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County Sports League

Markham girls 311

THE MARKHAM PANTHERS eighth grade girls basketball champions. Courtesy photo

From page A7 | March 13, 2013 |

Girls Basketball Tournament
Eighth grade

Markham 28, Herbert Green 27 — M: Kayla Cotton, 10; Hunter Crawford, 6. HG: Samantha Klinkenborg, 11; Ashley Boyd, 7.
Third place
Pleasant Valley 20, Sierra Ridge 13 — PG: Kylie Gioia, 13. SR: Natalie Hansen, 6.
Consolation Championship
Gold Trail 28, CU Prep 17 — GT: Lauren Weekly-Wilson, 18; Angie Range, 8. CU: Julianna Eggert, 5; Myranda Bezek, 4; Ellena Heller, 4.
Markham 44, Sierra Ridge 6 — M: Cotton, 19; Caitlyn, 10.
Herbert Green 39, Pleasant Valley 25 — HG: Aleigh Scott, 10; Klinkenborg, 120. PV: McKenna Heikes, 7; Gioia, 4; Sarah Wallace, 4.
Gold Trail 31, Camino 17 — GT: Weekly-Wilson, 20; Range, 5. C: Kaitlyn Trilevsky, 7; Josie Franze, 4.
CU Prep 22, Golden Sierra 11 — CU: Bezak, 10; Eggert, 8.
Opening round
Markham 40, CU Prep 9 — Cotton, 13; Crawford, 8; Dillon, 8. CU: Bezak, 6.
Herbert Green 34, Gold Trail 15 — Scott, 10; Ashley Boyd, 9; Klinkenborg, 9.
Pleasant Valley 29, Camino 18 — PV: Gioia, 15; Heikes, 8. C: Franze, 6; Trilevsky, 5; Meiko Durbin, 5.
Sierra Ridge 32, Golden Sierra 19 — SR: Molly Hargon, 22; McKenna O’Neil, 6. GS: Emily Nyquist, 6; Sandra Herrera, 6.

Seventh grade
Herbert Green 22, Gold Trail 16 — HG: Jaryn Trulli, 8; Kaylie Vilt, 8. GT: Amanda Hodges, 4.
Third Place
Markham 42, Pleasant Valley 29 — M: Skylar Winter, 14; Megan Tatum, 7. PV: Cassie Gutenberger, 15; Hannah Matson, 5
Golden Sierra 13, Sierra Ridge 10 — SR: Haylea Hurst, 5.
Herbert Green 24, Markham 18 — HG: Vilt, 8; Madi Ball, 6. M: Winter, 15.
Gold Trail 37, Pleasat Valley 17 — GT: Lauren Lewis, 9; Danae Ford, 5. PV: Gutenberger, 8; Matson, 4.
Golden Sierra 26, CMP 5 — GS: Sierra Jansen, 8; Colleen See, 6.
Sierra Ridge 18, Golden Hills 7 — SR: Hurst, 6, Kaycee Richards, 4.
Opening round
Herbert Green 34, Golden Sierra 9 — HG: Vilt, 14; Lindsey Whited, 6; Madi Ball, 6.
Gold Trail 34, Golden Hills 4 — GT: Lewis, 8; Ashley Childress, 6; Amanda Hodges, 6.
Pleasant Valley 20, Sierra Ridge 19 — PV: Gutenberger, 11; Matson, 6. SR: Melody Russel, 7; Hurst, 6.
Markham 35, CMP 11 — M: Kyliana Segura, 8; Winter, 6. CMP: Jessica Hufford, 6.

ED County Tournament

Sixth-eighth grade
70 pounds and under: 1-Chris Lee, PV: 2-Kaden Miller, GEO; 3-Sophie Hurst, SR, 76: 1-Jesse Pust, PV; 2-David Walker, PV; 3-Enrique Ramirez, SR; 4-Brennen Grueber, MAR. 83: 1-Isaac Heape, PV; 2-Nathan Prettyman, HG; 3-Luis Ramirez, MAR; 4-Ethan Weiner, HG. 89: 1-Declan Russell, SR; 2-Kyle Bell, HG; 3-Collin Heck, SR; 4-Matthew Monroe, SR. 95: 1-Matthew Ericson, SR; 2-Kai Schaefer, GT; 3-Dylan Hern, MAR; 4-Andrew Jones, PV. 103: 1-Jose Sanchez, MAR; 2-Drake Barber, PV, 3-Dillon Russell, SR; 4-Lethan Higman, MAR. 108: 1-Joe Carlisle, SR; 2-Trevor Pike, SR; 3-Mikayla Schnepel, GS. 112: Chad Reese, HG; 2-Coy Collins, GS; 3-Michael Griffiths, HG; 4-Jack Webb, GEO. 116: 1-Cameron Cathey, PV; 2-Clayton Johns, PV. 122: 1-Daniel Warden, HG; 2-Ben Grigsby, MAR; 3-Colton Bergman, GEO. 128: 1-Kyle Padilla, PV; 2-Seth Ferre, pV; 3-Dylan Barber, PV. 135: 1-Justin Beckham, HG; 2-Branson Kirby, GEO; 3-Adam Piven, GEO; 4-Colton Arietta, PV. 142: 1-Dillon Abel-Smith, PV. 153: 1-Cole Williams, MAR; 2-Anthony Marinara, SR. 168-185: 1-Evan Bennett, PV; 2-Alec Lamas, GEO. HWT: 1-Marshall Vincent, PV.
Fifth grade and under
40 pounds and under: 1-Isaac Hillman, GEO; 2-Juillian Sanchez, MAR; 3-Josh Wright, GEO; 4-Conner Fischback, SR. 49: 1-Jarin Walker, GO; 2-Indy Reid, GEO; 3-Jonathan Carlisle, SR; 4-Faith McCoard, NOR. 54: 1-Herrick Ladley, GT; 2-Jackson Addison, NOR: 3-Zack Porteous, GEO; 4-Sloan Wilson, SR. 59: 1-Zach Ratliff, GT; 2-Noah Sparks, NOR; 3-Dustin Roberts, SR; 4-Landon Howard, GEO. 62: 1-Brennen Howard, GEO; 2-Braden Carpenter, GEO; 3-Richard Taylor, GO; 4-Westin Loverock, SR. 66: 1-Jackson Kahln, GEO; 2-Trevor Monroe, SR; 3-Clayton Davis, GT; 4-Lander Presgrave, MAR. 70: 1-Bradley Morris, GT; 2-Dean Branden, CMP; 3-Chris Sena, IC; 4-Micah Tayaba, IC; 76: 1-Miles Tresser, CMP; 2-Frankie Domagala, SR; 3-Matt Chaspman, GEO; 4-Carsyn Alway, IC. 84: 1-Michael Keane, GO; 2-Lucas Gerondakis, GEO; 3-Shane Gerondakis, GEO; 4-Bryan McCoard, NOR. 94: 1-Dylan Humbird, GO; 2-J.R. Gutenberger, GO; 3-Brandon Wilson, IC; 4-Zyan Burton, GEO. 108: 1-Jake Griffiths, HG; 2-Jaxson King, IC; 3-Kole Kelly, GEO; 4-Chase Nutting, SR; 123: 1-Jake Williams, MAR; 2-Tyler Dean, GO.

Code: CMP – Calif. Montessori Project; GEO – Georgetown; GS - Golden Sierra; GT – Gold Trail; HG – Herbert Green; GO – Gold Oak; IC – Indian Creek; M/MAR – Markham; NOR: Northside; PV - Pleasant Valley; SR – Sierra Ridge




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