Reptiles make great pets, if handled correctly

By Jeanne Smith Special to the Democrat Reptiles have become increasingly popular as pets over the past 20 years. As captive-breeding has made reptiles more available and affordable, families have also realized reptiles make interesting, relatively easy care pets. Their needs can be met in a small apartment, they don’t require the attention or time […]

Over 50 reasons to travel

If you’re 50 or more years old, you probably figure you’ve earned a little indulgence and are ready to travel. That’s what travel experts say you’ll do. But, what no one can predict is how you’ll travel. That’s because the baby boom generation is so … well, unpredictable. The 76 million Americans born between 1946 […]

Ask a care manager

Carol S. Heape, MSW, CMC “I am trying to help my parents as they age but am confused about Medicare, Medicaid, Medi-Cal and other programs that I hear about to help older adults. How do I learn about these programs and how they work?” Don’t feel bad if you’re confused. These programs can be difficult […]

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Sweet success is managing gestational diabetes

No woman dreams of having a difficult and complicated pregnancy, with her own health and her baby’s health at risk. For women who have diabetes or who develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy, unique risks go hand in hand with having a baby. Proper medical care, education and support are essential to pave the way for […]

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Floral visions become reality

A bride’s wedding plans may begin with the date, location and dress … but the true beauty of her special day becomes a reality when her florist designs the perfect arrangements for her. Floral guru Dottie Mackenzie has been fulfilling brides’ dreams of the perfect wedding day since 1989. Mackenzie owns Camino Flower Shop, located […]

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Ike Rahimi is a full-service dentist, including implants

Dr. Ike Rahimi doesn’t just fill cavities and install crowns. He is a full service dentist. He does root canals, tooth extractions and implants. If a tooth has to be removed you don’t have to make do with a gap or a partial bridge. That tooth can be replaced with a titanium implant and a […]

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Plan your financial future with Shari Merle

“This job is an extension of me,” said Shari Merle, certified financial planner at LPL Financial in El Dorado Hills. “I really love helping people meet their objectives and change their lives.” One of the things that keeps Merle doing the job she plans to do for the rest of her life is helping to […]

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Kathy Jurgens is happily exhausted

Call her the Superwoman of the El Dorado County Home and Garden Show. Kathy Jurgens didn’t give herself that title. But after hearing the long list of duties the home show marketing manager has you can’t help but bestow it upon her. Since 1989 Jurgens has worked on the popular event at the El Dorado […]

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Mosquito Creek Outfitters has gifts for the sportsman and sportswoman

Holiday shopping with the sportsman in mind just got a whole lot easier thanks to the helpful employees at Mosquito Creek Outfitters. “We are a hunting and fishing and archery store,” said owner Don Rood. “We are a pro shop and you can come in and talk to any of my people and get your […]

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Ride the Wiser Overland Stage

Through the generosity and good will of Davey “Doc” Wiser and his crew, stagecoach rides will be available throughout the season on most weekends on Main Street in Downtown Placerville. A ride on the Wiser Overland Stage is a wonderful experience and a really enchanting holiday treat. This year, rides are available in good weather […]

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Robinson’s Medical Equipment & Supplies has it all

Not only has Robinson’s Medical Equipment and Supplies moved into its own store in the appropriately named Robinson Plaza, but it is celebrating 30 years in business. The medical supply store advertises more than 10,000 items to choose from, but the latest innovation is one of its most popular — the portable oxygen concentrator. For […]

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Affordable Furniture and Blinds creates sleep center

While other furniture stores throughout the country are closing, Affordable Furniture and Blinds in Placerville is celebrating its ninth anniversary and going strong. Owner Bridgett Hartshorn has been in the furniture business all her life — she started working in her parents’ store in San Diego — and still enjoys shopping for special items for […]

Two ways to get your Medicare benefits

Some folks may not realize it, but there are actually two ways to get Medicare benefits. The best-known way is Original Medicare. With Original Medicare, you can choose any doctor, hospital, or other healthcare provider you want, as long as they accept Medicare. When you receive medical services or goods, Medicare pays the provider directly. […]