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County offers senior legal services in small communties

El Dorado County Senior Legal Services is coming to the communities of Greenwood and Somerset. The program offers free legal services to people 60 years of age and older who live in El Dorado County. Attorneys offer advice, education, and advocacy on a wide range of topics including public benefits, scams and abuse, restraining orders, planning for incapacity, […]

3. Murder in El Dorado Hills

A popular El Dorado Hills restaurant became the scene of a shocking crime when an Oakland man murdered an El Dorado Hills woman there on Jan. 7. Anderson Swift was later sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder of Khrista Ibarolle and other crimes related to a spree that began with a […]

4. StemExpress finds itself in national spotlight

As the presidential election has heated up, and Congressional budget fights raged, it’s significant to remember that Placerville’s biotech firm StemExpress has been in and out of the same national spotlight that has shined on Planned Parenthood for the past six months. Accused by name in the undercover, anti-abortion videos that surfaced last summer, the […]

5. Teen accused of murdering family in Greenwood

Nolan Buchanan, 16, of Benicia was arrested on Oct. 1 in his hometown and charged with murder for allegedly killing his family — his father Adam Buchanan, 38; Adam’s fiancée Molly McAfee, 37; and their son Gavin Buchanan, 8. The arrest came after a Sept. 13 10-acre wildland fire burned the Buchanan family cabin in Greenwood. Three burned bodies […]

Horoscopes, Friday, November 27, 2105

Comfort Moon The conflict between Saturn and Neptune still lingers somewhere “out there,” or at least our imaginations would have us believe it. The Cancer moon, which is the cosmic equivalent of comfort food, will entice many to spend the evening at home with things known to bring a cozy feeling. ARIES (March 21-April 19). […]

Senior Shuttle looking for volunteers

El Dorado County Senior Services is currently looking for volunteer drivers for its Senior Shuttle program. “Our volunteer drivers provide a valuable service to our local seniors,” said Johanna McGillivray, program assistant for Senior Services. “Without the Senior Shuttle, many seniors would not be able to get to places like the grocery store or other […]

Meyers’ resignation agreement released

The resignation agreement for Jeremy Meyers, El Dorado County’s former superintendent of school, has been released. Meyers, who resigned Nov. 14 after two DUI arrests, will receive a gross lump sum payment of $114,822 — equivalent to Meyers’ continued receipt of his current salary through June 30, 2016. In addition, he will receive a gross lump sum of $10,930 — equivalent of […]

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