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Skiers, boarders reach season’s midpoint

OAK RIDGE'S Emily Vivian.

OAK RIDGE'S Emily Vivian, pictured in the year's opener, turned two previous second-place finishes into her first win in Monday's slalom race at Sierra-at-Tahoe. Democrat photo by Pat Dollins

From page A6 | January 30, 2013 |

SIERRA-AT-TAHOE — Three repeat first-place finishers and one new winner came out of Monday’s first slalom race of the South 1 season on Lower Main at Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Ponderosa skier Reid Lambres and El Dorado snowboarder Katie Harris kept their perfect seasons intact while Oak Ridge boarder Zachary Larsen won his second consecutive race and Trojan skier Emily Vivian her first after two weeks of runnerup status.

Team-wise, the Bruins swept the boys and girls ski races. The two teams hold a comfortable combined edge as the South 1 Division reached its midpoint Monday. Ponderosa also won the boys snowboard race but its girls came in second behind Harris and Co. In combined snowboard points, El Dorado leads the Bruins 770-741 with Oak Ridge third at 611.

Lambres enjoyed an 11-plus second advantage over Golden Sierra’s Alexander Murray. Ponderosa also placed Ryan Fischietto (4th), Samuel Neil (5th), Andrew Olson (7th) and Hunter Lay (8th) in the top 10 while Cougar Andrew Vardanega was third and Trojans Dustin Diel and Parker Doshier were sixth and ninth, respectively.

“The whole team finished well — some problems but that always happens on the first slalom of the year,” Lambres said. “Today the conditions were great and the snow held up and I was able to go for it and try for the fastest time out there.”

Despite the slalom’s more technical nature, the casualty rate of those that were disqualified or didn’t finish was not exaggerated.

Vivian’s two runs were both under a minute, the only girl to do so. Her margin of victory over Bruin Fiona Zeier was 1:48.20 to 2:04.35. Ponderosa had four other crack the top 10: Lauren Olson (3rd), Amanda Pinski (4th), Kat Porter (6th) and Megan Hauck (10th). Oak Ridge’s Danica Stevenson was fifth and Caitlyn Nolasco, eighth, while Cougar Emily O’Donnell was ninth.

Though Harris has won each race as a senior, she did have reservations in fulfilling a leadership role in her final season. Her victory Monday was by almost nine seconds.

“Going from a sophomore to junior is no big deal but junior to senior is crazy. We lost some good seniors but it’s fun to be in their shoes,” Harris said. “Everyone tried their hardest today and was having fun.”

Bruin Monica Zutter was second for the third time while El Dorado’s Taylor Caldwell (3rd) and Madison Orr (4th) both turned in their third, top-5 finish. Union Mine, which raced just 10 total kids Monday due to illness, had Stacy Hayhurst in fifth while Cougar Abbi Duffy was sixth.

Rounding out the top 10, Oak Ridge had Savannah Freudenberg seventh and Haley Kruger, 10th, while Bruin boarders Torianna Green placed eighth and Megan Goetz, ninth.

Larsen edged out Ponderosa’s Reed January 1:16.64 to 1:19.99. Six of the top 10 spots were Bruins or Cougars. In third and fourth were Ponderosa’s Jacob Hunter and Davis Alexander; El Dorado’s Ethan Fox was fifth; D’back Brian Williams, sixth; Cougars Ian Janoska and Tyler Peeters seventh and 10th; and Oak Ridge’s Inaki Garat, ninth.

Girls ski
1. Emily Vivian, OR, 56.04/56.13-1:48.20; 2. Fiona Zeier, PO, 1:01.33/1:03.02-2:04.35; 3. Lauren Olson, PO, 1:03.16/1:01.52-2:04.68; 4. Amanda Pinski, PO, 1:06.89/1:04.18-2:11.07; 5. Danica Stevenson, OR, 1:08.89/1:06.14-2:15.03; 6. Kat Porter, PO, 1:10.99/1:06.91-2:17.90; 7. Lauren Struffenegger, AM, 1:16.70/1:12.39-2:29.09; 8. Caitlyn Nolasco, OR, 1:14.99/1:18.42-2:33.41; 9. Emily O’Donnell, ED, 1:18.14/1:15.91-2:34.05; 10. Meghan Hauck, PO, 1:19.92/1:16.15-2:36.07; 11. Lindsey Ganzert, ED, 1:20.00/1:18.85-2:38.85; 12. Miranda Zirbel, ED, 1:22.33/1:20.79-2:43.12; 13. Gloria Dabiri, OR, 1:27.74/1:22.87-2:50.61; 14. Courtney Volek, ED, 1:27.94/1:24.39-2:52.93; 15. Sofia Hildingsson, AR, 1:44.28/1:16.22-3:00.50; 16. Kelsy Sozzi, AM, 1:40.67/1:40.08-3:20.75; 17. Kendra Morrison, AM, 1:46.62/1:46.65-3:33.27; 18. Tabea Henning, OR, 1:27.91/DSQ; 19-Ally Roemer. ED, DSQ; 20-Maia Haugaard, UM, DSQ; 21-Charlotte Jeschina, AR, DSQ.

Boys ski (top 25)
1.  Reid Lambres, PO, 47.11/43.17-1:30.28; 2. Alexander Murray, GS, 52.38/49.15-1:41.53; 3. Andrew Vardanega, ED, 54.15/53.81-1:47.96; 4. Ryan Fischietto, PO, 56.39/52.60-1:48.99; 5. Samuel Neil, PO, 58:18/54.05-1:52.23; 6. Dustin Diel, OR, 59:54/54.62-1:54.16; 7. Andrew Olson, PO, 1:12.67/48.20-2:00.87; 8. Hunter Lay, PO, 1:02.74/58.14-2:00.88; 9. Parker Doshier, OR, 1:02.94/59.73-2:02.67; 10. Griffin Poelman, CC, 1:05.25/1:01.68-2:06.93; 11. Tyler Atkinson, ED, 1:03.88/1:03.35-2:07.23; 12. Dallas Diel, OR, 1:01.12/1:10.51-2:11.63; 13. Dylan Devine, PO, 1:09.35/1:06.83-2:16.18; 14. Keenan Raleigh, ED, 1:10.25/1:07.03-2:17.28; 15. Andrew Stone, PO, 1:11.82/1:07.02-2:18.84; 16. Joel Kaderka, ED, 1:20.27/58.58-2:18.85; 17. Blake Prall, UM, 1:11.16/1:08.72-2:19.88; 18. Will Newey, PO, 1:12.77/1:07.20-2:19.97; 19. Josh Prettyman, OR, 1:23.76/58.47-2:22.23; 20. Mason Hall, PO, 1:16.50/1:12.49-2:28.99; 21. Sean Campbell, OR, 1:29.14/1:07.62-2:36.76; 22. Carl Quicksall, ED, 1:23.53/1:14.90-2:38.43; 23. Matt Spinetta, AM, 1:42.00/1:40.29-3:22.29; 24.Conor Villines, ED, 2:00.35/1:49.16-3:49.51; 25. Robert Thatcher, UM, 2:39.55/1:24.60-4:04.15;

Girls snowboard
1. Katie Harris, ED, 38.85/38.94-1:17.79; 2. Monica Zutter, PO, 42.05/44.04-1:26.09; 3. Taylor Caldwell, ED, 43.10/44.17-1:27.27; 4. Madison Orr, ED, 46.71/42.32-1:29.03; 5. Stacy Hayhurst, UM, 47.67/51.22-1:38.89; 6. Abbi Duffy, ED, 50.17/49.27-1:39.44; 7. Savannah Freudenberg, OR, 50.01/49.71-1:39.72; 8. Torianna Green, PO, 52.60/56.04-1:48.64; 9. Megan Goetz, PO, 51:21/1:00.45-1:51.66; 10. Haley Krueger, OR, 1:04.48/1:05.72-2:10.20; 11. Marisa McGrew, ED, 1:04.33/1:06.70-2:11.03; 12. Sarah Kennedy, PO, 57.37/1:17.60-2:14.97; 13. Elisabeth Spelhaug, ED, 1:40.46/1:30.32-3:10.78; 14. Tori Castaneda, PO, DSQ.

Boys snowboard (top 25)
1. Zachary Larsen, OR, 37.47/39.17-1:16.64; 2. Reed January, PO, 39.77/40.22-1:19.99; 3. Jacob Hunter, PO, 42.45/42.48-1:24.93; 4. Davis Alexander, PO, 42.09/43.20-1:25.29; 5. Ethan Fox, ED, 42.75/43.82-1:26.57; 6. Brian Williams, UM, 43.50/43.56-1:27.06; 7. Ian Janoska, ED, 43.87/44.05-1:27.92; 8. Daniel Ormachea, AR, 44:13/45.19-1:29.32; 9. Inaki Garat, OR, 45.34/44.35-1:29.69; 10. Tyler Peeters, ED, 44.31/45.48-1:29.79; 11. Quincy Blackwell, ED, 45.57/46.51-1:32.08; 12. Austin Castorena, AM, 41.30/52.64-1:33.94; 13. Talon Green, PO, 49.21/44.80-1:34.01; 14. John Behman, PO, 47.74/47.45-1:35.19; 15. Jared Hunter, PO, 49.46/45.84-1:35.30; 16. Charlie Plamondom, ED, 49.46/47.09-1:36.55; 17. Jonas Rogers, ED, 51.05/48.02-1:39.07; 18. Oliver Verblerose, UM, 47.33/51.88-1:39.21; 19. Tyler Zangrando, ED, 52.78/49.03-1:41.81; 20. Ethan Wright, OR, 50.18/52.28-1:42.46; 21. Cameron Peeters, ED, 52.62/53.51-1:46.13; 22. Tyler Daynes, OR, 43.87/1:02.30-1:46.17; 23. Jordan Prall, ED, 54.21/52.08-1:46.29; 24. Joey White, AR, 53.96/52.60-1:46.56; 25. John Shaller, OR, 56.05/50.99-1:47.04.

Codes: ED-El Dorado, GS-Golden Sierra, OR-Oak Ridge, PO-Ponderosa, UM-Union Mine, AM-Amador, AR-Argonaut, CC-Capital Christian. 





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