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Supervisor responds to Small Farm rate issue

EDITOR: This letter to the people of El Dorado County is in response to an article I read in the Mountain Democrat on April 9. My family for five generations has worked hard in the ag industry. I have worked with hundreds of small farmers helping them fulfill their dreams of being farmers. Most small […]


EDITOR: Village Life’s coverage of last week’s town hall meeting reflects the reasons why I resigned from EDH APAC this week. APAC and the county have demonstrated ignorance, prejudice and denial of factual reality that can easily be checked by anyone. One point is that the Mather Master Plan reduces the airport’s cargo capacity, with […]

Sheriff taking back unwanted prescription drugs

On April 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sheriff John D’Agostini, along with the South Lake Tahoe Police Department and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, will give residents of El Dorado County another opportunity to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs. Bring […]

Tell the truth, don’t confuse voters

EDITOR: Voters for Local Control just ran a one-page ad in the Mountain Democrat, claiming that the three petitions (green, yellow and purple) will give the state control over what happens in El Dorado County. Evidently, whoever those “voters” either did not read the measures or chose to outright lie about their content. They are […]

Local petitions circulating

EDITOR: I am writing to you in hope that you will publish my letter and help to clarify the confusion for local voters in regard to the local petitions circulating in El Dorado County. Several local grassroots groups of concerned citizens have come together and researched the topics important to our county and developed “four […]

A great big thanks

EDITOR: The following organizations should be thanked for forming their youth leagues for the youth of the western slope of El Dorado County: Cameron Park Recreation, Placerville Recreation. Without them there would be no leagues. Job well done. At this time, Gold Country Officials would like to thank the following officials for their extra help […]

Chess club

EDITOR: I was recently asked by Ford Osborn to contact the Mountain Democrat about the Placerville Area Chess Club history. So, here goes. The club began meeting in 1972 at the log cabin in Benham Park, during Bobby Fischer’s prominence. After a month or two, the location was changed to the Senior Center on Pacific […]

True Christian

EDITOR: My letter is in response to Steve Tapson’s letter titled “Christians” in your March 10 newspaper. He states, “A true Christian when offered money for a product or service will accept it regardless of who tendered it.” This is absurd. There is nothing in God’s word to the world, the Holy Bible, which states […]

Government regulations

EDITOR: I am so fed up with government regulations and the goodie two shoes who think they know better. Stop the dredging, stop the mining, charge a fire tax, close the roads, protect the land, monitor the region to death. We have to stop this nonsense. On top of it all, citizens are in fear […]

Murder? Suicide?

EDITOR: It has been about a month since I read about two people dying in a house fire. It was later reported that they were also shot. Why haven’t we heard any more about this? Is there a murderer living free among us? It seems to me that this is far more newsworthy than the […]

Response to Mike Owen letter

EDITOR: In response to the letter endorsing Mike Owen for Auditor-Controller, I have to disagree with the author’s premise — that it is “time for change.” May I remind readers that the 2008 presidential election was based on “change” as well? What are Mr. Owen’s qualifications for office? The articles I have read about Joe […]

Common Core

EDITOR: Thanks, Myra Lowdert, for taking the time to share your concerns with Common Core. I read some of the comments online, and that’s pretty much why I rarely send in letters to the editor anymore. For anyone who is truly interested in the education of our own kids, or the kids who will be […]

Illegal campaign signs

EDITOR: What could be a more important consideration for suitable characteristics of a candidate for public office than their knowledge and integrity? A reliable indicator of this is, “Have they taken the trouble to determine the city and county regulations concerning campaign signs?” Do they and their supporters care enough to abide by those regulations, […]

Mentally ill homelesss

EDITOR: This is an open letter to the new Placerville olice chief. It is now understood that you are taking a hard line in running our homeless population out of town. Yes, they can be a nuisance, and yes some may break some minor laws. However, do you know, or even try to understand that […]

‘Drive Clean’

EDITOR: I read with interest the two articles in the paper today on grant projects and “Drive Clean” incentives relating to the reduction of pollution from transportation. The grant projects dealt with the spending of monies from, guess where, the government, by taxes on vehicle registration. It details the transfer of funds from various programs […]

Middle class getting poorer?

EDITOR: The bailout ended up being a sellout. Look at Greece; the poor are getting poorer and they are about to get another stimulus — their third one. We should be doing what we have in every other downturn; let the market find its own stability not make a false stability. This administration is patting […]

Real estate lies

EDITOR: The Board of Directors of the El Dorado County Association of Realtors is doing a real disservice to its individual members by putting out an action alert concerning the petitions being circulated by local citizens. I challenge the local, hardworking and honest real estate professionals to read the petitions to determine if they think […]


EDITOR: The Mountain Democrat Website has recently been hit with massive deletions of comments. Is the Mountain Democrat nervous about comments concerning local and federal events? Or, perhaps comments about individuals that are a little bit too close to home? Mr. Editor? JAMES E. LONGHOFER Placerville Editor’s note: The Mountain Democrat does not censor comments […]

Briggs not qualified

EDITOR: Not everybody knows it, but not anyone may run for any office; sometimes legislators guard the public interest with strenuous requirements.  Attorney general candidates, for instance, must have been a licensed lawyer for five years. And as with the attorney general, to qualify as an El Dorado County treasurer there are specific requirements enumerated […]

What do I think?

EDITOR: I think Ms. Kimberly ought to have the library conference room. When she does get the room, she should project the composition of the Supreme Court on the board and discover that her desire for Justice Scalia to be Chief Justice will hopefully not come to pass. The Honorable John Roberts is our current […]

Constitutional convention

EDITOR: Changing our U.S. Constitution, the question is, how can this be done? Q. How are amendments to the federal Constitution made? A. Article V our Constitution provides two methods of amending the Constitution: 1. Congress proposes amendments and presents them to the states for ratification; or when 2/3, 34 states apply for it, Congress […]

Open letter to city of Placerville

EDITOR: In the life of a community, like the life of an individual, there are defining moments, moments that illuminate true character. This is one such moment for Placerville. The question is whether the quirky, creative, entrepreneurial, openhearted personality of our city, which is part of our gold rush heritage, can extend to include our […]

Newtown news

EDITOR: Six months ago my wife and I were driving east on Newtown Road. Most of our married life we’ve taken the road less traveled and this particular day was no exception. After crossing Weber Creek at the junction of Fort Jim, we slowed to a crawl. A “for sale” sign stood in front of […]


EDITOR: Regarding the March 21 Mountain Democrat article “Supes Scotch Development Agreement Team,” Sea change? Turning of tides? Time will tell. But the good news is that the BOS did listen to public opposition on March 18, and said no to jumpstarting developer projects before they’ve been publicly introduced. They then voted to develop a […]

Preaching ‘keep it local’

EDITOR: Hypocrisy is defined as “the pretense of having virtues that one does not actually possess.” All of the following is my opinion. That said, hopefully all local voters remember the recent and ongoing cries of the “homeboys” telling you in full-page ads not to sign the anti-growth petitions because you would be “giving up […]

BS alliance

EDITOR: The Business Alliance (BA) in El Dorado County is made up of the El Dorado Builders Exchange, the EDC Association of Realtors and the Chamber of Commerce. They claim their goal is to “engage and inform” the public. Thus, I am floored by the arrogance of the assertions made in their latest newsletter, beginning […]

‘Control Growth’ initiative misunderstood

EDITOR: In her letter to the editor, Ellen Van Dyke is just plain wrong. The “Control Growth, Fix Our Local Roads” initiative does not help or hurt any specific project in El Dorado County. It leaves project approval up to the Board of Supervisors, but sets solid criteria to keep El Dorado County rural. Measure […]

Wake up America

EDITOR: When are the citizens of the United States going to wake up? I have spent hours attempting to find the language of the law pertaining to the Medi-Cal Estate Recovery program, which is contained within the California Code of Regulations. The specific sections referred to in numerous publications do not seem to be available […]

Leland Yee

EDITOR: There’s a decades old saying, “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” Mr Yee’s actions show  that to be an accurate statement. He pushes legislation to limit how many and what types of guns law-abiding citizens can have while at the same time selling illegal guns to his thuggish friends. He is […]

Parents, be afraid

EDITOR: This letter is to all parents in California. Well, actually all parents in the United States. I have written, in the past, about my own children’s district (MLUSD) and the fact that I have found no support nor have I found any help with educational matters. This now goes beyond the district. We all […]

Mike Owen for Auditor-Controller

EDITOR: El Dorado County voters have an important decision to make June 3 in the two-person race to determine our next Auditor-Controller. It is time for a badly needed change in the Auditor-Controller’s Office, and Mike Owen is the candidate to make that change happen. Mike will bring many years of “hands-on” experience to the […]

Political ad

EDITOR: I am curious about the full-page political ad that has frequented the Mountain Democrat over the past several weeks. It urges readers not to “sign away local control,” not to sign the petitions being circulated to curb development. The ad raises many questions such as who are the members of El Dorado County Voters […]

‘Hands off’ to the people

EDITOR: It used to be that our local library, and its quiet meeting room for group discussions or learning was thought to be a county building owned and shared by and for the people. So it seemed absurd that I was refused the meeting room for an hour and a half meeting. They have a […]

Developer’s big lie campaign

EDITOR: Here it comes. A new developer front group called “El Dorado County Voters for Local Control” bought full page ads in the Mountain Democrat last week. The message in the developer’s ad says, “Don’t sign petitions that turn over county planning to Caltrans bureaucrats.” That‘s quite a stretch. The actual language in our Fix […]

Lori Parlin the best candidate

EDITOR: I am supporting Lori Parlin because I feel she is the only candidate that truly has the public’s best interest in mind. She formed the Shingle Springs Community Alliance to bring to light the enormous unbridled and incompatible developments coming into Shingle Springs and surrounding areas. She also supports the locally grown grassroots initiatives […]

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Car break-ins on the rise

EDITOR: It sure seems that the automobile break-ins and other home burglaries have not only increased, but are spreading to areas that normally did not have this sort of problem. On our road, four cars were hit on Friday night. Now, I’m not saying they are related, but it sure seems so, that, after the […]

Developments: Moving too fast

EDITOR: The March 11 Board of Supervisors Consent Calendar drama was unnecessary. It left the perception that the BOS was attempting to bypass public involvement in approving large development projects. The county should not engage large subdivision developers at any level until their projects have been publicly introduced. And none of the projects targeted for […]

Meyers Landfill fiasco

EDITOR: At the March 18 Board of Supervisors meeting, CAO Teri Daly and Assistant CAO Kim Kerr placed on the consent calendar a very large, contentious item to finish and sweep under the rug which is known as the Meyers Landfill project blunder, which has $6 million in construction cost overruns. This is a prime […]

Fire incident and evacuation planning

EDITOR: On Saturday, March 8, over 60 residents of Logtown attended a fire incident and evacuation discussion at Station 44 in Logtown. Battalion Chief Mike Webb from Cal Fire researched the fire history in our area and developed likely wildfire scenarios for the community. He was the “Incident Commander” and displayed maps of the ignition […]

Reply to being called a roach

EDITOR: “Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, then that of blindfolded fear.” — Thomas Jefferson, letter to Peter Carr (1787) “Persecution is not an original feature in any religion; but it is always the strongly marked feature of […]

Residential expansion and water

EDITOR: This is an open letter I’ve submitted to the Board of Supervisors. I hope you’ll publish it since I believe it’s a widely held opinion of many people in the area. We need more water, not more residences. Dear Board of Supervisors: I’m writing to appeal to you to place a hold on currently […]

Water rights

EDITOR: Dear citizens of Congressional District 4. We all need to wake up and take our Congressional representative to task for his support of stripping us of our state and local water rights. Mr. McClintock was a state senator from Thousand Oaks before his run for Congress of the U.S. He has been a professional […]

Rubicon Trail fundraiser successful

EDITOR: The Rubicon Trail Foundation would like to thank everyone that came out to support the sixth annual Black Tie & Boots Dinner/Fundraiser honoring an incredible man, Steve Morris “The Man, The Myth, the Legend” with the prestigious “Rock Award” and raising money “to enhance the future health and use of the Rubicon Trail, while […]

Water conservation

EDITOR: Are we shooting ourselves in the foot? Growing up in the 1950s, my mother (who grew up in the 1930s) always said, “Waste not, want not.” We were not allowed to waste anything. When we moved to Shingle Springs in the 1970s, we always conserved water, especially during the 70s drought. Now that we […]