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El Dorado wins all divisions in Twilight Invite

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COUGAR SENIOR Grace Abela ran the anchor leg for El Dorado's winning 400 relay team in Friday's Twilight Invitational. Democrat photo by Shelly Thorene

El Dorado High, Grace Abela, Girls Varsity, 1600 meter. Democrat photo by Shelly Thorene

Records were broken and personal bests were the norm in the seventh annual Twilight Invitational at El Dorado Friday.

The meet, which began at Union Mine in 2001, was taken over by El Dorado coaches Peanut and Tena Harms seven years ago and has grown into the “biggest track and field meet in El Dorado County,” according to Peanut.

More than 600 athletes converged on the “Sierra Sapphire,” El Dorado’s blue, all-weather track. Locally, Ponderosa brought athletes who were not competing the next day at the Sacramento Meet of Champions, and Union Mine brought its team.

The Cougars swept all four divisions. The varsity boys took first with 74 points, River City was second with 65 and Union Mine was third with 54. The varsity girls out-paced their competitors with 81.5 points for a half-point victory over Calaveras (81). Ponderosa was third with 74 points.

The frosh/soph boys crushed the competition with 145.5 points, Union Mine was second with 65 and River City took third with 52. The frosh/soph girls tallied 96 points, ahead of Pleasant Grove with 76 and Casa Roble with 52.

Ponderosa freshman Brittany Anselmo was named Female Athlete of the Meet. She ran record-setting and personal best times in the 400- and 800-meter runs to win both and became second all-time at Ponderosa in the 800. River City’s Jason Dunn was voted Male Athlete of the Meet; he took four seconds and ran a leg of the winning 4-by-100 relay.

El Dorado’s Molly Marshall was also a double-event champion; she won the 300 low hurdles and cleared 4-feet-10 inches to win the high jump. Other county athletes who won gold included Ponderosa’s Selena Jimerson in the 100 hurdles, Coral Willard in the discus, and Sydney Blakeley in the pole vault. From El Dorado, the 4-by-100 relay team of Jessica Heinrichs, Madisynn Whisler, Megan Byers and Grace Abela broke the tape, and Caralyn Smet was the best in the long jump.

Union Mine’s 4-by-400 varsity boys relay team of Beau Bridge, Cory Gutierrez, Eric Hopwood and Kevin Ralphs set a meet record in winning that event, the last one of the night. Gutierrez also won the 800, Hopwood took first in the 300 hurdles, and Bridge was first in the long jump. El Dorado freshman Matt Johnson cleared 12-6 to win the pole vault.

“This was a meet where we experienced a lot of growth on and off the track as a program,” Peanut said. “I told the kids that I was going to be occupied as the meet director and they needed to work with their event coaches and ‘grow up a bit.’ I say this because this is a pretty dramatic rebuilding year — probably over half of the team has never been to an invitational — so it was even more incredible how they performed and prepared themselves.”

“In all honesty, I was not even paying attention to team scoring or championships and in fact was being much more understanding about sickness and sitting kids out because of nagging injuries— we didn’t even run varsity boys or girls 4-by-4 relays. But the kids really performed with many, many seasonal bests despite the conditions.

“Bottom line is this — sweeping all divisions was reflective of a strong program with a very bright future, not just a program with a good varsity team or a good frosh/soph team but rather a program that covered all the bases and came away with four Twilight championships. We are some very proud coaches.”

Below are the results of track and field athletes from El Dorado County. For complete results go to

Varsity girls: 100 hurdles: 1-Selena Jimerson, P, 17.63; 2-Molly Tuthill, P, 17.69; 3-Teryn O’Brien, ED, 18.03; 6-Hailey Cooley, ED, 18.81. 400 relay: 1-Jessica Heinrichs, Madisynn Whisler, Megan Byers, Grace Abela, ED, 52.89; 4-Saila Sanders, Kylee Trageser, Jimerson, Tuthill, P, 54.29. 400: 1-Brittany Anselmo, P, 59.53; 6-Molly Marshall, ED, 1:04.90. 100: 4-Abela, ED, 13.84. 3,200: 3-Michelle Gonzales, UM, 12:44.64; 5-Anne Donegan, ED, 13:03.89. 300 H: 1-Marshall, ED, 49.68; 2-O’Brien, ED, 50.76; 6-Cooley, ED, 56.14. 800: 1-Anselmo, P, 2:23.85; 2-Courtney Macklin, ED, 2:25.62. 200: 6-Jimerson, P, 29.83. PV: 1-Sydney Blakeley, P, 11-6; 2-Trageser, P, 9-6; 6-Allison Whealton, ED, 7-6. SP: 2-Samantha Prichard, UM, 31-7.50; 5-Coral Willard, P, 30-1.75. LJ: 1-Caralyn Smet, ED, 15-7.50. D: 1-Willard, P, 84-0; 2-Prichard, UM, 81-3.50; 5-Rebecca Ortega, ED, 72-10. TJ: 3-Smet, ED, 31-4.25. HJ: 1-Marshall, ED, 4-10; 3-Macklin, ED, 4-8; 4-Abela, ED, 4-6; 5-Tamilyn Quinonez, ED, 4-6; 5-Trageser, P, 4-6.

Varsity boys: 110 H: 2-Nick Rankin, UM, 16.16. 400 relay: 3-Gabe Derilo, Wes Chandler, Aidan Gavin, Jeremy Darr, ED, 45.23. 1,600: 6-Joe Soik, ED, 4:46.23. 100: 2-Derilo, ED, 11.92; 3-Eric Hopwood, UM, 12.06. 300 H: 1-Hopwood, UM, 42.00; 2-Matt Johnson, ED, 42.38; 3-Spencer Orofino, P, 42.61. 800: 1-Cory Gutierrez, UM, 2:02.21. 200: 6-Derilo, ED, 24.50. 3,200: 3-Soik, ED, 10:12.62. 1,600 relay: 1-Beau Bridge, Gutierrez, Hopwood, Kevin Ralphs, UM, 3:28.01; PV: 1-M. Johnson, ED, 12-6; 2-Forest Hierholzer, ED, 12-6; 6-Breyer Conroy, P, 10-6. SP: 3-Steven Trivette, P, 42-11.25. LJ: 1-Bridge, UM, 21-9.50; 2-Colby Johnson, ED, 20-11.50. D: 2-Trivette, P, 114-1.50; 4-Andrew Montez, ED, 107-9.50. TJ: 3-C. Johnson, ED, 38-2; 6-Will Hamann, ED, 36-10. HJ: 5-Ryan Carlisle, ED, 5-6; 6-C. Johnson, ED, 5-6.

Frosh/soph girls: 1,600: 3-Caillan Bower, 6:02.62; 6-Melaina Brink, UM, 6:57.02. 100 H: 2-Kaylynn Cuddy, ED, 20.83; 3-Darian Aros, ED, 20.86; 4-Emily Orlander, P, 21.83; 5-Becky Monsma, ED, 21.93. 400 R: 1-Jessica Britton, Kathleen Cambridge, Hannah Dixon, Whitney Standal, ED, 53.50. 400: 2-Britton, ED, 1:05.60; 6-Olivia Marquardt, UM, 1:13.75. 100: 2-Standal, ED, 14.12; 3-Dixon, ED, 14.34; 4-Cambridge, ED, 14.43. 300 H: 2-Cuddy, 58.09; 4-Emma Katzakian, 1:03.02. 800: 2-Cheryl Menebroker, ED, 2:41.11; 6-Mikaelyn Praker, UM, 2:53.09. 200: 2-Cambridge, ED, 29.71; 5-Aros, ED, 30.84.

Frosh/soph boys: 1,600: 1-Sean Gregg, ED, 4:52.48; 2-Jacob Wells, UM, 4:53.45; 4-Ian Janoska, ED, 4:53.75; 6-Tyler Cordero, 5:01.67. 110 H: 1-Jesse Geller, 18.91; 2-Tyrus Torres, P, 19.42; 3-Cambron Lyles, ED, 10.16. 400 R: 1-Logan Friday, Chris Galvan, Tanner Huges, Andrew Peterson, ED, 46.51; 4-Hunter Gasper-Henderson, Smith Purdum, Carter Price, Darin Yates, UM, 48.23; 6-Nick Bloss, Eli Brubaker, Ethan Dilley, Gabe Ferges, ED, 49.81. 400: 5-Brubaker, ED, 57.23. 100: 2-Friday, ED, 12.42; 3-Galvan, ED, 12.43; 4-Dale Oglesby, UM, 12.45. 300 H: 3-Torres, P, 46.71; 4-Geller, ED, 47.71; 5-Lyles, ED, 47.75; 6-Trevor Valchar, 49.55. 800: 2-Gregg, ED, 2:12.05; 4-Tyler Rossi, ED, 2:16.48. 200: 2-Galvan, ED, 25.15; 3-Friday, ED, 25.31; 4-Price, UM, 25.32. 1,600 R: 1-Geller, Brubaker, Galvan, Friday, 3:46.79; 4-Oglesby, Price, Purdum, Wells, 3:57.29; 6-Gregg, Rossi, Bloss, Dilley, 4:06.12. PV: 1-Kyle Blankenbiller, 11-0; 2-James Warden, UM, 9-6; 2-Sam McCrea, ED, 9-6; 5-Lyles, ED, 9-0. SP: 2-Jacob Zuniga, UM, 41-3.25; 3-Thomas Melton, ED, 41-0.25; 4-Clayton Van Dunyn, ED, 39-9.75; 5-Alex Stark, ED, 39-8. LJ: 5-Friday, ED, 17-7. LJ: 2-Zuniga, UM, 1-1-6.50; 4-Van Dunyn, ED, 91-6.50; 6-Melton, ED, 88-3. TJ: 4-Friday, ED, 36-9.50; 6-Soren Shepherd, ED, 36-1.75. HJ: 1-Kevin Ralphs, UM, 6-0; 2-Oglesby, UM, 5-6; 4-Evan Ortiz, P, 5-6; 5-McCrea, 5-2.






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