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From little acorns mighty oaks do grow

EDITOR: I absolutely could not believe Carol Anne Ogdin’s letter titled “Defending StemExpress.” She starts out by dangling a carrot to the readers about how good the county job prospects are with the biotech lab. She then goes on the attack of the recent videos showing monetary negotiations of baby body parts and defends Planned […]

Here’s to 100 more

In January 1915 the Board of Trade changed its name to the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce. It was a smart decision and over the next 100 years, the chamber boards and members continued to make smart decisions that helped mold and shape our beautiful county. Where would we be without those thinkers who decided […]

I agree with Jennifer

EDITOR: I congratulate Jennifer Gregory for her letter to the editor regarding one more complaint about the Hangman in Placerville. And now Ms. Counts wants to make an issue of the “color” of the person hanged. As was stated in Jennifer Gregory’s statement, if people don’t like the accurate depiction of historical events of Placerville area, once […]

Trivial pursuit

EDITOR: You have to feel for Chris Daley. He must have been up against a deadline and had to fill half a page of the paper with something. And he did with what amounted to journalistic trivial pursuit. The subject on which he wasted half a page of the paper was his take on which […]

Chess Club coverage

EDITOR: Thank you very much for the beautiful (and humorous) recent coverage given by the Mountain. Democrat for the Placerville Area Chess Club’s 20th anniversary celebrated on July 30 at Denny’s Restaurant in Placerville. The club was founded on Aug. 1, 1995, at the same location. A special thank you is given the editor of the Mountain Democrat, […]

Live with it or leave

EDITOR: To Ms. Karen Counts: Please feel free to move back to wherever you came from. I’ve lived in this grand town of Placerville for over 40 years and that is the bazillionth time I’ve heard a new-comer or visitor demand the hangman be taken down for one reason or another. I’ve never actually noticed […]

Good job, Eileen

EDITOR: This is a tribute to my friend who gave a local nonprofit 30 years of her life. She was there every sale and every special event, even if it was a day that she wasn’t scheduled to work. I even saw her put this organization ahead of family events. I have always been amazed […]

Stealing the show

EDITOR: I don’t know about all of you folks, but I am beginning to feel thoroughly “ripped off” by these television stations and cable companies that are putting those dang overlays on our television screens. I know what channel I’m watching. I don’t need or want to be constantly reminded and distracted by their garbage. When they […]

Charles Krauthammer: The immigration swamp

  Not on anyone’s mind? For years, immigration has been the subject of near-constant, often bitter argument within the GOP. But it is true that Trump has brought the debate to a new place — first, with his announcement speech, about whether Mexican migrants are really rapists, and now with the somewhat more nuanced Trump plan. […]

Flier not from GDPUD

EDITOR: There has been some confusion in the community regarding a red and white flier that was recently mailed to Georgetown area postal customers. Please be advised that this flier was circulated by the group Concerned Citizens on the Divide in an attempt to delay the progress of building the Auburn Lake Trails Treatment Plant. […]

National Night Out ripples

EDITOR: The community of Pollock Pines is one of those rare locations that businesses, organizations, residents, visitors and tourists love because of its physical and social environment and ambience.  At the Aug. 4 National Night Out celebration, the love of the community was evident in every corner of El Dorado County Firehouse 17. With all of the contributions […]

Mark Shields: Why Bernie Sanders’ big crowds count

When Democratic presidential candidates have campaigned in Los Angeles, it has usually been around a private fundraising event featuring Barbra Streisand or Steven Spielberg or George Clooney — or some combination of the three. What it has not been about — especially some 15 months before Election Day — is a long-shot, underdog candidate’s drawing a crowd of […]

Mental illness must be addressed

EDITOR: If Kimberly Blaker’s opinion column “Bill will improve treatment and outcomes for seriously mentally ill” (Aug. 14 Mountain Democrat) touched a cord, you are not alone. NAMI El Dorado County, a local non-profit affiliate of the National Alliance for Mental Illness, has been providing education, support and advocacy for families of and individuals living […]

Explaining my position

EDITOR: On Monday, Aug. 3, my family and I attended the protest at StemExpress. A nice woman photographer took the picture of me and my sister’s sign on the front page of the Wednesday, Aug. 5, paper and asked us how we felt about StemExpress using aborted baby parts for research. I told her that […]

State of Jefferson can help

EDITOR: Due to the increased numbers of persons suffering from mental illness, a possible solution: request they seek treatment in the State of Jefferson. STEVE TAPSON Placerville

The hangman is our history

EDITOR: Dear Ms. Counts, Late Monday night I was catching up on some of the papers I had missed when I came across your letter in Friday’s (Aug. 14) copy. I was utterly confused that someone with so little knowledge of our town could place such outlandish presumptions on our people. Now, I personally haven’t […]

Response to Mr. Garon and the minimum wage

EDITOR: Mr. Garon as usual would like to make you believe that a raise in the minimum wage isn’t going to hurt employers. He uses two of the largest employers in the country as an example, Walmart and Costco, which are multimillion dollar employers. He obviously hasn’t spoken to the small employer with three to 15 […]

Will our outrage take over politics?

Upon reaching a certain age, it’s not uncommon to start saying things that, in our younger days, we were sure we’d never utter. Take, for example, a woman we saw the other day while shopping at a big box retailer. She was puzzled and asked, “Don’t stores sell music on CDs anymore?” Someone broke the […]

Special thank you

EDITOR: Thanks to all the people at the Diamond Springs flea market who helped me after my fall (July 18). I appreciate each of you. Thanks to the firemen and paramedics who treated me and thanks to all the nurses and doctors in the ER who took care of me. All was very much appreciated. […]

Krauthammer: The Racing Form, third edition

Both presidential nomination contests having been scrambled by recent events — the FBI taking control of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server and a raucous, roiling GOP debate — the third edition of the Racing Form is herewith rushed into print. Legal disclaimer: This column is for betting purposes only. What follows is analysis — scrubbed, as thoroughly as […]

Liberal in conservative country

EDITOR Well, well, Karen Counts from the Bay Area moved to our part of the world and thinks we should change to suit her liberal San Francisco values. The city she came from that spit on the troops when they returned from combat — the very ones that gives her the right to speak up as […]

About the hangman

EDITOR: Karen, please leave our hangman alone. You don’t know anything about him or the rebel flag. A Karen and a partner – absolutely shocking and embarrassing! Move up from San Francisco? GENE NELSON San Francisco

Sheriff’s investigators are the best

EDITOR: I just wanted to give a shout out to the Sheriff’s Department investigators that we don’t hear much about as they go about their silent and methodical investigations. I had a recent experience with two of our finest, when my purse was stolen out of my shopping cart at Save Mart. I loaded my groceries […]

John Stossel: Immigration is great

Yikes, you really hate me! Many of you, anyway, based on Twitter and Facebook comments posted after I argued immigration with Ann Coulter on my TV show. “Move into an illegal-heavy neighborhood and get back to us!” “Another libertarian who believes illegal invaders are good for our country. Madness.” Madness? Clearly, lots of Americans are […]

Defending StemExpress

EDITOR: I write in defense of StemExpress, one of the few innovators with job-growth prospects in all of El Dorado County. The wild speculation and outright lies about the use of aborted fetal tissue needs to stop. Implying the “harvesting of tissue” is the motivation for abortion simply ignores the facts. It all started with […]

Making the atrocity palatable

EDITOR: As long as Mr. Altshuler, and others of his opinion, believe that a fetus is “merely a mass of cells” and not a child, abortion will be little more than a means of eliminating another form of body waste to them. I can imagine a 19th century slave owner chortling, “Ah! He’s not a […]

Thousands of medications from fetal tissue, really?

EDITOR: So states Mr. Altshuler in another one of his sad attempts to guide us poor unwashed back to the only path to redemption — the liberal’s point of view. I have two questions. The first is: When does this “mass of cells” become a human embryo? An hour? A month? Or 8 months? All within the time frame […]

Pointless laws

EDITOR: I see that Danny Oliver’s wife testified before a congressional subcommittee. She is the wife of one of the deputies killed recently by an illegal alien. The article in the Democrat goes on to talk about proposed laws in the face of this unnecessary tragedy. The problem with laws is that Obama has turned […]

Shocked and embarrased

EDITOR: Last year my partner and I purchased a home in Placerville. We moved into the house on July 18, 2015. Being new in town, I have been playing tourist, taking photos and sending these photos to friends in the Bay Area. Last week while walking down Main Street, I took a picture of the […]

Check out the State of Jefferson

EDITOR: Please remember the concept and slogan from our Founding Fathers, “No taxation without representation.” To bring about the United States of America and the amazing U.S. Constitution our founders had to risk life, liberty and property. Those of us who live in the rural counties of California face the same issues as our country’s […]

Thank you, Donald

EDITOR: In the recent debate on Fox News, Donald Trump did a tremendous service to the citizens of the United States. He admitted on live television that money equals influence. Not free speech, instead bribery. Now, before my Tea/Republican friends go rabid, yes, it also applies to Democrats — a government bought and sold. The cat is out of […]

Despite second string tag, solid showing at early forum

Nobody likes to sit at the “kids’ table” or wait on the bench as the varsity players shine. For the first time in the history of primary debates seven Republican candidates for president found themselves relegated to the second tier in Cleveland. Due to the large number of candidates, Fox News selected 10 candidates for […]

Charles Krauthammer: Just who is helping Iran’s hard-liners?

The latest Quinnipiac poll shows that the American public rejects the president’s Iran deal by more than 2-to-1. This is astonishing. The public generally gives the president deference on major treaties. Just a few weeks ago, a majority supported the deal. What happened? People learned what’s in it. And don’t be fooled by polls that […]

Trim the bushes

EDITOR: Sometimes in the history of the world, it has taken centuries to build great structures like the Pyramids and the Great Wall of China. Apparently in this county it will only take the El Dorado County Department of Transportation months, hopefully, to remove brush and tree limbs from Fowler Lane in Diamond Springs. This […]

This fairytale editorial has more than nine lives

EDITOR: The July 17 editorial “Minimum wage hike proposal a new low for California” was no doubt written by the chamber of commerce. The editorial claims that an increase in the minimum wage will make jobs disappear and cause bankruptcies among small businesses. There is not a shred of empirical evidence to prove this perennial […]

Politcal proof

EDITOR: Mr. Briggs would appear to be vying for the poster boy position of what has happened to our political system. WALTER KLINEFELTER Placerville

Altshuler and fetus donations

EDITOR: I see Mr. Altshuler is on the side of Planned Parenthood and the illegal activities articulated in the released videos. Now before you say things like altering the abortion procedure to better harvest body parts is not illegal, let me refer you to 42 U.S.C. 289 Sec. (C)(2)(c)(4) as amended by PL 103-43 dated […]

Mark Shields: Missing Richard Nixon

John P. Sears, before he was manager of Ronald Reagan’s 1976 and 1980 presidential campaigns, had spent the years from 1965 through 1970 working as a top political aide to Richard M. Nixon. Sears, a bright and witty man who found Nixon both complicated and fascinating, spoke about accompanying Nixon, then an unannounced presidential candidate, […]

Proof of our community’s commitment to youth

EDITOR: School traditions change over the years, especially in hard economic times when special school events or programs disappear altogether due to lack of funding and support. But incredibly, there is one annual event at Ponderosa High School that withstands these challenges year after year because of the ongoing commitment of dozens of parent volunteers, […]

Special State of Jefferson meeting

EDITOR: On Tuesday, Aug. 11, at 5 p.m. there will be a presentation by a group that opposes the State of Jefferson. This will be followed by a presentation supporting the SOJ. Public comment will follow the second presentation. The presentations will be given in the county office building Board of Supervisors meeting room at […]

Donations should be lauded

EDITOR: With reference to Mark Smith’s letter of Aug. 3, I am compelled to reply. Comparing StemExpress to a “human chop shop” is a clever but seriously misleading comparison. It shows the anti-science bias of the Birther community, a vocal minority here in El Dorado County and the nation, and also their attempt to make their […]

Why not use donated tissue?

EDITOR: I find it difficult to understand Mark E. Smith’s and Kathleen Ross’ opposition to StemExpress because of tissue donations provided to it by Planned Parenthood. I  read about these objections in the front page article in the July 31 Mountain Democrat. Over the years, as scientific progress has been made, many uses for human […]

Tough cuts ahead

“A million here, a million there, pretty soon, you’re talking real money.” Sen. Everett Dirksen is credited for this quote, said some 50 years ago. Today it’s still relevant … especially when discussing El Dorado County’s budget. In June the Board of Supervisors adopted a preliminary $253 million 2015-16 General Fund budget with the intention […]

The party left me

EDITOR: How did we get here? I see Mr. Altshuler’s article parroting the usual left-wing position on minimum wage. I’m amazed at the degree to which the left has moved the goal of minimum wage. Originally minimum wage was for positions usually filled by young people and students trying to get their first jobs and […]

My Turn: GDPUD board’s job is to watch the money

Since Georgetown Divide Public Utility District seated three new directors, the board has a new majority with little interest in watching the district’s $9 million in assets. On top of that disregard for district finances, they want to ask for two new rate hikes from customers. The board refuses to watch what is happening to […]

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