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Mountain Counties keeps tabs on key water issues

At the joint meeting of Mountain Counties Water Resources Association (MCWRA) and the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) Region 3 this fall in Auburn, approximately 85 people heard from state, legislative and water agency leaders about statewide efforts to reconcile competing water interests. Mountain Counties has been an active participant in these efforts. The […]

Caucus connects with Mountain Counties

Rich in natural resources, but with a small slice of the state’s population, the rural counties of California often band together to speak with a stronger voice on their issues of concern. California’s Legislative Rural Caucus was formed in 2003 as a bipartisan group of 50 members from both the Assembly and the Senate. The […]

Mountain Counties tour highlights Bear River Watershed

Bear River is not the longest river, nor is its watershed the largest, but it encapsulates many conditions found throughout the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Situated between the Yuba River to the north and the American River to the south, the Bear River is only 65 miles long from its source in Nevada County to […]

Mountain Counties water districts explore small hydro options

Until recently, small hydroelectric projects were too expensive and permits and licensing too time-consuming for water districts to consider. Now, a number of factors are coalescing to improve the desirability of adding small hydro projects to their district operations. On March 22 the Technical Advisory Committee of the Mountain Counties Water Resources District held a […]

Mountain Counties addresses climate change

On March 15, Mountain Counties Water Resources Association, in conjunction with the Association of California Water Agencies Region 3, met at The Ridge Golf Course and Event Center in Auburn to hear the latest on climate change. THE QUESTION NASA defines climate change as changes in the long-term averages of daily weather. Long-term forecasts are […]

Mountain counties protecting source water

In view of recent and potential changes in water laws and regulations, water leaders in the Sierra Nevada mountain counties are concerned that the historic rights to the use of their waters are in jeopardy. At the quarterly joint meeting of Mountain Counties Water Resources Association (MCWRA) and the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) […]

Mountain Counties brings water and ag leaders together

Mountain Counties Water Resources Association and the Association of County Water Agencies held their joint quarterly meeting on Sept. 18 at the Blue Goose Event Center in Loomis. The Blue Goose Event Center is a renovation project of the South Placer Heritage Foundation. Mountain Counties Chair Bill George, El Dorado Irrigation District president, welcomed 124 […]

Mountain Counties talks about connecting water and forest

Four specialists in water and forest management came together to talk about the connection at the quarterly meeting of Mountain Counties Water Resources Association recently. The meeting was held at EID headquarters in Placerville. The panel members were: • Jim Branham, Sierra Nevada Conservancy Executive Officer. The Sierra Nevada Conservancy is a state agency under […]

Mountain Counties Water Resources Association grows in stature

The Mountain Counties Water Resources Association is exactly what the name describes. It is an association of 57 districts, agencies, cities, counties, professional consultants and regional agricultural interests that are dedicated to the management of water resources in California’s mountain counties. The Mountain Counties include the foothills and mountains of the western slope of the […]

Mountain Counties hears mixed panel speak

Members of Mountain Counties Water Resources Association and the Association of California Water Agencies met jointly in Placerville last month at the El Dorado Irrigation District conference room in Placerville. The two organizations held their respective business meeting in the morning. The afternoon was devoted to a three-hour forum of experts on “The Future of […]

Mountain Counties association gears up for action

Mountain Counties Water Resources Association, or Mountain Counties, as it is commonly called, has come full circle since it was formed in the 1950s. At that time, California initiated its State Water Plan that led to the creation of the dams, reservoirs and other water infrastructure operated by the state Department of Water Resources. It […]

Bird watching opportunities in Merced, Santa Barbara and Yolo counties

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) through the Shared Habitat Alliance for Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Program is offering new bird watching opportunities throughout the state. A total of 62 SHARE access permits will be awarded through a random drawing for 31 bird watching periods. Successful applicants will receive a SHARE access permit valid for […]

Mountain climbing mayor bids adieu

Placerville Mayor Pierre Rivas is off the City Council and on to other adventures. Tuesday, Dec.14, is Rivas’ last City Council meeting and the Kilimanjaro-climbing, Colorado River-rafting, adventure-loving former mayor will go off into the sunset after newly elected City Council members Wendy Mattson, Patty Borelli and Carl Hagen are sworn in. “The timing is […]

The grand jury is a wonderful thing; Mountain Democrat not so much

Pollock Pines EDITOR: Periodically, but every so often, the Mountain Democrat, has to bring up the fact that in its opinion, El Dorado grand juries are a bunch of uneducated idiots. In an editorial dated June 2009 after the 2008-2009 Grand Jury released its report, it states, ÒPeriodically Ñ at 10-year intervals, it seems Ñ […]

Why are we giving water away?

EDITOR: In this fourth year of drought, I am struggling to understand why we would be considering sending 3,100 acre-feet of our water to Fresno and Kings counties. The environmental impact report submitted by EID’s consultants at the Sacramento firm AECOM does not highlight the positive impact this release would have for the residents of this […]

Grand Jury calls for familiar charter reforms

The El Dorado County Charter should be scrapped at best or substantially amended, according to the Grand Jury report issued June 16. Tacking on to Grand Jury recommendations from 2008-09 and 2013-14 reports, the latest report recommends in even stronger language the repeal or heavy amending of the charter. “The Grand Jury found that the structure of government […]

Mikulaco calls Grand Jury report a ‘hit piece’

District 1 Supervisor Ron Mikulaco vehemently fought back against the Grand Jury’s recently released “A Sign of the Times” report and its findings, which state he “lacks comprehensive awareness of his position as a county supervisor and fails to follow basic and generally accepted principles of good governance.” “Equally alarming,” the report continues, “he (Mikulaco) […]

County officials respond — or don’t — to investigator questions

El Dorado County Chief Administrative Officer Pamela Knorr declined comment when asked about allegations regarding a contract for investigative services with the legal firm of Prentice, Long and Epperson. She instead referred all questions to County Counsel Robyn Truitt-Drivon. Truitt-Drivon would only say the contract was authorized by the Board of Supervisors and the investigation was ongoing. Asked […]

Heard over the back fence: Fun at the Lake

 Oregon State University has announced that the following students from El Dorado Hills recently graduated: Brian K. Buenzli, bachelor of science, merchandising management; Amy E. Hahn, bachelor of science, finance; Kathryn M. Kasabian, bachelor of science, magna cum laude, economics; Thomas P. Massa, bachelor of science, digital communication Arts; Taylor M. Zetlin, […]

My turn: California water rights law: 100 years and counting, and concerned

The long history of California is embattled with disputes over water diversions for export to other regions. The U.S. Army ran out the Paiutes from the Owens Valley in the Eastern Sierra Nevada region which destroyed the Paiutes quality of life and largely destroyed the environment. There’s the battle over the O’Shaughnessy Dam that flooded […]

Folsom: Points of interest

Cycling in Folsom Cyclists love Folsom and for good reason. With 32 miles of trails and plenty of options for riders of all levels, few places can rival the California cycling opportunities available in Folsom. Take a leisurely ride on the American River Bike trail or challenge yourself with trails that wind through the Sierra […]

My turn: Fight for our area of origin water

Ever since James Marshall discovered gold at Sutter’s Mill in 1848, El Dorado County residents have battled for water and water rights. It’s as much a part of our history and our legacy as the Gold Rush, the timber industry and Apple Hill. Water, flowing through the tailrace of Sutter’s lumber mill, exposed the nugget […]

My turn: Water conservation target framework flawed

On Tuesday, April 7, the State Water Resources Control Board released a proposed framework for meeting the statewide 25 percent water conservation target announced by Gov. Jerry Brown on April 1. The state board identified specific reduction standards for water agencies across California. Under the proposal, water purveyor members in the 15 counties represented by […]

Coco talks water at chamber event

Dr. Dale Coco talked water at the April 8 meeting of the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce. A director on the board of the El Dorado Irrigation District, Coco said when he was elected, he told constituents he’d examine all aspects of EID and apply what he learned about project management when he worked at Kaiser. […]

Supervisors OK review of county committees

In its roll as the “supreme” local authority, the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors directed its staff to evaluate all existing committees, commissions and JPAs.  The latter is the acronym for Joint Powers Authority, of which the county is a partner in six separate entities. Clerk of the Board Jim Mitrisin put on a […]

Fire tax relief bill passes out of committee

SACRAMENTO — In his continued efforts to fight against the illegal fire tax, Sen. Ted Gaines (R-El Dorado Hills) announced April 8 that his Senate Bill 250, which would lengthen the time homeowners have to pay or protest the annual $152.33 fee, passed out of the Senate Committee on Governance and Finance with unanimous, bipartisan […]

State of the Sierra Nevada’s Forest and Watershed Improvement Program

This is part 2 of a two-part story Mountain Counties Water Resources Association’s discussion of the California Water Plan. Part 1 was published on March 20. Our forests are in crisis, said Executive Officer Jim Branham of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy at the Mountain Counties Water Resources Association day-long talk about “The Complete Story” of […]

Overlay Regional Report

Lew Moeller, program manager for the California Water Plan for the Department of Water Resources, said the Mountain Counties Area regional report was created for the first time in 2005 to inform decision-makers about the value and characteristics of the natural infrastructure and cultural resources in the area, principally, water. It moves the question of […]

‘The Complete Story’ of California Water Action Plan

Editor’s note: This is part 1 of a two-part story covering the Mountain Counties Water Resources Association’s discussion of the California Water Plan. The timing could not have been more perfect for the Mountain Counties Water Resources Association to talk about “The Complete Story” of the California Water Plan on Feb. 6. Just as the […]

Editorial about county raises

EDITOR: Once again your paper has to comment about the raises county employees received and you show your bias without all the facts. Nowhere do you mention that excluding deputy sheriffs, county employees had gone almost eight years without a raise. This increase actually translates into a restoration of prior pay levels due to previous […]

Sen. Gaines introduces legislation to provide state fire tax relief

SACRAMENTO — In his continued efforts to fight against the illegal fire tax, Sen. Ted Gaines (R-Roseville) today introduced legislation that would lengthen the time homeowners have to pay or protest the annual $150 fee. “Problems with timely mail delivery can be an issue in mountain and rural areas of my Senate District,” said Senator […]

Drought workshop proposed for Georgetown Divide PUD

The drought was on everyone’s mind at the Feb. 10 board meeting of the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District. According to General Manager Wendell Wall, the current water storage in Stumpy Meadows Reservoir is at 10,790 acre-feet or 54 percent of capacity. He said that is the lowest storage level in the lake in the past 49 […]

Water Agency presents ‘State of the county’s water’

El Dorado County has enough water for now. That’s the good news presented by Tracey Eden-Bishop to the Board of Supervisors during its Feb. 3 meeting. Interim general manager of the El Dorado County Water Agency, Eden-Bishop conducted the annual update of the county’s water supply, projected needs and some strategies to ensure water availability […]

Supes give interim CAO 1-year deal

El Dorado County Counsel Robyn Drivon announced Tuesday afternoon that during a closed session before its afternoon agenda, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to appoint Pamela Knorr as its new Chief Administrative Officer. Supervisors approved Knorr “for the interim period of one year.” Originally hired as director of Human Resources in the fall of […]

Kirkwood advances

Kirkwood ski resort, now part of Vail’s collection of ski facilities along with Heavenly, is getting a major upgrade. The resort and its meadow that straddles three counties, has replaced its diesel generators. Originally serving the lodge and a few homeowners, the generators became part of a public utility district as more vacation homes were […]

State of Jefferson

EDITOR: Understanding the State of Jefferson … we are not an arm of any political party. The State of Jefferson movement is about the lack of representation and over regulation of rural Northern California counties. Law makers and unelected bureaucrats from metropolitan areas create onerous regulations, which impact the lives of those who live in […]

Kirkwood Meadows PUD strengthens infrastructure for reliability and environmental benefits

Kirkwood — On Nov. 1, 2014 the Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District, which serves the Kirkwood community and Vail’s Kirkwood Mountain Resort, commissioned and energized a 10-megawatt, 28-mile electrical transmission line connecting the area to the Western electric grid at Pacific Gas & Electric’s Salt Springs substation. This substantially completes a 9-year capital project that […]

Supes begin year with budget woes, data shortcomings

The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors greeted the new year with a large measure of concern over the county’s finances. To make matters worse, the actual data are somewhat clouded and difficult to ascertain because of old computer systems and programs that cannot provide real-time information. During a scheduled budget update at the board’s […]

Cloud seeding proposal considered by county Water Agency

With interest in finding additional water supplies still on everyone’s mind, the El Dorado Water Agency discussed a proposal to conduct cloud seeding at its Dec. 10 meeting. Not the first time it’s been considered, in August of 2014, Dr. Jeffrey Tilley from the Desert Research Institute (DRI) provided a cloud seeding presentation to the agency’s board. […]

EID looks ahead at 90th anniversary

Ninety years after El Dorado Irrigation District was formed to provide water for farming, the district continues to work to protect El Dorado County’s rural economy with a reliable water supply at a reasonable price. At the same time, the district is called upon to provide reliable, safe drinking water for the growing number of […]

Watch out for wildlife while driving this winter

Caltrans and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) are cautioning motorists of an unusually high number of collisions between drivers and wildlife on mountain highways this autumn. The increase has been particularly notable on Interstate 80 and U.S. Highway 50 in Placer and El Dorado counties. “There were an unprecedented 23 incidents involving […]

Belltower: Time, time

Time, time is on our side, as the Rolling Stones sang. Not the way our government runs it. Whether it is fall-back or spring forward, changing one’s sleep rhythm is just plain unhealthy. And none of these time changes saves a lick of money. When Daylight Saving Time is forced upon us it runs up […]

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