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Roundup: Bronco Invitational

From page B4 | October 19, 2011 |

Cross country

Willow Hills, Oct. 15

Large school results: 5k

Varsity boys: 7-Ponderosa, 186

Individual: 4-Riley Ruppenthal, 16:51.53; 37-Josh Bolier, 17:56.67; 51-TJ Holloway, 18:19.65; 52-Marcus Nunley, 18:20.26; 53-Nick Prete, 18:21.21; 78-Lee Skinner, 18:52.89; 95-Charles Hedin, 19:22.52.

Varsity girls: 4-Ponderosa, 183

Individual: 15-Christine Redor, 20:18.63; 33-Hannah O’Donnell, 21:07.38; 35-Brittany Anselmo, 21:11.49; 41-Brooke Ruppenthal, 21:30.29; 108-Kayla Rush, 24:48.30; 145-Danylle Kurywchak, 28:36.23; 146-Lauren Smith, 28:36.23.

Small school results: 5k

Varsity boys: 2-El Dorado, 87; 14-Union Mine 399

Individual: 6-Joe Soik, ED, 16:56.03; 14-Ian Janoska, ED, 17:31.58; 17-Nathan Rossi, ED, 17:43.92; 25-Matt Johnson, ED, 17:54.59; 27-Sean Gregg, ED, 18:02.61; 31-Makana Kauhaahaa, UM, 18:06.29; 37-Ryan Gray, ED, 18:18.71; 49-Spencer Wright, ED, 18:49.25; 87-William Winter, UM, 19:42.39; 97-Mitch Woods, UM, 20:04.11; 125-Colton Aliff, UM, 21:02.37; 137-Jon Detillion, UM, 21:26.17; 141-Cory Gutierrez, UM, 21:28.16; 147-Kevin Ralphs, UM, 21:54.77.

Varsity girls: 9-Union Mine, 232; 10-El Dorado, 271; Golden Sierra no team score.

Individual: 35-Michelle Gonzales, UM, 22:45.17; 48-Caillan Bower, ED, 23:14.38; 51-Anne Donegan, ED, 23:18.19; 54-Emily Reddish, GS, 23:21.70; 56-Marissa Indgjer, UM, 23:25.60; 57-Chloe Hood, UM, 23:27.40; 59-Kaitlyn Staggers, ED, 23:28.70; 72-Mikaelyn Praker, UM, 24:22.60; 74-Madi Aliff, UM, 24:29.71; 85-Emily Trujillo, UM, 25:26.04; 90-Sophie Steinkjer, ED, 26:04.65; 94-Lauren Little, GS, 26:18.59; 95-Sequoia Williams, UM, 26:20.30; 101-Rachel Goodcase, GS, 26:50.94; 107-Clara Nyqust, ED, 27:52.01.

Junior varsity boys: 5-Ponderosa, 143; El Dorado, Union Mine no score

Individual: 21-Garrett Short, ED, 20:19.75; 24-Sergio Valdez, P, 20:25.94; 33-Sean McVey, P, 20:39.21; 36-Evan Robenalt, P, 20:49.07; 38-Soren Fleming, ED, 20:52.93; 43-David Timm, P, 21:03.81; 46-Jon Michael Green, UM, 21:08.11; 47-David Pepper, P, 21:13.91; 49-Jesse Campbell, ED, 21:20.31; 51-Jared Cook, P, 21:23.10; 64-Pedro Mendoza, UM, 21:53.07; 110-Nicolas Loth, P, 24:02.51.

Junior varsity girls: 79-Carly Bray, ED, 32:34.20; 80-Allison Janoska, ED, 32:37.77.

Sophomore boys: 3,400 meters

Large school results: 1-Oak Ridge, 77; 14-Ponderosa, 339

Individual: 5-Colin Pilcher, OR, 12:18.26; 14-Jordan Hordesky, OR, 12;28.58; 16-Brett Ford, OR, 12:30.30; 17-JT Janecek, OR, 12:31.34; 27-Alex Merry, OR, 12:57.30; 71-Nick Hunt, P, 14:05.07; 74-Alex Johnson, P, 14:08.72; 86-Blake Tinney, P, 14:35.31; 97-Ethan Dodd, P, 15:07.40; 121-Justin Camillo, P, 18:11.19.

Small school results: 1-El Dorado, 18: Union Mine no score

Individual: 1-Jason Yuglevic, ED, 11:56.93; 3-Gabe Hurwitt, ED, 12:16.28; 5-Quincy Blackwell, ED, 12:48.30; 6-Stabler Young, ED, 12:50.86; 10-Sawyer Haffner, ED, 13:12.21; 28-Quinn Smiley, UM, 14:05.41; 31-Dale Oglesby, UM, 14:22.23; 34-Sam Winslow, ED, 14:41.46; 40-Sean Verbitsky, UM, 15:17.80; 47-Alex Soden, GS, 15:42.36; 53-Gabe Fergus ED, 16:16.08.

Frosh/soph girls

Large school results: 2-Oak Ridge, 60

Individual: 1-Ellie Velez, OR, 13:10.38; 10-Sami Kilcollins, OR, 14:08.66; 11-Mindy Ong, OR, 14:09.66; 18-Whitney Wilhelmy, 14:28.53; 22-Aishani Kumar, 14:44.34; 35-Femke Keukenkamp. 15:21.95; 39-Karina Kauffman, OR, 15:27.87.

Small school results: 3-El Dorado, 67; Golden Sierra no team score

Individual: 7-Gianna Posely, GS, 14:39.50; 11-Chelsea Chestnut, ED, 15:05.07; 13-Katherine Buethe, ED, 15:09.89; 21-Morgan Linville, ED, 15:34.73; 35-Hannah Drennan, ED, 16:05.14; 42-Rosie Winslow, ED, 16:25.48; 44-Morgan Svensson, UM, 16:28.00; 46-Rebecca Trujillo, UM, 16:48.77; 48-Celina Vicencio, ED, 17:03.33; 57-Leah Oshea, ED, 17:51.23.

Freshman boys

Large school results: 11-Oak Ridge, 225

Individual: 28-Brett McNamee, 13:30.63; 51-Kyle Denison, 14:01.59; 56-Garrett Bardini, 14:10.25; 70-Taylor Savage, 14:54.04; 105-Justin Hong, 17:15.32.

Small school results: 1-El Dorado, 26; Golden Sierra no team score

Individual: 2-Jay Revolinsky, ED, 12:29.56; 3-Jackson Harris, ED, 12:43.71; 4-Hunter Hughes, GS, 12;50.99; 10-Michael Segura, ED, 13:22.11; 16-John Capps, ED, 13:56.14; 38-Casey Nyquist, ED, 15:85.22; 40-Grant Seely, ED, 16:20.68; 41-Garrett Locher, ED, 16:22.35.



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