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El Dorado teams sweep D’backs


COUGAR Cambron Lyles finishes first in the Boys 100m high hurdles in a meet with Union Mine High Wednesday at El Dorado High School. Democrat photo by Shelly Thorene

From page A9 | March 21, 2014 |

Boone Bates and Makana Kauhaahaa strive for excellence against each other.

Bates, a senior on the El Dorado High boys track team, and Kauhaahaa, also a senior on the Union Mine boys squad, competed against each other in the 800 meters in Wednesday’s Sierra Valley Conference and intra-county meet at Harvey E. West Stadium.

Competing neck-to-neck for most of the event, Bates pulled out on the last lap to take first place with a time of 2:01.95, and Kauhaahaa second at 2:02.55. Boone was one of many winners for El Dorado, which defeated Union Mine, 103.5-32.5.

In the girls meet, the Lady Cougars, led by three individual event wins from Arianna Pizzuti, defeated the Diamondbacks, 90-46.

“I’m a little glad he (Bates) was ahead of me because that gives me a little bit more to work for (at the conference meet next month),” Kauhaahaa said.

Bates, who also took first place in the 1600 meters with a time of 4:45.12, feels his times will lower as the season progresses.

“I’ve been close to my personal record,” Bates said. “It’s still the beginning of the season.”

El Dorado head coach Peanut Harms was thrilled the Cougar boys squad won its first conference meet of the season but feels the team has challenges ahead.

“The boys continue to dominate the Sierra Valley Conference not having lost a meet in four years,” said Harms, “but we will be seriously tested next week versus Cosumnes Oaks. We will be ready.”

Winners for El Dorado boys were Bates, Aaron Line (400, high jump), Gabe Ferges (100), Gabe Hurwitt (300 high hurdles, long jump), Nick Bloss (200), Jackson Harris (3200) and the 4×100 and 4×400 relay teams.

Taking first place for Union Mine boys was Charlie Swift in the shot put and discus, and Bryson Ball in the pole vault.

For the El Dorado girls, first place finishers were Makayla Hoyt (100 high hurdles, high jump), 4×100 relay team, Pizzuti (200, 800, triple jump), Celina Vaccaro (300 high hurdles), Sage Somers (400), Sara Slightam (100), Kaitlyn Staggers (3200) and Samantha Engel (long jump).

Allison Babbage won the 1600 meters for the Union Mine girls to take top honors for the D’backs. Lindsay Williams followed in shot put and discus, Shelby Glaister in the pole vault, the 4×400 relay team were winners and Shaelyn LaPeyrade tied for first in the high jump.

Below are results of the meet.

Union Mine vs. El Dorado boys 
110 HH: 1-Cambron Lyles, ED, 14.78; 2-Britton Stark, ED, 15.80; 3-Gabe Hurwitt, ED, 16.60. 1600: 1-Boone Bates, ED, 4:45.12; 2-Jay Revolinsky, ED, 4.47.10; Jackson Harris, ED, 4:52.62; 4×100 relay: 1-ED, 43.77. 400: 1-Aaron Line, ED, 53.74; 2-Trevor Reed, UM, 55.12; 3-Jack Mezera, ED, 57.11. 100: 1-Gabe Ferges, ED, 11.11; 2-Nick Bloss, ED, 11.16; 3-Garrett Scalaro, ED, 11.52. 300 HH: 1-Hurwitt, 40.93; 2-Sawyer Haffner, ED, 43.11; Stark, 44.61; 800: 1-Bates, 2:01.95; 2-Makana Kauhaahaa, UM, 2:02.55; 3-Revolinsky, 2:36.49. 200: 1-Bloss, 22.71; 2-Scalaro, 23.27; Colby Harrington, ED, 24.05. 3200: 1-Harris, 10:36; 2-William Winter, UM, 10:42; 3-Keis Verleur, UM, 11:30. 4×400 relay: 1-ED, 3:36.8. SP: 1-Charlie Swift, UM, 47′ 5″; 2-Stark, 39’9 1/4″; 3-Daniel Rivera, ED, 39′ 9″. Discus: 1-Swift, 101′ 7″; 2-Colin Masterson, ED, 112′ 11″; PV: 1-Ball, 12′ 6″; 2-Lyles, 12′ 6″; 3-(tied) Bryce Yaple, UM, and Skylar Kral, ED, 11′. HJ: 1-Line, 5’10″; 2-Zac Cherrington, UM, 5’8″; 3-Cameron Peeters, ED, 5’8″. LJ: 1-Hurwitt, 20’2 1/4″; 2-Gabe Ferges, ED, 20′ 1″; 3-Bloss, 19’3 1’2″; TJ: Ferges, 40′ 3″; 2-Dominick Lowrence, UM, 39′ 11″; 3-Harrington, 36′ 10 1/4″.

Union Mine vs. El Dorado girls
100 HH: 1-Makayla Hoyt, ED, 18.85; 2-Karlee Cuddy, ED, 17.14; 3-Elizabeth Vaccaro, ED, 17.58; 1600: 1-Allison Babbage, UM, 5:35; 2-Jamie Cheilberg, ED, 5:47; 3-Kaitlyn Staggers, ED, 5:50.12. 4×100 relay: 1-ED, 51.78. 400: 1-Sage Somers, ED, 1:03.37; 2-Shelby Glaisser, UM, 1:03.58; 3-Jemma Neff, UM, 1:07.99. 100: 1-Sara Slightam, ED, 13.11; 2-Samantha Engel, ED, 13.51; 3-Abby Finlayson, ED, 13.55; 300 HH: 1-Elizabeth Vaccaro, ED, 50.18; 2-Hoyt, 52.14; 3-Morgan Linville, ED, 56.33. 800: 1-Arianna Pizzuti, ED, 2:26.71; 2-Babbage, UM, 2:34.37; 3-Katherine Buethe, ED, 2:36.49. 200: 1-Pizzuti, 27.58; 2-Slightam, 28.02; 3-Finlayson, 28.18. 3200: 1-Staggers, 12:42; 2-Machaela Yack, UM, 13:39; 3-Breanna Winter, UM, 14:02. 4×400 relay: 1-UM, 4:23.8. SP: 1-Lindsay Williams, UM, 32′ 11″; 2-Sarah Vasquez, UM, 31′ 5″; 3-Carley Fowler, ED, 31′ 2″. Discus: 1-Vasquez, 103′ 10″; 2-Williams, 98′ 6″; 3-Trinity Arriola, ED, 92′ 1″. PV: 1-Glaister, 8′; 2-Samantha Engel, ED, 7′ 6″; 3-Danielle DeStefano, ED, 7′. HJ: 1-(tied) Hoyt, Shaelyn LaPeyrade, UM, 4′ 10″; 2-Julia Kirk, ED, 4′ 6″; 3-LJ: 1-Engel, 14’8 1/2″; 2-Finlayson, 14′ 7″; 3-LePeyrade, 14’2 3/4. TJ: 1-Pizzuti, 30′ 4″; 2-Jessica Jemmott, ED, 30′ 3″; 3-Gina Somara, ED, 26′ 1/4″.

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