Friday, January 30, 2015

Fan of Mr. Altshuler

EDITOR: In your Jan. 28 issue, Denise Siino threatens to stop reading your newspaper if you continue to carry Mr. Altshuler’s column. I want you to know that I look forward to his column and have read every one because I like his telling-it-like-it-is in an intelligent and readable way. I am surprised and delighted […]

Common Core: Parents need to be watchful

EDITOR: Parents need to be watchful and do their homework regarding the effect Common Core Standards might be having on your children. Some states where Common Core was implemented two or three years ago have filed litigation to opt out of these new education standards. There are efforts underway in ours and neighboring counties, to […]

New law

EDITOR: I have been asking my friends this question: “What law or Supreme Court decision during the last 10 years are you proud of?” Most of them stare at me in deep thought and then shake their heads. There have been very few praiseworthy laws or Supreme Court decisions during the past decade. Too few. […]

Give them blindfolds and duct tape

EDITOR: Your county supervisors would like you to believe that they favor honest, open and transparent government; however, nothing could be further from the truth. They are giving you double talk on transparency. They conspire too often in closed session, hide closed session agenda items by leaving a page blank on the agenda just before […]

When is a fee not a fee?

EDITOR: On Tuesday night your City Council played Santa Claus with taxpayer funds. The Placerville City Council waived the traffic impact fee for the Boys & Girls Club and offered to pay it out of the General Fund. While I concur that the Boys & Girls Club is an important non-profit service group that provides […]

Put Mr. Altshuler to rest

EDITOR: I have pondered Mr. Altshuler and his column for quite some time now. Why would the Mountain Democrat keep this columnist who spreads such hate and injury? There’s only one reason, and that is readership (read $). But there’s nothing journalistic about Mr. Altshuler’s columns, and either the editor and publisher have lost their […]

Prisoner of isolation

EDITOR: Meet Alexis Ann Asher, who is homeless and lives out of her car at South Lake Tahoe. Alexis is in dire need of help as soon as possible. She is in grave danger of freezing or starving to death. This is a real person. Alexis started crying and was stunned when we brought her […]

Moral relativity

EDITOR: Diane Feinstein, et al, (the Senate Intelligence Committee) spent $40 million to prepare a report condemning the CIA, et al. for treating murderous scumbags harshly. And it didn’t even meet the standards of a high school book report. “The report is full of crap!” said Dick Cheney But never mind the fact that the […]

Ideology vs. truth

EDITOR: In two recent letters to the editor of the Mountain Democrat, Mr. John Garon was incorrect about almost everything. He has conflated many philosophies and organizations, and twisted reality to support a vicious attack on virtuous people and movements. First of all, Ayn Rand was not the founder of the Libertarian movement. She characterized […]

Solving two important problems

EDITOR: In my annual News Year’s reevaluation, I always try to think of how I can best contribute to the community. This year I need help choosing what to do and so I would like to ask for input from the readers of the Mountain Democrat. There are many “important” problems that seem to need […]

Serrano ‘finger’ residents get a choice

During the second portion of the meeting Tuesday in the Oak Ridge Multipurpose room, students living in “the finger” and the attendance path that would best serve them were discussed. The eastern Serrano neighborhood got its nickname when boundaries were redrawn in 2005 and their neighborhood, still under construction, jutted out farther to the east […]

Weitzman’s ‘well done’ editorial

EDITOR: The Mountain Democrat’s self-congratulatory end-of-year editorial gave an effusive pat on the back to columnist Larry Weitzman for exposing the alleged incompetence of our former county CEO Terri Daly and her deputy. Of course, Larry was a natural for ferreting out misdeeds, malfeasance, misfeasance, improprieties, misconduct and wrongdoing. Nothing beats personal experience when you’re […]

Our local magician

EDITOR: The article on Richard Aylward and his skilled magical powers (“Putting the magic in life,” Jan 19) did not mention his volunteer show at Placerville’s Juvenile Hall last year. He dazzled the kids and kept them talking about it for weeks. We bring in local talent to perform when their schedules coincide with the […]

Representatives of and for America

EDITOR: It is my personal belief that each of you have been elected as a representative of and for the people of the United States of America. Not just for your particular state’s constituents. You took an oath to uphold the Constitution and the law of the land both federal and state. Therefore, how is […]

Letter on militarized police

EDITOR: I did a mental facepalm when I read the letter about the so-called “militarized police” that we should all be afraid of. Let’s have a discussion that includes some facts. First, the so-called “militarization” of police departments did not start with the U.S. government. It started in the 1960s with municipal agencies, Delano PD, […]

The F-22 Raptor is costly

EDITOR: “Capital Airshow: Amazing thrills, skills and no spills” (front page article on Sept. 10, 2014) author Larry Weitzman sails alongside a veritable fleet of Mountain Democrat columnists, editors and letter writers who tout themselves fiscal conservatives, but who remain oddly silent about the fact that the F-22 costs roughly $420 million per copy (the […]

The ‘lethal’ F-22

EDITOR: This is in response to your page 1 story on Sept. 10, 2014, “Capital Airshow: Amazing thrills, skills and no spills.” It warms one’s heart to see Larry Weitzman (code sign unknown) so priapically invigorated by the recent Capital Airshow. What red-blooded Democrat reader wouldn’t share his dazzlement at the “two dark columns of […]

Economic impact of projects

EDITOR: Thank you, Mountain Democrat for printing the “Oath of Office” each of our elected representatives take. Our elected representatives are in office to protect the rights of “We the People” as per the Constitution, both the state and federal. It really is very simple and we need to hold them accountable. We should take […]

The ‘silent majority’

EDITOR: From the Dec. 29 Mountain Democrat, “Supes consider how to find voice of the ‘silent majority,’” Chris Daley reports that the board is looking for “a program designed to increase and improve citizen participation in county government.” Since when do the “silent” citizens take priority over the noisy ones? It seems the Board of […]

Light or darkness?

EDITOR: “This is the message we have heard from Him and declare to you: God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all. If we claim to have fellowship with Him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth. But if we walk in the light, as […]

Taxed enough already

EDITOR: The federal government, the United States of America, you and me, are $18 trillion in debt. And the government says that it needs more money. When it was obvious that we, the people, were tapped out, and they couldn’t squeeze any more “blood” out of our “turnips,” the government simply began the continuous printing […]

Unwarranted assumptions

EDITOR: With regard to Mr. George Lehr’s letter of Jan. 7 about my column: To live my life, I am going to suggest a new rule — the writer must read the column (not read into the column), and they must make no unwarranted assumptions before dashing off their screed. I have never met Mr. […]

Walk/run on the left, bike on the right

EDITOR: Nearly 60 years ago as a Cub Scout we were taught the Pledge, how to tie a square knot and the basic rule of the road. That is: Walk on the left and ride on the right. That rule was based on the California Vehicle Code and the code has not changed. “21956. (a) […]

Drunk driving

EDITOR: DUI crashes kill about 1,000 people in California each year, and leave more than 20,000 injured. Repeat offenders account for a third of annual convictions. Recent legislation proposed by State Senator Jerry Hill would require anyone convicted of a DUI to have a mini-breathalyzer device installed in his or her car. First time DUI […]

Random acts of kindness

EDITOR: Sierra Elementary School has a weekly newsletter to parents, the Sierra Scoop. It is published so that we know what is happening at school and to ensure that we are ready for upcoming events. Recently, there was a small article that I would like to share with you: “Last Friday, on a cold rainy […]

Tennis love

EDITOR: The tennis players at In-Shape Sports Club Shingle Springs have been active the past year in contributing to our community. Two events in particular come to mind: First, an all-year-long, drop-in tennis night every Tuesday evening at the club for men tennis players. All players contributed a couple dollars each evening, and during the […]

More on Webcam

EDITOR: It is a wonderful thing that the “Placerville Webcam” is located at the Belltower for all to enjoy. Not only for locals, but anyone viewing world-wide. As I said in my letter to the editor on Dec 24, 2014, it is fun to see what is happening downtown at any time. I did have […]

Fuzzy logic

EDITOR: Hats off to the editorial of Dec. 31 and letter to the editor by Steve Smith. Steve Smith states former CAO Terri Daly is getting $200,000 to leave town. This is where the fuzzy logic comes into play. Why and who approved this $200,000? Hasn’t she taken enough from us? With her wage hasn’t […]

Pseudo intelligence

EDITOR: Rabid pseudo intellectual ideologues like Mr. Garon often try to pass themselves off as intelligent people making thoughtful points. But if you let them talk long enough you will see who they really are. Mr. Garon gives his neanderthal way of thinking away with his statement, and I quote, “all racists are Republicans.” This […]

Solar Radiation Management

EDITOR: Today, Jan. 8, is another beautiful sunny foothills winter day with crystal-clear blue skies as a result of the powerful high-pressure ridge overhead except … the skies are not clear. There are strange linear hazy clouds, most noticeably to the east- southeast. I watched these clouds from their origins this morning, as I occasionally […]

MLUSD concerns

EDITOR: Concerned parents, teachers, staff and citizens of the Mother Lode Union School District: As many of you know, the district had scheduled an open forum on the night of Wednesday, Jan. 7, to discuss concerns regarding the district. This meeting was cancelled on Monday evening. We have recently learned that some of the proposed […]

Smedley Butler

EDITOR: When he retired, Smedley Butler was America’s most highly decorated general. Looking back on his career, Butler decided to write a book about his military experience. He came to realize that his assignments were primarily to protect some threatened business concern. He titled his book “War is a Racket.” Is Butler’s realization still true […]

‘First baby’ contributors

EDITOR: A host of local businesses provided gifts to welcome the first baby born in 2015 at Barton Family Birthing Center. Brianda Torres, Daniel Molina and big brother Noe Torres of South Lake Tahoe welcomed Jayden Daniel Molina Torres on Jan. 1 at 3:06 p.m. Every year, the community celebrates this milestone by donating gifts […]

Rubicon Trail Foundation fundraiser

EDITOR: I saw the article in the paper and wanted to clarify something about the “Rock Award” recipient. Daphne Green served as deputy director of the OHMVR Division, not the Rubicon Trail Foundation, from 2004-2011. She worked tirelessly to rally support for the Rubicon Trail. In addition, she worked with law enforcement to develop a […]

Water editorial

EDITOR: A recent Mountain Democrat editorial proposes that the county Water Agency spend millions of dollars to apply for “area of origin” water rights to 40,000 acre-feet of American River water. The biggest problem with this idea is that this water is already being used by far more powerful people. This 40,000 acre-feet of water […]

Is the bag half empy or half full?

EDITOR: When you’re a chip lover like me, you can’t get enough of what’s in the bag, and then before you know it, all the chips are gone. This is not just about chip bags; it’s about everything at a local grocery store. Do we get enough for what we pay? No, is the answer, […]

3rd annual Senior Santa

EDITOR: For the last three years Friends of Seniors has put on a Christmas event called Senior Santa. Senior citizens of El Dorado County participating in this event are nominated by local agencies and organizations that serve or assist seniors. This year each senior was picked up at their home by a volunteer and taken […]

Homelessness in the community

EDITOR: Study after study has demonstrated that providing shelter and care for people who are homeless in communities in the United States reduces costs to the public. It is more economical to shelter and care for human beings who do not have resources than it is to try to monitor camps of homeless people, drive […]

Old-fashioned integrity

EDITOR: Every now and then one meets a businessman of integrity. Such a person is Stuart Hess of Sierra Foothill Properties, of Garden Valley. Recently my wife and I sold our home in Greenwood, and Mr. Hess and his salesperson (Serena Pittman) took on the listing and selling of our property. This became a “sale […]

El Dorado Santa Wood Shop

EDITOR: On behalf of my Pinewood School kindergarten students and their parents, I would like to thank Mr. Gunnerson, and the El Dorado High School Wood Shop Students, Jazz Band and ASB students for the amazing effort and generosity that went into the Santa’s Wood Shop evening. The entire evening was magical. The decorations set […]

George Alger’s Euro-Socialism

EDITOR: George Alger needs to read my letters before answering them as his Dec. 29 submission indicates. In response to the facts and statistics I presented, all of them gleaned from The Wall Street Journal and Business Week, George Alger provides the usual Fox News talking points and ad hominem attacks — the staples of […]

Abel Logan’s letter

EDITOR: As I read the letter to the editor by author Abel Logan, my jaw hit the table. I thought, you’ve gotta be kidding, you have got to be kidding, then realized, no, he isn’t kidding. A thousand thoughts ran through my head. I don’t know where to start; I guess with Cha Cha Santiago. […]

Altshuler and Paul Harvey

EDITOR: Regarding Gene Altshuler’s column on Oct. 22, 2014: Somebody knocked on his door “a neatly dressed couple … and two young girls…” He was seeming outraged (grumpy); his wife insulted. I have found that so-called progressive “secular humanists” are insulted and offended by anything they disagree with. I thought their side was “inclusive” and […]

My turn: ‘Water agencies stand in fear’

EDITOR: My god, are we in northern California going to stand around and watch the politicians make this part of the state into a desert for central and southern California? Come on people, somebody has to stand up to McClintock, Feinstein and the other politicians that will take our share of the water away. I […]