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Murder? Suicide?

EDITOR: It has been about a month since I read about two people dying in a house fire. It was later reported that they were also shot. Why haven’t we heard any more about this? Is there a murderer living free among us? It seems to me that this is far more newsworthy than the […]

Military suicide prevention

EDITOR: Citizens of El Dorado County can help prevent military suicides by committing to the well-being of young people before they enlist. As a military chaplain with peace time and war zone experience, I have worked with service members from all backgrounds — soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guard members who thrive from supportive […]

Soldier suicide

Suicide and deployment: two words that seem to go hand in hand with too many American soldiers nowadays. What seems like a well-known fact might be misleading, though. According to the Department of Defense Suicide Event Report for 2011, nearly 53 percent of those who died by suicide in the military in 2011 had no […]

Teen suicide

EDITOR: It was around this time of year that we first lost our first local youth to suicide in 2012. Sadly, it was by no means the last. And nationwide, suicide accounts for 13 percent of all deaths of youths between the ages of 10 and 24. In the wake of such tragedies, people naturally […]

Shooting suspect commits suicide at scene of crime

Around 9:30 p.m. Saturday night, several 911 calls reported an incident involving a shooting in the area of Brockway Avenue near the intersection of Rubicon Trail in South Lake Tahoe. Once on scene, South Lake Tahoe Police officers had at least one report that a male adult shot at a second male adult during an […]

Shingle Springs man survived suicide planes

On Dec.7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Everett Fox Jr. was a junior at El Dorado High School. Two years later the 18-year old was a radar technician aboard the USS Nicholas on his way to Pearl Harbor after enlisting in the Navy with his  friend Charlie Jacquier. After working  six weeks as […]

Murder-suicide victim feared for her life in 2007

A woman who investigators believe was killed by her husband in a South Lake Tahoe hotel room the last week in June expressed fears he would kill her as far back as 2007, according to El Dorado County Superior Court records. In a request for a restraining order filed in July 2007, Lyra Fisher-Bomediano said […]

Wife found dead in Tahoe hotel in possible murder-suicide

A woman who police believe was killed by her husband as part of a murder-suicide last week was likely asphyxiated, police said Tuesday. Lyra Fisher-Bomediano, 43, was found dead about 2:30 p.m. June 20 in a room at the Lone Pine Lodge following a report of suspicious circumstances, according to a Friday statement from the […]

Couple shares pain — and hope — of holidays in shadow of son’s suicide

POLLOCK PINES — The pain that etches the faces of Kevin and Karen Carlson likely will shape their countenances for a lifetime. It’s the pain that shattered their lives two-and-a-half years ago with the gunshot that left their son, Kelly, dead — a suicide committed in a room of the house where they’ve lived for […]

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Murder-suicide victims had gunshot wounds

The bodies of the grown man and young child found last week on a Grizzly Flat property have been positively identified as 49-year-old Mourad “Moni” Samaan and his 2-year-old daughter Madeline Samaan-Fay, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department announced. The Fair Oaks man and his child were found dead inside his green Toyota 4Runner in […]

Murder-suicide likely in Grizzly Flat deaths

Authorities continued Monday to investigate the deaths of a Fair Oaks man and his young daughter, nearly 48 hours after their bodies were discovered on a Grizzly Flat property. El Dorado County sheriff’s deputies found Madeline Samaan-Fay, 2, and Mourad “Moni” Samaan, 49, dead inside his green Toyota 4Runner in rural Grizzly Flat Saturday night. […]

Fall from casino balcony likely suicide, officials say

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE — A preliminary investigation by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has found a Placerville woman who fell from the Horizon Casino Resort Friday killed herself, according to a Tuesday statement from Sgt. Jim Halsey.  Loretta Sangara, 68, died after falling from a 14th floor balcony about 10 a.m. July 1. “While the investigation […]

Suicide prevention group appreciative

EDITOR: I want to thank your wonderful staff for supporting our Health Awareness event on Saturday, April 30; it was truly a huge success. Mimi Escabar, Bob Billingsley and Pat Lakey have been here for my organization. We truly appreciate the work they have done on our behalf. They are truly an asset to your […]

Criminal annals, part 114: Shootings, suicide and slaughter

Continuing in the Sept. 13, 1852, edition of the Sacramento “Daily Union,” we find an article regarding another shooting in Sacramento. “SHOOTING AFFRAY – A MAN DANGEROUSLY WOUNDED. – About 8 o’clock last evening, a disturbance took place in a saloon on J street, between two men named Joseph Stokes and Thos. Collins, occasioned by […]

Good Samaritan helps attempted suicide victim

A Placerville man leaped from the Carson Road overpass onto eastbound Highway 50 Wednesday afternoon, but not before a good Samaritan tried to talk him down. The 51-year-old man, whose name was not released, was standing on the railing of the overpass when he was approached by Audrey Stokes, 25, of Placerville, said Placerville Police […]

Don’t feed the deer — it’s suicide for them

EDITOR: At the top junction of Fort Jim and Newtown Road in Placerville near the Snows Road entry, there is an over-abundance of deer, not to mention the carcasses of fawns and does on the side of the road. I was informed the deer are being fed by one or more homeowners in that area […]

Regarding suicide scenario in classroom

Placerville EDITOR: Referencing the article in the Mountain Democrat of Sept. 13: Are we talking about kindergartners or eighth-graders? To assert that even bringing up the word suicide in a class of eighth-graders is a mistake is just ludicrous. Give these young people some credit for having brains. They are on the verge of adulthood […]

Tahoe parent files complaint against teacher for alleged suicide scenario

Tahoe Daily Tribune SOUTH LAKE TAHOE Ñ The parent of a South Lake Tahoe Middle School student has filed a complaint with the school district against a teacher who reportedly referenced suicide during a classroom exercise. Eric Quistgard, a local parent and longtime Pop Warner coach, filed the complaint last week against middle school teacher […]

Case closed in March road rage murder-suicide

Democrat staff writer The investigation into a March road rage shooting has been closed and the motive behind the attack that killed a Grizzly Flat man remains unclear, authorities said. Jack Larson, 49, was shot in his SUV on March 2 by Jenson Cornelius Kohutek, 36. Kohutek had been reportedly tailgating Larson and girlfriend Jean […]

Rash of suicide attempts reported Monday

Democrat staff writer There were six suicide attempts in El Dorado County on Monday, including one successful, the El Dorado County SheriffÕs Department confirmed. Authorities said the volume of suicide calls was very uncommon. ÒWeÕve probably had that before, but it is very uncommon. Everybody was commenting that it was a very odd occurrence,Ó said […]

Victor goes for victory in Russia

Editor’s note: When the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games get underway in Sochi, Russia on Friday, March 7, Stephani Victor will be a part of the United States team. Victor, a member of the alpine ski team, will be thinking of her support team in the United States, including her friends in El Dorado County and […]

Billingsley’s Bullets: The greatest mystery of our time?

John Chapman forwarded a T-shirt statement that read, “Humpty Dumpty was pushed!” I asked seven people if they thought Humpty was pushed. Two people said “yes.” Four said “no,” and one person thought he was just clumsy. • Perhaps the greatest question of our time is “Was Humpty Dumpty pushed? Did he jump of his […]

The weekly Daley: Drama and trauma and terror, oh my

Sochi — Who would ever pick Sochi, Russia as the site of the Winter Olympics, let alone for the Dog Catcher or Going Postal Olympics? For the terrorist bomber Olympics it might be just the place. Americans are warned not to leave the Olympic compound wearing their red, white and blue American flag uniforms and […]

Surprises await in ‘Rehearsal for Murder’

What: “Rehearsal for Murder” Who: Union Mine High School drama students Where: Theater at the Mine, 6530 Koki Lane, El Dorado When: Feb. 6, 7, 8, 12 and 13 at 7:30 p.m. Cost: $10 for adults and $8 for high school students ($7 for those with a UMHS student body card). Information: 530-621-4003, ext. 4605 When the beautiful, […]

Sheriff’s deputies get thumbs up in community survey

By El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office The results are in, and the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office has earned high marks on an 11-question, first ever, Sheriff’s Community Survey. To gain feedback on how well deputies performed their job, individuals who placed calls for service were surveyed from all five supervisorial districts in El Dorado […]

Supes OK prevention plan

The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors recently approved the countywide Prevention and Early Intervention Plans (PEI), which includes funding for three initiatives to be administered by the El Dorado County Office of Education. The current year funding is up to $292,000 to support these EDCOE initiatives for school-age children. The intent of PEI programs […]

Black-tie gala to support Fregoso Foundation

In this season of thanks-giving, what better way to show military veterans that their friends and neighbors honor them for their service than by attending the Roaring ’20s-themed Warriors in Black Tie Inaugural Ball, a fundraiser set for Saturday, Nov. 23 in Sacramento presented by the El Dorado Hills-based Fregoso Foundation. Max and Kelly Fregoso […]

Guests solve the murder at Downturn Abbey

It was a night of sleuthing, wine tasting and fine eating at the Cary House Hotel as guests gathered on a Saturday night to solve a murder at Downturn Abbey. A takeoff on the highly acclaimed series Downton Abbey, 40 to 50 people signed up for the murder mystery arranged jointly by the Cary House […]

Something to think about: Blame it on ISON

This year, for Thanksgiving, we have more than a turkey and cranberry sauce to look forward to — we have Comet ISON which should reach perihelion and be visible with the naked eye on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28. Like eclipses, meteors and solar flares, comets have come under fire in the past as harbingers of […]

The mission is to find and reunite

This is the first part of a veteran’s efforts to find and recognize a special group. If you’re a friend of Tom Dohnke and you find yourself lost or separated, don’t worry. You won’t be forgotten or written off, even if you’re a cat. Dohnke arrives early for a meeting. At a distance you see […]

Bipolar Insight: The family

A family can be defined in the following way: “A group of people living together and functioning as a single household, usually consisting of parents and their children.” (Encarta Dictionary) I prefer this definition: “Families may span several generations, several households, and may change in response to life events such as divorce, remarriage and children […]

Getting to know the authors

Saturday, Oct. 12 Helen Bonner Helen Bonner grew up in the foothills above Placerville, where her father had a roadside store and cabins, and where she rode her horse and swam in the rivers and lakes. She remembers writing her first story at a one-room school. As a young adult, she was a reporter for […]

Stop Bullying Bootcamp to help communities learn

Children being driven to suicide to escape the pain, humiliation, fear and taunts of bullying from peers is becoming a regular headline. Earlier this month Rebecca Sedwick, 12, hid her school books under a pile of clothes, changed her “screen name” to “That Dead Girl,” walked to a cement plant tower nearby and jumped to […]

Navy Yard massacre

It is pretty clear from the background information dug up by newspapers on Aaron Alexis, 34, that he had become what psychiatrist and columnist Charles Krauthammer called a paranoid schizophrenic. Hearing voices, saying three people were sending microwaves through the walls keeping him from sleeping. Classic paranoid schizophrenic. And a paranoid schizophrenic with weapons is […]

The balancing act: Guns and funerals

About 15 years ago the Balancing Act did a column or two on the relationship of guns to crime. Even today, 15 years after the publishing of the definitive book on the subject by Professor John R. Lott Jr., “More Guns, Less Crime,” the mantra of the mainstream media continues to be that “more guns […]

The weekly Daley: To war or not to war

One pundit likened President Obama’s speech and, by extension, his leadership roughly to that of Hamlet. Out of options, good or bad, the president tried to make the best of an impossible situation. For my money, he didn’t get very far. Trying for weighty, persuasive language, most of it sounded hollow, self-righteous and illogical. The […]

Oliver “Ozzy” James Hartshorn

Oct. 23, 1991 — Aug. 17, 2013 Oliver “Ozzy” James Hartshorn was born on Oct. 23, 1991. He took his life on Aug. 17, 2013. He was 21. Oliver lived in Holtville, Calif., until he was six, when he and his mother moved to Pleasanton, Calif. There he attended elementary and middle school. They again moved, […]

Ex-Trojan mourns loss

NEW ORLEANS — Tragedy struck former Oak Ridge High basketball star and New Orleans Pelicans’ forward Ryan Anderson earlier this week when he found his girlfriend and reality TV star Gia Allemand in her New Orleans, La. home Monday after an apparent suicide attempt. According to media reports, Allemand was found unconscious by Anderson, who […]

Medicare debacle

We all must ask ourselves, if one of us needed a walker or an oxygen tank, how far would a person in need of either or both go to get them? How far would you go for a scooter or a wheelchair? Would you really drive to Sacramento to get a hospital bed? Come on, […]

Medicare changes limit access to local medical equipment

Starting July 1, El Dorado County Medicare patients found themselves with fewer options for accessing certain medical equipment locally as a result of changes in the way Medicare pays for it.

Called the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Competitive Bidding Program, 10 years ago Medicare began a test program in certain urban areas by seeking bids for sole-source providers of medical equipment. Since July 1 of this year, the program has expanded and now 99 urban centers are part of it, including El Dorado County.

Man walks into traffic, sustains fatal injuries

A man committed suicide by walking into traffic Thursday morning. The man, whose identity is not being released, was heading southbound on Highway 50 at the Broadway off-ramp in Placerville at 5:10 a.m., CHP Officer Ron Davenport said. He jumped in front of a car heading eastbound in the No. 1 lane. The driver “tried […]

Bullying workshop Aug. 1

The El Dorado Hills Community Vision Coalition is partnering with Dee DiGioia, founder of Caring and Courageous Kids, to offer a two-hour inspirational and educational bullying prevention workshop just in time to kick-off the new school year. This event will be held on Aug. 1, from 10 a.m. to noon at the El Dorado Hills […]

Heard over the back fence: Craft Fair set for Main Street

 Why wasn’t July 15 declared as a national holiday? Twinkies returned to the grocery shelves on July 15. Hallelujah! CRAFT FAIR TIME: 
The huge annual Craft Fair will take place on Sunday, Aug. 11, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., on Historical Main Street, Placerville. Over 100 artisans will be selling their offerings. […]

Women’s Fund El Dorado announces $50,000 in 2013 grants

Six years ago, a group of women came together to put their philanthropic dollars where they thought they would be most needed in El Dorado County. On June 6, the Empire Ballroom at the Wedgewood Sequoia Mansion in Placerville was overflowing with members eager to learn the results of their awards to 2012 recipients and […]

Heard over the back fence: Painting raffle for library

 John Chapman provided the following T-shirt statement: “I thought I wanted a career . . . turns out I just wanted paychecks.” ART WORK BENEFITS LIBRARY:
 Thanks to the generosity of Jack Sweeney, the Friends of the El Dorado County Library are raffling off a beautiful painting by local artist Thaleia […]

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