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Tasmanian Devils win it all at Champs

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TO THE VICTOR GO THE SPOILS as El Dorado Hills Taz swimmers hoist the first place trophy after their win at the Suburban Swim League Championships in Rocklin. Courtesy photo

From page A11 | August 02, 2013 |

Sierra Sharks swim to fifth spot

ROCKLIN — Breaking a four-year dry spell, the undefeated El Dorado Hills Tasmanian Devils swim team claimed first place last weekend at the the 48th Suburban Swim League Championships, held at Sierra College in Rocklin. Over the three-day meet, the Taz posted 1,201 points to upend defending champ Park Terrace (1,045).

With 733 points, the Sierra Sharks placed fifth in the eight-team field that included Granite Bay, Broadstone, Loomis Basin, College Greens and Folsom.

El Dorado appeared unstoppable as numerous Taz athletes established club records.

Payton Valencia, 12, swam the girls 11-12 50-yard backstroke in 31.00, breaking Megan Barnett’s time of 31.07 set in 1996. In the 15-16 100-yard freestyle, Morgan Jones, 15, broke her own record with a new time of 55.05. And Kayla Rios, 15, with a time of 1:03:98, replaced teammate Annie Harriman’s 100-yard backstroke best, set at Champs in 2010.

Three team records were similarly logged in the boys category. Patrick Sammon, 9, reset a record he already held; his new time of 14.15 will stand in the 9-10 25-yard butterfly. Trevor Dong, 17, achieved a time of 47.45 in the boys 17-18 100 freestyle, superseding Eric Nichols’ 2005 time of 47.46. Trevor didn’t stop there, as he also clocked a time of 53.26 in the boys 17-18 100-yard backstroke, beating a time of 53.83 set by Adam Yanagihara in 2005.

In addition to posting new club records, several Taz swimmers reached an elite status by claiming Suburban Swim League records. Morgan Jones’ time of 55.05 in the Womens 15-16 100-yard freestyle not only stands as a Taz record, but is also published as a record in the SSL. Both of Trevor Dong’s new club records also now stand prominently as SSL highs.

The depth of Taz talent was further revealed as two relay teams also set records. The relay team of Robbie Otto, Cole Tilley, Jack Davidson and Nicholas Grinnell set a new SSL record in the boys 13-14 200 Freestyle Relay with a time of 1:38:81.

A Taz club record was marked with a time of 1:43:30 in the girls 15-18 200 Freestyle Relay by Samantha Scruba, Madisen Grinnell, Amrita Chimni, and Morgan Jones — breaking their own record of 1:44:59.

Overall, El Dorado had 27 first-place finishes (21 individual, six relay) led by Sammon’s four wins and three by Valencia. Sierra Shark swimmers touched first in three events: Analeis Vos twice and Victoria Orofino, once.

Tuesday evening, the Taz held their annual Awards Night at Bertelsen Park in El Dorado Hills. The following Taz swimmers were celebrated for being the 2013 Champs High Point Scorers:  Katie Tadayeksi, 5; Lucas Roth, 6; Brooke Davidson, 8; Mitchell Scott, 8; Mackenzie Buehler, 10; Sammon; Valencia; Brendan Kirtlan, 12; Gabi Costamagna, 14; Grinnell; Rios and Jones; Will Kirk, 15; Amrita Chimni, 18; and Dong.

“It took three years to build this championship team, and I have to thank everyone,” Taz head coach Jason Brown said. “Our first year was a building year; we worked on getting our older swimmers back, and I have to thank the board for really getting that message out. Year two was a strong year and we stayed the course, nearly winning.  And of course this year we just brought it home — the kids were really in the zone.”

The Taz Awards Night was also witness to the nomination of college scholarships as presented by Taz President Brett Jones. Chimni and Shannon Kiss were each awarded scholarships of $1,000 by the Tasmanian Devils Scholarship Committee that recognizes leadership, academic and athletic attendance, courage, humor, noble sportsmanship, exemplary attitude, and a minimum GPA of 3.0 throughout all four high school years.

“It’s been a long time coming. Our last win at Champs was in 2008, which is way too long for this team,” Jones said.

Select swimmers continue competitive swimming in the Meet of Champions, August 3-4, at the Roseville Aquatic Center. Below are the top finishers for each team (EDH – El Dorado Hills, SS – Sierra Sharks).

6 and under — 25 back: 6-Katie Tadayeski, EDH, 26.61; 7-Lulu Mancinelli, SS, 26.74. 25 free: 6-Senya Niednagel, EDH, 21.87; 9-Mancinelli, 22.66.
7-8 — 25 back: 1-Analeis Vos, SS, 18.47; 6-Brooke Davidson, EDH, 20.38. 25 free; 1-Samantha Torres, EDH, 15.72; 11-Natalie Mancinelli, SS, 17.77. 50 free: 2-A. Vos, SS, 33.65; 3-Davidson, EDH, 34.34. 100MR: 3-EDH (Halle Schwam, B. Davidson, Samantha Torres, Jillian Trimarche), 1:20.79; 5-SS (N. Mancinelli, Keilani Curry, Caitlin Wham, A. Vos), 1:23.29. 25 breast: 2-Davidson, EDH, 22.14; 3-A. Vos, SS, 22.20. 25 fly: 1-A. Vos, SS, 16.68; 16-Trimarche, EDH, 20.60. 100FR: 4-EDH (Davidson, Chloe Vermette, Trimarche, Torres), 1:10.84; 6-SS (N. Mancinelli, Wham, Ava Gallardo, A. Vos), 1:11.95.
9-10 — 100IM: 5-Delaney Lardie, SS, 1:23.10; 10-MacKenzie Buehler, EDH, 1:25.27. 25 back: 3-Makenna Swars, SS, 17.23; 16-Jadyn Laing, EDH, 18.82. 25 free: 2-Buehler, EDH, 13.84; 3-Kaleigh Hartigan, SS, 14.14. 50 free: 3-Lauren Kott, SS, 31.86; 4-Lardie, EDH, 31.96. 100MR: 3-SS (Swars, Lardie, L. Kott, K. Hartigan), 1:07.76; 5-EDH (Claire Tomaszewski, Alexis MacKie, MacKenzie Buehler, Zoe Moestopo), 1:11.08. 25 breast: 9-Lardie, SS, 19.57; 15-Buehler, EDH, 20.17. 25 fly: 3-Buehler, EDH, 15.15; 10-Anna Pagcaliuagan, SS, 16.17. 200FR: 2-SS (Hartigan, Lardie, Swars, L. Kott), 2:06.90; 3-EDH (MacKie, Moestopo, Jessica Weisser, Buehler), 2:11.64.
11-12 — 100IM: 1-Payton Valencia, EDH, 1:11.02; 8-Koyla Vos, SS, 1:16.16. 25 back: 1-Valencia, EDH, 31.00; 3-Kendall Kott, SS, 33.30. 50 free: 1-Victoria Orofino, SS, 27.43; 2-Valencia, EDH, 27.51. 100 free: 3-Lauren Tilly, EDH, 1:04.75; 8-K. Kott, SS, 1:08.15. 100MR: 3-SS (K. Kott, Rebecca Allen, Orofino, K. Vos), 2:11.62; 4-EDH (Valencia, Karly Hagen, Lauren Tilly, Emma Mehl), 2:11.73. 50 breast: 1-Karly Hagen, EDH, 35.96; 6-Jessica Hufford, 37.17. 50 fly: 1-Valencia, EDH, 29.29; 2-Orofino, SS, 30.13. 200FR: 2-EDH (Mehl, Tilley, Skylar Hayward, Valencia), 1:54.80; 4-SS (K. Vos, Alyssa Renfrew, K. Kott, Orofino), 1:56.57.
13-14 — 100IM: 6-Ashlie Stoddard, SS, 1:07.75. 25 back: 5-Stoddard, SS, 31.36. 50 free; 7-Gabi Costamagna, EDH, 28.02. 100 free: 5-Stoddard, SS, 1:00.38. 200MR: 8-SS (A. Stoddard, Paige Bacon, Rachel Muha, Maddie Dean), 2:11.51. 50 breast: 1-Costamagna, EDH, 33.44. 50 fly: 5-Ellen Smolarski, EDH, 29.58; 6-A. Stoddard, SS, 29.61. 200FR: 9-SS (Dean, Bacon, Muha, A. Stoddard), 1:56.62; 10-EDH (Smolarski, Hannah Sullivan, Ella Bunce, Costamagna), 1:57.86.
15-16 — 100IM: 2-Kayla Rios, EDH, 1:05.90. 100 back: 1-Rios, EDH, 1:03.98. 50 free; 4-Madi Grinnell, EDH, 26.15; 6-Alexandra Nisson, SS, 26.69. 100 free: 1-Morgan Jones, EDH, 56.06. 100 breast: 2-Rios, EDH, 1:14.20; 9-A. Nisson, SS, 1:19.04. 50 fly: 4-Rios, EDH, 28.80.
15-18 — 200FR: 1-EDH (M. Grinnell, Chimni, Scruba, Jones), 1:43.30; 8-SS (Day, Avallone, Frazier, A. Nisson), 1:52.88.
17-18 — 100IM: 6-Amrita Chimni, EDH, 1:10.19. 100 back: 3-Amanda Jones, EDH, 1:08.39. 50 free: 1-Chimni, EDH, 26.12; 3-Susan Frazier, EDH, 27.59. 100 free; 4-A. Jones, EDH, 59.26; 5-Gabi Avallone, SS, 1:00.87. 200MR: 1-EDH (Rios, Jones, Sam Scruba, Chimni), 1:59.49; 10-SS (Savannah Day, Frazier, Avallone, Alexandra Nisson), 2:08.99. 100 breast: 4-Frazier, SS, 1:17.55; 6-Shannon Kiss, EDH, 1:20.60. 50 fly: 7-Chimni, EDH, 30.39; 8-Frazier, SS, 30.69.

6 and under
— 25 back: 1-Liam Mellberg, EDH, 22.71; 3-Avery Pellicano, SS, 23.73. 25 free: 1-Lucas Roth, EDH, 17.90; 2-Avery Pellicano, SS, 18.31.
7-8 — 25 back: 3-Hayden Hartigan, SS, 20.46; 6-Harrison Joseph, EDH, 20.80. 25 free; 1-Cooper King, EDH, 15.59; 15-Nicholas Pagcaliuagan, SS, 17.88. 50 free: 5-Nathan Roth, EDH, 37.84; 12-Hartigan, 42.48. 100MR: 1-EDH (Harrison Joseph, Mitchell Scott, Mason Buehler, King), 1:19.82; 6-SS (Hartigan, Elijah Rowe, N. Pagcaliuagan, Cameron Shaw), 1:26.88. 25 breast: 2-Scott, EDH, 21.48; 10-Rowe, 23.69. 25 fly: 1-Scott, EDH, 18.39; 10-N. Pagcaliuagan, SS, 19.50. 100FR: 1-EDH (Scott, Buehler, Roth, King), 1:06.81; 12-SS (Xander Mayfield, Anthony Riley, Anthony Benedetti, Charlie Stoddard), 1:28.68.
9-10 — 100IM: 1-Patrick Sammon, EDH, 1:16.56; 2-Miles Tresser, SS, 1:16.96. 25 back: 1-Sammon, EDH, 16.09; 2-Tresser, SS, 16.47. 25 free: 1-Sammon, EDH, 13.20; 2-Tresser, SS, 13.37. 50 free: 3-Logan Lardie, SS, 31.71; 5-Ethan Mueller, EDH, 32.49. 100MR: 2-SS (Tresser, Nate Stoddard, Collin Wham, L. Lardie), 1:06.88; 4-EDH (E. Mueller, Jacob Seabourne, Sammon, Mason Hagen) 1:10.41. 25 breast: 2-Sammon, EDH, 18.87; 3-L. Lardie, SS, 18.83. 25 fly: 1-Sammon, EDH, 14.15; 3-Tresser, SS, 15.30. 200FR: 3-EDH (Mueller, Ian Koopman, Hagen, Sammon), 2:11.65; 4-SS (Lardie, Aiden Pellicano, N. Stoddard, Tresser), 2:15.45.
11-12 — 100IM: 5-Brendan Kirtlan, EDH, 1:12.81; 12-Austen Pellicano, SS, 1:17.82. 25 back: 5-Kirtlan, EDH, 33.77; 7-Thomas Pipkin, SS, 34.96. 50 free: 1-Kirtlan, EDH, 27.32; 6-Pipkin, SS, 29.71. 100 free: 6-Drew Davidson, EDH, 1:06.44; 8-Brendan Slattery, SS, 1:08.66. 200MR: 3-EDH (D. Davidson, Curtis Seabourne, JT Ross, Brendan Kirtlan), 2:17.33; 5-SS (Austen Pellicano, Ben Yoder, Slattery, Pipkin), 2:18.39. 50 breast: 5-Kirtlan, EDH, 38.49; 8-Pipkin, 39.51. 50 fly: 1-Kirtlan, EDH, 31.07; 5-Pipkin, SS, 32.88. 200FR: 3-EDH (Ross, Davidson, Seabourne, Kirtlan), 1:58.86; 5-SS (Slattery, Austen Pellicano, Yoder, Pipkin), 2:02.17.
13-14 — 100IM: 4-Nicholas Grinnell, EDH, 1:05.16; 6-Seth Wilmoth, SS, 1:05.98. 25 back: 1-Grinnell, EDH, 28.38; 2-Wilmoth, SS, 28.83. 50 free: 2-Grinnell, EDH, 24.32; 6-Jake Rackwitz, SS, 25.88. 100 free: 2-Jack Davidson, EDH, 55.55; 3-Wilmoth, SS, 55.81. 200MR: 2-EDH (Grinnell, J. Davidson, Nick Thompson, Cole Tilley), 1:56.52; 3-SS (Wilmoth, Paul Vos, Justin Lehr, Rackwitz), 1:57.57. 50 breast: 2-Wilmoth, SS, 31.92. 50 fly: 2-Grinnell, EDH, 26.93; 6-Wilmoth, SS, 18.17. 200FR: 1-EDH (Tilley, Davidson, Robby Otto, Grinnell), 1:38.82; 4-SS (Lehr, P. Vos, Rackwitz, Wilmoth), 1:44.94.
15-16 — 100IM: 5-Will Kirk, EDH, 1:03.16; 7-Talon Green, SS, 1:05.79. 100 back: 3-Kirk, EDH, 1:03.22; 4-Green, SS, 1:03.34. 50 free: 4-Zack Schade, 24.47; 5-Green, SS, 24.71. 100 free: 4-Kirk, EDH, 53.83. 100 breast: 6-Jerry Chen, EDH, 1:12.49. 50 fly: 3-Kirk, EDH, 26.98; 4-Green, SS, 27.26.
15-18 — 200FR: 2-EDH (Dong, Bullock, Kyle Bare, Verner), 1:30.55; 4-SS (Rackwitz, Spencer Nisson, Green, Harrison), 1:37.43.
17-18 — 100IM: 2-Trevor Dong, EDH, 54.67; 3-Spencer Harrison, SS, 56.45. 100 back: 1-Dong, EDH, 53.26; 3-Harrison, SS, 55.36. 50 free: 3-Josh Verner, EDH, 22.87; 6-Sam Rackwitz, 24.25. 100 free: 1-Dong, EDH, 47.45; 2-Harrison, SS, 48.75. 200MR: 2-EDH (Dong, Sid Newman, Verner, Cameron Bullock), 1:41.12; 6-SS (Green, Nathanael Pipkin, Harrison, Rackwitz), 1:51.20. 100 breast: 2-Verner, EDH, 1:02.54; 7-Harrison, SS, 1:07.23. 50 fly: 2-Harrison, SS, 23.44; 3-Dong, EDH, 24.15.

6 and under — 100FR: 2- SS (Koen Vos, L. Mancinelli, Christian Vos, Avery Pellicano), 1:22.13; 3-EDH (Mellberg, Tadayeski, Niednagel, L. Roth), 1:25.07.





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