselessly killed nationwide in crashes involving […]

Designated drivers get VIP treatment in DUI crackdown

SACRAMENTO — In an effort to increase safety on our roads and highways, the California Office of Traffic Safety Dec. 13 joined the California Highway Patrol and the California State Transportation Agency to promote and honor designated, sober drivers and launch the start of a holiday crackdown on drunk driving. “Sober drivers in California are […]

What’s your problem, driver?

EDITOR: I’ve lived along Highway 49 near Gold Hill Road since 1985 and have witnessed many bizarre driving behaviors along this route. Within a 1/4-mile radius of my property, I’ve witnessed drunk drivers, tweaked drivers, insane drivers, under-aged drivers, over-aged drivers, selfish and impatient drivers, hit-and-run drivers, fleeing-from-the-law drivers, car-sick drivers, a have-to-stop-and-poop-in-my-yard driver, completely […]

Authorities cracking down on drunk driving during holiday

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office, Department of Transportation and CHP are banding together to crack down on driving as summer comes to a close in their “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign. “As summer ends and motorists hit the road for one last summer holiday, local law enforcement personnel across the nation will […]

Drunk driving stats

With the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office and CHP cracking down on drunk driving leading up to Labor Day, here are some important statistics provided by EDSO and CHP on drunk driving in the nation, state and El Dorado County. • Drunk driving kills about 10,000 people each year. In 2011, the latest recorded year, […]

Wrong-way driver accepts guilt

The wrong-way driver who crashed into an oncoming motorist has pleaded no contest for her role in the 2010 death of an Orangevale newlywed. On Jan. 27, Theresa Lee Ghersanich entered no contest pleas to charges, including gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, DUI causing injury and DUI causing injuring with a blood-alcohol level above the […]

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Designate a driver for St. Patrick’s celebrations

St. Patrick’s Day is a popular night out to socialize with friends, family and coworkers. However, with so many local establishments promoting alcohol sales or special promotional events, far too many drunk drivers head out onto streets, making it dangerous for all. As a counter measure to all the “green beer” on sale St. Patty’s […]

Mental analysis continued for wrong-way driver

The court appointed doctor tasked with evaluating manslaughter suspect Thersea Lee Ghersanich requested an extra three weeks to finish his report, the court announced Monday. El Dorado County Superior Court Judge Douglas C. Phimister said Dr. Charles Schaffer was waiting on medical records and needed more time to finish his mental evaluation of Ghersanich, 55. […]

Every 15 minutes: a sober look at drunk driving

Village Life staff writer Seeing may not be believing, but itÕs a good start. ThatÕs the theory behind the ÒEvery 15 MinutesÓ program which graphically demonstrates the results of drinking and driving for Oak Ridge High School students on April 3rd and 4th. Oak Ridge DriverÕs Education teacher Tom VanderWende described the program as Òvery […]

CHP joins hand-held cell crackdown

As part of April’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month campaign, the California Highway Patrol, Placerville Area, along with over 200 other local law enforcement agencies, will conduct a month-long “zero tolerance” enforcement and education campaign to curb those texting or operating hand-held cell phones while driving. Officers will be on alert throughout the month for those […]

DUI arrests and fatalities down thanks to crackdown

The winter holiday anti-DUI crackdown has resulted in a significant number of DUI arrests from local routine traffic enforcement and special “Avoid the 6″ DUI deployments overnight in El Dorado County. From 12:01 a.m. through midnight on Friday, Dec. 13, officers representing two county law enforcement agencies arrested one individual for driving under the influence […]

Director believes in power of one

Excited to be a position where she can make a difference in people’s lives, Brenda Frachiseur was recently announced as the new executive director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of El Dorado County (BBBS). In the job since October and still getting her feet wet, Frachiseur, 58, comes with 30 years of experience working for […]

Overstepped authority

EDITOR: The CDF (Cal Fire) unit chief overstepped his authority. The California Public Resource Code grants fire officials the authority to suspend or restrict permitted burning when certain articulable conditions exist. The California Public Resources Code 4423.1 states in part: “4423.1. Burning under permit by any person on public or private lands, except within incorporated […]

Halloween partiers beware: ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over’

This Halloween, police, sheriff and CHP Officers will crack down on drunk and drugged drivers throughout the region with an aggressive “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” enforcement effort. The Avoid the 6 DUI Task Force has given a fair warning to all partygoers: Keep the party off the road. “The scariest part of Halloween […]

DUI sentences

Earlier this month we ran an editorial supporting the governor’s $315 million plan to reduce prison overcrowding by shipping some prisoners off to private prisons and some local prison-like jails that have space available. We also supported the Senate pro tem’s plan for a commission to review sentencing laws. Our caveat remains don’t mess with […]

Boney James makes music in Sac

Boney James will perform at the Red Lion Hotel, 500 Leisure Lane in Sacramento, on Saturday, Sept. 14. After four gold albums, three Grammy nominations and sales totaling more than 3 million records, chart-topping saxophonist Boney James embodies the phrase “horn of plenty.” “I’m always thinking about making music,” James said. “It’s still my consuming […]

CHP patrol: Where exciting is normal and tickets are common

The hybrid SUV swung around over the dirt divide of El Dorado Hills Boulevard, changing direction. The radar had pinged 65 in a 50 zone. The acceleration was gunned, the engine roaring — and then suddenly braking. Red light. But the target — a white Maserati still bearing Niello dealership plates — was directly in front. As soon as the light changed to green, the lights on the top of the SUV turned a flashing red.

In all, it was a fairly average pullover for CHP Officer Quinn Cuthbertson. He ended up giving a warning for speeding, but ticketed the driver for not having a front license plate — a $25 ticket that could turn into $500 if it is not taken care of.

EDH bicyclists organize and press for more bike paths

The growing popularity of cycling in El Dorado Hills has spawned several clubs and a bustling bike shop in Town Center: El Dorado Hills Bike and Tri Owner Erin Gorrell hosts multiple teams. She estimates that El Dorado Hills is home to 2,500 to 3,000 competitive riders and untold numbers of less serious pedal pushers.

It’s about freedom

EDITOR: In regards to Sylvia Medley’s question in her letter published in the Jan. 16 edition of the Mountain Democrat concerning her banter with Mr. Edger Brown as to why large capacity clips are necessary, I wish to state the answer that everyone seems to ignore, but is well known in the hearts of freedom-loving […]

CHP ready for holiday enforcement

SACRAMENTO — With holiday celebrations in full swing, the California Highway Patrol is preparing for increased enforcement throughout the heavy travel period to help ensure safety on the road. The CHP is reminding travelers to play by the rules behind the wheel: buckle up, adhere to the posted speed limit, avoid distractions behind the wheel, […]

Holiday weekend DUI crackdown planned

South Lake Tahoe — The Avoid the Six DUI Campaign will be deploying officers this holiday weekend at DUI/driver’s license checkpoints and DUI saturation patrols countywide to arrest impaired drivers. The Memorial Day weekend is the first holiday travel period of the summer season and this, coupled with many college and high school graduations, will […]

Tahoe Deputy receives top honors for DUI enforcement

Al El Dorado County Sheriff’s deputy has been awarded for his efforts in DUI enforcement. Deputy Bryan Payne was recognized by the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers and California Office of Traffic Safety at the annual joint Law Enforcement Recognition and DUI Training seminar for El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento and Yolo counties on April 25, […]

Don’t let her drive

Judge James R. Wagoner sentenced wrong-way drunk driver Theresa Lee Ghersanich, 57, to 10 years in jail plus fines. The fine was $1,500 and restitution $7,500. She likely will serve about 8.5 years of that sentence. She had driven onto Highway 50 near Cameron Park heading eastbound in the westbound lane later colliding head-on with […]

Hiking the Appalachian Trail with ‘Emily Maple’

Love for the outdoors must run in families because why else would Emily Gilbert decide to hike the Appalachian Trail? Emily, the daughter of Placerville resident Jim Gilbert, took up the challenge a year and a half ago. Both her parents worked for the National Park Service and for Emily the trip may have been, […]

Don’t drink and drive: No holiday festivities in jail

As you celebrate the holiday season enjoying traditions, food, family and fun, be reminded that South Lake Tahoe police, Placerville police, El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol will be out in force from Dec. 16, to Jan. 2 to arrest anyone caught driving drunk behind the wheel. “RUOK?” is the text […]

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Countywide Memorial Day weekend DUI crackdown planned

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE — The Avoid the 6 DUI Campaign will be deploying officers this holiday weekend at DUI/Drivers License Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols countywide to arrest impaired drivers who still don’t get the message. The Memorial Day weekend is witness to the kick-off of summertime recreation and holiday travel, along with many college […]

Tahoe police help curb cell phone use, texting

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE — How often are drivers seen texting or talking with hand-held cell phones and there’s no law enforcement on hand to stop and cite them? As part of California’s first Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April, law enforcement in El Dorado County will be holding zero tolerance days for cell phone use and […]

Thank you, DA’s Office

EDITOR: A few years ago my father, Roy Skiles, was killed in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver. She was convicted of gross vehicular manslaughter on a plea deal and did very little time for taking my father’s life. A few weeks ago she was again picked up in El Dorado County for […]

Task force to operate DUI checkpoints

As party-goers celebrate the holidays with friends and family, everyone should heed the Avoid the 6 DUI Task Force warning to keep the party off the road or be ready to face the consequences. Law enforcement from every county agency will be out in force beginning Dec. 17 through the New Year’s weekend cracking down on […]

ADA attorney defends ADA Tahoe letters

A Carmichael attorney who has inundated small businesses in South Lake Tahoe and Truckee with letters requesting they bring buildings in line with access laws for the disabled defended the practice recently. Dozens of letters from Scott N. Johnson have angered business owners who contend the letters, and subsequent lawsuits, do more to line Johnson’s […]

One of the good guys

EDITOR: Nine days ago we lost one of the good guys in Norma Lucille Gray. Some may have known her as Norma at the Elections Department or as Larry’s mom or Quinn’s grandma. I met Norma in 1981 when she was Larry’s mom at swim team where she took me under her wing teaching me […]

We miss you, Chrystal

EDITOR: DDAD, DRWDD, BU is a text message everyone should pass around. To me it means “Don’t Drink And Drive,” “Don’t Ride With Drunk Drivers” and “Buckle Up.” Pretty simple but important things we should all do as a rule in our everyday lives. Nearly a year ago a young lady’s life was cut short […]

Car hits gallery

For the owners of Placerville’s Fusion Gallery Findleton Estate Wine Tasting, a suspected drunk driver recently took window shopping to a new level. Laura K. Butler and Pamela Findleton, the gallery’s co-owners, each received phone calls late Monday night from Placerville police to inform them that a local woman drove through their shop’s front windows. […]

Right action was none

Last month the showdown over the El Dorado County Charter came to a sputtering conclusion. Faced with the reality that making wholesale changes or throwing it out were both complicated and a foolÕs errand, the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors opted to take no action. This was the correct action. A Charter Committee had […]

Memorial Day weekend DUI crackdown set

The Avoid Drunk Driving Campaign will be deploying officers this holiday weekend at DUT/Drivers License Checkpoints and with DUI Saturation Patrols to continue successful efforts toward arresting drunk drivers, lowering deaths and injuries and educating the public about the dangers of impaired driving. As the summer season kicks off at the end of May, holiday […]

Belltower: Two additions to our reader panel

Editor Two people have been added to the Mountain Democrat readers panel: Bill Heyman from Pollock Pines and Kathye Russell, who works for an engineering firm in Cameron Park. Heyman originally enlisted in the Army, but was accepted into officer candidate school. His commission led him to become an artillery officer, eventually commanding two artillery […]

We need more law enforcement at night

Grade 10, Horizon Charter School EDITOR: I think there should be more police officers out at night. Too many people break the law at night because they donÕt think there are police officers who are doing their job. People think that if they break the law and donÕt get caught, then itÕs not illegal. On […]

Time on their hands

With another year of low revenue for El Dorado County and cutbacks, the interim sheriff needs to do an analysis of what is accomplished by patrol deputies in the unincorporated area of South Lake Tahoe. Earlier this month we learned that deputies cited freelance ski instructors at Heavenly Ski Resort. This was dubbed a ÒstingÓ […]

McCavitt testifies in own trial

The last two days of testimony of a trial, concerning a man who is charged with killing a woman in a head-on collision while drunk, focused on science before the final witness — the defendant — took the stand. Christopher Port continued his testimony Tuesday from the previous Thursday. He testified that defendant Joshua McCavitt’s […]

Something to think about: Wondering while I wander

It’s always been annoying to me that I have to dump the bottle of water I brought to the airport before going through security. Since airports have learned to place little stores past the security check-in, I’ve become accustomed to purchasing a $3 bottle of water instead of the 25 cent one I would have […]

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