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Art ‘n’ Bark spotlights pets

The El Dorado Arts Council is proud to present Art ‘n’ Bark, a dog and pet-themed art show spotlighting local artists and dog-friendly activities for pet owners and their four-legged friends to enjoy together. Featured artists include: Agi Gillespie, Cynthia Hayes, Jennifer Eubanks, Kellen Dyer, Lara Gularte, Linda George, Mark Tart, Oran Miller, Sandi Burt, […]

Keep pets safe this summer

By Henry Brzezinski, Chief of El Dorado County Animal Services Summer brings with it many opportunities for new adventures with family pets. However, summer can also bring potentially dangerous situations for both people and their pets. With a little planning, everyone, including pets can stay safe this summer. A number of tips are recommended by […]

Exotic pets require responsible care

By Ryan Morris Aquatics Manager at Lee’s Feed There are people who are drawn to more unfamiliar pets when the friendly and furry is no longer interesting. Exotic pet keepers are drawn to the slimy, scaly, bristly and the downright ornery. Exotic pet keepers’ interests are as diverse as the pets they keep. One that […]

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Website gives lost pets a chance to find home

For many people in El Dorado County, pets are valued members of the family — they are the loving balls of fluff there to greet you after a long day at work, or put a smile on your face when you’re feeling down or blue. If these companions suddenly disappear or don’t come home one […]

Veterinarians to attempt world record for microchipping pets

What do a 3-month-old calf pastured next door to an ice cream parlor in Rhode Island, a kitten born to a barn cat in Colorado and Bluetick/Walker Coonhound mix puppies for sale in Oklahoma have in common? This summer, all of these animals exposed numerous people to rabies. In each case, post-exposure treatment was necessary […]

Grow For It!: Poisonous plants and pets

Many of the plants grown in our yards are toxic to dogs and cats. Some can be fatal, but many cause nonfatal — but annoying — symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and drooling. Because of dogs’ indiscriminate eating and chewing habits, they are much more commonly poisoned than cats. For lots of good information on […]

Don’t leave pets in cars in warm weather

El Dorado County Animal Services is advising pet owners to not leave dogs, cats or other pets unattended in vehicles during warm weather. According to Henry Brzezinski, Chief of Animal Services, if the outside temperature is 80 degrees or higher, temperatures inside vehicles can climb to 120 degrees or more within 10 to 20 minutes, […]

Reptiles make great pets, if handled correctly

By Jeanne Smith Special to the Democrat Reptiles have become increasingly popular as pets over the past 20 years. As captive-breeding has made reptiles more available and affordable, families have also realized reptiles make interesting, relatively easy care pets. Their needs can be met in a small apartment, they don’t require the attention or time […]

Birds need special care as pets

By Jeanne Smith Special to the Democrat Birds have many traits that endear themselves to their owners. Many can talk, some even seem to carry on conversations with their owners, but almost all birds are lively, cheerful and playful. Before you decide to get a bird, though, you also have to be aware of their […]

Grow for it! Pesticide poisoning in pets — part 2

Last week, the Master Gardener article focused on insecticides that can be poisonous to pets. In this week’s article, the focus is on an additional group of pesticides that can also be toxic to pets. Master Gardeners continue to emphasize the minimal use of these products because they not only can be harmful to beneficial […]

Grow for it!: Pesticide poisoning in pets is an important topic — part I

In our Master Gardener training, we are taught to minimize the use of pesticides because they kill beneficial insects and wildlife. Pesticides can also kill pets. Because of their indiscriminate eating and chewing habits, dogs are much more likely to be poisoned than cats. The most common poisonings that I’ve seen in dogs in this […]

Pamper your pets this Christmas

All year they’ve greeted you with wagging tails, wet noses and soft purrs. Now it’s time to show your pet just how much you appreciate their fuzzy companionship. It’s time to fill their Christmas stocking … but with what? Let’s start with where your pet takes a nap. “It’s bed season,” said Robin Mizell, owner […]

November 30, 2011 | Posted in Holiday gift guide 2011 | Tagged | 1 Reply

Don’t bake your pets in the car

Citing an increase in calls for service as well as rising temperatures, El Dorado County Animal Services has issued a reminder to county motorists to not leave their pets unattended in their vehicles. Henry Brzezinski, Animal Services’ chief, said it is imperative to not leave animals locked in a vehicle, especially if the outside temperature is 80 degrees […]

Group cares for soldiers’ pets

EL DORADO — There are a lot of things to take care of when a soldier is deployed, a lot of things to worry about. One of the biggest concerns is what to do with their pets. Sometimes a friend can be found to pet-sit, sometimes the only options are an expensive boarding kennel or […]

We learned a lesson: Keep ID on your pets

EDITOR: We are writing to share a story of our lost dog that underscores the importance of having some form of identity on your pet. On a recent journey up the California north coast, we entered the city of Eureka from the south, traveling slowly on busy US 101 through town. Our small dog Zorro was […]

Bring pets along this Memorial Day

Why should our furry members of the family have to stay home this Memorial Day weekend? A new 2011/2012 National Pet Owners Survey states that 23 percent of dog owners take their dogs along with them when traveling for two or more nights, and with 78.2 million dogs owned in the U.S., that’s a lot of […]

Finding homes for pets and people too

As if the daily sales and leasing of property, retail and commercial space wasn’t enough to keep them busy, Realtors Ann, 64, and Peter McQuillen, 62, have been coordinating the rescue of Australian cattle dogs out of their Somerset home for the past 16 years. The dog-loving duo behind Team Real Estate in Placerville founded the working-dog rescue […]

Marni Jameson: Nip and tuck for carpets

By Marni Jameson Ahh, January, the month when people the world over resolve to eat less, exercise more, and visit their plastic surgeons. I, for one, was first in line this year with my resolution to get a nip here, a tuck there, eliminate wrinkles and firm things up. And I did all that this […]

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There has got to be a better way than abandoning pets

EDITOR: When I was younger I thought I might want to be a veterinarian, until I went to the pound looking for a lost cat and saw the cramped and dirty cages they were kept in (not in this county). Then I had to put one of my cats down, due to an incurable virus. […]

Pets are a cherished commitment

EDITOR: You recently printed a letter by Teena Bonnici about the slim chances of an animal being adopted once put in a shelter. Her letter was powerful and it took me right where I didn’t want to go. I would like to add to this subject of unwanted animals a line or two about one […]

Uncle Matty: Emotipets

Creators Syndicate Maybe it all started with Snoopy. The temper tantrums, the hysterical cackling laughter at his own jokes, that conniving competitive edge that was always there between him and his Òmaster,Ó Charlie Brown. Or maybe Charles M. Schulz was like the rest of us in our tendency to project emotions and ulterior motives onto […]

Where’s my cat?

Despite using my GPS, finding rural properties can be challenging. My appointment was tucked far back from the road, accessed only by a narrow dirt drive, blocked by a field livestock gate and obscured by trees and brush. I had to stop and exit my car in order to read the faded numbers on the […]

Contestants invited to run for Miss Pollock Pines

Young ladies who grow up strong and lovely as the trees they call home might want to think about running for Miss Pollock Pines, a title being dusted off and held up proudly by the community. Two local women, Kim Sophia and Joyce Harris, got together recently to discuss the upcoming Fourth of July Parade […]

Safe summer pet travels

By American Veterinary Medical Association Special to the Democrat As you get ready to hit the road, it’s important to make sure your pet has everything they need to feel comfortable during the trip. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has great tips for safe pet travel, so you and your pet can kick back, […]

Animal communication: Figuring out felines

By Sue Wickersham Special to the Democrat “Cats are mysterious kind of folk – there is more passing in their minds than we are aware of.” Sir Walter Scott Those of us who have had animals in our lives, know the special bonds we create with them. We know they are hungry by their mews, nudges […]

Eldon makes room for a large family

Framed posts, brick veneer and painted shutters give a traditional look to the otherwise contemporary Eldon. This four-bedroom home is well-suited for a family with children. Gathering spaces are large, and the owners’ suite is isolated from secondary bedrooms. Entering, you step right into the vaulted great room. Centrally located, this is the hub of […]

Tahoe South tourism rides a renaissance wave

Tahoe South is continuing its renaissance with more than $150 million of improvements and new construction. From total reconstruction of lodging properties to new restaurants and businesses, confidence in the Tahoe market is continuing to rebound. “An energetic vibe is obvious throughout town in the midst of Tahoe South’s transformation and change,” said Carol Chaplin, […]

Things to do: May 15, 2015

ONGOING Gold Country Artists Gallery, 379 Main St. in Placerville, through May 31, is featuring Jean Stiles, painter in water color, oil and pastel whose current themes include flowers and local scenes. Claudine Wright, fanciful stylistic jewelry maker, is also featured. Wright works with elegant wire mesh and beautiful beads and also specializes in fashionable watches. […]

Folsom: Points of interest

Cycling in Folsom Cyclists love Folsom and for good reason. With 32 miles of trails and plenty of options for riders of all levels, few places can rival the California cycling opportunities available in Folsom. Take a leisurely ride on the American River Bike trail or challenge yourself with trails that wind through the Sierra […]

At a glance: Sticking together

On May 13, 1958, George de Mestral filed a patent application for his hook-and-loop fastener, Velcro, in Switzerland. The patent was finally granted in 1961. The fastener featured a fabric strip of tiny hooks that grab onto another strip of tiny loops. The first strips were made of cotton but those did not work all […]

Grow For It! Graywater in the garden

Picture your favorite shrubs green and healthy all summer with water from your clothes washer. Imagine several small fruit trees thriving with regular irrigation from your shower. Yes — that wastewater you and your family produce can actually be a resource. Two weeks ago we wrote about the wonders of harvesting rain water — today […]

Rabid skunk identified in Pleasant Valley area

El Dorado County Animal Services is reporting that a rabid skunk was found in the Pleasant Valley area on Pleasant Valley Road, near Grindstone Road and White Rose Lane. An Animal Services officer was called to the scene around noon on April 24 after a member of the public observed the skunk showing signs of […]

CDFW urges natural control methods for pesky rodent populations

Rats, mice and voles are commonly sighted around homes and businesses this time of year. The Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) encourages Californians to let nature control rodent populations by actively protecting their natural predators – owls, hawks, falcons, eagles and vultures — rather than using poisons to eliminate pests. Environmentally friendly tactics (such […]

Fairytale Town presents performances for children

Fairytale Town will showcase a diverse selection of theater performances for children and families on the first weekend of each month through August and the second weekend in July. Performing companies include the Puppet Art Theater Company, The Puppet Company and Sean’s Shadows. “Fairytale Town is home to one of the oldest theaters in Sacramento […]

Festival season springs into action

It’s time to spring into festival season. The San Francisco Bay Area’s popular outdoor festival season officially kicks-off on Saturday and Sunday, May 2 and 3 in Mountain View where cool, vibrant Castro Street morphs into a moveable feast of people and colorful tents for the 19th annual A La Carte & Art. Presented by […]

Horoscope, Friday, April 24, 2015

House Party Moon People act differently in their homes than they do out in the general public. If you have a friend you only know in a public setting and would like to get to know more about this person, the Cancer moon suggests a house party tonight. Entertaining or being entertained where one lives […]

Mosquito Squad: Stopping the party crasher one insect at a time

It’s finally the weekend and you got out the barbecue, swept the spider webs off the furniture on the deck, made one last trip to Safeway for the hamburger buns and now all that’s left to do is wait for your guests. But you are not the only one anticipating a good meal. The mosquito, […]

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