#112 Andrew Vardanega

EL DORADO'S Andrew Vardanega picked up his second, third-place slalom finish Monday. Democrat photo by Pat Dollins


Bruins win four banners; Cougars two

By From page A6 | February 20, 2013

South 1 Division
Final point totals

Boys — 1-Ponderosa, 809; 2-El Dorado, 648; 3-Oak Ridge, 579; 4-Union Mine, 256; 5-Golden Sierra, 203; 6-Capital Christian, 142; 7-Amador, 64.
Girls — 1-Ponderosa, 493; 2-Oak Ridge, 449; 3-El Dorado, 329; 4-Amador, 164; 5-Argonaut, 100; 6-Union Mine, 65.
Combined — 1-Ponderosa, 1,302; 2-Oak Ridge, 1,028; 3-El Dorado, 977; 4-Union Mine, 321; 5-Amador, 228; 6-Golden Sierra, 203; 7-Capital Christian, 142.

Boys — 1-Ponderosa, 1,257; 2-El Dorado, 1,212; 3-Oak Ridge, 1,126; 4-Union Mine, 1,070; 5-Amador, 765; 6-Capital Christian, 534; 7-Argonaut, 354.
Girls — 1-El Dorado, 329; 2-Ponderosa, 225; 3-Oak Ridge, 101; 4-Union Mine, 74.
Combined — 1-El Dorado, 1,541; 2-Ponderosa, 1,482; 3-Oak Ridge, 1,227; 4-Union Mine, 1,144; 5-Amador, 765; 6-Capital Christian, 534; 7-Argonaut, 354.

SIERRA-AT-TAHOE — The Ponderosa High alpine race team emerged the big winner following the conclusion of the South 1 Division season at Sierra-at-Tahoe.

The Bruins picked up four of six wins in Monday’s side-by-side slalom competition on Lower Main and then took home those identical banners — boys ski title, girls ski title, ski combined and boys snowboard — at the awards ceremony following the league-wide barbecue.

Parity had chipped away at El Dorado’s decades-long dominance with teams — most notably the Bruins’ boys ski team — picking up wins here and there but this season is a first in terms of the amount of wins/banners eluding the Cougars’ grasp.

Scoring trends continued Monday. Ponderosa skiers swept all six races on both the boys and girls side as did El Dorado’s girl boarders. The competition on the boys snowboard side was close but the Bruin boys extended a 33-point lead they had entering the final race. Overall, the Cougars won for combined points (1,541-1,482) over Ponderosa.

With Monday’s victory, Bruin skier Reid Lambres won his sixth race in six ties. The Bruins finished strong with Alec Lambres, Michael Duhain, Ryan Fischietto and Sam Neil crossing 4-7. Golden Sierra’s Alex Murray was second behind Lambres for the third straight slalom race while El Dorado’s Andrew Vardanega was third.

“I did pretty well against Lambres considering I’m a sophomore and he’s a senior,” Murray said. “I put everything into my first run and it really showed. I backed off a little on the second run as I had a good lead over second place.”

Oak Ridge’s Emily Vivian won her fourth straight race after opening the season with two, second-place Giant Slalom finishes — helping the Lady Trojans to second place as a team and in combined points — but Ponderosa skiers Amanda Pinski, Fiona Zeier, Lauren Olson and Kat Power were 2-3-5-7, respectively, as the Bruin girls ended on a strong note for their title.

Like Lambres, Cougar snowboarder Katie Harris was a perfect 6-of-6 in wins. Like Murray, Ponderosa’s Monica Zutter wasn’t able to overtake the leader.

“She’s (Harris) definitely a top competitor and for a while was beating the guys but there was more competition behind me,” said Zutter who was second place five times and third another. “It was one of the fastest courses for slalom, a lot of fun and set well.”

Zutter used a raceboard for her first run and was third but switched back to her normal board for the second and was first. Harris’ spill on the second run cost the El Dorado champ but she still got the win.

The Cougar girl riders also ended strong as Taylor Caldwell, Madison Orr, Abbi Duffy and Marissa McGrew were 3-4-5 and 8 in that order. Union Mine’s Stacy Hayhurst was sixth.

There was a new winner in the boys snowboard race. Fittingly, it was a Bruin as Jacob Hunter pulled out the victory by less than a second and a half over Trojan Inaki Garat. Oak Ridge’s Zachary Larsen, the winner of the previous four races, rallied on his second run but took third.

Hunter’s teammates, Reed January and Davis Alexander, the winner of the season’s very first race, were fourth and sixth, respectively.

Next up is the state finals at Mt. Shasta in two weeks. Look for the South 1 All-League teams and state qualifiers to be published in a future Democrat. Below is Monday’s results.

Girls ski
1. Emily Vivian, OR, 47.77/47.72 -1:35.49; 2. Amanda Pinski, OR, 57.99/54.77-1:52.76; 3. Fiona Zeier, PO, 57.83/56.03-1:53.86; 4. Danica Stevenson, OR, 57.99/57.91-1:55.90; 5. Lauren Olson, PO, 1:00.57/57.58-1:58.15; 6. Ally Roemer, ED, 1:00.49/59.48-1:59.97; 7. Kat Porter, PO, 1:02.54/1:00.99-2:03.53; 8. Caitlyn Nolsaco, OR, 1:04.87/1:02.86; 9. Maia Haugaard, UM, 1:05.14/1:05.36-2:10.50; 10. Emily O’Donnell, ED, 1:09.28/1:06.95-2:16.23; 11. Lindsey Ganzert, ED, 1:09.59/1:09.96-2:19.55; 12. Meghan Hauck, PO, 1:11.69/1:11.08-2:22.77; 13. Tabea Henning, OR, 1:11.84/1:10.94-2:22.78; 14. Courtney Volek, ED, 1:13.83/1:13.66-2:27.49; 15. Kelsy Sozzi, AM, 1:18.01/1:20.95-2:38.96; 16. Charlotte Jeschina, AR, 1:21.04/1:19.33-2:40.37; 17. Kendra Morrison, AM, 1:28.03/1:48.56-3:16.59; 18. Miranda Zirbel, ED, 1:39.21/1:45.57-3:24.78; 19. Lauren Struffenegger, AM, 1:04.18; 20. Gloria Dabiri, OR, 1:14.45.

Boys ski
1. Reid Lambres, PO, 40.45/39.68-1:20.13; 2.Alex Murray, GS, 42.59/44.89-1:27.49; 3. Andrew Vardanega, ED, 45.09/44.88-1:29.97; 4. Alec Lambres, PO, 46.97/45.95-1:32.92; 5. Michael Duhain, PO, 48.32/48.80-1:37.12; 6. Ryan Fischietto, PO, 48.47/48.99-1:37.46; 7. Samuel Neil, PO, 50.48/48.03-1:38.51/ 8. Sebastian Fenz, ED, 51.16/48.38-1:39.54; 9. Parker Doshier, OR, 51.47/49.65-1:41.12; 10. Dustin Diel, OR, 51.52/50.70-1:42.22; 11. Dayton Morris, ED, 52.05/50.55-1:42.60; 12. Andrew Olson, PO, 45.97/57.87-1:43.84; 13. Joel Kaderka, ED, 52.26/51.60-1:43.86; 14. Tyler Atkinson, ED, 55.06/49.41-1;44.47; 15. Dallas Diel, OR, 52.67/53.23-1:45.90; 16. Josh Prettyman, OR, 54.20/53.16-1:47.36; 17. Keenan Raleigh, ED, 56.29/53.78-1:50.07; 18. Griffiin Poelman, CC, 55.22/54.90-1:50.12; 19. Dylan Devine, PO, 57.78/57.89-1:55.67; 20. Andrew Stone, PO, 59.35/56.92-1:56.27; 21. Ryan Bruinus, UM, 1:01.98/57.29-1:59.27; 22. Carl Quicksall, ED, 1:08.16/1:05.99-2:14.15; 23. Matthew Kolbl, PO, 1:08.64/1:07.30-2:15.94; 24. Robert Thatcher, UM, 1:10.25/1:08.81-2:19.06; 25. Matt Spinetta, AM, 1:17.08/1:19.14-2:36.22; 26. Ryan Parisek, OR, 1:23.71/1:27.07-2:50.08; 27. Cono Villines, ED, 1:32.59/1:30.49-3:03.08; 28. Joe Shaller, OR, 58.01/DSQ; 29. Blake Prall, UM, DNF; 30. Sean Campbell, OR, 59.87/DNF; 31. Will Newey, PO, 1:06.72/DNF.

Girls snowboard
1. Katie Harris, ED, 39.50/46.29-1:25.79; 2. Monica Zutter, PO, 45.11/44.42-1:29.53; 3. Taylor Caldwell, ED, 43.37/46.24-1:29.61; 4. Madison Orr, ED, 46,74/46.21-1:34.95; 5. Abbi Duffy, ED, 48.62/54.16-1:42.78; 6. Stacy Hayhurst, UM, 56.65/52.05-1:48.70; 7. Torianna Green, PO, 53.65/57.25-1:50.90; 8. Marisa McGrew, ED, 56.15/56.47-1:52.62; 9. Savannah Freudenberg, OR, 58.06/55.49-1:53.55; 10. Sarah Kennedy, PO, 59.77/1:05.87-2:05.64; 11. Tori Castaneda, PO, 1:23.09/1:10.97-2:34.06; 12. Haley Krueger, OR, 1:16.60/1:22.86-2:39.46; 13. Elisabeth Spelhaug, ED, 1:30.10/1:26.90-2:57.00; 14. Katelynn Sommers, OR, 2:00.95/2:00.62-4:01.57; 15. Jessica Jetton, UM, 2:22.26/1:50.16-4:12.42.

Boys snowboard (top 30)
1. Jacob Hunter, PO, 41.87/43.11-1:24.98; 2. Imaki Garat, OR, 42.91/43.51-1:26.42; 3. Zachary Larsen, OR, 44.59/43.17-1:27.76; 4. Reed January, PO, 43.42/44.97-1:28.39; 5. Ethan Fox, ED, 44.21/45.80-1:30.01; 6. Davis Alexander, PO, 45.20/46.15-1:31.35; 7. Oliver Verblerose, UM, 45.73/47.63-1:33.36; 8. Charlie Plamondom, ED, 45.97/47.61-1:33.58; 9. Brian Williams, UM, 49.14/45.04-1:34.18; 10. Tyler Daynes, OR, 48.48/47.58-1:36.06; 11. Jonas Rogers, ED, 48.27/48.04-1:36.31; 12. Quincy Blackwell, ED, 48.43/47.91-1:36.34; 13. Jared Hunter, PO, 47.90/50.13-1:38.03; 14. Talon Green, PO, 48.60/50.43-1:39.03; 15. Daniel Ormachea, AR, 48.32/50.94-1:39.26; 16. John Behman, PO, 49.05/51.96-1:41.01; 17. Charles Simpson, UM, 50.23/52.16-1:42.39; 18. Bryson Able, UM, 53.47/51.69-1:45.16; 19. Travis Harlan, AM, 51.84/53.47-1:45.31; 20. Ian Janoska, ED, 1:02.59/43.35-1:45.94; 21. Austin Castorena, AM, 49.70/56.50-1:47.14; 22. Tyler Zangrando, ED, 52.05/54.46-1:46.51; 23. Kevin Penn, OR, 51.64/55.50-1:47.14; 24. Jordan Prall, ED, 54.28/53.40-1:47.68; 25. Kyle Maxwell, OR, 54.74/52.95-1:47.69; 26. Ryan Hughes, UM, 57.13/55.23-1:52.36; 27. Ethan Wright, OR, 56.36/56.72-1:53.08; 28. Joey White, AR, 59.88/54.23-1:54.11; 29. Nick Garcia, UM, 55.87/59.03-1:54.90; 30. Tyler Peeters, ED, 1:05.64/50.19-1:55.83.

Codes: ED-El Dorado, GS-Golden Sierra, OR-Oak Ridge, PO-Ponderosa, UM-Union Mine, AM-Amador, AR-Argonaut, CC-Capital Christian.

Jerry Heinzer

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