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Trojans 2nd at league finals

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Rachel Peterson. Democrat photo by Shelly Thorene

OAK RIDGE'S Rachel Peterson was fourth in Saturday's race with a time of 19 minutes and seven seconds. Democrat photo by Shelly Thorene

FOLSOM — Excellent weather and great course conditions was the consensus before, during and after the Delta River League held its varsity 5k Cross Country finals Saturday morning at Willow Hills in Folsom.

Jesuit won boys race while S. Francis was first in the girls race. Oak Ridge was second in both while Ponderosa was fourth in the girls run and its boys were sixth. Each program had hoped for better results.

“It was a good overall effort by our girls but I’m sure the boys are very disappointed. I know how competitive they are and they’ll use this as motivation at subs to qualify for sections,” said Trojan coach Rob Fairley about next weekend’s race at Angels Camp.

While Fairley highlighted the fact Rachel Peterson “ran the race of her life” in improving her PR (personal record) on the course by a whopping 45 seconds, he lamented that his No. 1 boys runner (Dusty Armstrong) was fifth amongst the top Oak Ridge boys.

“It’s just one of things where you’re not going to win them all,” Fairley said.

Jake Zeltner’s seventh place finish was the highest for a local runner and he improved his course PR by 18 seconds. Marcos Conde was ninth with a course PR of nine seconds. Zach Thornton and Evan Baxter were 16-17 and Dusty Armstrong-Jordan Hordesky came in 19-20.

After Peterson was Briana Dulgar (13th), Ellie Velez (15) and Maddie Dezordo-Whitney Wilhelmy-Samantha Kilcollins (18-20).

Injuries and ACT test commitments interfered with the Bruins’ ability to place higher.

“Overall it wasn’t good and a rough go (team-wise) but the kids that raced did well and there were a lot of PRs,” Ponderosa coach Karen Norwood said. “We’re looking forward to Saturday.”

Top performers for the Bruins were Christine Redor (10th), Hannah O’Donnell (17), freshman Claire Hoffman (22), Nicholas Prete (26), Josh Bolier (28) and Brittany Anselmo (29).

Peterson, Redor, Zeltner and Conde were named All League.

Oak Ridge’s frosh/soph boys, led by first-place finisher Alex Merry, placed first while its girls were third. Ponderosa’s girls were fifth and boys sixth.

Varsity team results
Boys — 1-Jesuit, 52; 2-Oak Ridge, 68; 3-Folsom, 72; 4-Pleasant Grove, 80; 5-Sheldon, 89; 6-Ponderosa, 158.
Girls — 1-Jesuit, 18; 2-Oak Ridge, 66; 3-Pleasant Grove, 89; 4-Ponderosa, 101; 5-Sheldon, 126; 6-Folsom, 157.

Varsity boys: 7-Zeltner, OR, 16.51; 9-Conde, OR, 16.55; 16-Thornton, OR, 17.26; 17-Baxter, OR, 17.27; 19-Armstrong, OR, 17.34; 20-Hordesky, OR, 17.35; 24-Ryan Prestegard, OR, 17.48;26-Prete, PHS, 17.5627-Pablo Guiot Vial, OR, 17.56;28-Bolier, PHS, 17.57; 32-Colin Pilcher, OR, 18.16; 40-Charles Hedin, PHS, 18.44;42-T.J. Holloway, PHS, 18.4636-Nick Campanello, OR, 18.54; 47-David Duncan, PHS, 18.55; 53-Garrett Amidon, OR, 19.28; 58-Gavin Tan, PHS, 19.54; 59-Sergio Valdez, PHS, 20.06; 60-Jordan Costello, PHS, 20.08; 69-Kevin Kaita, OR, 20.49; 71-Sean McVey, PHS, 20.52; 78-Michael Wilde, PHS, 22.10; 79-Austin Donley, PHS, 22.21; 82-Joey Linares, OR, 22.41; 87-Andre Henry, OR, 23.31; 88-Justin Camillo, PHS, 29.51.
Girls varsity: 4-Peterson, OR, 19.07; 10-Redor, PHS, 19.37; 13-Dulgar, OR, 20.09; 15-Velez, OR, 20.20; 17-O’Donnell, PHS, 20.41; 18-Dezordo, OR, 20.41; 19-Wilhelmy, OR, 20.46; 20-Kilcollins, OR, 20.47; 22-Hoffman, PHS, 21.03; 25-Alison Bamford, OR, 21.24; 26-Mikhayla Polvika, OR, 21.36; 29-Anselmo, PHS, 22.07; 39-Kayla Rush, PHS, 23.45; 43-Teagan Tomasello, PHS, 24.22; 45-Emily Hoffman, PHS, 25.14; 48-Brianna Williams, OR, 25.35; 49-Shannen Hansen, OR, 25.46; 52-Anouk Smolski, pHS, 26.36; 58-Taylor Bergin, PHS, 27.30; 63-Gabriella San Roman, PHS, 31.33.

Frosh/soph boys: 1-Merry, OR, 11.46; 4-Chad Vardas, OR, 12.04; 5-Brett Ford, OR, 12.06; 10-Kyle Kauffman, oR, 12.18; 11-Patrick Irwin, oR, 12.20; 13-Jason Phen, OR, 12.23; 20-Alex Johnson, PHS, 12.40; 21- Bret McNamee, OR, 12.40; 31-Sebastian Gardey, OR, 13.09; 33-Tanner Martin, OR, 13.13; 36-Garrett Bardini, OR, 13.16; 37-Robert Warick-Sabino, PHS, 13.18; 38-Zac Forte, OR, 13.19; 44-Blake Tinney, PHS, 13.34; 46-Blake Fabian, OR, 13.43; 52-Ian Feekes, OR, 14.05; 58-Taylor Savage, OR, 14.22; 60-Brent Maher, OR, 14.32; 62-Sam Moses, PHS, 14.37; 63-Austin Bricker, OR, 14.42; 74-Matthew Sichler, OR, 17.12; 75-Patrick Jones, PHS, 17.32; 76-Liam Edwards, PHS, 18.51.
Frosh/soph girls: 10-Lauren Martinez, OR, 14.33; 11-Casey Halkett, PHS, 14.38; 13-Arial Hendrickson, OR, 14.45; 15-Peyton Wright, OR, 14.50; 17-Karina Kauffman, OR, 15.00; 18-Aishani Kumar, oR, 15.00; 20-Katie Kitowski, OR, 15.19; 23-Amy Teter, PHS, 15.44; 24-Leesa Bingham, OR, 15.51; 25-Emma Cook, PHS, 15.52; 39-Sami Jo Sanfelice, OR, 16.48; 42-Jessica Child, OR, 16.54; 43-Abigail Cundall, PHS, 16.56; 52-Stephanie Orube, PHS, 18.57.


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