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El Dorado track sweeps double dual meet

April 30, 2011 |

In Wednesday’s last Sierra Valley Conference meet of the regular season, a double dual at home against Liberty Ranch and Cosumnes Oaks, both the El Dorado varsity boys and girls teams and the frosh/soph boys team defeated the visitors.
Both varsity teams trounced Liberty Ranch, but Cosumnes put up more of a challenge, especially for the Cougar girls.

O’Brien, Courtney Macklin, Rebecca Ortega, Molly Marshall and Emily Simpson all placed first in events, but the Cougars buried the Wolfpack by taking both second and third in six events — off-setting the ‘Pack’s four points for a first with five combined points.

In additon, O’Brien, Hailey Cooley and Kaylynn Cuddy swept all three places n the 100-meter hurdles and Simpson, Naomi Bastian and Allison Whealton took first, second and third in the pole vault. The sweeps earned 18 points for El Dorado.

The Cougar boys swept four events against Cosumnes Oaks to win by 41 points. Jeremy Darr, Caleb Melton and Andrew Montez swept the shot put; Montez, Jamiz Skok and Clayton Van Dunyn took all three places in the discus; Alex Thomson, Colby Johnson and Wade Bennett all placed in the triple jump; and Matt Johnson, Forest Hierholzer and Will Hamann took the pole vault.

The boys’ team also got first-place points in other events against Cosumnes from Jesse Geller, Colby Johnson and Sean Gregg against Cosumnes.


Varsity boys: El Dorado 116, Liberty Ranch 20


400 relay: 1-ED, 44.08. 1,600: 1-Joe Soik, 4:49.01; 2-Sean Gregg, 4:57.09; 3-Nathan Rossi, 4:58.51. 110 H: Jesse Geller, 18.46; 2-Will Hamann, 19.12; 3-Colby Haffner, 25.08. 400: 2-Zach Somers, 53.70; 3-Wes Chandler, 54.10. 100: 1-Jeremy Darr, 10.8; 2-Gabe Derilo, 10.94; 3-Wade Bennett, 11.90. 800: 1-Gregg, 2:09.08; 2-Soik, 2:12.31; 3-Spencer Dilley, 2:21.28. 300 LH: Matt Johnson, 42.39; Haffner, 46.16; Geller, 48.43. 200: 1-Derilo, 23.53; 3-Bennett, 25.12. 3,200: 1-Soik, 10:23.58; 2-Rossi, 10:29.17; 3-Spencer Wright, 11:20.42. 1,600 relay: 1-ED, 3;46.99. LJ: 1-Colby Johnson, 20-4.50; 2-Alex Stone, 18-7.50; 3-Aidan Gavin, 18-1.50. TJ: 1-Alex Thomson, 36-10; 2-C. Johnson, 36-6; 3-Bennett, 35-4.50. HJ: 1-Ryan Carlisle, 5-10; 3-Thomson, 5-4. PV: 1-M. Johnson, 12-6; 2-Forest Hierholzer, 12-6; 3-Hamman, 10-0. SP: 2-Darr, 43-1.50; 3-Caleb Melton, 38-3. D: 2-Andrew Montez, 103-1.50; 3-Jamiz Skok, 91-10.




El Dorado 91, Cosumnes Oaks 50
ED places: 1,600: 2-Soik. 110 H: 1-Geller, 2-Hamann. 400: 2-Somers; 3-Chandler. 100: 2-Darr. 800: 1-Gregg; 3-Soik. 300 LH: 1-M. Johnson; 2-Haffner; 3-Geller. 200: 2-Derilo. 3,200: 2-Soik; 3-Rossi. LJ: 1-C. Johnson; 3-Stone. TJ: 1-Thomson; 2-C. Johnson; 3-Bennett. HJ: 2-Carlisle; 3-M. Thomson. PV: 1-M. Johnson; 2-Hierholzer; 3-Hamann. SP: 1-Darr; 2-Melton; 3-Montez, 37-9.50. D: 1-Montez; 2-Skok; 3-Clayton Van Dunyn, 91-5.75.
Varsity girls: El Dorado 107, Liberty Ranch 29
400 relay: 1-ED, 52.26. 1,600: 1-Courtney Macklin, 5:47.63; 2-Anne Donegan, 5:57; 3-Briegan Aguilar, 6:04.58. 100 H: 1-Teryn O’Brien, 17.70; 2-Hailey Cooley, 18.82; 3-Cuddy, 19.82. 400: 1-Whitney Standal, 1:01.60; 2-Molly Marshall, 1:03.65; 3-Megan Byers, 1:04.37. 100: 1-Grace Abela, 12.72; 3-Jessica Heinrichs, 13.66. 800: 1-Macklin, 2:26.8; 2-Donegan, 2:39.44; 3-Justine Pereira, 2:39.50. 300 LH: 1-Marshall, 49.70; 2-O’Brien, 51.25; 3-Cooley, 56.64. 200: 1-Abela, 26.75; 2-Standal, 27.09. 3,200: 1-Donegan, 13:05.69; 2-Aguilar, 13:41.22; 3-Anne Kohn, 14.56.83. 1,600 relay: 1-ED, 4:14.37. HJ: 2-Tamilyn Quinonez, 4-8; 3-Macklin, 4-8. LJ: 2-Lena Gavin, 13-10.75; 3-Rebekah Monsma, 13-6.50. PV: 1-Emily Simpson, 8-0; 3-Naomi Bastian/Allison Whealton, 7-6. TJ: 1-Gavin, 30-11.50; 2-Caralyn Smet, 30-8.50; 3-Whealton, 29-8.75. SP: 2-Shana Jastrab, 26-7.50; 3-Rebecca Ortega, 26-3. D: 3-Ortega, 74-6.50.
El Dorado 77, Cosumnes Oaks 59
ED places: 1,600: 2-Macklin; 3-Donegan. 100 H: 1-O’Brien; 2-Cooley; 3-Cuddy. 400: 2-Standal; 3-Marshall. 100: 2-Ablea. 800: 1-Maklin; 3-Donegan. 300 LH: 1-Marshall; 2-O’Brien. 200: 2-Abela; 3-Standal. 3,200: 2-Donegan; 3-Aguilar. HJ: 1-Quinonez; 2-Macklin; 3-Abela, 4-6. LJ: 2-Gavin. TJ: 2-Gavin; 3-Smet. PV: 1-Simpson; 2-Bastian; 3-Whealton. D: 1-Ortega; 3-Cooley, 66-10.14. SP: 2-Jastrab; 3-Ortega.
Frosh/soph boys: El Dorado 67, Cosumnes Oaks 26; El Dorado 122, Liberty Ranch 14.



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