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South 1 season on verge of completion

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SIERRA-AT-TAHOE — South 1 Division ski and snowboarders completed the slalom portion to the alpine race season with Monday’s side-by-side doubleheader on Lower Main at Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Snowboarding had dual winners in El Dorado’s Taylor Caldwell and Ponderosa’s Davis Alexander while the ski wins were spread out among Bruin Alec Lambres and Golden Sierra’s Alexander Murray on the boy’s side and Ponderosa’s Fiona Zeier and Oak Ridge’s Allena Thompson for girls.

South 1 wraps up its regular season with next Monday’s final giant slalom race, the last day to qualify for next month’s CNISSF State Championships at Northstar.

Course conditions were firm snow for Monday’s first race, softer for the second which caused slower times, on average, for the majority of finishers.

Caldwell’s victory was her fifth in a row, making her the lone racer to win each time out. Monday at Sierra, the Cougar senior barely edged teammate Madison Orr 1:32.40-1:32.50 in the morning before besting Orr 1:30.94-1;34.02 in the afternoon. In each race, the Caldwell-Orr 1-2 finish led the pack by 20 seconds or more.

Of note in the 1-2 finish department with respect to the boy’s side, Alexander picked up his third straight slalom win with fellow Bruin boarder Reed January second in all three. Alexander’s victory margin was 7.40 in race No. 1 but 1.76 in No. 2.

Except for the top two spots in girls ski — Zeier and Thompson traded wins — the 3-4-5 order was identical in each race as Ponderosa’s Amanda Pinski crossed in third, Trojan Danica Stevenson was fourth and Bruin Marina Neill, fifth.

In boys ski, the Lambres win streak ended as Alec, the winner of the first four events, had to hike near the bottom of the second race. Murray, with a six-hundreds of a second lead on Lambres after the first run, held off Oak Ridge’s Dustin Diel and El Dorado’s Tyler Atkinson for his first win after four previous top-five finishes.

Team-wise, the season’s points have been dominated by Ponderosa and El Dorado. While the two programs won the lion’s share Monday, the Oak Ridge boy skiers, led by Diel, Dallas Diel, Parker Doshier and Josh Prettyman, won their first race after out-pointing Ponderosa 221-216. El Dorado was third and Union Mine, fifth.

Though the team fight for points was tight between the Cougars and Bruin boy boarders (El Dorado won 223-119 and 224-218), the Lady Cougars with Caldwell, Orr, Marissa McGrew and Sofia Costa dominated. Oak Ridge was second, Ponderosa third and the D’backs, fourth. El Dorado took both combined results.

The Bruins won 3-of-4 ski races, girls combined and boys combined. The Cougar and Bruin boys were each second in a race; El Dorado and Oak Ridge were each third; and Union Mine had a fourth and fifth finish.

In girls team ski after Ponderosa, Troy was second both times; Union Mine had a third and fourth finish; and El Dorado was fifth in both races.

For boys team ski, Oak Ridge and Ponderosa traded top spots, the Bruins and Cougars traded second place standings; El Dorado and the Trojans were each third in a race; and Union Nine had a fourth and fifth place finish.

Below are the top 10 finishers for each race.

Snowboard race 2 — boys (top 10)
1-Davis Alexander, PO, 35.73/36.87-1:12.60; 2-Reed January, PO, 38.00/42.00-1:20.00; 3-Cameron Peeters, ED, 43.24/44.08-1:27.56; 4-Jonas Rogers, ED, 42.68/44.88-1:27.56; 5-Inaki Garat, OR, 41.52/48.63-1:30.15; 6-Ethan Fox, ED, 45.79/45.36-1:31.15; 7-Ryan Hughes, UM, 46.77/45.06-1:31.83; 8-Quincy Blackwell, ED, 45.80/47.47-1:33.27; 9-Charlie Plamondon, ED, 45.27/49.38-1:34.65; 10-John Behman, PO, 45.70/51.63-1:37.33.

Snowboard race 3 — boys (top 10)
1-Davis Alexander, PO, 40.83/40.27-1:21.10; 2-Reed January, PO, 41.40/41.46-1:22.86; 3-Jonas Rogers, ED, 44.85/45.11-1:29.96; 4-Charlie Plamondon, ED, 45.72/46.90-1:32.62; 5-Quincy Blackwell, ED, 46.82/46.28-1:33.10; 6-Oliver Verablerose, UM, 46.21/46.94-1:33.15; 7-Inaki Garat, OR, 47.27/49.62-1:36.89; 8-Cameron Peeters, ED, 49.41/48.06-1:37.47; 9-Colton Bliss, ED, 47.69/50.70-1:38.39; 10-John Behmen, PO, 50.00/50.15-1:40.15.

Slalom race 2 — boys (top 10)
1-Alec Lambres, PO, 42.78/43.05-1:25.83; 2-Andrew Vardanega, ED, 44.11/44.43-1:28.54; 3-Aleaxander Murray, GS, 44.48/45.78-1:30.26; 4-Samuel Neil, PO, 46.10/46.98-1:33.08; 5-Dustin Diel, OR, 46.18/47.27-1:33.45; 6-Tyler Atkinson, ED, 46.13/47.67-1:33.80; 7-Ryan Fischietto, PO, 54.73/44.92-1:39.65; 8-Dallas Diel, OR, 50.09/51.27-1:41.36; 9-Joel Kaderka, ED, 50.21/51.62-1:41.83; 10-Hunter Lay, PO, 50.88/51.22-1:42.10.

Slalom race 3 — boys (top 10)
1-Alexander Murray, GS, 50.39/51.64-1:42.03; 2-Dustin Diel, OR, 51.60/53.51-1:45.11; 3-Tyler Atkinson, ED, 52.00/55.24-1:47.24; 4-Samuel Neill, 54.13/55.34-1:49.47; 5-Dallas Diel, OR, 54.38/56.91-1:51.29; 6-Ryan Fischietto, PO, 56.90/57.92-1:54.82; 7-Parker Doshier, OR, 56.89/59.68-1:56.57; 8-Hunter Lay, PO, 58.01/58.58-1:56.59; 9-Josh Prettyman, OR, 57.13/59.47-1:56.60; 10-Alec Lambres, PO, 50.45/1:06.88-1:57.33.

Snowboard race 2 — girls (top 10)
1-Taylor Caldwell, ED, 42.61/49.79-1:32.40; 2-Madison Orr, ED, 44.69/47.81-1:32.50; 3-Torianna Green, PO, 45.40/51.20-1:36.60; 4-Savannah Freudenberg, OR, 55.12/54.28-1:49.40; 5-Bibiana Nosalova, OR, 57.22/54.30-1:51.52; 6-Marisa McGrew, ED, 54.55/58.08-1:52.63; 7-Hayley Krueger, OR, 55.87/1:00.59-1:56.46; 8-Tori Castaneda, PO, 1:10.07/1:02.51-2:12.58; 9-Anika Lehr, UM, 1:08.72/1:16.88-2:25.60; 10-Sofia Costa, ED, 1:07.86/1:30.06-2:37.92.

Snowboard race 3— girls (top 10)
1-Taylor Caldwell, ED, 43.81/47.13-1:30.94; 2-Madison Orr, ED, 46.40/47.62-1:34.02; 3-Bibiana Nosalova, OR, 49.43/50.26-1:39.69; 4-Torianna Green, PO, 50.01/51.83-1:41.84; 5-Maria McGrew, ED, 57.82/58.62-1:56.44; 6-Hayley Krueger, OR, 1:00.05/1:02.13-2:02.18; 7-Sofia Costa, ED, 59.77/1:05.10-2:04.87; 8-Tori Castaneda, PO, 1:00.21/1:07.37-2:07.58; 9-Anika Lehr, UM, 1:07.87/1:11.67-2:19.54; 10-Angela Fletcher, UM, 1:43.29/1:52.80-3:36.09.

Slalom race 2 — girls (top 10)
1-Fiona Zeier, PO, 49.69/50.24-1:39.93; 2-Allena Thompson, OR, 49.04/52.81-1:41.85; 3-Amanda Pinski, PO, 53.18/54.05-1:47.23; 4-Danica Stevenson, OR, 54.62/59.77-1:54.39; 5-Marina Neill, PO, 58.95/59.87-1:58.82; 6-Ally Roemer, ED, 59.07/1:00.78-1:59.85; 7-Maia Haugaard, UM, 57.76/1:03.06-2:00.82; 8-Miranda Jachens, PO, 58.32/1:02.51-2:00.83; 9-Leonie Pulz, OR, 58.32/1:02.51-2:02.88; 10-Stephanie Pinski, PO, 1:00.74/1:03.28-2:04.02.

Slalom race 3 — girls (top 10)
1-Allena Thompson, OR, 55.92/58.02-1:53.94; 2-Fiona Zeier, PO, 56.33/1:00.56-1:56.89; 3-Amanda Pinski, PO, 59.73/1:06.32-2:06.05; 4-Danica Stevenson, OR, 1:04.34/1:10.74-2:15.08; 5-Marina Neill, PO, 1:07.14/1:11.38-2:18.52; 6-Lauren Olson, PO, 1:06.44/1:13.10-2:19.54; 7-Stephanie Pinski, PO, 1:09.76/1:11.94-2:21.70; 8-Maia Haugaard, UM, 1:08.85/1:13.77-2:22.62; 9-Allyson Olson, PO, 1:11.10/1:13.75-2:24.85; 10-Heather Dunham, OR, 1:10.36/1:15.76-2:26.12.

ED-El Dorado, GS-Golden Sierra, OR-Oak Ridge, PO-Ponderosa, UM-Union Mine.

Jerry Heinzer

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