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GS Smog

You know it’s got to be done every other year for most vehicles in California, but why not ease the pain a bit and get your vehicle smogged at our readers’ favorite — GS Smog. They’ll make sure to get you smogged and get you certified so your vehicle can be registered without any hassle. […]


Three years from now — in 2016 — new energy standards for microwave ovens go into effect. Does that mean they’re only going to produce lukewarm coffee? Hmmm. Actually, it seems microwave ovens consume 4 watts of electricity just being plugged in and waiting to be used. So, now they will, in the near future, […]


EDITOR: While searching for a topic that I could present at our local Nature Bowl competition I came across an alarming problem that will ultimately affect us all. I feel that it is important for all of us to be aware of electrosmog and how it is affecting our bee population. After many hours of research I […]

Imported smog

One of the stories from 2012 that was a continuing story for the last 25 years if not longer is high smog readings in El Dorado County. The reason, of course, is because of the smog that blows in from the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento County. We are a victim of imported smog. […]

Smog: G&S Smog

Every once in a while, every car needs to pass a smog test. One place will offer to do it in 15 minutes, and provide excellent customer service too. G&S Smog & Repair in Shingle Springs receives a high volume of customers, but keeps them satisfied with two dynos to make service fast and efficient. […]

It’s in and out for drivers at G S Smog

Scott Sherrard, 51, owner of G S Smog in Shingle Springs, doesn’t like to see his customers for long. Not because he doesn’t enjoy their company, but because he offers a fast and courteous service that gets drivers in and out and back on the road. That’s because G S Smog is the only shop […]

Best Smog: G S Smog

It’s simple, really. Quick service, friendly staff and a good reputation. That’s why G S Smog owner James Scott Sherrard thinks our readers named his shop the best when it comes to smogging your vehicle. His employees are ready to serve your needs and get you back on the road in as little time as […]

TESLA Model S Electric Car

EDITOR: My wife and I are proud owners of a Tesla Model S all-electric car. As Americans we should all be enormously proud and appreciative of Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder and CEO, and Tesla Motors for their incredible technological, economic and competitive success. They are manufacturing cars, not just in the U.S. but in California […]

Separate obligations

EDITOR: This is an open letter to Kevin Depies of Elk Grove who claimed in the Sacramento Bee that us hillbillies should expect our homes to burn because we live in a historical environment that is a high-fire zone and he shouldn’t have to pay for it. I guess San Francisco and a thousand other cities and […]

No on Lime Rock and Marble developments

EDITOR: On April 30 a meeting was held at the CPCSD to “brief” community members about two developments proposed just across Highway 50 from Cameron Park. This is a wake up call to all Cameron Park residents. I’m sure most of you will find it “entertaining” that we residents of Cameron Park were perhaps the last […]

Too much El Dorado Hills

EDITOR: Again, a large housing development is looming in El Dorado Hills — and amazingly it is right where the beautiful, public golf course was located a few short years ago. Makes one wonder what came first, the offer of a major developer to buy the land, or the closure of the course. How long has all this been […]

Supes OK concept of the ‘Next Economy’

Any new ideas for regionalizing anything came up against a fairly solid wall of skepticism at last week’s El Dorado County Board of Supervisors meeting. The Chief Administrative Office recommended the board consider and adopt a resolution in support of a new project known as the “Next Economy Capital Region Prosperity Plan.” The resolution eventually […]

Commission awards $17M for clean transpo

SACRAMENTO – Increasing clean transportation options throughout the state, the California Energy Commission Feb.13 approved $17 million for a wide range of projects. “These awards are helping to support the expansion of alternative fuels and zero-emission vehicles in California,” said Energy Commission Chairman Robert B. Weisenmiller. “Additionally, the funded projects will reduce greenhouse gas emissions […]

Belltower: A potpouri — from Superbowl to Shakespeare

Feb. 3′s Superbowl game between two teams coached by the brothers Harbaugh is now reported to have the third highest viewership. Except maybe during the half hour the lights went out in the Mercedes Superdome. The local power company had just completed a $4.2 million upgrade to the Superdome electrical service and things went off without […]

Belltower: History that’s news to me

I recently attended the 90th birthday party for Gloria Smith, the widow of Tom Smith. Tom, of course, was known as the man who owned half of Placerville. Perhaps that’s an exaggeration but it is not far from the truth. Attorney Mike Petersen, who was Tom’s nephew, told some good stories about working for Tom […]

Fire district watchdog helped find MLK’s assassin

Near the close of a January committee meeting, a nuts-and-bolts sit down where El Dorado Hills Fire District policies are hammered out before going to the full board, Director Lou Barber turned to the lone member of the public in attendance. “Dick, do you have anything else to add?” “I’m good,” replied Dick Ross, who’d […]

No postal blues even after 46 years

Thomas J. Ramos plans to keep delivering the mail through snow, rain and uncertain economic times. His customers on the City 09 route — up Sacramento Hill, Skyline Drive and out to the Diamond Springs Mobile Home Park on China Garden — speak highly of him, according to Placerville Postmaster Paulette Mahoney. His fellow employees […]

Have shed, will travel

A shed got an unexpected lift Wednesday afternoon when a sudden gust of wind picked it up and gave it a toss. Witnesses at G S Smog and T-Bonez Cycle Parts in Shingle Springs said the first thing they noticed around 3:30 p.m. was an empty cardboard box flying across the parking lot and landing […]

Stoplight unneeded

EDITOR: For those that have tried to travel down Lotus Road over the last week, I am sure the word “disaster” comes to mind. This is a major thoroughfare in the county, leading to Coloma state park among other areas. We have visitors coming for meteorite hunting, and regular traffic every day. The “detour” chosen asked […]

Campgrounds, RV parks save by going green

Campgrounds and RV parks in the Sierra Nevada foothills are finding it pays to be green. The latest case in point is Auburn Gold Country RV Resort in Auburn. The 66-site park, which also has three rental cabins and a small tent section, just completed installation of $500,000 solar power system. “It’s a 105 kilowatt […]

It really was that bad before we formed the EPA

EDITOR: Regarding your editorial, “EPA to make vehicles more expensive,” it appears that either you don’t know California’s history, or you have forgotten how bad it was before Environmental Protection Agency regulations were enacted. Back in the summer of 1960, our family drove to Los Angeles. When we crested at the top of the mountain and […]

December 09, 2011 | Posted in Letters | Tagged | 5 Replies

What’s in the air: com mix of science, politics and good sense

Bill Cosby made “Why is there air?” a household term in 1965. His comic answer was generally, “So that sports balls could be inflated.” The Air Quality Management District of El Dorado County probably doesn’t get asked that question very often, but it does get a lot of calls from residents complaining about a neighbor’s […]

Ron Thompson reinvents auto business: Key word — ‘adapt’

Ron Thompson started in the automotive business at age 17 as the “wash boy” for the Frank Hurling Chevrolet dealership in Sacramento. “They had 600 cars, plus RVs,” he said. He worked his way up in the company, step by step, until he finally reached the top after 26 years and became general manager. His […]

Back roads: Lessons learned from a Ford Taurus

Editor’s note: This is the second in a six-part series that explores the automotive misadventures of columnist Mike Roberts and the metaphysical lessons taught by his automotive “Coyote,” the shape-shifting prankster of Native American folklore. Giving up my 1991 Ford Taurus was like losing a friend. Its fate was sealed after it failed repeated smog […]

Government auctions: Trust no one

EDITOR: Geez, Louise, as I stumble through this dog-eat-dog world, I swear I must be wearing Alpo underwear. Just the other day, I was in the market for a new pick-up truck, and like many other folks these days I was just trying save a buck. So, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to get […]

Colorful characters highlight community’s story

“You’re looking at the best investment you can make, a piece of California.” That proclamation lifted off a 1960s era sales brochure for Cameron Park and sums up the promise of a series of visionary entrepreneurs who each contributed to creating “a special place to live” perched “1,200 feet above the smog and fog,” between […]

Double-duty Driscoll, city manager, retires

The close of 2010 brings an end to the first decade of the new millienium and for retiring Placerville City Manager/City Attorney John Driscoll it’s been a challenging and rewarding 10 years. “Ten years is a long time for a city manager,” said Driscoll, 66. “The usual is about four years, but it’s time for […]

Time for D’Agostini to man up

It’s becoming apparent to us there appear to be two different campaigns for John D’Agostini, who is running for sheriff against Craig Therkildsen. First, there is Mr. Positive who doesn’t criticize his opponent and only points to his list of supporters. But somewhere behind the scenes there seems to be a sub rosa campaign that […]

Most born today wonÕt see age 50

Pilot Hill EDITOR: The stupidity of Americans, particularly Republicans, was amply on display in your article on AB 32 in the June 7 paper. The article, about a Òpanel of eightÓ gathered at Union Mine High School, is simply about liars and the lies they stated as fact. First of all, all eight represent Earth […]

Repair shop family friendly and helpful

Special to the Democrat Does your car need to be smogged? Do you need brakes? Automotive Excellence of Placerville may be just what the car doctor ordered. Family owned and operated, the repair shop can handle RV repairs, warranty repairs and vehicle repair and maintenance. ÒWe do full service, ranging from smog to oil changes,Ó […]

Get your food locally, for you and the planet

Fifth-grader at Millers Hill School EDITOR: IÕm involved in a regional competition about environmental issues (Nature Bowl), and have some important advice to share with people in El Dorado County. When buying our food, we should all do our best to buy our food from local farmers. We are fortunate to have several Community Supported […]

Engine noise? DonÕt despair Ñ get to JoeÕs Garage

Managing editor Your heart sinks as you hear the clunking under the hood of your 5-year-old beauty, and you glance nervously at the Òcheck engineÓ light Ñ yep, itÕs bright red. Dang. But wait … call JoeÕs Garage and itÕll be all right. ÒI know what it feels like to have a mechanic come out […]

Front row seat: Warning to humanity

Democrat columnist ÒIf absolute power corrupts absolutely, does absolute powerlessness make you pure?Ó ÑHarry Shearer Humans have been lulled by a false sense of security for way too long. We have experienced natural gas and oil shortages, economic roller coaster rides due to price fluctuations, political and even military conflicts resulting from oil shortages, power […]

Front row seat: Economy versus environment

Democrat columnist ÒIt is better to be quotable than to be honest.Ó Ñ Tom Stoppard The worldÕs economic and energy crises are interconnected. Credit and energy are simply ways to achieve leverage. They go about it in different ways, but the end result is essentially the same. Energy multiplies labor through the use of machines. […]

Mitsubishi Lancer takes cue from Concept X

Democrat automotive columnist With gas prices peaking at a little over $3 a gallon, there has been a rush to compact cars with sales growth reported last month to be up about 20 percent. And there are choices. For 2008, Mitsubishi has finally brought us a competitive vehicle and one that does not look like […]

Ford Focus features quiet ride

Democrat automotive columnist Ford for 2008 has brought to market a second generation and all new Focus, with a bolder look using styling cues from its bigger brother the Ford Taurus and the super successful Ford Fusion. Inspiration comes from the new Ford trademark strong horizontal chrome grille and its shape mimics other Ford products, […]

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