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Holiday enchantment

November 12, 2010 |

Beautiful red-leafed poinsettas announce the holidays, but there’s a lot more to poinsettas than meets the eye. There’s also a lot more to the Camino Flower Shop in Placerville than meets the eye.

In fact, all the senses are awed by fragrant and magical enchantment at Camino
Flower Shop/Weddings by Dottie at 1224 Broadway in Placerville.

This eclectic and charming floral shop near Rite-Aid is always a wonderland. During this season, though, owner Dottie McKenzie takes the magic to an even higher level.

Since poinsettas traditionally take center stage during the holidays, one should see the incredible poinsettas available at the shop. Some are even decorated, adding an even more festive and creative touch to these plants that are native to Mexico.

“I get the best poinsettas, produced by Paul Ecke in Half Moon Bay,” McKenzie said. “If you put them in a cool, shaded place, they will last all year round.”

MacKenzie explained that the flowers on poinsettas are actually the little white buds in the center. Like deciduous trees, the red leaves have to do with nature’s cycle and photosynthesis. McKenzie said that poinsettas are basically a weed, and remembers her grandmother’s yard in Long Beach being overrun by the profuse, beautiful plants.  “They were huge shrubs,” she recalled.

Poinsettas can be poisonous to animals, so care must be taken so that pets do not eat the leaves.

The poinsettas at Camino Flower Shop range from $8 to $50, and they are healthy and bright.

But poinsettas aren’t the only flower in season at Camino Flower Shop. McKenzie has hundreds of colorful, exquisite peonies, among other flowers.

“It’s spring in New Zealand, and these beautiful flowers are imported here. They’re absolutely beautiful, and can add a colorful touch to the holidays.”

Camino Flower Shop/Weddings by Dottie provides a plethora of wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday arrangements, and is commissioned to provide lovely fresh flowers to the Sequoia Restaurant among others.

Build your own

While bouquets of flowers don’t seem like a traditional holiday gift, a dozen roses — or even a single rose — is never unappreciated.

Exquisite bouquets are McKenzie’s trademark, but one can also make their own bouquets. The shop provides all the elements, and one can bring their own vase or purchase a vase and fill it with an arrangement perfect for the surroundings or for a certain person, whether for yourself, your wife, a dear friend or family member.

With the halls decked with boughs of holly, the traditional Christmas tree, poinsettas and so forth, it’s also nice to have a holiday bouquet adding to the ambiance.

Centerpieces are in high demand during the holidays. An elegant and creative centerpiece can be perfect for the treat-laden holiday table. Imagine some pine cones and ferns offset by a holly’s red berries and beautiful flowers, perhaps red roses and baby’s breath interlaced with peonies. Whether you desire to make your own centerpiece, have McKenzie make you one, or simply see hers for some wonderful ideas, the Camino Flower Shop is a must to visit during the holidays.

Barring that, a gift certificate is probably the best selection. By giving your loved one a gift certificate, she or he can buy the bouquet of their dreams any time of year. Many people can be cheered up with a beautiful bouquet; a gift certificate makes it possible to get that pick-me-up just at the right time.

“Plants and gift certificates make wonderful presents,” McKenzie enthused. “Especially when you don’t know what to get someone.”

Moonlight and roses

For many people, a holiday ornament is the best gift possible. They cherish these ornaments and save them year after year, reveling in delight as they unwrap these precious mementos of the years gone by.

If you or someone you know, collects ornaments, the Camino Flower Shop is the place to go. There are wonderful, one-of-a-kind vintage ornaments, and McKenzie carries the complete Moonlight and Roses line. These exquisite ornaments can make your own Christmas tree and decor spectacular, or can make a wonderful present.

Moonlight and Roses is also a spectacular line of reproduction postcards and vintage greeting cards, all of which are featured by the Camino Flower Shop. There is a wonderful array of beautiful and unique greeting cards, special cards that will make any holiday messages special.

Throughout the year, McKenzie keeps busy, especially on traditional flower-bearing holidays, and she is sought after for her wedding expertise, and the beautiful settings she creates. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for this artist whose love of flowers and beauty are matched by a creative, innovative spirit. In fact, a wedding at the Sequoia the Monday after Christmas features a white and silver theme that promises to be exquisite.

Incredible decorations

As an active member of the Broadway Village Association, McKenzie tries hard to make a difference in the community, attracting business to upper Broadway, where sincere merchants offer quality and convenience all year long. One of their main goals is beautification of the area, an enterprise right up McKenzie’s alley.

“I’m in charge of decorating our area for the holidays. Have you seen the lights?” McKenzie asked. “They come on at 4 p.m. and go off at midnight, but they make our street a wonderland.”

She plans to have Starbucks redone as a gingerbread house and the whole area will be festive and fetching. McKenzie has encouraged and helped all the merchants to decorate as engagingly as possible.

“It’s going to be incredible,” McKenzie said. “This magical beauty should be enjoyed by everyone. Bring the family, and enjoy the wonderland.”

At the center of all this, the Camino Flower Shop is full of festive, magical holiday beauty, a mini-wonderland setting the bar for holiday decorations in a town made famous by its Victorian Christmas themes.

Come to see the magnificent poinsettas and vintage, mystical holiday decor and stay for the beauty all year long.

For weddings or other events, contact the Camino Flower Shop/Weddings by Dottie at 530-644-5730. The store is open from 10 a.m. - 6p.m. Monday through Friday and from 10 a.m – 5 p.m. on Saturday, and they are closed on Sunday.




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