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Undefeated Dolphins eye title

Girls 11 - 12 100 yard IM. Hannaford Bush. Democrat photo by Shelly Thorene

SINGS TOO — DOLPHIN Hannaford Bush swims the 100 Individual Medley last Saturday against Cordova. Democrat photo by Shelly Thorene

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The Dry Diggin Dolphins topped off their big week with a solid 1886-1068 win over the visiting Rancho Cordova Blue Marlins last Saturday.
The team started off its week with the annual swim-a-thon fundraiser. This year’s teams goal was to swim enough miles to reach Hawaii.
After Hannaford Bush sang the National Anthem, the program honored graduating Dolphins: David Bath, Nick Seaton, Ryan Plexico, Carson Stumbaugh, Garry Wreidt, Tyler Watkins, Ellen Tiedemann, Jessica Clough, Clare Kessler and Shelby Ganzert. Together these swimmers have swam 99 years for the Dry Diggins Dolphins.
The day was hot, yet the Dolphins swam fast.
“It is always great to go into Championships being undefeated. However, we have great respect for the teams in our league and know they are working hard to remove the Championship Title from our team,’ coach Kristen Stumbaugh said. “We have to swim hard, practice with discipline, and respect our competition. When we do that, we will be prepared and see how it all falls in three weeks. I have faith in our swimmers.”
Dolphins take this weekend of the Fourth of July off and next weekend they are having a fun practice meet followed by their annual Boat Regatta and Dolphin Dance with Silent Auction. Spirit week will kick of with these events as the Dolphins prepare for their third VFCAL Championship Title in a row.
Listed below are the top Dolphin finishers.


6 and under — 100FR: 1-Jocelyn Hunter, Gianna Moalli, Ona Cooney, Avery Hornsby, 1:56.86. 25 free: 1-Hornsby, 24.95. 25 back: 1-Hornsby, 29.08.
7-8 — 100MR: 1-Mia Barsotti, Haley Schucker, Morgan Kline, Zoe Stumbaugh, 1:31.00. 25 free: 2-Zoe Stumbaugh, 18.48. 25 back: 1-Morgan Kline, 25.22. 25 breast: 2-Haley Schucker, 27.33. 50 free: 1-Z. Stumbaugh, 43.23. 25 fly: 1-M. Kline, 23.36. 100FR: 2-M. Kline, Mia Barsotti, Schucker, Z. Stumbaugh, 1:25.39.
9-10 — 100IM: 1-Haley Kline, 1:27.75. 100MR: 1-H. Kline, Annabel Maguire, Jordan Freer, Abby Sanders, 1:16.84. 25 free; 1-Freer, 16.05. 25 back: 1-H. Kline, 18.67. 25 breast: 1-Josephina Phillippi, 21.78. 50 free; 1- H, Kline, 34.43. 25 fly: 1-Freer, 18.23. 100MR: 1-Free, J. Phillippi, Sanders, H. Kline, 1:05.99.
11-12 — 100IM: 1-Hannaford Bush, 1:21,30. 200MR: 2-Kathy Lomatchinski, Sierra Heinrichs, Bush, Tressa fryer, 2:34.87. 50 free: 2-K. Lomatchinski, 31.88. 50 back: 1-K. Komatchinski, 38.83. 50 breast: 2-Heinrichs, 43.32. 100 free: 1-Bush, 1:13.27. 50 fly: 2-Bush, 36.74. 200FR: 2-K. Lomatchinski, Heinrichs, Fryer, Bush, 2:11.35.
13-14 — 100IM: 1-Violet Maguire, 1:16.21. 200MR: 1-Orlaith Richardson, Breanna Heinrichs, Catherine Bishop, Emily O’Donnell. 50 free: 1-O’Donnell, 28.78. 50 back: 1-Maguire, 36.03. 50 breast: 3-C. Bishop, 40.25. 100 free: 1-Heinrichs, 1:06.89. 50 fly: 1-Maguire, 32.22. 200FR: 1-C.Bishop, Elizabeth Bennett, O’Donnell, Heinrichs, 2:01.40.
15-18 — 100IM: 1-Dayna Hightower, 1:11.39. 200MR: Kaitlin Watkins, Shelby Ganzert, Jessica Clough, Katryna Holifield-Helm, 2:07.88. 50 free: 1-J. Clough, 27.69. 50 back: 1-J. Clough, 32.42. 50 breast: 1-K. Holifield-Helm, 35.94. 100 free: 1-Watkins, 1:03.87. 50 fly: 1-J. Clough, 30.81. 200FR: 1-K. Holifield-Helm, K. Watkins, Ganzert, J. Clough, 1:55.10.


6 and under — 1-Samuel Cleveland, Brayden Thayer, Cole Pratt, Ryan Archer, 1:56.15. 25 free: 1-Cleveland, 27.62. 25 back: 2-Cleveland, 34.03.
7-8 — 100MR: 1-Tad Carlisle, Christopher Bishop, Emry Junemann, Liam Maguire. 25 free: 1-Liam Maguire, 20.64. 25 back: 1-Benjamine Sallee, 24.84. 25 breast: 1-C. Bishop, 30.14. 50 free: 1-L. Maguire, 48.27. 25 fly: 1-Emry Junemann, 28.15. 100FR: 1-L. Maguire, C. Bishop, E. Junemann, Owen Cox, 1:30.99.
9-10 — 100IM: 2-Mark Barsotti, 1:40.41. 100MR: 2-Colin Carnahan, Connor Carnahan, M. Barsotti, Daniel Owen, 1:23.21. 25 free: 3-Colin Carnahan, 16.02. 25 back: 2-Colin Carnahan, 22.03. 25 breast: 2-M. Barsotti, 23.47. 50 free: 2-Colin Carnahan, 36.62. 25 fly: 2-M. Barsotti, 19.69. 100FR: 2-M. Barsotti, Jayson Bendetto, Daniel Owen, Colin Carnahan, 1:07.92.
11-12 — 100IM: 1-Mason Biegel, 1:11.21. 200MR: 1-Grant Phillippi, Jack Savino, Biegel, Philip Taylor, 2:21.16. 50 free: 1-Biegel, 27.88. 50 back: 2-Savino, 36.08. 50 breast: 1-Savino, 39.63. 100 free: 1-Biegel, 1:01.54. 50 fly: 1-G. Phillippi, 38.41. 200FR: 1-Savino, Philip Taylor, G. Phillippi, Biegel, 1:55.10.
13-14 — 100IM: 2-Aaron Phillippi, 1:10.25. 200MR: 1-Marcus Holifield-Helm, A. Phillippi, Hank Hasemeier, Colton Fryer, 2:05.94. 50 free: 1-M. Holifield-Helm, 26.98. 50 back: 1-Noah Watkins, 33.62. 50 breast: 1-A. Phillippi, 35.63. 100 free: 1-H. Hasemeier, 58.83. 50 fly: 1-Christopher Soto, 30.87. 200FR: 1-N. Watkins, Fryer, A. Phillippi, H. Hasesmeier, 1:51.83.
15-18 — 100IM: 1-Dylan Thompson, 1:03.11. 200MR: 1-Garry Wriedt, Ryan Plexico, Carson Stumbaugh, Wyatt Hasemeier, 1:49.85. 50 free: 1-C. Stumbaugh, 23.98. 50 back: 1-Wriedt, 30.07. 50 breast: 1-C. Stumbaugh, 29.72. 100 free: 1-Wriedt, 54.64. 50 fly: 1-C. Stumbaugh, 25.83. 200FR: 1-Wriedt, W. Hasemeier, Plexico, Carson Stumbaugh, 1:37.77.




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